Good day to you, dear reader!
Inoculate yourself, please from official false doctrines — read my site from beginning to end and do it several times.
This will appear to be very useful to you in your life and will save you from many problems.
The thing is that modern scientific worldview does not correspond the reality at all.
Where do you plan to go? To heaven or hell? If you do not plan to go to any of these places you will more likely go to hell. I assure you, it’s a bad place!
Well, I guess noone is going there on purpose but by accident, thoughtlessly, not thinking about this – more often than not.
Meanwhile it is much more important to think about your afterlife every day than wash your hands with soap before meal or clean your teeth though you should do it as well.
Are you an atheist? Then it is a great misfortune for you! Because the basis of atheism is nature-scientific lies. So besides everything else you are also being fooled.
This site is a complete revised step by step guide to heaven. (Step by step — is now a popular thing used in the advertisements!)
Step1. Knowledge
Frankly speaking this step is the first and the only because — knowledge, knowledge and knowledge again! About this very thing was the great Lenin speaking when he advised young people — study, study and study again!
For taking into account his ingenuity even Lenin could not imagine that they are lying in schools!
At first I wanted to name my notes —Dumb-headed civilization.
But my trusted man Galkin Igor Nikolaevitch did not agree with such characteristics of the people. I had to give in.
On the other hand, all people are so sure of their universally unique cleverness that having read such title they would have decided that I’m speaking about someone else, not about them. I’m not a writer and I don’t know all the details of this profession but still I think you’d better avoid the wrong mindset of the readers formed by the first words read by them that’s why I decided to call then just a diary.
Была так же версия такого названия:
False doctrines in schools and universities
or a Song of the Big foot. But I had to give up this variant as well for a strange reason: reading my notes on the forum some people consider them to be spiteful. «There are no false doctrines in schools! It is just impossible!» – They become indignant.
I really lead a fight against false doctrines but the reason for this is love, not spite!
I love all people. But a bit more I love scientists, teachers, engineers, leaders, all the branches of power, including mass media, poets, writers Nobel prize winners, absolutely all bosses and also rich and famous people. All of them I single out for business reasons — a lot of things depends on them (if not all!) and also because a ruthless rolling press of false scientific world view ran them over.
Wow! Intellectual elite and such a hard fate in the afterlife! Paradox — here they can do anything but instead cause a great damage to their very soul!??
The proof of my life for the mankind is the following circumstance:
Scientific worldview that led to the global stupidity of all people on the planet Earth is the biggest planetary evil and will inevitably lead the civilization to its ruin and quite soon.

That’s why some hypothetical evil person that is interested in the negative development of the situation and the one that knows about human fallacies will surely tell them nothing, but instead he will vehemently praise the «achievements» of the scientists.
But my goal is righteous — to show people the falsity of scientific worldview and put the development of your civilization in the right direction.
I do believe in people! They are able to overcome fallacies!
Don’t make a wry face or smile because of my declaration of love for people! You will inevitably come to love as well. At first as a necessity, because to murder, to steal, to desire another person’s, to make mischief isn’t worth the effort
Realization of this fact will dawn on you soon after you refuse from false «scientific» worldview and begin to build really scientific worldview, based on the facts and not theories as it is now.
Gradually realization of necessity of love will turn into love, (After all one can’t always give everyone the finger behind his back — the hand will be sore!)
As for snowmen and humanoids, in the invisible matter a life without real love for a friend and a stranger, for a big brother and little brother is simply impossible. Though we have enough problems anyway.
I’ll come back to this topic later on this site.
Global stupidity of the Earth civilization turned into epidemic and began to spread sweepingly after the Second World War and especially after the Yankees dropped nuclear bombs on Japan, (With love! Is a global slang. It seems with a hope to get Nobel peace prize)
These events immediately led to a situation when governments of all states decided to spare no expense for the cause of war.
Industrial, scientific and educational development accelerated.
Very quickly science and education turned into global super-state monster with one axiomatic set of «truth» for everyone.
By the middle of 1960-s any criticism of Einstein’s theory of relativity was forbidden in all «developed» academies of science, A person who dared to do it automatically became a false scientist that led to corresponding material losses.
At the same time openly and secretly there functioned a prohibition of criticism against all doctrines that were included into mandatory global list of «truth-axiom» for school and university programs.
Darwin’s theory of evolution was added to this list under the second number after theory of relativity.
By the way recently fell one of the last strongholds of opposition to Darwin’s dotage — Vatican. Polish Pope acknowledged evolution suggested by Darwin and thus played a dirty trick on himself!
Let’s enter a hut of your not so far away past in our thoughts.
Bending down we enter it. Low ceilings (it’s warmer this way), unplastered, smoke-darkened walls (the smoke from the furnace goes into the hut, for there is a tax on the chimney). At the entrance in the corner at the chest’s level there is a horizontal pole on which hang home-spun coats and skirts, under it — straw shoes, boots; floor is clay, furniture — table, benches and that pole at the entrance.
You don’t know what are these skirts, home-spun coats, straw shoes and boots?
All these things are Einstein’s theory of relativity, Darwin’s theory of evolution, synthesis, photosynthesis, law of gravity, atomic structure of the matter, Earth crust, tectonic plates and other «scientific» prototypes of rugs that hang on that pole in that hut of the past and boots that stand under it. Is prohibition of development of a house, clothes, furniture and other stuff, surrounding people even possible? In other words is legal preservation of a hut with all its filling such as it was described earlier?
Of course not! — You would say. And you will be right!
This very prohibition was concocted in due time by your leaders of science, they banned any criticism against basic theories of science and education. As the result you live in that science-hut of the past in an invented virtual world. And everyone is dumb-headed regardless of height, weight, volume of lungs. (So that not to directly abuse bosses).
Messieurs scholars, in the times of Lomonosov, Darwin, Einstein and other «great» people life was totally different. So the brains were different as well. Matter defines mentality.
How could they have had their world views?
Only those that were dictated by that level of the social and manufacture development.
From the modern point of view -—DEFECTIVE
How can one put childish babble of the past (in the modern opinion) into the basis of the modern natural sciences?!!
And you, Messieurs politicians, lawyers, where are your eyes?
Who really infringes on political rights and freedoms of citizens, those are not fascists, communists or terrorists.
It is being done by scientists-theorists — grey figures (thieves) of the modern history.
Slave-owners can’t compare with them!
Do you know that the things written in the textbooks are not to be critisized?
The real problem is that without any bans science and education will turn into a madhouse. It won’t be clear what to teach children.
What can one write in textbooks if everyone is constantly arguing about everything?
Into what should be money put, which researches should be financed?
To make science look sound and harmonious in the right time an action was carried out with the setting of fundamental theories. The rest of the science was piled on them. And it is convenient for the scientists — got into the right stream and wash out now gold to earn one’s living. It is also convenient for the government — all is according to the science!
But false doctrines must not be taught and one can’t give money for the projects without future!
Pseudo-science is not an excuse for the existence of fallacies!
Only after the civilization has forbidden the teaching of anything in the schools and universities but for facts will its way to the direct contact with the Universal Intellect start.
And the ban for the scientists and everyone else to critisize any worldview ideas must be lifted immediately after the introduction of the ban on the study of theories, hypotheses, models, suppositions and other intellectual garbage in schools.
The contents of the education must be strictly regulated and the bans must be also be legislative. Even now you have bans in the education but they must exclude not only the propaganda of violence, drugs, racism etc. but studies of non-proven things, theories, hypotheses, suppositions and other «generally accepted» things.
The helplessness of the natural sciences in the exploration of the world led to the appearance of the problem of hiding from the people a mass incapacity of scientists.
The way out was found in the form of general mathematization of the sciences.
Nowadays every scientist when he has nothing to say quickly writes a pair of formulae and points at them with clever expression on his face: «You see?! » Naturally noones sees anything but everyone nods also with clever expression on their faces. Noone wants to be called a fool!
Mathematics is a powerful instrument in the charger of applied sciences but its transformation into the main instrument of the exploration of the world is the most rude and a very dangerous mistake.
One can’t allow mathematics to be studied in schools viewed as a «queen of all sciences»!
Mathematics is calculation, not the exploration of the world. However puzzling the formulae could be they would not help to understand the structure of the world! Mathematics is a machine, materialized in a form of, let’s say, a computer — the answer to your question will depend on what you’ve put into its programme. It’s no good if you want to calculate the torque of a new engine. When you’d like to get an answer to a worldview question you would not be able to put into the computer full set of data because list of it is infinite, moreover most of this data is false or inaccessible for people.
In future you will also understand the necessity to forbid teaching natural science theories to pupils and students as well as other subjects such as literature.
Fictional book is just in individual, writer’s personal view on life. Fiction.
One can’t use state’s power to make children study worldviews of particular persons – it’s a crime, violence over personality.
For such things there is free time and personal passions of people.
Give facts to a child and let him form his views on life himself!
School is a special place that shouldn’t be turned into dustbin or a place where one achieves personal or family interests, a place of popularity and big number of copies printed.
Every word that got into a textbook must be known to the President, chief minister, all members of the government, every senator, all people of culture and art, all media workers, all scholars, professor, teachers, including physical training, music and drawing teachers. And the things written in the textbooks must not arouse anyone’s miscomprehension or protests. Textbooks must be thin, but true!
That’s why the contents of the textbooks must be formed by the state with the help of special methodology, fixed by the state. Term «author of the textbook» is the name of the main crime in education. Science must be separated from education.
Every person must be acquainted with every educational word, sentence, statement! Because everyone studies!
It is impossible to overestimate significance of quality and weight of the educational word. It is infinite! School children should study only facts and only facts — it is one of the main conditions of the beginning of the contact of a new civilization with Universal intellect.
Every worldview knowledge of the civilizations that claimed to be intelligent went through the fine sieve of «proved — not proved».
You will also have to do it.
You’ll have to chase away disinformation, lies, false doctrines, dead weight and other kinds of dotage from your «scientific» worldview.
There is much more of these things there, than grains of truth.
Under the word «you» I mean President, Prime Minister, government, legislative and executive branches of power. In other words — politicians. Federal as well as regional ones.
Scientists are narrow specialists and shouldn’t be allowed to it, they have already done their work – a lot of mischief! – In the worldview.
But enough of forewords, let’s come to business!
After I had agreed to get in contact with you, my kinsfolk began to laugh at me. But not that much and rather good-naturedly, because they respect me. It’s as difficult for us to master your language as it’s difficult for you to speak with animals or plants, but the main thing is that we don’t need it, there is no necessity in it.
But I have been enchanted by your funny helplessness. Wish to help appeared gradually.
Now the time has come to get prepared for contact of Universal Intelligence with people, and taking into account my infatuation for you, I’ve been chosen to be the first.
When we are embodied we can’t talk because we don’t breathe though we have lungs and vocal cords. Only when materialization is deep enough can we start eating, defecating and breathing like people. In this case as a rule other sleeping body functions such as ability to bear children turn on.
We don’t possess telepathy as saucers but we freely use one-sided reception telecontact. In other words, we easily read thoughts of people and animals. But it’s difficult for us to send information in another direction, to people. Mainly it’s due to significant difference of material forms of lives. However when it’s necessary we can easily drive away animals and people by arousing feeling of fear in the heads.
We are also able to turn other people’s eyes away and that allows us to walk in the streets of your cities unnoticed. Or when you explore footprints of a snowman or Bigfoot, at that moment we often stand near you. It happens that if it is necessary we «go for a drive» in an over-crowded bus unnoticed. But in this case we look like people, but I’ll speak about it next time.
Visual contact with people occurs only at the moments of illness or indisposition of our organism while embodied. Having noticed it, we always try to go «home» to nevima as soon as possible.
From the very childhood I was able to understand information transmitted by radiowaves. A possibility of mutual contact appeared when I learned to publish my information in the Internet not using any particular computer. For some time I participated only at forums, but came to the conclusion that it’s better to have my own site.
It was created from the name of a trusted person. This site is developing because I have difficulties in presenting this material. It’s difficult to make the site well-known quickly.
I hope that feedback and forum will help me to present my material in a more understandable way.
But let’s continue:
There live a big number of Yeti on the Earth, much more than number of people, but we consist of invisible matter and are mutually invisible with people, that’s why we don’t hinder each other.
The difference is that if we wish we can see invisible component of people, their souls and when we materialize and get our bodies we can live like people but with different degree of materialization (we’ll talk a bit later about it.
Moreover most often we live under the surface of earth and water in order to avoid meetings with moving and going through us solid bodied objects because some animals and people feel us and we feel them and try to avoid it.
Life in a body has been an infatuation of our extreme addicts, but asphalt man «grew up» and decided to catch and prepare for experimental purposes a snowman. Extreme sport became too hard; we had to hide being in embodied. When I get my body I still get food and energy from the invisible matter, that’s why I don’t need society, work, everything that is connected with finding food and around what human life is centered. We speak about the period when I am in a body.
Inside my body organism is structured in the same way as that of a human being but its basic functions of material life support are «preserved», do not work.
While we do not eat ordinary food our alimentary canal does not work, our respiratory system does not work because it is not needed, our heart does not beat. Every person is «acquainted» with such state personally. When he or she was in mother’s womb his or her basic body functions did not work, a person had been living at the expense of the mother’s organism until he or she was born.
We feed on the invisible matter. The principle is much alike myrrh-streaming of your icons only this «myrrh» is being formed directly in the muscles in the right place and in the right quantity. This substance is an excellent food that is assimilated nearly entirely. Waste is removed through existing pores in the skin like the ones humans have but in smaller number. That’s why we «stink» less than people.
Not to confuse it with myrrh, let’s call this food «mirara». There is a difference and still it reminds of «myrrh». Mirara appears in the muscles that are already saturated with oxygen and it is completely ready to produce energy. It is as well a building material for organism.
When I am in the invisible matter society plays a very important role in my life much more important that in your solid body. But it is impossible to describe its manifestations in your words. For example we don’t have informational secrets. Everyone knows absolutely everything about others. But we also have a private life and it is even more concealed that yours. It is not built on the principle «My house is my fortress», but on the principle of voluntary non-intervention of others in your world.
At home in the invisible matter I look different from when I’m in a body. We don’t have such notions as «to see, look, appearance etc. » Another nevi or any other object is an integral source of information for me. If it is positive for me, then he or she enters my circle of acquaintances, if not then no.
I do not breathe in my body that’s why a mute but an exchange of information with the surrounding world takes place in greater volume because of the additional organs of senses. My body is covered in hair. All that is necessary for my life is with me. I don’t need to sleep, at night I see as well as in the daylight. I don’t need a house because I stay in tie body temporarily and in the case of some difficult situation I return to my world.
Bigfoot can safely return to invisible matter even being wounded or killed in body!
When some nevi is in a body thousands and even millions of other nevi can stay in this body as well. In other words sometimes everyone who wants goes «to walk» in the solid-bodied space simultaneously in one «packet»-body, sometimes — the whole district (a city in your understanding).
In the invisible matter on the Earth also live the souls of those who died in your solid body world — people, animals, plants, all «little things» – «atoms», «molecules» and also all information about things, nature, phenomena and events that have once taken place. Planets and the Sun are living creatures.
The Earth has a soul and it remembers everything that happens to it, on it, inside and around it. This information is a part of Universal information and due to this the Earth reproduces — when a new galaxy appears then new Earth forms according to a «pattern» as soon as there appear necessary conditions.
If to be more particular — all solid-bodied bodies are organised according to one principle — vivacity, everyone has a solid part and invisible part (soul) that consists of invisible matter. Originally there exists no lifeless matter, there is living and dead matter, Organisms die (break up in the solid part of theirs) to let new ones form.
Invisible main component of any organism stays whole and intact and continues its independent life in the invisible matter. In other words to be alive doesn’t mean to drink, smoke and use foul language.
To be alive means to have a soul (vals)!
Everything multiplies and reproduces, nature doesn’t consist of elementary particles and elements. Mendeleev’s periodic table doesn’t consist of natural elements, these are shameless fables, Nature is infinite in its kinds of matter, interdependent, constantly flowing one into another. There are no natural elements, There is no synthesis (assembly) of substance from simple elements (details). Solid body is one of the forms of existence of invisible matter,
In its turn invisible matter (nevima) is one of the forms of existence of another, more deep matter -druma. Saucers or humanoids arrive from there,
Their devices vary very much in the form. The Earth is invisible for them, it doesn’t exist as a solid-bodied object. They fly right through it leaving only some traces such as circles in the fields, we can see what form had the flying objects by these circles, some kind of Wilson’s cloud chamber. According to the structure of trampled plants we see if a device or a structure flew in or flew out. Changes take place in the structure of water, when devices fly through the Earth, entering water and leaving it. But people, naturally, don’t see these changes.
Saucers fly through the Sun as well. Without devices noone goes from druma into nevima, apparently it’s impossible.
Under the word «solid body» I mean the same as your scientists — stars, planets, ground, water, air, animals, plants etc. In other words, the things that are studied by solid body physics.
Ask your questions. I’ll answer them during my narration. It’s difficult to work without the feedback — forms of existence in solid body and invisible matter differ too much.
Invisible matter fills the Universe without caverns, constantly moves and changes it state. When there appear masses of nevima that have different energy state and are of different structure then a nevima whirl – a future galaxy is created.
It’s completely similar to the creation of atmospheric cyclone, when masses of warm and cold air meet. When they get in touch there form drops of water that make clouds and atmospheric cyclone visible. And in the nevima whirl when different masses meet solid body is created instead of drops. At first these are kmars that form kmar clouds, then appears hydrogen that reproduces on kmars and then appear hydrogenic clouds. After that protostones appear and reproduce on the hydrogen, At first these are little crosses, that grow and become big, stone «snowflakes» – galactic crossstone clouds that don’t let the light of far galaxies go through them are formed. Galaxies in this state are called by people «black holes» or accumulation of dust, dust clouds.
People have a lot of legends and fables connected with gravity.
First of all one recalls «world gravity law». It’s not even a funny story! More likely dotage!
In reality gravimetry doesn’t fill all the space of the Universe but gravitates to a solid body and is one of the participants of the invisible matter different masses shift process. After the shift and disappearance of the solid body gravimetry disappears as well.
Gravimetry is situated in the space of the Universe in the form of compressions near a star, every separate planet and its satellites.
In a highly rarefied it is the part of middle plane-disc of every stellar systems including the Solar system. Gravimetry «sticks» each planet to its part of the middle disc to its rotating orbit because in the middle disc it is presented in the state of opposite polarity.
One more «task» of gravimetry is to divide, to separate a solid body and energy matter. Gravimetry is constantly removing energy matter from the solid body. Without this the solid bodied can not exist. That’s why for example it is nearly as cold as in the space inside the Sun and not red-hot plasma as your scientists harp on.
Kmars are microwhirls of the invisible matter. They rotate infinitely quicker than a galactic whirl. With the kmars the history of solid body begins. Kmars, hydrogen, protostone and all solid bodied objects derived from them can exist only inside the whirls of the invisible matter.
After the flows of the invisible matter with different qualities having met mix with each other and equilibrium begins a solid body disappears. Moreover, every solid bodied object is situated inside an individual invisible matter whirl that contains all the information about the object and all of its parts. It commands the life and interaction of the body parts, carries out the connection with the environment, controls the feeding process and the reproduction of the body and its parts. An individual whirl of the invisible matter – vals can be delegated to the general vals. Then the body becomes a part of a bigger body — an organism. For example a vals of animal cell is a part of this animal’s vals.
A human being’s vals is called a soul.
If to let organism’s cell vals «go home» from the general vals then we’ll get a living sculpture. This art is possessed by some really «advanced» Buddhists. Though one more condition should be fulfilled but we’ll talk about it later.
Galaxies rotate thousands trillions times slower than stellar whirls that include the Solar system as well. The same trillions of times slower is the Galaxy time comparing to the stellar one. Stars move in the space around centres of galaxies slower that pedestrians. This means that during its history the mankind will see the same map — a photo of starry sky. Embodied people can’t understand what happens in the Universe even if he sees stars.
To discover the smallest movement on the firmament, people have to make photos of the starry sky for trillions of years from the one and same place, one photo per thousand years. And then view the tape they got in an ordinary cinema mode.
To see the galaxy from its origin to its disappearance one must watch it for 40 aspect number of years.
The barrier of macrotime is insurmountable for people.
From the other hand a kmar whirl rotates thousand trillions times faster than the solar one.
To see the smallest part of microcosm life one must for one million fraction of the second film 100 km of tape changing the focal distance with the speed of light. Moreover from the point of view of kmar camera does not exist. Kmar does not reflect the light and does not change it letting it pass through kmar!
In other words the barrier of the microtime is insurmountable for people as well.
From the point of view of people the events in the microcosm take place instantly and that’s why from outside they look like explosions.
So, time isn’t an infinite figure for people, it is discrete for a solid body. All explosions are events in the microtime mode that take place if there are favourable conditions.
But the state «freeze» that refers to the sky is events that take place in the macrotime mode.
Reproduction of micro-particles always takes place in the microtime mode, in other words instantly, but the number of reproductions can be very small then the whole sum of events in the microworld makes solar, human time.
People see macrotime as an unchangeable during his whole life map of stellar sky.
People can’t get from one time to another. To get into microtime, one has to be a microparticle, in order to get into macrotime one needs to become a galaxy.
Space, time and speed are indivisible. For example, a solid body can not move with high speed. Second space speed is a limit for a solid body. If an embodied object reaches the third space speed, it flies out of stellar nevima whirl and disappears, being burnt in cold fire.
Time exists only inside nevima whirls, there is no time outside the whirls. Nevima whirls are carriers of time.
Solid body is means of mixture of nevima flows and exists also only inside whirls of nevima.
Thus time and space are exclusive properties of a solid body. As well as, by the way, weight, mass, speed, temperature and other physical properties.
We don’t have any of these, it’s almost impossible to tell you using your words about our life in nevima, but my main regret is that people don’t believe in eternal life, they don’t prepare for a decent life after death, while living in a body.
Many people condemn themselves to miserable existence and even sufferings in the nevima after a body death in the sin.
I think that the main reason for this tragedy is ugly worldview that breeds general inner atheism and fall.
I suggest to those who think that everything is Ok with your science to consider following scientific
– Darwin’s theory declares that survival is the propelling force of evolution. But there is an indisputable fact that bacteria came out of the global fight for survival as victors – everything began with them (according to you) and will end with them. In order to survive according to Darwin it’s necessary to come out as victors of all ordeals that happened on the Earth during billions of years.
Unicellular bacteria did exactly this. (As a fact!) Why then there appeared multicellular organisms including humans if the every next fight was won by the bacteria?
Another discrepancy is that if evolution developed according to Darwin’s ideas then there would have been only one kind of species on the Earth — people, everything else would have become extinct having lost the fight for existence.
That’s good that bacteria, protozoa, plants and animals haven’t read Darwin’s theory otherwise they would have become extinct and people would have nothing to eat.
I have to make your scientists pay attention to the fact that to lose life means to gain death, in other words to die. That’s why expression «came out as a victor out of fight for survival» means that those who lost have died (become extinct). In other words, there is no way that there can appear species -victor in nature, even in the result of mythical fight for survival.
Nature is indivisible organism that represents one food chain (according to you). Appearance or disappearance of species is connected with the life of this chain as one whole thing and is determined only by constant changes of non-equilibrium of nevima whirl in the direction of disappearance of this non-equilibrium.
People are also not species-victors and aren’t the last link in the food chain. People in nature are ordinary food. Viruses, bacteria, protozoa, fungi, worms, plants and animals eat people, dead or alive.
After all human body turns into stone as any other organic matter.
The last link in the Universal food chain called «history of a solid body» is a stone.
When the stime «devours» all kmars and hydrogen, the Galaxy will fade in general sense and for some time will burn with cold fire while turning into nevima.
In the mode of galactic time this will happen almost instantly and in the human time mode stars will fade with warm light one by one for a long time and light up with cold one.
Darwin’s theory entirely consists of mismatches.
There are no food and evolutionary chains in the real life and it has been proved and re-proved millions of times!
For example, there is need to dig. Children dig sand with a scoop, adults dig potatoes with a spade, workers mine ore with the help of excavator.
Excavator isn’t the result of evolution of child’s scoop. There is front, not a chain. If the problem gets bigger — new more powerful machinery appears, the problems gets smaller and the front decreases.
Scoop, spade and excavator aren’t connected with each other, though they share one idea.
The same thing in nature — significant part of food for people make bacteria and products of their vital functions, and bacteria in their turn feed on people and products of their vital functions.
Where is the chain here?
Solar system is a «cyclone», created by the Universe to mix «warm» and «cold» masses of the invisible matter.
To solve this problem environment has to turn all water and organic matter on the planet into stone. As soon as interfusion slows down nature brings in new characters.
People have appeared as a very powerful mixing device: the most powerful. There will be no others.
Monkey, Neanderthal man and human being aren’t interconnected. They have different invisible essences, souls. You can give dozens of sticks into ancient people’s hands, you can even teach him to drive but it won’t make a human being out of him.
If to speak technically then a human beings a new much more advanced generation of natural «technics», all its «drafts» are always present in the invisible matter. If there is natural necessity then people appear in settlements in different parts of the world taking into account the local conditions.
Einstein’s both theories of relativity represent mathematical fantasies on the dogmatic basis and don’t have any points of contact with reality.
Einstein wrote nothing real so there is nothing to talk about there.
I skip this topic.
Here is one more scientific nonsense:
– The science claims that «life begins with a cell; there is no life outside a cell». But already on the next pages of any biology textbook it is written that if we pinch off a part of the cell so that there will also be a part of nucleus then this pinch is restored till it’s a cell again. The minimal size of the restoring cell is very small and is limited only by technical abilities of people. Microscopical piece cut from a cell is not a cell that’s why we should write «life begins with a piece cut from the cell, there is no life outside the piece». That will be closer to the truth.
There is a smaller organic formation – a virus. Science does not recognize it as a living organism because it can allegedly live only inside a cell but it is one of hundreds of scientific deceptions – a virus can get inside the cell and get out of it safe and sound. Due to it his transmission to long distance takes place. And to define «alive» or «not alive» according to the registration is a very funny thing. The most of Moscowites become automatically not alive, try to make them leave Moscow — they will die. Or for example koala is not alive as well because it can eat only the leaves of eucalyptus.
The very sentence «a virus can live only inside a cell» already tell us that virus is a living organism.
«Viruses mutate into super-viruses under the influence of antibiotics» – is a very often heard in Mass media phrase. In other words virus is de facto already recognized by community as a living organism because changeability is considered to be an exclusive quality of a living creature.
That’s why it must be written in textbooks this way: «life begins with viruses, there is no life outside viruses». It will be even closer to the truth.
But there are even smaller living objects. Nowadays people speak much about nanotechnology. These are molecular and atomic levels and molecules, atoms, elementary particles are considered by science to be non-living objects of nature. Is it really so?
Let’s imagine we take a living frog and a dead one and mentally cut each of them into sections one thousand fraction of micron wide, in other words into nanosections. Not a single section contains a whole cell and even a virus, in other words all nanosections are not alive by definition in a living frog as well as in a dead one. So it appears both frogs consist similarly of dead parts. Nonsense!
We don’t even need to prepare frogs for experiments. Let’s look at the cell from which «life starts» more attentively. It consists of a capsule, inner liquid, nucleus and nucleolus and other parts that do not have cell structure. So according to science cells consist of non-living matter. Living cells as well as dead ones. Creepy! Let’s say there lives a person and suddenly he or she finds out that his or her heart, liver, stomach, kidneys are not alive!?
The biggest one cell creature known to people is chicken egg-sized numula that lived at the Neolithic Age and we know cells and unicellular creatures which size is equal to a big city and even region that live on other Earths and used to live here. And all their parts and entrails are non-living?! Of course their every part is alive! But there are only elementary formations there! (I skip logical discussions about nucleus, nucleolus, vacuoles etc.).
In other words your science should have been writing «life begins with elementary particles, outside of elementary particles there is no life».
It is hindered only by totalitarian structure of the Earth civilization that is based on the false and mouldy scientific worldview.
I’ll give one more example of scientific deceit:
– Science claims that plants feed on the atmospheric carbon dioxide and breathe oxygen but no экспериментального proof of this claim has appeared during the whole history of the Earth civilization and science. Scientists try to fool people carrying out experiments with «marked» atoms and branches in the glasses with water, but there isn’t published any pure experiment where a healthy plant with roots dies in the light and being isolated from the atmosphere by a transparent wall.
Humanity doesn’t know any case of death of plants because of lack of hydrogen or oxygen!
From the other side, if you isolate a leaf part of the plant from atmosphere with a transparent film or glass, then plants will grow and bring fruits as long as you wish!
That means that plants don’t take anything from the air!
Sometimes readers write to me that everything so say is simple here: packed under a film or glass plants produce oxygen and carbon dioxide and then breathe it and feed on it.
Atmospheric oxygen and carbon dioxide are needed only for launching.
«Brilliant idea»!
But anyway it means that plants are able to produce hydrogen on the basis of water! They don’t need to get this element from outside!
The only thing is that plants in this case act rather silly — at first they throw away the produced carbon dioxide and oxygen and then collect them again. It works to no purpose and for sure it isn’t true!
Nature is much cleverer than people and wouldn’t do such odd things!
The most amazing thing in your theory of photosynthesis is that every man on the Earth every day looks as isolated from the atmosphere and World Ocean but still successfully developing and reproducing plants and doesn’t make right conclusion.
Many people, scientists as well, isolate plants for purpose for example in tubes when growing plants from the cells of meristem or in the greenhouses and other transparent fences to get well-provided harvest. They do, look and don’t make any conclusions.
Instead they believe any foolishness if it is written in the books.
Engineers must take up photosynthesis not only biologists. There are more purely technical нестыковок in the theory of photosynthesis.
Leaves don’t have holes through which air could get inside the leaf. Under a stomato through a transparent skin of a leaf runs a microscopical gut that is constantly flattened by inner-leaf pressure. Only when particular pressure is reached, oxygen and carbon dioxide are discarded into atmosphere. It happens because stomato is formed by two horizontal inner leaf cells and that’s why all stomatoes simultaneously and automatically maintain necessary pressure inside the leaf.
Blind pits in the leaves are filled with intercellular tissue and liquid, that’s why free motion of gases in the blind pits is possible. Gases go from cells to stomatoes via microtubes. Constantly and under pressure! Oncoming movement of the air is impossible! Moreover in those big quantities that are required because of almost complete absence of carbon dioxide in the air (0,03% !)
Thus animals relieve themselves of gases in the guts or lorries relieve themselves of excessive pressure in the air brake-gear. Leaves fart through stomatos.
The feeding and breathing of plants with the help of leaves is physically impossible!
How can you feed with the substance (air) that contains only 0,01% of useful substance (carbon)?
In no way!!
At such concentration one must drive through a leaf such amount of air that a leaf will dry up and will already turn into dust in thousand fraction of a second.
0,01% is a zero in the sense of practical employment!
Nourishment in alimentary canal and breathing process in lungs take place through the organic walls by the way of forming excessive partial pressure.
For example in the blood of a human being an organism constantly maintains the partial pressure of the oxygen much lower than in the atmosphere.
That’s why oxygen runs through the walls of blood vessels only in one direction — from atmosphere into blood.
Simultaneously partial pressure of carbon dioxide in the blood is maintained much higher than in atmosphere. That’s why in the lungs of human beings takes place discharge of carbon dioxide through the vessel walls into atmosphere.
It is known that plant cells evolve oxygen. Consequently partial pressure of oxygen in cells is much higher than that in atmosphere. That’s why plant cells can’t absorb oxygen. Plants don’t breathe oxygen.
It is also known that plant cells evolve carbon dioxide as well. It means that partial pressure of carbon dioxide in cells is much higher than atmospheric one and its absorption from the atmosphere is impossible. Plants don’t feed on carbon dioxide.
There are industrial and agricultural trends that are based on the isolation of plants from the environment.
In no language is there a term «carbon starvation of plants» and «oxygen starvation of plants».
There are no carbon or oxygen fertilizers for plants.
There is no technology, gadgets, equipment, means, recommendations to improve the feeding provision of plant leaves with carbon and oxygen.
This way of feeding is not mentioned in any applicatory plant growing.
Nevertheless the theory of air feeding and breathing of plants exists and prospers!!
People are you all right?!
Or think over this fact:
– When priests want to determine the verity of the secret myrrh, they put an icon into a dense box and put it into the dark place. Some icons cease to secret myrrh, others continue to do it.
Мира is an organic substance. Where from does it appear in a hermetic dark box? Only from the matter that people don’t know about and don’t want to know and for which the walls of the box are not an obstacle. From the invisible to humans matter.
Science does not recognise the existence of the invisible matter then it has to recognise the falsehood of the law of mass conservation. Messieurs scientists, it is necessary to recognise the facts!
And at last the most important thing:
Technical and technological revolutions aren’t possible without instruments and controls, without automatic control systems, without computers, without super-computers and other electric and electronic devices and systems. No modern car, plane, ship, factory, city and country can exist without it.
And this is already not enough and engineers work hard creating an artificial intelligence.
Almost every person knows that electronic filling can function without equipment in which it is installed, was installed or will be installed.
For example, electronic filling of the plane can be made on the training simulator or test-desk. And it will «fly»!
But the plane itself is dead without electronic filling. It is just piece of metal though expensive one.
«Soul» of a complex hand-made gadget can live and function without the gadget itself, but the gadget without its «soul» can’t! Thus it is determined by the experiments on «smart «умных железяках» that soul can live without body and body can’t live without soul!
Every more complicated hand-made gadget has a more compound electronic soul. And what one can say about natural «gadget»! Then what can we say about natural «product»!
Structure of a simple Russian birch in «electronic» sense is much more complicated than all cars and factories in the whole world together.
Plants and animals produce seeds or fruits themselves. And new plants and animals grow out of it themselves!
Engineers can’t even dream to create a gadget that will reproduce and multiply.
People are silly and still think that plants eat and breathe with the help of leaves as if one has to fly to the Mars to check it! Какое уж тут «плодитесь и размножайтесь»! For there are no brains!
To develop normally plants need to gather information about every cell of its organism, process this monstrous amount of information and give an order to every cell about its further actions. To get new information, comprehend it, make right conclusions which will become basis for new necessary orders for every cell of the plant etc. It’s necessary to check pathogenic attacks and ward off them, to keep an eye on water supplies and disposal of sugar from the leaves and many more other things.
Moreover, plants must have full information about surrounding world to react to all changes in time.
And they have to do all this during the whole life.
«Birch supercomputer» must be very smart, powerful and small. It can’t be situated in the birch or on the birch — there is no place for it.
Soul is situated in the invisible matter and represents consolidation of nevima whirls conjoint with body with the help of DNA « clip-connectors». After the body death soul is separated from it and can live and develop in the invisible matter independently.
Thus disbelief in the existence of the soul and disbelief in the immortality of the souls after death of the body is absolute human stupidity.
It’s silly not to believe in obvious things. Especially now, at the age of modern technical revolution.

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  1. Владислав

    Браво…. нет слов…. Но вчём смысл вашего существования и смысл существования материй видимых и не видимых.

    1. nevadmin Post author

      Вся суета человека сводится к одному – пожрать. И желательно без отрыва ото всего. Например, огромное количество бедных клавиатур и ноутбуков было залито чаем, кофием, борщём и т. д.
      И вдруг чел понимает, что холодильник – основа его жизни. А в чём смысл-то? Чтобы сходить в туалет? И пошло-поехало. Опустил буйну головушку и ковыряется в своей жизни большим пальцем левой ноги.
      Смысл человеческой жизни в теле – вырастить свою безгрешную душу, которая после телесной смерти попадёт в рай. Там не жрут. Там чел составляет единое целое со Вселенной оставаясь абсолютной индивидуальностью. Там нет времени и вопросов о смысле чего-либо тоже нет. Слово “жизнь” есть только там, где есть смерть. Где нет смерти там нет слова жизнь. И слова “смысл” там тоже нет.

  2. andrew koshak

    Три кита сциентистской, эволюционостской-релятивистской секты, квазирелигии новейшего времени: в физике – релятивизм, в космологии – “большой взрыв” и всё из него следующее (как оная “теория”, в свою очередь проистекла из релятивизма), в биологии – дарвинизм.
    “Математика — мощный инструмент в обойме прикладных наук, но её превращение в главный инструмент познания мироустройства — грубейшая и очень опасная ошибка” – абсолютно с Вами согласен! сам так думаю уж лет 35-40… да что там я! сам академик-математик, ныне уже покойный Арнольд писал, что засилье преподавания абсолютно абстрактно, без развития образного мышления, дисциплин начиная именно с математики – преступление перед наукой и жизнью!..
    Что касается, связи фунадаментальных наук, открытий с практикой, то засилье сокрытия “неудобных” сильным мира сего давно есть общемировая практика, длящаяся уже много десятилетий, но в последние 20-30 лет стала тотальной!
    Да что там гутарить! достаточно прочесть хотябы “Украденное Открытие” (есть на сайте отстоя.нет). Это если уж не довольно печальной истории Николы Тесла почти вековой давности…

  3. andrew koshak

    p.S. Что ж касается “рекомендаций”, дык разве сие не показатель ВСЕЙ ЭТОЙ СИСТЕМЫ, прогнившей нацело и мафизно-бюрократической?! Ну о чём тут можно ваще гутарить!!! :devil:
    Заметьте только, что в “мире науки” ТАК с некоторых пор стало повсеместно, не только в рфии. О том же, как “затирают следы” всякого “нежелательного” миру сему открытия, ранее где-то уже указывал. Почитайте, найдя в инете книжку, полезное это дело…

  4. Алексей

    Интересно, что автор сайта думает о таком писании, как Бхагават-гита?

  5. EVKOM24

    Название статьи “Куплет” не подходит.
    Это же всё кредо.

  6. Евгений

    Когда какой-то неви находится в теле, то в этом же теле могут находиться тысячи и даже миллионы других неви. То есть на «прогулку» в твёрдотельное пространство иногда выходят сразу все желающие в одном «пакете»-теле, иногда весь круг (город, если по-вашему)…
    Вот тут немного не понятно. Как это происходит? Глаза-то ведь там одни, руки-ноги одни. И кто там лидер? Они же все перессорятся. Или все только наблюдатели, как в телевизоре?

    1. nevadmin Post author

      В тело они просто так обычно не ходят. Чаще всего это проверки по какой-нибудь программе. То есть маршрут известен всем заранее. Причём это не обязательно волосатая обезьяна. Неви “с нагрузкой” может ехать рядом с вами в автобусе или вагоне, но вы никогда не обратите на него внимание и не заговорите с ним.

  7. Sensnome Manson

    Ада и рая не существует! Глупости все это и детские страшилки. Можно подумать как будь-то мы кому-то обязаны.

    1. nevadmin Post author

      Неожиданно часто люди попадают в неописуемо тяжелые ситуации и в земной жизни. Чтобы этого не случалось, есть правила жизни: не надо зачинать детей по-пьяни, нужно слушать родителей, хорошо учиться, закончить МГУ или Оксфорд. И так далее. Здесь на Земле результаты непослушания или, наоборот, послушания, мы можем видеть. Загробную жизнь души мы увидеть не можем, поэтому нам БЕСПЛАТНО и великодушно рассказали основные правила поведения здесь, чтобы не плакать там. Что тут может быть не ясного?