Space and time of the solid-bodied world is divided into microspace and time, stellar space and time and galactic space and time.
The Earth, the Solar System and other stellar systems of our Galaxy live in the mode of stellar time.

Microwhirls of the invisible matter live in the mode of microtime — kmars that lie at the basis of the substance. Microtime flows much faster than the stellar time.
When the conditions for substance reproduction in the mode of microtime are created it happens momentarily in relation to the stellar time and people see explosion.
When, for example, trotyl detonates the instant reproduction of the explosion products and energy matter takes place. Energy is a matter that can be in the composition of substance in the bound state and is released by the way of reproduction under certain conditions. The instant increase in the volume takes place.

In the case when substance that participate in the reproduction does not contain energy matter in the necessary quantity in the bound state or it exists but is not released under these conditions or energy matter under such conditions comes into bound state (it is eaten) then a cold explosion takes place as well as a collapse of volume just like with a vacuum bomb explosion.
Reproduction of substance always takes place in a microdomain and time, in other words instantly.

The time of the explosion we’ll mark as a «dot» on the time axis and time when there is no explosion because there are no necessary conditions we’ll mark as «space».
In the cells of plants and animal organisms organic matter and (or) energy matter reproduces. In this situation space is enormous along the microtime axis between dots of the explosion.

In this case explosions take minor volumes. And we have the transition into the mode of the star time.
The reproduction of organic matter by the way of explosion does not mean that are splashes all around. The word «explosion» in this case means the speed of the process, immediacy. Let’s look closer how it takes place.
For example slightly mineralized by necessary substances water gets into the cell of a sunflower. Cell in every chloroplast produces together with water the needed preparatory work in the light turning it into the food for sugar molecules the little number of which is always in the chloroplasts.
At some moment in one of the chloroplasts the living sugar molecules having got food begin reproducing themselves. In their mode of time it happens as usual: molecules start growing, then divide lengthwise into two parts then grow again and again divide and so on until there is no food left.

But when you will look at this from your time you’ll see that water in the chloroplast has turned into sugar at one second. Some kind of an explosion but without splashes.

Then the cell drains the obtained sugar from this chloroplast and again pumps water into it. Some quantity of sugar is left in the chloroplast. Next time it will reproduce.

And the cell passes to the preparation of the water to the next «explosion» of sugar.
Sugar draining, water injunction and its preparation pass in the mode of the Earth time. In the mode of microtime it is a long space.
But there a lot of chloroplasts in the cell and this quantity must be multiplied by big quantity of cell in the leaves.

That’s why sugar flows from leaves into the head of the sunflower in a constant stream.
In the ripen seeds it is met by living molecules of fats and proteins, and for them sugar is beloved food. The process of fats and proteins reproduction also takes place in the light. According to almost the same technology as the sugar reproduction in the leaves.
Organic matter reproduction can take place without participation of light. In this case other kinds of energy are used.
Plant is a device for the liquid living organic matter reproduction.

Once long ago there existed conditions for the liquid living organic matter reproduction in the open atmosphere of the Earth.

There were constant organic rains.

The Planet was covered with an organic ocean.

It was the first organic flood.

Echoes of these times still exist in the form of gas and oil fields.

At that time there was no water on the planet, it appeared much later and that was the second flood.
Nowadays conditions for liquid living organic matter reproduction in the open atmosphere are far from the ones they used to be, but they still exist.

It is mumiyo on the rocks. It’s a purely natural phenomenon.

To the liquid living organic matter refers also myrrh, reproducing on the icons, and sometimes also on other objects close to people.

But in this case there is a little interference of bochs.
Not only organic matter reproduces on the water. Prills, raw material, all kinds of stones, they all reproduce on the water and organic matter, but not necessarily at the microscopic level in the mode of microtime.

That’s why when your researchers began to study chemical and physical processes at the microlevel, nano-level, they intuitively approached the border of microtime and saw that behavior of the substance taken in microscopic amounts differs significantly from the normal behavior. Thus nano-technologies appeared.

But their development is greatly restricted by false ideas about elementary structure of the substance.

There are no atoms, molecules and other mythical particles in nature.

There are micro-volumes, nano-volumes, pico-volumes of the substance. The technologies are titled correspondingly.

There is no substance in the femto- and atto-volumes. There are kmars there.
Kmartechnologies will allow to put substance totally the under control of human will in the direct meaning of the word. People will become alike a fairy-tale genie.
Vegetable and animal worlds have cellar structure. Only inside the cell, in very little quantities natural conditions for reproduction of one kind of substances on other ones at little energy consumption can exist.

In the non-organic world substance consists of micro-volumes, inside them necessary conditions for reproduction of one kind of substances on other ones are created. These micro-volumes can be falsely taken for separate atoms and molecules.

When there appear right conditions there micro-volumes grow to the macro-objects and are called crystals.
Conditions for mass momentary reproduction of the substances on the planet Earth exist not only for organic matter but also for other substances as well:

1. Lightning bolt

When in the atmosphere of the Earth powerful streams of warm and cold air meet in summer a storm begins.
At that water is condensated from the warm air and is energy matter escapes into a free state.
Water falls down in the form of rain and energy matter goes into the ground as electricity.
It happens this way:

During the storm the conditions for the instant reproduction of nitrogen on the water are created. A long explosion takes place and it consists of a chain of micro explosions — it is a lightning bolt.

People see a flash of light and hear thunder.
At that energy matter is turned into electricity. If to be more particular electricity reproduces into energy matters.

Simultaneously with nitrogen ozone reproduces as well.
2. Tunguska meteorite
When a large cosmic body flies into dense atmosphere of the Earth at the expense of its kinetic energy the conditions are created for the instant mass reproduction of nitrogen on the water and hydrogen in the dense and heated layer of air in front of the fire-ball. Energy matter reproduces instantly as well.

An explosion takes place.

Space object should not only be big enough but should be solid as well not to fall into pieces when entering the atmosphere. Only in this case a «pillow» with necessary qualities can be formed.

There were many explosions in the history of the Earth that resemble the Tunguska one.
3. Earthquake
In the interior of the Earth at the depth from 10 to 100 kilometers the necessary physical conditions are formed for the instant reproduction of nitrogen and energy matter on the water and hydrogen.

An explosion takes place.

People feel the earthquake.

Under the ground a lens of liquid melt is formed. When the energy of explosions carves out way for lava to the surface a volcano is formed.
4. Explosions on the Sun
At the depth of ten thousands of kilometers and deeper from the surface of the Sun sometimes conditions for the instant reproduction of X-substances and energy matter are being formed. An explosion takes place. Such big amount of stones, dust and smoke is being thrown into the atmosphere of the Sun that astronomers see spots on the luminary.

Which substances exactly reproduce at this I will not tell you so that people won’t be tempted to repeat such explosion on the Earth. Let it be the reproduction of nitrogen, and it really does reproduce there as well.
Man-made explosions are well-known but the most numerous are not the explosive devices but explosions in the combustion engines.
5. Inner explosion engines
Fuel combustion in an engine is very bad. There must be explosions. In other words spaces between microexplosions should as little as possible.
In this case microreproductions (microexplosions) of nitrogen on the water are possible simultaneously with the reproduction of carbon dioxide on the fuel in ordinary engines even without special arrangements. As the result a very big fuel economy is possible.

Special arrangements let achieve the conditions for the nitrogen reproduction on the hydrogen and water in the common engines. Water is the fuel in such engines.

Besides engineers and scientists should forget a ridiculous phrase «…at that energy is evolved». Energy reproduces.

Energy is matter and before it evolves it has to appear and reproduce. That’s why special study of the conditions of the energy matter reproduction will give a significant impetus to understanding the world structure.
Combustion is reproduction of some substances on other ones in the mode of stellar (in other words, the Earth, human) time.

And explosion is the reproduction in the mode of microtime.
That’s why «combustion engine» is the wrong name at the core.

Such engines should be called inner explosion engines.
In the reactive engines constant row of explosions takes place. The smaller is the space between them and the smaller is their quantity according to the volume of the chamber; the higher is the coefficient of performance.
In the perfect situation there must be one explosion taking place in the chamber and then the next one most momentarily follow it.

6. Explosion at the nuclear reactor in Chernobyl

Under specific conditions radioactive substances reproduce on water, on organic matter, on other substances. At this time they do not «fall apart» and are not radioactive.

They crave for intensive feeding.
Under other conditions these very substances become food for the «breakdown products».

From this very moment they are considered radioactive.
With the help of hit-and-miss method scientists and engineers have determined one condition of momentary reproduction of breakdown products — it is an achievement of critical mass of the radioactive substance.

According to this principle nuclear bomb and nuclear reactor are created.
But other conditions of momentary reproduction of breakdown products that eat up the uranium are possible.
Pseudo-rationalizers have accidentally given the Chernobyl reactor unknown to the scientists physical parameters, according to which in theory nothing bad can happen, but in reality instant breakdown of substances feeding on the uranium takes place.

Graphite that is the extinguisher of the chain reaction has suddenly turned into the trotyl.

In other words, the users created by accident the conditions when graphite as well as uranium like accompaniment turns into food for instant reproduction of breakdown products.

And the reactor exploded.

There are a lot of those who want to eat uranium; it is a very tasty morsel. That’s why there are a lot of sets of physical conditions for instant reproduction of substances on the uranium.

People don’t know what really takes place in the reactors. That’s why the only way to evade new Chernobyl is the work of active reactors only in the many times checked regimes.

Scientists’ speculations of the «the Chernobyl reactor fell into the ion pit» kind are nonsense as well as the whole theory of chain reaction.

No rationalization in the active reactors is acceptable!

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