The main declared principle of your science building is proof. The scientists claim that everything has been already proved in the science and there are no omissions.
But it’s only a declaration

The thing they wish for.
In the reality science is built on theories and hypotheses, models and suppositions.

Science doesn’t try to prove anything.

Why do we need to prove when whatever you make up everything is «great» and at once is put into textbooks?

And Earth civilization does not even try to check the verity of the things the scientists made up.

So the science is built on fantasies. Moreover, authors-dreamers are, as the rule, dead long time ago, and common people announced as geniuses are more often stupid but once very stubborn, assured of their exceptional rightfulness and those who knew how to force one’s way through.

In their time they were insolent enough to declare «I know» when clever people were saying «I don’t know» or «god knows!».

Science is built on the fight of people, not facts.

Complete nonsense!
You declared «scientific» story-tellers to be geniuses, but we see what they really are. They are all here spread before our eyes in the nevima.

Moreover, they are the children of their time. The matter is primary!

It was impossible, for example, in the times of Darwin, Einstein. Bohr, Rutherford and other «geniuses» to build a laptop.

So why are the theoretical tools of the science of the past still the main basis of the modern science?

Let’s notice that children are not taught in schools nowadays to use bone counting frame or arithmometers. Then why should they be with maniacal persistence made to study false hypotheses, models and theories of the «geniuses» of the past?
Your scientists say: «This we already know (read their books). Now from here we’ll move gradually with little steps solving a problem after problem towards the truth.»
This is a totally vicious principle of the truth learning because «all this» is a long ago mould lie created by dead «geniuses». As the result, your scientists crawl into opposite from the truth direction and you all together follow them into hell.
To go to heaven you should know about the existence of the invisible matter and believe in the afterlife. And for it to become reality one should know about the real structure of the world not the fantasy. People have accumulated enough knowledge to see at last the world as it is.

Otherwise there is a total nonsense: people strive for the high level of life, flats, furniture, car, summer house, resorts and other freaks but they take no care of their future. But it is eternal! In a body a human soul evolves instantly but in the invisible matter it lives FOREVER.

Is there any sense in exchanging the benefit there for the vanity of vanities here?
People just can’t know anything specific about the life after death because he does not have and can’t have the necessary organs of senses.

That’s why bochs gave people the information about the immortality of soul in the form of religious books and send to you prophets on a regular basis. The source of the necessity of the faith in the immortality of a soul consists in the fact that every person can «peep» into the afterlife, make sure it exists and return to live further until the time comes.
But at the moment science has accumulated enough facts to see its modern groundlessness.

And to see at last the invisible matter. To do it it’s enough to extricate from the science the obvious Newton’s lie about the universal gravity. This «law» should be taken away just because it’s the biggest shame for science and education.
If we use one the most popular political word then god is a democrat. He let people think about the structure of the world and about him everything they want.

As the result people created a global false science and false worldview.

There could be no other way. The truth is only one!
The collapse of the modern science and scientific worldview will be humans’ irrevocable turn to the god’s word and doubtless proof of the immortality of soul. This is the divine plan.
You do not hear with ears and do not see with eyes? Then walk barefooted on the thorns and maybe through the wounded legs the truth will get to the brain faster.
And the science will escape nowhere. Science is not surnames or fame for the things done and discovered. It’s dangerous and very difficult to work with the unknown things.

Things happen! Soon a real modern researcher obtaining facts will become the main protagonist and main authority of science. Moreover, the society will decide whether their «prey» is a fact or not through law institutes, legislative, judiciary and public control.

It concerns most of all worldview facts that will enter textbooks after thorough examination.

Practical, applied achievements will still be checked by practice, as always.
Science must be totally independent from everything written, found, proved, «promoted» in the past. A researcher must know everything but not on the level of religious awing.

From its side society must accept all scientific facts even if they contradict something.
For a modern person there always exists vast choice of activities, place of living, choice of religion etc. People can even change their skin colour and appearance.

Wherever he goes and however radical are the changes in his life one thing remains permanent — he, his children, his grandchildren in the local schools as well as in any schools on the planet will made to study nonsense about plants feeding on the carbon dioxide and breathing oxygen, about evolution commanded by an occasion, will be told about non-existing circulation of water and non-existing circulations of other substances, they will be told about many other unproven things that heaven knows from where appeared in all textbooks of the planet simultaneously.

Modern «literate man» is by all means a zombified intelligence-cripple. The better is his memory, the stronger is his knowledge of modern fallacies and the more horrible is his ugliness. That’s why professors and graduates of most promoted educational centres of the planet — widely known prestigious universities of the USA, England, France, Germany, Russia and other countries — are most notable for that fallacy «stupidity».

Pluralism exists everywhere, but for science and education. Science is above-state formation, a kind of planetary bandit «roof».

Intensive feeding aka Satan governs the whole Earth civilization and every separate man through science and education.

Science waits upon consummation. Though it should have understood long ago that the life in this body is only the beginning of the existence of the concrete human being and the Humans at the whole in the Universe.
As the result Satan rules the world.
But taking up the improvement of the modern state of science, «cleaning» the academic programme from fallacies one should take care not to splash out kids together with soap lather.
There is no planet like the Earth where the development of science would have passed without fallacies, deadens. Such fallacious development of science is the objective reality, a law of nature. Humans are weak and imperfect.

Look back at the historical past and look closer at the present.

Could some years ago or even now a scientist let himself or herself officially announce «I don’t know»?

Of course not!

On the one hand (at work) there are research programme, deadlines, salary for the executed work, superiors and government pester them and so on and so forth.

On the other hand (at home) there are family, children, personal life, personal ambitions.

In the morning — money, chairs – in the evening. Pay for play.

In the morning you say «I don’t know», in the evening you are fired and there were times when people were shot for it.
That’s why the main condition for the normal development of education and science is the possibility for the scientist to say «I don’t know» without negative or tragic consequences for him or her or his or her family.
Thus, he or she can the whole life keep saying «I don’t know» and get money! – you may say.

Firstly, of all the scientist won’t be able to do it if such relations are a moral standard in the state. We know about it from experience.

In the concrete research topic scientist may not come close to the truth during his life but he may contribute to knowledge

Secondly, if such thing (parasitism in the science) still takes place it will be much cheaper for the government than the consequences of the deceit.
One can’t demand from the scientists to explain nature! It amounts to calling them gods.
As the result of inflated requirements to the science, as the result of its politicization, intellectual mountebanks appeared — professional interpreters of facts. Who would not want to be god?

Their surnames are well known — these are your «geniuses» and «great people» of the past and the modern times.
There is one more (and probably the main!) problem of the science — it is the problem of scientific works recording. Nowadays the «coolness» of the scientists is determined by the amount of printed works. These very efforts of record keeping of research scientific works led to the catastrophe in the sphere of education and science.

So there is a system of «babbling» and the more you «babble» the cooler you are!

And the coolest scientific babblers are pace-setters in fashion according to the principle:
– Is it unknown? So from this moment it will be like I say! And general recognition of my new work I’ll promote through the system of education.

And this happens at the time when there is a totally objective criterion — practical effect!?
The modern state of the world science when people know nothing about the real structure and principles of functioning of the surrounding them nature and are in the state of euphoria because of the made up world view is the main proof of needlessness of scientific explanations of nature phenomena and facts.

So called fundamental science is really dangerous and should be eliminated at once!

The dead end where now humanity stands is mostly the result of this very fundamental (fantasy) science.

It is clear that hypotheses, theories, models and suppositions are necessary in the practical researches. But it is only «working garbage», consumable material of temporal, intermediate usage. And it for sure shouldn’t get into the chronicles of science and most of all into the education.

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