The Russian idea.

Solid body exists and evolves according to the principle of vivacity — atoms, molecules, cells, organisms live and reproduce eating around themselves everything they can deal with and that they can digest.
When there was a lot of «food» then «intensive feeding» took place on the atomic level — hydrogen reproduced on kmars. When the amount of food decreased the first organism appeared — protostone with extended in comparison with hydrogen opportunities to get food. Stone feeds on kmars, hydrogen and hydrogen «cans» in the form of water and organic matter. Besides stone if the final product of the solid body evolution and its reproduction runs like a golden thread through the whole history of the Galaxy. When there are no free kmars and hydrogen solid body turns into invisible matter burning in holy flame. By this time solid body represents a simple stone.

But hydrogen could eat hydrogen and stone while stone could eat stone. Then evolution stops. To prevent such development of events nature evolves the ability of organisms to defend themselves simultaneously with the evolvement of intensive feeding. That’s why organism is a tool for intensive feeding, reproduction and defense from external invasion simultaneously.

Intensive feeding and defense are projected on the social life of humans in the form of creation of unions, communities, gangs, states, federations, settlements, cities, societies etc. All this is created to provide favourable conditions for the feeding and reproduction of their participants and for the defense from the external enemies.
In its evolvement intensive feeding and defense inevitably lead to the creation of one global planetary social organism. And then «intensive feeding» throws aside all restraints as for the volume of its appetite because of the fall of the obstacles and defense tends to self-destruction because of the external enemies absence. Civilizations that do not understand the objective reality die.

Intensive feeding and Satan himself provides «information support» in the mind of humans in the form of atheism based on the false science. Universal Intellect does not acknowledge those civilizations that are based on false science as sensible. Your civilization is also considered to be irrational.
You must «turn» intensive feeding into the enemy number one.
To achieve it you must sharply reduce resource consuming. To eat and live modestly. In perspective you should refuse from the consummation of common food, stop using common energy.
Bochs send prophets to people on a regular basis. Some (main) of them know that they are prophets and they tell people about it. But generally prophets do not know who they are and think they are common people. For example bochs «set» organisms of some people in such way that they are able to eat directly from nevima. Those people stop eating common food and they don’t need water as well. Such people you call suneaters because they allegedly feed on the solar energy. «Pure» nevima eaters do not breathe as well because they get energy also directly from nevima. But bochs do not create full nevimaeaters not to frighten people. Moreover, in that case people becomes mute (there is no air movement through vocal cords), people get telepathic abilities and other changes and that frightens even more.

In reality nevimaeaters are a hint for people that Satan can be conquered. A kind of tablet to stir brains. The hint that intensive feeding (in all senses) is not a necessary material condition for the existence of human civilization.
Besides human settlements must be only in the place where no heating is needed.

One planet — one nation.

No conflicts or wars.

No weaponization.

You should create much more developed anthropogenic society not based on the consumption.
But taking into account your modern worldview this aim can’t be achieved.
That’s why first of all you need to create a realistic worldview, peculiar religion of anthropogenic society and the Russian idea can be thus expressed:
Worldview based on facts.
It is known that radio sets can be in tanks or in electronic chips (it is from an anecdote).
All depends on what one speaks about, what one means and what goal one pursues.

Modern scientific worldview is based on the theories, hypotheses, models, explanations.
In other words on fantasies with a great amount of obvious deceit.
Facts make significantly less than 1% in your modern worldview.

On these scanty facts we are to build new mind.
Worldview based on facts will be certainly scientific but in the initial meaning of this word. In other words it will be documentary. Science must be bereft of the right to pass the verdict «Proved» itself.
It’s purely legal prerogative.

Researchers must prove to the society the truthfulness of every word included into the worldview through public and legal institutes. And everything must be carried out in a transparent way. What can be more important than right, real vision of the environment?!

It is the most important point! And it is abandoned to its fate!

All institutes of civil democratic society, mass media as well, must take part in the formation of the worldview.
All states don’t have any control over the contents of the science and education and there is no more corrupted and criminal sphere of people’s activities than science+education in the world «national economy».

Stamp «proved» is acquired «through goods manager, through friends…» and other unclear and not transparent for the society methods.
Most often obvious lie gets this most important for people’s fate verdict in the fundamental science.

Certificates and diplomas are given most often for sitting at the desk for necessary number of hours and «for the fat».

It’s even for the better — with the modern contents of the textbooks one can go nuts if one tries to understand what is written there.
Modern tandem President+Premier in the Russian pyramid of power is very efficient! But these young people are more executive managers than «lords of souls».
Dear messieurs Medvedev and Putin, you can’t do everything!
It’s time to start set right (reset?) the brains of people!
Now there is no more necessity to show people scientific experiments on the basis of which some statements are being made in the textbooks or very popular nowadays electronic encyclopedias.
You can’t carry out experiment on every word but on some basic worldview experiments the government has to come down with their money!
The thing is that nowadays there is a big volume of communication between people through internet and a big amount of people’s work with different internet-information. Questions appear. You can’t run to the library after every question that arises. Everyone use Wikipedia.

Who checks what is being written there? And it is impossible to check! And one can’t forbid everything — we have a democracy!

But still the government does not have the right to leave their citizens face to face with a powerful informational flow.

There is only one way to save people especially children from the informational hurricane: it is necessary to form realistic worldview based on experiments.
Every person even teachers and professors are not able to carry out all these experiments. That’s why a special educational web portal is required; there worldview experiments would have been carried out by scientists and students of the corresponding specialties in continuous operation (for example photosynthesis) or according to special schedule before the audience.

Difficult experiments should be carried out with the proper equipment in the research laboratories.

Everything should be filmed and downloaded on the internet.
So the portal should be first of all a really existing enterprise, institute with filial branches in big cities where a person could come and personally see worldview experiments. Or carry out a particular chosen experiment for fee.
On the basis of worldview experiments we need to create an electronic library of scientific facts.

Unlike Wikipedia it won’t be big or in any case much smaller.

It does not mean that the site will be small. The possibility to grow is not limited here at all.

Very soon to get precise information people will start clicking only on this site.
Political, intellectual and even everyday need of the society in the internet-portal with entirely factual based on experiments contents is very big.
Internet is «littered» and such portal will help to avoid clogging of the human memory especially children’s.
Strategic aim of the proposed portal is to form one public worldview.

Not united but consisting of religious and atheistic worldviews but really one and only.
This is proposed as the Russian idea — ONE WORLDVIEW.

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  1. Евгений Комаров

    Вот, что надо изучать, а не алгебру с тригонометрией.

  2. Юрий

    Вчитайтесь в написанное:
    //Кроме того, людские поселения должны быть только там, где не требуется отопление.

    Не то что в России, почти нигде таких условий нет, кроме земли обетованной ?