There is a problem!
Modern scientific worldview is a lie, but to make you, my dear reader, see this information, we need publicity for this site.

We want only one thing — people must not be deceived and especially children in schools and universities.
Children grow rapidly and learn the ropes very quickly (especially if it is not your child) and just look, already an engineer, minister or even a president of something stands before us.

When one common worker is crack-brained it’s a minor misfortune, but when a boss is duped then it is a real trouble.

Nowadays everyone is deceived and it is called a disaster.
That’s why I urge you to act.

Every man can become, for example a participant of «bush telegraph». Often information forwarding from one man to another has higher speed and bigger coverage than any mass media.

Please, tell as many people as you can about the site Don’t be indifferent to your own fate!
Human being is a social creature, that’s why the fact that you are «normal» isn’t a guaranty of your personal happiness.

«Wrong» man can ruin it. All people should change for the better simultaneously.

If you agree with me and also think that mistakes and fallacies must be taken away from the scientific worldview, school and university programs and you are not against spending some of your money and administrative resources for the good cause, then:

Support this site individually if you can or have another opportunity! For example, exploiting you own sites and add my site also to the list.

Order free or pay specialists for the commercial promotion of the site into TOP-10!
Place information about the site on the often visited Internet pages!
Place advertisements about site on the pages of popular printed media!

Translate the site into other languages and place the translations on the Internet!

Quote my site in your texts giving the link to the site.

Now there are great opportunities for self-publishing. Copy site on the paper and distribute them (for free or for fee) on the condition that but for the original text there will also be a link to the site.

Send me prompts and your propositions in connection with support of the site and its publications.

Discuss site on the forums.

I invite journalists and other Mass media workers, writers, publicists, internet workers to be co-authors in the creation of publicity texts of different forms on the topic of the site (false doctrines in science and education).

Naturally first all you need to understand everything, think it through and analyze. And only after that if you are sure that science fools you, you need to act in the way others usually do in such cases — make a fuss.
We need to defend ourselves!

Young people! Schools and universities are the necessary steps in your life that’s why it’s you who should first of all be interested in the overcoming of these strongholds of knowledge. At the moment you can overcome them more often only with the help of money.

The fact that you, the most of children, teenagers, and young people can’t understand what is written in the textbooks does not mean you are stupid! The reason of practically general incomprehension of the school and university textbooks is that modern scientific worldview is a pure deceit! One just can’t understand anything there especially if one starts thinking and trying to get to the bottom of it. One thing there contradicts another.

That’s why stubborn ones and those who need it — bone up, others enlist themselves into fools and then calm down.

You have the ability to change the situation!

To accelerate the process of education false doctrines liquidation, organize mass study of the sire in the schools and universities!

School lies! That’s why no one can say that I’ve barked up the wrong tree for help!
School has already deceived all adults and now it deceives our children and grandchildren!
Sometimes I see that poster put in the title of this page hangs on the neck of a man in a really desperate situation.
But if he were alone! The trouble is that you all are in such a situation!
False scientific worldview put all people and every one of them in more then a desperate situation. That’s why I announce this thing:
Help yourself!
Changes do not happen without difficulties. In order to move forward to the better first of all one needs propeller.

If you agree with the direction of that movement that is determined by this site, then act, promote it in the masses!
Let’s fight fallacies!

Long live the thought!

Theories, hypotheses, models, explanations should not leave the boundaries of scientific laboratories’!

Only facts have the right to be in the textbooks!

I address all the bosses of the world separately with a warning of danger (bosses after all!):

Messieurs bosses, there where you lead the Earth civilization, an abyss has opened and you’ll be the first to fall there. Others as it has always been will jump there after you.

Because people are sheep. Not as «smart» as sheep-animals but sheep after all.
People are social creatures, pack ones.

False scientific worldview is a broken compass that will inevitably lead the Earth civilization to the death. And in particular being in a state of euphoria from caused by false successes in the fight against nature, people do not notice the main thing — irrevocable petrification of human environment. And when it becomes obvious there will be nothing to do.

It is danger for the soul of every separate man. Distorted by atheism, based on the wrong scientific worldview, after death of his body his soul will get into the hell doomed to eternal sufferings.

Relatives, friends, colleagues of prominent scientists and main bosses, tell them that there ahead of them is a horrible danger, try to open their eyes!

They themselves too often don’t see anything and anyone except beloved themselves.

The end of the world isn’t a fable, before you there were no fools!
Messieurs bosses! Consumers in the whole world want to have quality goods and everywhere they have a constitutional right to it.
But if a simple box of matches undergoes several levels of quality control on its way from manufacturer to consumer then scientific intellectual «goods» nowhere undergo any examination as to its genuineness, validity.

The examination of scientists themselves can’t be taken into account – crow will not pick out crow’s eyes!
All the theories, hypotheses, models are poured by the society into the heads of children without any «test purchase».

Bosses, immediately introduce monitoring for the manufacturers of the intellectual goods!

It is «goods» group «A».

If you won’t control the production of the past and present scientists — then you will never succeed in anything!

And the most important thing is that without such control you do not solve and will never solve the main and actually the only task for every human and for you personally — the access to heaven after death.
P.S. If there appears wealthy enough sponsor who believes me I would ask him or her to pay for the creation of a more expensive site.
I also need an administrator and moderators for the forum.

Send your propositions to or via site.
We need to start the creation of the encyclopedia of worldview facts as opposed to the existing collections of «scientific» theories and highbrow false explanations that in reality are all the textbooks and existing encyclopedias including electronic ones.

On the basis of the library of facts we could take up the creation of the new generation textbooks.

It requires organization and means. I invite investors and able organizers.

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