Synthesis, liveliness and nanotechnology.

A man builds his life, surrounding himself with his handiwork.
States are built by gathering lands around some center. Cities are made up of houses. Machines are assembled from detailes. Houses are assembled from bricks and wood. And so on.

The complicated word “synthesis” in Russian means “assembly”. That is, the assembly line is pure and simple conveyor of the synthesis of cars or something else.

If you’ve bought furniture and haven’t managed to assemble it yourself, you give the announcement: “We need a specialist on the synthesis of furniture”.

Wrong? But the meaning is correct, although people are always looking for a specialist on the assembly of furniture.

A man lives in a synthetic world, to be exact – in a little world assembled according to his taste and with his own hands excluding the surrounding nature that lives by its own laws, because it haven’t studied at school, can not read and therefore does not know anything about the synthesis or about other human inventions.
So would a man have lived without complexes, but there appeared the cursed science with its questions. How? What for? What? Why?

Because the day of the week ends in “y”!

Yet people very quickly got sick with the childhood disease called “I want to know everything!” Some wanted others to explain to them, while others jumped out of their pants in an attempt to explain everyone and their brother.

When it was required to explain the construction of substance, then a powerful wave of unsubstantiated fantasy arose. There were no facts on this subject at that ancient times.

Even now there aren’t any.

The main fundamental mistake is to recognize the existence of the idea of a synthetic (assembly) construction of substance.

They and decided and decreed by analogy with the human microcosm, that the substance is the same as a house, a cart or a car and consists of parts-elements such as bricks, metal products, plastic details and other simple products, but they are microscopic.

They started searching for “bricks”, but found nothing. Then pseudo-scientists, or rather criminals from science on one of their gatherings by a rule of thumb assigned the existence of the smallest indivisible amount of substance.

The fabulous chemical elements of substance were called atoms and put into the Mendeleev’s table.

And all hell broke loose!
As a proof of the synthetic structure of matter the science considers, for example, the results of spectral analysis of the wave, electronic and other resonances and the results of other physical and chemical researches.

Wherein, the howling perversion of logic is the confidence of the science that the elements of the periodic table are initially lifeless substance.

There are no objective experimental grounds for such confidence. Someone just decided so and that’s all. Now it is even impossible to determine who this smart one was, but apparently he was a very respected man. Everyone still believes.

And since the substance at the micro level is lifeless, before a study, you can do whatever you like with it. You can pound it with a pestle, calcine, burn, freeze, process with chemicals, separate and so on. And what can happen? “Atom will remain atom, it is even stronger than a bearing ball” – thinks a scientist.

In fact, organic and inorganic matter is arranged on one and the same principle – on the liveliness. Stone is the same living organism as a mouse. And there are no very strong atom-balls in its internals!

Let’s try to explore the mice in the same manner as the stone. Let’s pound the animals with a pestle and then warm up and do a spectral analysis, then cool them and obtain resonance curves, then we’ll see what happens when you add this or that chemical to it and so on. Finally, the conclusion: a mouse contains so much carbon, so much hydrogen, …

Hardly anyone will be satisfied with these results. After all, we still will not know what a mouse is and how to fight it.

The same thing happens when we first in every possible way scoff, for example, over the water, and then say: water is so much hydrogen and so much oxygen. This is a lie. Water is a living organism and when you kill it, for example, letting the electric current pass through it, further research and conclusions are a mockery on common sense. Water is not a certain amount of hydrogen and oxygen. It is an independent substance, although it is an interagent on the way from hydrogen to stone.

Let’s continue the hypothetical experiments and determine, for example, what the hay is. We will put it in the barn and see what happens on the output. According to the experimental conditions, we do not know what a barn is.

After some time we will see that out of the barn there appeared sheep and manure. Bingo! Hay consists of sheep and manure! After determining the weight ratio of the inlet and outlet, let’s make a formula of the hay.

Though it is as plain as the nose on your face that you should have carefully look at the blades of grass from which it is composed.
When the pseudo-scientists are not trying to look at the water, and produce manipulation with electricity, heat, and so on with it, they see the results of the breeding of some substances on other substances, but not the results of the decomposition of water into its components.

In science there is no evidence that there is a water molecule, and that it consists of two hydrogen atoms and one oxygen atom. There are no images of these objects, no filming of the decay process of the water molecule into hydrogen and oxygen, or vice versa, the process of water molecules formation during the combustion of hydrogen in oxygen. And these images, filming and other evidence will never appear, because the life of the substance at the nanoscale takes place in microtime. When something happens inside the substance, it is instantaneous from the point of view of a man and can not be observed by a man.

For example, all modern chemistry with its reaction equations is a clear and very harmful fiction.
The bases of a substance, including water, are kmars. When there are enough kmars, in the presence of relevant conditions, the minimum amount of substance (mov) is formed. If there is sufficient supply in the form of hydrogen and oxygen, then mov instantly transforms and multiplies by the movs of water.

The minimum amount of substance (mov) has a projection on the flora and fauna in the form of universal or stem cells. With different needs and conditions, stem cells are transformed into cells of various organs and multiply, restoring the needed tissues.

Plants are able to convert mov into mov-sugar, multiplying in the leaves on water, or into mov-fat and mov-protein, multiplying on sugar in the seeds.

When researchers granulate the prototype model, they will eventually come to the minimum amount ofsubstance, and dust suddenly starts to behave not as it should according to the accepted theory of the synthetic structure of substance. This means that scientists have reached the border microtime.

In order to receive the ordered results in these experiments, it is necessary to know the secret, arising from the difference between the rate of time for the usual quantities of substance and nanoquantities of substance.

The formula for success of nanotechnology is the following:

When you approach nanodispersity of substance then the conditions for obtaining a new substance, or new properties of the same sample must already be established in the place where the dust is. When the necessary dispersibility is reached, you will have no time, everything will happen instantly, and in accordance with the current circumstances.

Besides, you must remember that there is not initially inanimate nature and you need to find a way to the minimum quantities of substance, excluding simple mechanical crushing, resulting in the killing of the organism and the separation of its vals. There are such methods.
If you crush all movs of the test specimen, the substance will disappear and you will come to the sphere of kmars, which a man has not yet learned to see. This is the area of pico- and femtotechnology. Development of these technologies will open the possibility to obtain the necessary substances of anything. For example, food can be obtained even from stone.

But a man must always remember that the solid body is a temporary form of the existence of invisible matter and the conditions of life on the Earth will always get worse. Relatively soon these conditions will become almost unbearable.

All efforts should be put at the mastering the invisible matter – this is the main area of activity of the Earth civilization.

And every single man should care primarily about his own holiness.
But the way of the well being of people has always been and remains the same – you should think!

And especially those who have chosen this occupation as their job – scientists and politicians.
In the assembly operation (synthesis) there is required a certain figurant – a fitter, who has enough knowledge to understand the drawings and has the necessary experience of the assembly. And of course a designer is needed, who will draft the task. And most importantly – you need public demand for the assembled (synthesized) object.
When your scientists say about synthesis in nature, they do not name the main figurants in the synthesis – the “fitter”, the “designer” and the “society”. Without them the theory of the synthesis in nature is nonsense in its essence.

And the accomplished transformation of this crazy idea in the foundation of the natural sciences and the entire worldview is a crime.
Synthetic nature does not exist! Nature is based on the principle of liveliness – nutrition and multiplication.

Poor scientists do not even realize that by introducing the idea of synthesis in nature, they thus insist on the existence of an exterior for the nature powerful intelligence.

Synthesis in nature requires the omnipresent God!
Let’s be a little more precise.

Synthesis in the human world is not possible without the participation of intelligence. These are the same workers, engineers, supervisors and so on.

Similarly the “work” of nature on the creation and reproduction of a great number of species of flora and fauna can not be imagined without a reasonable start. For example, a cause-effect relationship of all, what is happening in the nature is clearly seen.

Let’s compare the saturation with the intellectual work of a handiwork, for example, a car and a product of nature – a man driving this car.

The car is assembled from the prefabricated and delivered to the assembly room parts. External to the synthesized car human mind is involved in the design and manufacture of parts, the actual car and the assembly line.

The pieces of iron are not given the mind and therefore can not live and multiply themselves.

The exploitation of a car finishes with its irrevocable utilization.

This is called synthesis, i.e. assembly.

Its main features:

1. An assembly line with fitters.

2. Availability of the finished parts, ie. . the presence of the finished product in a disassembled form.

3. The presence of an external mind (assemblers, engineers …)
On the other hand, the appearance of a man in this world begins with the egg cell. The cell is endowed with absolute mind, and therefore knows what and when to do. After fertilization, it begins to multiply. Its insides, which are also endowed with the absolute mind double beforehand. During the division of the cell and its organelles, occurs the growth and division of the absolute mind. It is material.

Egg cells are universal. At some point, some of them begin to multiply as liver cells, while others – like the heart, and so on. . That is the organs of the body are formed. At the same time the minds of the cells form a collective absolute mind of the human body. (CAM)

For example, let’s see how scientists understand the division of DNA molecule.

They consider it as a synthesis of a subsidiary of the DNA molecule in the matrix of the parent molecule. And not a word about “drawings”, “programs”, about the intellectual participants of the synthesis, and other necessary reasonable accessories. That is – not a word about mind.

For a better understanding of what the synthesis is, let’s expel all people out of the car assembly plant – it is a strike!. Not even necessarily to act so dramatically, let’s just turn off all the computers.

Will the synthesis of cars continue there? By itself.

Of course, not!

That is in Wikipedia, as well as in textbooks there are the same tales, which the children have “studied” in the kindergarten. Everything happens as if by magic and according to the wants of the poor authors of the rotten ideas of the synthesis in nature.

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  1. andrew koshak

    “Горемыки от науки даже не понимают, что внедряя идею синтеза в природу, они тем самым настаивают на существовании стороннего для природы мощного интеллекта.
    Синтез в природе требует наличия вездесущего Бога!”
    Хм, богоборческой “науке”, да и то в количественно ничтожно малой части её лучших трезвомыслящих представителях, потребовалось полтораста лет чтобы только-только лишь начать осознавать, что без Конструктора (или по-иному Творца) этот мир просто не мог возникнуть…
    Большего тугодумства, чем у этих господ-товарисчей учёных данной формации, этот мир не видел испокон времён!