Big bang.

Your scientists have a very funny Big bang theory. This big bang is supposed to have resulted in creation of the Universe.

This theory totally contradicts modern and old scientific discoveries and common sense.
It should be mentioned separately about regular contradictions between the facts and the science:

Contradictions between some theory and reality are not enough for your scientists to admit that the theory is false.

When an inconvenient fact appears the scientists begin to distort the theory to adjust it to the unexpected fact or undertake deception actions, not connecting new discoveries with this very theory.

The same is with the Big bang theory — it is solid as rock but contradicts already not less than a dozen facts and common sense.
First of all, I’ll remind you why the Big bang theory appeared.
If you pass the source of sound at high speed, for example, if you drive your car past another oncoming signaling car, then you can sense the difference between the sound when you approach it and when you move away from it.

At first, the sound was significantly higher than when you passed the source of sound and began to move away from it.

Roughly speaking when you approached the sound you heard «squeal» and when you began to move away from it then you heard «roar».

There is the same effect if you stand still and the source of sound, for example, a high speed train or a planet that is flying low or fast will at first approach you and «squeal» and then will move away from you and «roar». It occurs because sound speed in the air is quite low and if objects

move with speed that is at least approximately close to the speed of sound that there some kind of addition or subtraction of these speeds at the sound waves.
There occurs a perceptible sound frequency deviation though there is no real change in the audio frequency of the source.

Doppler was the first to study and describe the change in audio frequency. Since then this phenomenon is called Doppler effect in acoustics.

Let me pay your attention to the fact that sound is spread in the air where it is distinctly «depicted» like a on the fence or a song on the record.

In other words, if it is not indicated that something spreads in the environment or it spreads in the void, in the vacuum then we can’t explain the change in oscillation frequency with Doppler effect.

But wherever the scientists find unexplainable change in frequency they recall this effect at once. One such case they found in the Space.

Studying the far galaxies astronomers noticed that the light coming from them is redder than the light of the nearby stars. That is why such phenomenon got the name «red shift of the light spectrum of the distant galaxies»

Then all is simple.

They don’t know why the far stars have become red. But scientists consider the light to be some kind of electromagnetic wave. And the wave can change its frequency. If not in reality than falsely at the expense of movement just like in Doppler effect.
Eureka! Stars scatter!

It means there was an explosion of some supertense and superfantastic substance at some period of time in non-existent space.

Could it have happened on seashore? And that big chain bound to a green oak towers is that very substance before the explosion?

And a learned cat is certainly that very scientist-dreamer! (Here the reference to Alexander Sergeevich Pushkin’s poem “On seashore far a green oak towers”. – editor’s note)

And some scientists dare to make up such theories! They outshone Pushkin himself!
But let’s put emotions away and continue.

If in your life you are very lucky to have studied at a good school where at that time a good teacher of physics worked then at one of the lessons he would have certainly demonstrated such an experiment.

The teacher took a plastic transparent tube 1 meter long and 10 cm in diameter. One end of the tube is waterproof and the other end is covered with a removable lid with carving.
On the outside, it is equipped with a fitting and a tap through which the air can be evacuated from the tube. And on the inside the lid is equipped with a small container where three items are being put: a heavy plastic ball; a larger shapeless piece of light foam and a large piece of fluff from a bird feather.

In the first part of the experiment the teacher didn’t evacuate the air from the tube. He set it vertically on the table and gently hit the tube against the tabletop. The valves of the container in the upper part of the tube opened because of the blow and all three objects dropped out.

The plastic ball fell first to the bottom of the tube. Next fell the piece of foam but more slowly. Then as if in a waltz the fluff came down.

In this experiment students can see very well the phenomenon of air resistance. It becomes clear to them what windage is.
In the second part of the experiment the teacher evacuates air from the tube with the help of a special vacuum pump. Then he put it vertically again.

The objects dropped out of the container, but in this case they fell with one speed and reached the bottom of the tube simultaneously!

Thus pupils understood that when friction and windage are absent objects move after nature force is being applied to them simultaneously with the same speed regardless of their weight, size and density.

That is why if you wind feather mattress around a bombshell and blow up it all in space, you would get an expanding thin sphere of feathers, debris and smoke within which there will be nothing. Only in the center of the sphere at the bombshell blast site there will be a little smoke. These are the specks of dust of the burnt triton that in the course of explosion received oppositely directed total zero impact and that’s why they remained where they were.

Feathers, debris and smoke will fly together from the center and at the same speed! The distance will increase only between flank neighbours. The distance between the front and rear neighbours will stay unchanged.

View of the sky must differ from today’s one for us to believe that the Big Bang really took place.

In two opposite directions telescopes should pretty soon bump into the void. In these directions there will be no red shift of the stars spectrum. Red shift will only take place in the plane perpendicular to the “axis of voids. »
Big Bang theory authors did not study at a good school or did not learn their lessons!
Real “Big Bang», in other words, bombshell explosion in a feather bed сan be very well modeled. Take a round balloon and inflate it to different sizes. In advance put on its surface marks in groups. They will stand for galaxies as star clusters. Measure the diameter of the ball and the distance between adjacent and distant “galaxies”, and between the individual stars in galaxies. Repeat it several times and record it in the table. You will have something to think about! For example, why stars do not scatter in our Galaxy, or the planets and the Sun in the Solar System?

I will continue.
Wide range of the narrowly focused specialists knows that absolutely identical red shift is observed in all directions.
Distant celestial sphere is «painted» in absolutely uniform red colour. In other words, galaxies «scatter» not in general, but exactly and precisely from our Earth like from a leper. So it means that if the Big Bang occurred than it
took place at the spot where Earth is situated now!

Scientists say: «No, not like this! Such image (uniform red shift) will be seen by creatures from Alpha Centauri and border of the Universe both. All galaxies scatter from each other.

It can be verified: Take a rubber cord and stretch it and you’ll see that every part of the cord is equally distant from each other. »

Stop! It is a deceitful method of juggling the facts! The Big Bang hypothesis speaks about creation of the Universe with the help of the explosion and it is a short one-time impact from within accompanied by destruction of the substance.

But when you stretch the rubber, then the force applied from within is ceaseless and increscent. There is no destruction of the substance.

Is there any difference?!

The difference is significant!
Astronomers observe not only the redshift of the light spectrum of distant galaxies, and this shift increases with distance. The farther the galaxy, the redder it is. If we explain the displacement of spectrum of “runaway” of galaxies, then farther away a galaxy is, the faster it runs away. It turns out that the most distant galaxies “run away” from the Earth at a rate significantly greater than the speed of light.

Nonsense! Really horrible this Big Bang was!

Probably the experiments with rubber stretching
explain something to somebody. But then we should speak about a stretching Universe and name the odd-ball who is stretching it, instead of talking nonsense about mythical explosion!
It is very easy to understand the real cause for the red shift. To understand it you just need to do the way science declares not the way it acts.

Science declares to have evidence and professes to respect facts and only facts. We’ll do the same. There are five facts on this topic:

1. Red shift of the light spectrum of distant galaxies is observed through the telescope.

2. The farther the galaxy, the bigger the displacement of their light spectrum is.

3. Displacement of light spectrum of nearby stars and galaxies is not observed or it is negligibly small.

4. It is proved that the planet Earth does not have exceptional location in the Universe. That is why first three facts will be true for any observer from any spot in the Universe.

5. The longer the road, the more dust on the boots. Red shift is observed within the distant galaxies. The road is long.
Analysis of these facts leads to an only single conclusion:
Change in the spectrum of light is caused by its passage through the Universal substance. The thicker the layer of universal matter, the greater the displacement.
Thus, the Large Hadron Collider does not pose any danger for a human. It can simulate the Big Bang only in the flamed minds of scientists.

It is fashionable to explain whatsoever with the Doppler effect.

For example, there are even radars that are said to use this effect. However, there occurs a different phase shift of the reflected signal from the receding and the approaching object. And it is not a change in the frequency!
The fact that the frequency of the electromagnetic signal does not change according to Doppler is well known to everyone. When we talk on the phone, the tone of the sound does not change according to whether we’re going by car, by plane or we are talking with an orbital vehicle passenger.

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