Photosynthesis for an engineer.

Vegetable world

For people it’s everything!

The fact that you don’t have another source of food but for plants is enough, For the food of animal origin also appears due to the flora.

Moreover, plants provide oxygen for people.

That’s why ignorance of laws of your green bread-winner is fraught with great troubles for people.
Modern science is now at the dead end also due to the fact that it is splintered into many «princedoms», one of which is called «biology».

Scientists-biologists embanked themselves with the wall «Shoo, go away! You are not a biologists, so go away!»

«Princelings» of other science act the same way. It allows them to breed whatever they like behind their fences.

It is very convenient — one can talk big, then go aside and look at it — marvelous! One got money and no physics-chemists or botanists-zoologists are the law to him!

For a layman such situation brings only discomfort, losses and problems.
It is not clear for whom the science exists then? For bosses? And why on earth do they need such or any other science?

If Ivan-simpleton suddenly sees such mess in one of such scientific princedoms then «specialists» from this very department will be sent to deal with his complaint and as the result everything naturally will stay the same.

We tried, for example, to write to biologists that «experiments do not prove the existence of plants feeding and breathing! »

We wrote that «there is no experiment that would prove the existence of such a way of plants feeding and breathing! There is no known case of a plant death because of carbon starvation or suffocation due to the lack of oxygen!».

A nod’s as good as a wink to a blind horse! At best they just send me a list of literature that we need to read and become cleverer.

Once all the modern sciences were united into philosophy. To be more particular the sciences hadn’t been «separated» from it yet.

If we eliminate now from all the sciences all the theories, hypotheses, models and other nonsense not based on the facts then the memory of one lousy old-regime computer will be enough to keep the received new philosophy.

So any person is able to understand any science in particular and all of them together if they are explained without fantasy (without theories or hypotheses) and told in a normal human language.
I’ll remind you what photosynthesis is.

According to scientific as always and everywhere disputable legend in the leaves of plants from the water hydrogen and atmospheric carbon dioxide organic matter is formed in the light (gathered, synthesized). In the reality no one saw it and will never see. And it is very convenient for the fablers — no one can check it. But as it is known tongue is an unruly member and one can argue one’s «rightness», goggle, swear by the names of messieurs Priestley, Mechnikov, other names and even one’s own mum. The important thing is to get the right volume of printed written stuff.
It is well known that «land» plants get water from the ground into the leaves with the help of roots.

In the water that got into the leaves there is practically no carbon (it can be easily determined by analysis) that’s why scientists began looking for its new source. There is no more or less available carbon anywhere except for the surrounding the plant atmosphere.

Let’s see if there is available carbon in the atmosphere? Let’s estimate it from the engineer’s practical point of view.

There is 0,03 – 0,04% of carbon dioxide in the air. According to the scientific legend t gets inside the leaves of the plants and serves as a source of carbon. What in reality does this 0,04% mean?

Let’s digress a bit and see how the process of breathing takes place in animals and in particular in humans?
Air contains about 21% of oxygen, the rest is nitrogen. When there is only 16% of oxygen left in the air people faint and if there is no help — die. It happens because partial pressure of 16% of oxygen is not enough to push oxygen through the walls of the blood vessels into the lungs of people. Although it is 16% not 0,04%! Even 16% of oxygen in the air is still considerable amount!

In blood there is always oxygen in a free and bound state. It is water, organic matter and the remnants of the oxygen from the previous breath-in. Organism tries to sustain oxygen content level in the blood as low as possible but still it is big enough.

At some illnesses the oxygen content in the blood rises even more. In this case atmospheric partial pressure of 21% oxygen becomes not enough to push oxygen through the walls of the blood vessels into the blood and a man begins to suffocate.

There arises so called shortbreathing. Though there is still 21% of oxygen in the air!
And hurried breathing doesn’t help in this case, In other words, volume of oxygen passed through the lungs can be of any amount but there will be no sense in it.
One needs sufficient difference in the partial pressures!

Oxygen will go only there where partial pressure is less strong. Moreover, the degree of this difference of partial pressures — partial tension is of principal significance, Quantity of oxygen that enters the blood depends only on this tension. For example, sportsmen’s partial tension of oxygen and carbon dioxide is higher than an ordinary man’s one (they are different in the number and direction).
It is just vice versa with carbon dioxide.

Organism maintains level of partial pressure of it in the blood as high as possible. In this case carbon dioxide freely leaves walls of blood vessels into the lungs and then into the atmosphere,

That’s why all respiratory exercises must be directed to the training of organism’s ability to maintain carbon dioxide partial pressure as high as possible and oxygen partial pressure in the blood — as low as possible.

Let’s come back to plants.
When a plant branch or the whole plant is closed in the transparent package then with the help of chemical analyses one finds out that plant evolve oxygen and carbon dioxide incessantly. At the daytime mostly oxygen is evolved and little quantity of carbon dioxide, but at night mostly carbon dioxide is evolved and only little quantity of oxygen.

Wherever from in the leaves are oxygen and carbon dioxide evolved, in the place where it is evolved from partial pressure of oxygen and carbon dioxide must by all means higher than in the atmosphere. Consequently movement of oxygen and carbon dioxide in the opposite direction, in other words, from atmosphere into the leaves is impossible!

Motion of the substance, gases as well, against partial pressure or against barometric pressure doesn’t exist!

From the very ancient times many people have a proverb on this topic: «One can’t breathe in and breath out simultaneously!». It appeared, naturally not in the results of arguments about air breathing and nourishment of plants, but in the searches of efficient way of delivering air into the smith forge and wind instruments,

Interference of engineer’s mind is also necessary to figure out how air gets into the leaves of plants.

It is written in the scientific and course books that air gets into the leaves through stomas and…That’s all(!) How does it get there and where it goes then is unknown (there is nothing written about it!).

Let’s sat, air gets inside the lungs at the inhale with the help of chest muscles’ work. Then it is squeezed out into the atmosphere at the exhale again with the help of chest muscles.
Plant leaves don’t have respiratory organs and muscles as well.
Moreover, there are no free volumes in the leaves!

Through a powerful microscope one can see inside the leaf something like microscope intercellular spaces that are situated under the stomas but they are occupied by oxygen and carbon dioxide that are evolved from the cells of the leaves.

Total volume of all intercellular spaces u=in the one leaf is smaller than volume of one cell!

So how much of carbon dioxide will air of such volume contain if it gets there after all? The answer is obvious — zero!

Moreover, the whole aboveground part of plants including leaves is under power inner root pressure of liquid that is higher than the atmospheric one.

Even only because of this, air can’t get inside the leaves!
Look carefully at the plant leaf. Do you see any holes in the leaves?

No! And you won’t see holes even through the microscope! Only with the help of a very powerful microscope one can see formations on the leaf skin that remind us a mouth. These are stomas.

But there are no holes in the skin even in stomas! At least you won’t see them. As well as you won’t see open hole in the valve of a bicycle or a car wheel, though opportunity for the air to get inside the wheel through the valve naturally exists. But only under a certain condition — one should create necessary pressure with the help of a pump.

According to the same principle there exists opportunity of a one direction way through the stoma.

It is an exit for oxygen and carbon dioxide from leaves into atmosphere at the certain degree of pressure inside the leaf. In other words, stomas are valves for expulsion of spare gases outside.

Plants need these very valves and not just holes because they need to maintain constant excessive (higher than atmospheric one) pressure in the leaves.
Questions to an engineer:

1. What quantity of air can be let through a hole that does not exist?

2. And what quantity of air should be let through a leaf if the concentration of active substance in it is on conversion to carbon 0,01 %?
3. What percentage of assimilation of carbon dioxide by leaves (coefficient of performance) there will be if its concentration in the air is 0.03-0,04%?

There is a legendary mathematical task in the photosynthesis theory about two pipes in a pool. As you know, through one of them water flows in and through another one it flows out. Many generations of non-achievers have tried to solve this task!

Regarding this problem, it is written in the biology textbooks that much more carbon dioxide enters leaves during nourishment than is evolved from the leaves during breathing.

Pseudo-scientists can’t write in a different way because otherwise it will be absurdity — it will appear that during breathing more sugar is burned than it is formed during the nourishment.

Now let’s pack leaf part of the plants into an airproof transparent package or put in under glass.

Since significantly less carbon dioxide gets inside our «pool»-package than «flows out» back into the leaves, then in some time there will be no carbon dioxide left in our package. The plant will «eat it up»!

But biologists claim that leaves evolve carbon dioxide 24 hours a day! They must have found it out somehow and long time ago?

Here comes the question to engineers — how could one «notice» evolution of carbon dioxide by leaves in the daytime if it must not be accumulated in the package? It is written so in the textbooks!

Moreover, carbon dioxide «flows in» and «flows out» of the leaves as they say through one and the same «pipe» and leaves don’t have respiratory organs and they as you know do not inhale or exhale. How is it possible?

And these are not the only «scientific» foolishnesses in the photosynthesis theory.
It could have been ok, for they are a lot of wonders in the world! But lies about plants is a specific case because ignorance of plant physiology will lead humanity in the end to the famine.

Photosynthesis theory is a crime and biologists are criminals!
It is clear from everything mentioned above that engineer mind has been required in the biology for a long time already. I’ll remind you why that debunking of the photosynthesis theory is so important for everyone:

1. Photosynthesis theory and to be more particular — theory of air respiration and nourishment of plants is completely clear deceit that can be easily disproved by life and experiments.
Because of only this it must not be present in the textbooks!

2. Modern photosynthesis theory is for scientists one mythical and not real «proof» of existence of synthesis. «Scientific» photosynthesis theory is the only «proof» that nature is structured according to synthetical (accumulating) principle. It means that nature accumulates (synthesizes) compound substances from simple substances (from elements).

There is no synthesis in nature and no elementary substances!
Debunking of this deceit called «photosynthesis» symbolizes the beginning of people’s life in the real world.
At the moment you all live in the world that doesn’t exist!
With all the following it consequences.

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