Liquid living organic matter.

In the biology textbook it is written: «The main means of cell division is mitosis». If to translate it into Russian this clever quotation we’ll get one even «more clever»: «The main means of cell division is cell division». (!)

Actually, one can’t tell this idea in other words. One just shouldn’t show off one’s intelligence for these «gems» not to appear. When talking to the youth in schools and universities one should not show off one’s intelligence and first of all, one shouldn’t perjure.

I will try tell only the truth and in a simple human language so that you understand what I’m talking about.
The cycle of the cell division is divided into phases. It seems for scientism.

Herewith the main fact is lost — the reproduction of all the parts of the cells goes on incessantly but not by made-up phases.

The matter of outer and inner cell membrane and cytoplasm breed incessantly. Incessantly nucleus and organelles (ribosomes, lysosomes, mitochondrias etc.) develop and reproduce. I use the word «reproduce» in its direct meaning as a fact. There was few, became many. What has happened?

The breeding!

A fact that requires no proofs!

The scientists use all the time the word «synthesis», in other words «assembling». Though noone saw nanomasters and nanoworkers near the assembly line inside the cells.

That’s why to use the word «synthesis» in mitosis is a crime, perjury! DNA and other molecules breed by lengthwise division. They can do it independently regardless of the processes that take place in the cell.

For example, viruses represent one molecule of RNA or DNA enclosed in protein coat. Getting inside the cell, virus DNA reproduces independently. The protein coat encircling it also reproduces independently.

The scientists showed off even here. According to them, viruses appear as the result of the self-assembling of DNA and proteins synthesized inside the cell!
Assembling, according to them, is self-synthesis. Great!!

It is understandable — a cell won’t synthesize its own enemies! Let them assemble by themselves! According to the modern scientific classification, viruses are the simplest forms of life on our planet and they occupy borderline place between non-living and living matter.

And still they are said to be «able» to assemble by themselves! Even brothers Strugatsky haven’t come up with this idea, not to mention nature itself!

The word «self-assembly» was invented by scientists because they had to. It is obvious that the word «reproduction» seems to be proper, but they couldn’t use it, because the world, according to science, is divided into living world and nonliving world.
Messieurs scientists, don’t be afraid! This division of the world is farfetched!
Thus, a cell is a room for reproduction of proteins, fats and carbohydrates that are also organisms and reproduce on their own.
Task of the cell is the creation of proper conditions for reproduction of living organic matter. Achieving necessary temperature, pressure, illumination and food supplying isn’t the only problem. First of all, it’s necessary to ensure transition into microtime.
Everything that takes place in this world is rooted in the microworld.

Task of a multi-cellular organism is the creation of proper conditions for reproduction of all its cells in the general «choir».

The instructions for all changes taking place in the organism come «from below», from living reproducing organic matter. The whole life of the organism complies with the interests of liquid living organic matter.
Organism is an additional structure to solve «political» and practical problems of living organic matter.

In the same way that people cluster together, gather into the cities and states to solve their problems, organic matter also gets together, groups into organisms for a more successful resolution of the reproduction issue.

In the end the whole human civilization is a tool for solution of problems of reproduction of liquid living organic matter and achieving the fastest petrification of the remnants of water on the planet Earth.
Leaves of the plants represent microocean where organic matter reproduces in the plant cells.

One of the main tasks of the leaves is a prevention of cells’ desiccation. There is no such problem in the world ocean, that’s why weed represent just a bunch of plant cells without leaves or roots.

At some point the conditions for reproduction of the liquid living organic matter were better than in the cells of the plants nowadays. Organic matter can reproduce in the atmosphere. The planet Earth represents one enormous «cell». I get messages that there is no difference whether atoms and molecules are alive or not. Their qualities will stay the same. You can call them even pot, whatever…

The difference is significant. First of all atoms and molecules do not exist as elements, mosaic initial bricks that form any matter.

There are minimal amounts of matter that pose themselves in solid body world only after accumulating a certain amount of invisible kmar matter. Solid body organism is created from the invisible matter and is invisible «foam» of invisible essence.

Any matter has its minimal amounts of matter. They have different environmental resistance. The human noticed the most resistible and put them into the table of Mendeleyev as elements. But it is a wrong perception of the nature. Every minimal amounts of matter has an invisible matter at the root — a soul. But while humans call a soul only as invisible essence of a human being, I will call the souls of animals, plants, stones, protozoans, bacterias, atoms, molecules and lesser things as VALS.

Besides, people have funny perception of the evolution.

In reality it started with the appearance of the invisible matter whirl at the place of our future Galaxy and will end with its disappearance. Evolution changes the matter through not because the matter or object needs to adapt to the changing new conditions but because «warm» and «cold» currents of invisible matter incessantly interfuse and as the result, the invisible universal matter appears with new properties. Thereafter, the matter and objects with new properties appear.

It is absurd to apply evolution only to so-called living objects, species. There is no non-living matter in nature that’s why the evolution of animals and plants takes place simultaneously with the evolution of atoms and molecules, simultaneously with the evolution of rock, simultaneously with the evolution of the Earth, Solar system, Galaxy; the evolutions of those are inseparable from one another and are the unity. Evolution of species — is as foolish as the evolution of a drunkard’s liver without taking into consideration his way of life. The way of life of every species is the Universe.

No however long chain of «the survival of the fittest» leads to the appearance of new species. New species appear and old disappear only after the corresponding simultaneous and bound into one changes in the microworld, stellar world and macroworld. «Allowance» on the emergence of new species and sketches of this species «come» from the invisible universal matter.

The first minimal amounts of organic matter were totally different from those that are now. In particular, they were bigger.

If to speak in now accepted scientific terms, atoms and molecules including organic molecules at the dawn of its emergence, were significantly bigger than those that exist nowadays.

For example you can’t revive dinosaurs even if you guess right the environmental conditions of that time. And by the way, that is impossible.

According to modern criteria, those creatures didn’t only have strange appearance, but also differed from modern inhabitants of the Earth in their inner structure at the nanolevel.
They also differed in metabolism that can not be reproduced because nanostructure if the whole nature has been changed. For example, food was different though formal resemblance with modern representatives of flora and fauna still can be noticed sometimes.

Nowadays organic intensive feeding begins in the leaves of plants, where sugar reproduces in the light consuming water. Then sugar serves as food for fats, proteins and other organic matter.
But long ago when water hadn’t yet appeared on the planet, hydrogen and carbon dioxide served as food for organic matter. Sun hadn’t lit up yet. Organic matter received energy for life and reproduction by means of processes going on in the depths.
Mainly it was thermal energy. This energy came right from the invisible universal matter.

For the first time organic matter appeared in the Solar system and began to reproduce on the Sun. Let’s begin from here.
Though we’ll have to step farther back.

From the messages sent to me I have underlined two main worldview fallacies that people have. The first one is following: substance is given by god or created in the explosion once and forever in the whole Universe. Since then only continuous circulation of elements in nature takes place and their general quantity remains unaltered.

And though neither one-time gift of substance by God or by explosion, nor circulation of elements in nature don’t have and can’t have proofs, but nevertheless, this fallacy has been put into the people’s confused heads by science with the help of education firmly and most of the people conceive this information as a law.

Second grave fallacy lies in the fact that science is convinced in the unparalleled ability of plants to produce organic matter.

They say that only plants and nothing else can be the source of organic matter. And though there are unquestionable proofs of emersion of organic matter in the form of ruddle and myrrh, it is impossible thanks to education to wipe this fallacy of exclusiveness out of fooled people’s minds.

To dispel these fallacies or at least seed doubts in their incontrovertibility, I’ll tell you about organic galaxies.
When currents of invisible universal matter with various qualities are encountered in the limitless spaces of Universe, the whirl of invisible universal matter is formed corresponding to the original qualities of currents. By analogy with Earth atmospheric whirls when there are some falls — rain, snow, hail, mist the same happens in the Universe when substance «condensates» in different forms. Among others, in the form of living liquid organic matter.

There is no bad substance for the nature. There are no primary or secondary substances, there is no organic or nonorganic matter. All this is conventions and blinders made up by humans.
Thus, in the Universe there can be such conditions when during interfusion of «cold» and «warm» currents of invisible universal matter not hydrogen but organic matter is «condensated». So under certain conditions invisible universal matter starts to «myrrh» with organic matter.

At first, organic mist is formed. Afterwards — galaxy from the organic stellar systems. Future stars represent enormous drops of organic matter. There is little of some other substance there.

After reaching the necessary size, «earthquakes» start to take place in the drops because of the nitrogen explosions.

«Drops» grew further and at last, in all organic «stars», in the whole galaxy simultaneously instantaneous reproduction of the energy matter takes place in micro time mode. Helium reproduces also simultaneously. An explosion of an organic stella supernova takes place.

In the history of organic galaxy it is the first and the last flash. Stellar systems are not formed after the explosion of the organic galaxy but its gradual disappearance begins.

Unbalanced invisible universal matter disappears in the organic whirl not due to the interfusion but due to the dissipation in the balanced invisible universal matter during the increase of the explosion volume.

At the place of the explosion of organic galaxy gradually disappearing nebulosity from organic matter appears; among others from the charred one after the explosion. Our Galaxy is standard. After the kmar cloud, a hydrogen cloud was formed then crossstone cloud that in some time disintegrated into a lot of stellar whirls. In their centres future stars are formed and grow.

When the necessary dimensions are reached there, a reproduction of nitrogen starts in the depths of future stars. Lens of melt are formed, earthquakes take place as the result of «underground» explosions, volcanos rise on the surface.

When protostone is heated, carbon dioxide is being emitted as it happens when carbonates are being heated. A lot of carbon dioxide flows into the hydrogen atmosphere of the future star.

If there are necessary physical conditions then organic matter emerges and begins to reproduce. First organic flood takes place; the planet is flooded with organic ocean.
Hydrogen and carbon dioxide is the food for liquid living organic matter. Oxygen also reproduces.

After emergence of all necessary quantity of oxygen in the atmosphere, water emerges and begins to reproduce. First «wet» flood takes place. By this time organic matter is largely fossilated and got into the depth of the planet in the form of oil-and-gas «fields».
Future star is being flooded with sweet water ocean.

Due to reproduction of energy matter in the process of water reproduction, temperature of the atmosphere rises significantly higher than 100 degrees, but water is in a liquid state because of high atmosphere pressure.

Further on, water petrifies and stays in «underground» lens-lakes.
Future star grows in size incessantly due to the constant rockfall from the stellar whirl. A zone of active nitrogen reproduction rises after the surface of the planet. Carbon dioxide flows into atmosphere, living liquid organic matter reproduces again, second organic flood takes place.

Then the planet is overflowed by the second «wet» flood.

This thing repeats many-many times. At last, all the future stars in the galaxy reach such sizes that there appear necessary physical conditions for the reproduction of energy matter and helium. Galaxy passes into the mode of microtime and all the stars flash simultaneously.

The number of cool stars before the supernova explosion is million times bigger than those that stay «alive» after the explosion. The majority of the stellar whirls stop existing. The glowing of the flushed up star-galaxy is significantly increased by cold glowing when the substance thrown out into the outer space, burns in the cold flame turning into invisible universal matter. These catastrophic passions pass with the substance. The whirl of the invisible matter that forms galaxy undergoes lesser «stress» during these events. It becomes even stronger due to the return of the invisible universal matter from the burnt in cold flame substance.

When everything calmed down more or less our Galaxy appeared in nearly the same way it is now but stars burnt at that time brighter.

Energy matter floats to the surface in a dense gravity matter of the Sun and reproduces in its atmosphere. The star is warmed up at the temperature descending to the depth of just several thousand kilometers below the surface. Mainly it represents a cols stone. In the centre the temperature is about 150 C degrees below zero. Inside the Sun there is oil, gas, water pools; their volume is thousand times bigger than the size of the Earth. The second stage in the life of the stellar systems began — the formation of planets and in particular — of the Earth.

At some moment cross-stone solar whirl disappeared at once turning into several planetary cross-stone whirls. Inside one of them the Earth formed. At some moment the remnants of the Earth cross-stone whirl almost disappeared and a Lunar whirl formed at its place.

The Earth growth and development were the same as the Sun’s ones. There is only one difference: there was only one liquid living organic matter flood and two «wet» water floods on the Earth. The second organic flood represented an ocean of greenery and left hard-coal and shale rock fields behind. The first organic flood left oil and gas fields behind.

Rock that forms the depth of the Earth isn’t homogenous in the composition that’s why volcanic activity didn’t take place in the same way along the surface of the planet. At the place where the volcanic activity was most active continents formed.

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