When a one celled creature bacterium reproducing splits into two little bacteria doctors and relatives gather around.

«Ah!Oh!» Baby linen, nappies, baby carriages… A mobile phone, laptop, a school with profound study of the English language, Oxford…

Well, if you are not so lucky in life, then — MSU.
What? I’m saying something wrong?
But what?

Oh, you are right! I overjumped a bit! Yes-yes! Bacteria enter the adulthood nearly from the first seconds. But kittens or puppies stay in the childhood and a cat or a dog teaches then how to protect themselves and procure food.

But with humans the education very often drags to the retirement. And in the times of crisis re-education becomes of mass proportions irrespective of the age of the students.

Assuming that in the city N a lot of accountants and lawyers became free at the labour market but blue collar jobs are in demand and crane operators in particular.

An advertisement was placed about crane operators courses.
People came.
But as a teacher a cook comes to them.
Of course he is not some simple flunkey. He knows how to cook cabbage soup that everyone likes and there is nothing tastier. A professor of the cabbage soup. He has a diploma, degree, articles — all how it is should be. And he came because he has a lot of these articles, a lot of different diplomas, and victories in different competitions.

At the course professors’ audition he appeared to be the most respected. (Who would not respect a good cook?!)
What? Does it not happen that a cook tells future crane operators how to make a soup?

Right, it does not! Because the control exists. Control by the society and the students themselves. The case is specific, on the whole known to the majority.

Raise your hand those who have seen from the very childhood the work of the crane?

That’s why these people are capable to understand if they are told about cranes or cutlets.
The main quality criterion of learning of some specific subject or a profession is the coincidence of the contents of lectures, textbooks with real life.
For example, if a student driver was not taught to switch on turning lights but was taught to wink with his right eye when turning to the right and with his left one when turning to the left, he’d hardly be able to evade car accident.

For such cases there are special gadgets in the car. A student must learn to use the car, not wink.

In the practical spheres of human activity there exists an instant inevitability of punishment for the false knowledge or ignorance.

The life itself can punish.

Modern school at all levels gives general knowledge at the whole, so called «fundamental» knowledge.

People, especially children don’t have an opportunity to check the genuineness of this knowledge neither today, nor tomorrow and never at all. For example, a common citizen can never check if the Moon is attracted by the Earth or not.

It appeared that even science can not find it out using state money.
Noone is even going to solve this «problem», because it’s all the same for everyone if this task or one of this kind is solved or not.

Or, for example, people and states don’t care if plants need or need not carbon.

Everyone knows that there is one problem in summer — water. «A bit of rain in May and agronomists …» And what scientists have scribbled about carbon — not our division.
A fable about air nourishment and plant breathing doesn’t hinder anyone and doesn’t hinder working hard in the garden.

And this fable suits the science because it is the only one justification of the existence of the scientific idea of synthesis in nature. That’s why it exists.

Absence of inevitability of the punishment for false ‘fundamental’ knowledge is the basis of false evidence in the school about natural structure and false worldview at the whole.

Punishment of course inevitably takes place in that case as well. But it is more remote in time and isn’t linked to some specific people.
Recall Chernobyl at least. Peoples and civilization at the whole pay for the mistakes of the scientists.
Authors of scientific fables are very stable and always stay in the shadow.
The same in this case — there took place a nuclear disaster, but dotard theory of chain reaction is very much alive.

And its creators and keepers still are counted among genii.

As the result there comes another disaster — Fukushima. Confucius himself understood that the most important thing is to give everything its «right name».
This list of hand-made stupidity can be extended.
Scientific fallacies and myths are the main danger for human civilization because first of all they «hit» the brains.

As the result, empty-headed after such education people meet every time with open in surprise mouth a new negative thing from the nature or society — they were taught one thing but it is all very different!

Just like fools!
Not a single government of the planet has a law to protect education from the false, not checked, not proved information.

As the result, civilization does not check the authenticity of the information put into the textbooks.

And there is naturally no effective way of checking. According to the accepted at the moment standards, the information will be checked by those who made up this rubbish. Maybe not the same people, but certainly the same department. And if to be more precise – the Ministry of education and science. They will check themselves. The result of such examination is obvious in advance.

To deliver the education a mortal blow one needed to unite education and science under one roof. The science as a richer and stronger «sister» very quickly turned an education into a target ground for attaining its selfish ends. And to be more precise — an instrument of getting universal recognition of its stupid theories, hypotheses, models.

Taking into account the absence of the proofs, universal recognition is the only way of getting fame and money for their «scientific» fables.

This very thing was done. Education and science obey one minister.
The universal recognition of the theories that are necessary to the scientists is being «hammered» into the young, not protected by the government heads on the legal basis.

Parents and students are deprived of any possibility to fight against this idiocy.

The only air-hole is to howl at the Moon at nights.

To make the narration on this topic shorter I’d better tell you how things stand with education of «people». In other words, in more successful solid bodied civilizations. Even not like that. Not in more successful but in those that have already passed the period of realistic worldview formation.

Our Galaxy develops in all parts simultaneously. As well as after all other galaxies, each at its time.

The quantity of solid bodied civilizations in the Galaxy is about 100 billion. The overwhelming number resembles each other as two peas. Several dozen resemble each other even in names and the same arrangement of the furniture in apartments.

(That’s it! Though the fingerprints of the similar people from different planets are of course a bit different.)

This resemblance is caused by the only for everybody «technological regulations» according to which the development of the Galaxy as the unity takes place. The mind is the way of the Universe existence. It has a soul — the keeper of this mind.

Together with the Galaxy all her solid bodied civilizations develop in the same way (no coincidence!)

Human civilizations don’t have hard bodied past and do not have hard bodied future. They can’t socialize with each other because of the discontinuity of the solid bodied space. And this socializing would have been meaningless because of relatively the same level of their evolution and unjustified high price of the flights (if they were possible).

For example, in the times of the great geographical discoveries on the Earth the travellers saw a diversity of races, peoples and nationalities but their differences are not of great importance. There are no people-spiders, people-animals or people-monkeys. No more super developed civilizations were discovered.

The same situation everywhere in the Galaxy — there are differences between civilizations, sometimes significant ones, but they are not essential.
A human baby sees the world turned upside down. And only with the development of the brain people around him begin to stand on their feet.
The same thing with the false worldview — it is also a law of nature and all human civilizations of the Galaxy are simultaneously convinced that plants feed on carbon dioxide and breathe oxygen.

Every civilization sees a nonexistent synthetical nature around it.

But solid-bodied civilizations have already come up to the point when preservation of false scientific worldview has become mortally dangerous for them.

At the moment collective consciousness is ripe enough to accept material reality of the environment.

There appeared in Syberia simultaneously in all civilizations of the Galaxy several years ago nevi-messengers of the galactic intelligence and their confidants among people.
In many civilizations they are called the same way as on the Earth — Artuga Zergulej Otaovich and Galkin Igor Nikolaevich.

In the most civilizations they have other names, but they do the same things everywhere — prepare people to accept realistic worldview.

In the earlier galaxies establishment of the realistic worldview has already taken place and education there looks like this:

Education is separated from the science and is under President’s and his Administration’s control as a main task of the society.

Education has nothing in common with science for their tasks and goals are different and in many things opposite.

Aim of the education is very conservative:
1. To teach young people to lead a right, safe life.

2. To form a physically strong and healthy man that is fully ready for an independent life for his and the society’s benefit.

3. To give new generations of people a necessary set of skills for a life in the society.

To give knowledge in the form of practical several times proved and checked facts about the environment around them.

No theories, hypotheses and other ad lib.

Education gives young people a necessary set of basic knowledge and skills that is enough for complete adaptation in the real world.

Educational program looks as following:

1.Basic safety
2. Manual training after which you get high grades in 5-10 professions.

3. Physical training after which you get sport grades in several sport codes.

4. Behavioural and communication culture.
Music. Dance. Drawing. Singing. Sculpture.

5. Esperanto and native language
6. Religions
7. Philosophy (Natural history). It is the thing due to which a modern student spends hours and hours of his/her best years of life at the desk with the highest possible harm for his soul and body, but excluding 99% of modern word content — theories, hypotheses and other harmful and dangerous «scientific» and «humanitarian» nonsense.

First of all, it’s a «theoretical» part of natural science — physics, chemistry, astronomy, biology etc.

Also literature, that brings much harm to spiritual development of people, because it makes children of the state accept «values» of some specific individuals by force.

It can’t be allowed!
It is a crime against children and civilization!

There remain only several facts and these are the very facts that people need to know. By the way, excluding «scientific» rubbish from the program we increase the number of studied facts though in general, number of classroom subjects decreases.

Moreover, «Basic safety» is a skeletal frame of the education at the whole and is not just a specific subject.
Knowledge of the mass professions will allow people to sustain himself and his family.

The theory and practice of business runs through basics of safety and survival and manual training like a golden thread. For what reason do parents send their children to school? To learn how to drink alcohol, smoke and use foul language? No! A parent dreams that his child will be taught how to WORK! That’s why in the normal school children are first of all taught to work. And not only on the basic safety or manual training. A normal school is a state in miniature and they even have their own money. «Advanced» schools use state currency — the state of domestic economy allows it. Those are as the rule city schools.

Physical training allows them to be healthy enough for this. Religion studies let them build their life so that they will go to Heaven after their corporal death. And so on.

But even separate lessons give children much. For example, at the moment the biggest number of people die prematurely due to heart diseases. The most important role in this plays the consummation of tea and coffee. These products are very harmful and this is being said in all educational establishments along with the information about other harmful «energy drinks» and especially drugs.

Tea and coffee are also the first light narcotic substances to make a child organism hook on and use stronger drugs — tobacco, alcohol, strong drugs. There is good reason why these drinks are so popular and are constantly advertised, this is being done on a long view.

Coming back to the modern state of the world education I’ll point out that it is an instrument of
beating out money from the governments, parents and students for throwing dust into their eyes with the greatest possible damage for the earth civilization and for a particular person.

For example, I see that practically all young people are sure that everything in this world is already studied, discovered and known backward and forward.

In other words, young people enter life completely misinformed and plainly speaking — being stupid. But more vexing is the fact that they are completely unprepared for the life. For example, Russian youth after graduating from the school generally do not know how to …write!!
Earlier we used to scratch paper with goose feathers and then with iron ones. Nowadays people do not write to each other but type. But with one finger! The most «advanced» – with two fingers.

And such clumsy civilization takes place for just one reason — professional blindness and inactivity of the Ministry of Education and Science clerks. At the meantime, the biggest part of graduates in the developed countries type texts well with ten fingers not bowing to the keyboard!

Maybe it is bad? Dangerous for our people? The reason most likely lies in the fact that everyone on the Ministry while moving lips and diligently sniffing poke one finger into the keyboard. Okay! That’s why in schools they do not teach the modern writing. Meanwhile there are people in the country that understand the usefulness of typing with two fingers. About some of them you may read here: Solo on the keyboard

When the planet passes on to the realistic education in other words to the education based on facts and «through hands» then disappears the necessity to convince people specially of the genuineness of the religious doctrines as it is being done now and quite often without success.

Strictly speaking, religious truth is only one — human soul does not die after the death of the body.

For this second and main birth in the invisible matter people must be getting prepared their whole life. Is it possible that people do not know about the important event in their life and do not get prepared for it?!

So, if for example one would not pull the wool over the students eyes as with Newton’s law of gravitation during the classes of astronomy but would tell them the truth about the planets rotating around the Sun only like passive «specks of dust» (so it is claimed by applicatory mechanics!) in the whirl of still unknown to people invisible matter then religious truth and many other things will be more understandable to the future citizen then it is now.

If education by its definition fulfills the task of forming an adequate person and citizen out of weak child -creature with initially clean brains on the basis of strictly and carefully checked methods and knowledge, the science is the hardest and the most dangerous work of the grown up, well educated, healthy, clever and strong in mind people on the edge of the known and unknown.

When Igor Kurchatov moved with the help of
the screwdriver pieces of uranium to each other and watched what was happening he could not know about all the consequences for the health of these experiments.

Recall space studies as well!

This is the real science. It always includes health and life risk for the researcher.
So how can children be allowed there?! Children are prohibited to drive a car, carry weapon, smoke cigarettes, drink vodka, but they can explore the unknown?
It’s some kind of insanity!

And «fundamental» talkfest, that is far from reality of this world and which our modern science is occupied with should be expelled from schools and universities! This «scientific» fantasies give noone anything but harm!

Theoretically, researcher does not acknowledge inviolability of the existing knowledge and methodology, even though he possesses them.

In other words, a scientist should be very liberal in his profession.

But intermediate results of his work must be kept in secret from the society, especially from children.

Only having undergone commission, investigative and judiciary instances they can become public domain of the civilization.

Thus, science does not have and can’t have any contact point with education!

Separation of education from science is one of the most important tasks of the modern times!!!
Education introduces a child to nature, to environment. And nature isn’t divided into nature-physics, nature-lyrics, nature-chemistry etc.

Nature is one!

Once, «fat» from false knowledge natural history (philosophy) was divided into different sciences. Each of them often does not even know about existence of other sciences and, sometimes, they write different things about one issue.
But the reality of the industrial society prevails and new discoveries more often take place «at the intersection of disciplines» or in other words, — in that very natural history.

That’s why upcoming «slimming» of the science will lead not only to significant simplification of the education, but also enlargement of real knowledge about environment, to intellectual breakthrough in all problematic issues of the society.

By the way, simple, mechanical separation of science from education even without revision of the contents significantly simplifies the life of students and their parents, because now there exists deliberate quantitative inflation of school programs by science without any visible practical necessity.

And together with revision of all textbooks and removal of all «scientific» lies it leads to the liquidation of so-called higher education.

It becomes a part of general professional education.
Now there are some attempts to reform the contents of education. Many people sprang to criticize these actions. But people are displaying hypocrisy.

Majority of these critics know or guess that nowadays too few children digest theoretical school and university course.

It’s impossible to understand there anything. Because in fact there is nothing to say on any subject. Pack of lies and fables.

That’s why in all textbooks on natural history there are formulas,
equations and again formulas and again equations — dust into the eyes and mess in the heads. The only exceptions, I suppose, are drawing lessons.

I constantly and inconspicuously find out what level of school course knowledge the recent graduates have. But already successful enough in usual sense.

Disaster! In vain have they warmed their chairs!
The only satisfaction is that if they had memorized all that school lies, it would have been even worse for the society.
The education contents reform was necessary already the day before yesterday!

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