My fight.

Non-indifferent people all around the world unite!
History of my fight with false knowledge began in 2002. Since then I’ve sent by common and e-mail about 500 letters to different addresses. They are scientists, politicians, and mass media.

Mainly I wrote about false scientific character of the photosynthesis, but everyone I addressed was sure that it just can’t be because it can never be. Synthesis theory is the basis of all sciences and basis of scientific worldview at the whole. How can there be a mistake here?!

And noone wanted to understand my scribbling, They just waved their hands, meaning – «Get out!»
Several years ago I wrote a letter to the USA Embassy in Moscow. I asked American scientists to tell me about at least one case when a plant died because of the lack of the carbon or oxygen and describe such an experiment, so that I could check it and calm down.

After all, all brains «leaked» to them!

Noone answered me.

But the USA is the country number one because everyone there really does his job and does not just sit on his hands.
And that’s why two years ago I heard in the news on our 1TV: «American students sent a report to the USA Academy of Science that plants do not use carbon dioxide and oxygen in their life.

Scholars didn’t agree with them and claimed that part of carbon plants probably take from the soil, but the main part they still get from the atmosphere». Close quote.

In other words, it is obvious that the USA ambassador didn’t throw away some Russian’s scribbling about some photosynthesis and sent it to their students to check.

They in their turn didn’t put on airs of wise men with ultimate authority but carried out the experiments and were convinced that I was right.

False knowledge about photosynthesis appeared because no one took pains to at least once check this theory with the help of experiment!
And have the scholars agreed with students or not — it’s their own business.

From the other side why would they bite the hand that feeds them?
The recognition of the photosynthesis as the false doctrine is automatically followed by the recognition of the synthesis absence in the nature at the whole. And it is already a catastrophe for the modern science! There are no reasons to consider American students to be idiots.

So it starts!
It is necessary to note that since 2002 I’ve had a site in the internet concerning false doctrines in the education
When I write that «noone answered me» I mean scientists. Government institutions answer my letters only because the law makes them.

But you should have seen these answers! They are masterpieces!!!
For example thus they joke in the Novosibirsk region administration:
It is wonderful! It is even good that the employees of your office didn’t study in school. There all normal children study photosynthesis.

Actually in school they fool children all the time, pull the wool over their eyes! So you won not going to school and sat gaping about.
Maybe it will be an unexpected thing for you but in Novosibirsk there is also Academic town where they do such things that probably are not within your office competence.
Theoretically there can be people that are able to understand that experiments do not prove the existence of air feeding and plant breathing and they understand that photosynthesis is a false doctrine. These people don’t have to be only biologists but also physics, chemists, astronomers, mathematicians, humanitarians, financial experts, lawyers, journalists, artists. Intelligent heads of any profession. For everyone is fooled. Everyone lives in the world that does not exist. Everyone has children and grandchildren that are fooled by the education and science system of Novosibirsk.

That’s why I wrote to you.
The young people are being fooled in schools and universities of the region.
Just like a real patriot I shared my discovery of the falsehood of the photosynthesis with the Administration of the native Belgorod oblast and offered to get a real economic benefit for the region.

I received the answer in the form of retelling of the textbook on photosynthesis that also states the following:

«As the result of the absorption of carbon dioxide by a leaf this gas concentration gradient appears and causes constant diffusion in the direction of the plant leaves, then — through stomas into intercellular spaces to chloroplasts. A single stoma allows 2500 billion of carbon dioxide molecules to pass through a leaf in one second. Such high speed is connected with the peculiarities of gas diffusion through little holes that are situated at the significant distance from each other due to border effect. So the process of gas intake into leaves is a physical process. The faster carbon dioxide is used in the process of photosynthesis the lower is its partial pressure in the intercellular spaces and the faster carbon dioxide gets into them». Close quote.
All that is stated in this answer is not proved, not checked and is a transparent lie. That’s why I won’t repeat for the umpteenth time that there are no holes in the leaf skin that the pressure in the leaves is higher than atmospheric and that’s why stomas are one-way valve. That plants won’t throw away oxygen and carbon dioxide into the atmosphere if they really need them for feeding and breathing. That there is no void between leaves cells; they are filled with connecting tissue and liquid. In other words, in real leaves there are no intercellular spaces «through which carbon dioxide and oxygen get to the cells».

And so on.

I only remember what «smart» membranes mean. If we divide a recipient into two parts with a hypothetical membrane that is able to let «energetic» gas molecules only in one direction and «sleepy» gas molecules in the other direction, then there will be constant excess of energy in one part of the recipient in regard to the second part of the recipient and once can build a so called perpetual motion machine of the second kind,

But there are no «smart» membranes that are able to identify (recognize) and let something concrete and nothing else pass to the other side, in nature. Such membranes are a golden dream of an engineer and a scientist that is never meant to be.

Unfortunately for scientists of Belgorod university and Belgorod agricultural academy (Belgorod oblast administration refers to them), skin of plant leaves is also unable to distinguish carbon dioxide molecules from oxygen or nitrogen molecules.

That’s why if carbon dioxide and oxygen really get inside the leaf from outside then nitrogen will surely get there too. Moreover in accordance with its concentration in the air that is 79%. And the same 0,03% of carbon dioxide that is contained in the air will get inside the intercellular space (Poor traces! 3 particles for 10 000 particles!!) In short, air consisting mainly of nitrogen will get inside the leaf,
But it’s well-known that there is no nitrogen inside the leaves.

A person with common sense and in adequate state can’t write that «carbon dioxide and oxygen GET inside the leaf through stomas», when it’s established by experiments that leaves EVOLVE oxygen and carbon dioxide through the stomas.
The reason for my address to the politicians is that «scientists» specialized in photosynthesis «grew in» this deceit with their whole life and take my information about absence of plant air nourishment and respiration for a personal insult.

They are blind.
In order to determine personally if there is air nourishment and plant respiration or not, politicians really, no jokes, should not know what photosynthesis, marked atoms, chromatography, electrophoresis, autotrophs and other fallacies are.

The only question is whether they will think or not.
Will they think over my «signal» about false doctrines or not?
Let’s estimate the scope of work on my information about the absence of air nourishment and plants breathing:

Nourishment exists only when absence of it leads to famine and death.

Respiration exists only then when absence of it leads to suffocation and death.

And there can be no «buts» here.

What is there to think about?
It’s necessary to isolate a plant from the atmosphere. If it dies — then there is air nourishment. If it does not — then there is no air nourishment and respiration of plants.

One should just give an order to investigative authorities to kill a plant, leaving it without respiration and nourishment. That’s all. No expenses, no investments. One has just to move his finger a bit!

And the universal fallacy will cease to exist!
Everyone faces the isolation of plants from the very childhood. There are green houses, hothouses and other hiding-places, these «gardens in the bottles», Wardian’s case, cultivation of plants from the cells in the closed test tubes etc.
Everyone knows that plants isolated from the atmosphere grow and bear fruit without any problems. It is an indisputable proof that was determined by experiments carried out thousands of times, that there is no air nourishment and plant respiration.
Scientists understand too well that existence of air nourishment and plants respiration can be proved only by isolating a plant from the atmosphere and only thus.

That’s why Pasechnik V.V. In the textbook «Biology 6» proposes an experiment 118 on the page 151 where he tries to prove the necessity of carbon dioxide for formation of organic substances. In this experiment a branch of a green plant in the glass with water is put under a glass cap. There is a glass with alkali to absorb carbon dioxide under it as well,

I do not give that drawing and comments to it here intentionally so that you would go and open the textbook.

I’ll write my own comments:
1. In nature plants do not grow in the glasses of water.

The scientist initially put a normal plant with roots under a cap. The plant, naturally didn’t die. Formation of starch in the roots didn’t stop. Experiment was not successful.
Then the author started to complicate the matters unnecessarily and put a branch into the glass of water.
2. The branch in the glass of water under the cap did not wither, die or change colour. My conclusion is that it does not carbon dioxide.

But after some time of the branch staying under the cap scientists do not find starch in the leaves of the branch and they make conclusions that the formation of organic matter in leaves stopped.

It is a deception! In the leaves of plants not starch but sugar is being formed originally. Then it is turned by the plant into starch. It is a fact and it is written about in the textbook Biology 6.

In the experiment with the branch the formation of sugar did not stop (the branch did not die!) but the plant just stopped turning sugar into starch.

It happened for the following reason:

In a normal healthy plant a surge of water from roots to leaves does not cross the surge of organic matter from the leaves to the roots and fruits. The surges flow along different «pipes». If we put a branch into water «short circuit» through water will take place and some part of starch in some time will start coming into leaves. The plant will react to this abnormality stopping the transformation of sugar into starch regardless of the fact whether the glass with the branch is under a cap or not, whether there is a glass with alkali or not.
3. Experiment 118 is carried out deliberately in a wrong way:

Near a branch in the glass of water and a glass of alkali under a cap we need to place a branch in a glass of water without a cap and alkali.

I carried out experiment 118 with test plants and in all three cases the result was the same.
Thus the experiment 118 from Biology 6 textbook proves that air feeding and plant breathing in nature.

And comments of V.V. Pasechnik are a deceit.

And this takes place in the biology school textbook! It happens while we have academy of education, Academy of Science, the Ministry of education and science, different departments for youth affairs elected representatives of the people in the government, defenders of the rights of citizens and so on and so on.
Making a decision how to react on my information about the false doctrines in the sphere of education authorities should understand that a fooled child is 1000 times worse than a drug addicted one. When people are crack-brained one can’t know what to expect from them.
The leaders of the USSR in their time «strangled» the priority of the Union in the sphere of computer engineering. As the result computers «speak» English.

Now after my discovery of the scientific worldview falsehood we have a unique opportunity to «teach» a new science to speak Russian and with a noticeable Belgorod «accent».
Hey, Evgeny SSStepanovitch!! Do you hear me?
Thus during the Great Silence of V.A. Sadovnichi and I.B. Kotlobovskogo one couldn’t tell me just «shoo!» that’s why they chose to remain silent hoping probably that the problem will be forgotten:

Letter to the Chairman of the Board of Education and methodical association of higher education institutions on classical university education, rector of Lomonosov Moscow State University Sadovnichiy V.A. The second letter to the Chairman of the Board of Education and methodical association of higher education institutions on classical university education, rector of Lomonosov Moscow State University Sadovnichiy V.A. Letter to the Deputy of the Board of Education and methodical association of higher education institutions on the classical university education, the vice-rector of Lomonosov Moscow State University. Kotlobovsky I.B.

After receiving the first letter I have waited for the answer for three months but noone answered. Then I sent an inquiry into the Ministry of Education and science and got the second letter. Again I had waited for 3 months in vain and sent and inquiry again to the Ministry of education and science and got the third letter.
After 3 months passes I sent an inquiry again. But now even N.M. Rosin stopped answering me.

In June 2009 will be a year since I wrote to the President of the Russian Federation telling him about false doctrines in the schools but nothing has changed since then.

Maybe Medvedev D.A. doesn’t exist in nature? Computer videos are shown on the TV and that’s all! It’s easy to do it now.

He does exist? Then why Presidential Executive Office shows such disregard to an inquiry?
After all in my letters to respected people I don’t ask why hadron equalizer dabs when an oblique pi-meson beam gets into it?!

When I write about photosynthesis as a false doctrine I speak about things written for 12-year old teenagers in the textbook «Biology 6» for the comprehensive school. Every adult once had gone through it.

Things turn ugly if in the academies, embassies, administrative offices, ministries, MSU, institutes, schools and mass media no one is able to understand things that are written in the textbooks for children!
It was a common household case — a layman helped his child to do homework. And suddenly it dawned on him — if there is air nourishment and respiration of plants then plants die if carbon and (or) oxygen are absent! Then why should one breathe and eat if without it one doesn’t die?

He carried out experiments — plants do no react to the absence of carbon or oxygen of any origin!

He looked through the textbooks, scientific texts, in the Internet and didn’t find any proof of plants air nourishment and respiration existence throughout the whole history of science, education and civilization!

Then I asked many intelligent people one simple question: « Why do not plants die because of absence of carbon dioxide and oxygen?»

No one gave the answer!!
Dear non-indifferent people of all ages, professions, religions, nations and nationalities, no one will stop this scientific outrage but for us!

You see that they (masters of life) feel well enough, their arm-chairs are warm, they achieved everything. They will live out their life wonderfully with this photosynthesis and other scientific lies. Why should they need other things?
Only together we will defeat the main evil of the Earth civilization called «modern science»!
It’s necessary to create new science based on facts!

And here I put great expectation of the today’s pupils, students, and young scientists. But I put especially great expectations on the modern generation of young politicians that took the lead of advanced countries.

They strive to rely on facts in their work and not on some established opinions and ambitions.
Dear reader, spend some time and read this page from the very beginning again and try to find obvious irrationality of American and Russian politicians’ actions in relation to the reaction to my «signal» about false doctrines in the schools.
Grandpa Ivan saw by chance how workers stole expensive equipment from the factory and told director about it. The boss summoned the thieves, frowned and asked point-blank: «You were the ones who stole the computers?». And they answered «We swear we didn’t do it!»

Then the director reprimanded grandpa Ivan and asked him to be more attentive next time.
Have I lied a bit? Right, the director in such case will probably call the police. And he won’t take on trust the suspects.
American politicians should send «signals» about the false doctrines to FBI for the investigation and not to those who pile lies on lies and screwed up. Not to the Academy of Science.

Thus, Russian politicians should send such «signals» to the independent investigation services and not to the Ministry of Education and Science.
But they have instructions to whom where and what to send. These very instructions create circulations for citizens, «devil circles» that are intended to ensure trouble free life for paper pushers.
The formation of world view is given to some people. If to be more particular the worldview formation is not given to anyone, there is no such task at all in the list of state affairs in any country. That’s why advanced sly dogs take care of it for their own benefit.

And this is the most important state task, «the task of the tsar».
For the psychological sympathy for a concrete person it is absolutely abnormal to have two independent public worldviews — the official «scientific» worldview that is based on lies (but people don’t know about it) and religious worldview.

There is only one way of eliminating double worldview. It is unconditional and absolute priority of facts.

In the education and mass media it must be forbidden to publish theories and explain facts because the subjective view of a talkative person on the unknown is the following — it is 100% lie however «great» this person is. Explanations, theories, models, other suggestions and versions should not leave the research laboratories and scientists’ offices.

Science must be separated from the education.
As long as all the population of the planet is crack-brained because of the false doctrines in schools and universities, the fight against crime, terror, wars, bloated armaments, nuclear weapon, famine, illnesses and other plagues of civilization will be difficult, expensive and not really successful.

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6 thoughts on “My fight.

  1. WladWlad

    Ну хорошо, хорошо. Будем считать, что я Вам поверил. Однако как Вы относитесь к тому, что в комнате где много растений днем повышается концентрация кислорода, а ночью углекислого газа.

    Не взирая на то есть фотосинтез или нет 90% кислорода на Земле образуется в районе Амазонки.

    Опять же – есть некоторая модель, которая с той или иной степенью точности описывает какой-то реальный процесс. По крайней мере, точности этой модели хватает для инженеров. Ну так давайте уточнять, а не кричать что все ложь.

    1. nevadmin Post author

      Отходом жизнедеятельности растений является кислород. Газ очень химически агрессивный. Поэтому он по трубочкам удаляется от клеток через устьица в атмосферу. Хотя трубочки кислородостойкие, но не настолько, чтобы выдержать агрессию 100% кислорода. Для снижения его агрессивности, растения вырабатывают углекислый газ для сопровождения кислорода. Вырабатывают его в постоянном режиме для пущей безопасности.
      А уточняйте где-нибудь в лабораториях. В школьных учебниках не должно быть никаких моделей, теорий и прочих рассуждений в позе “нога на ногу” с рюмкой виски в руке..

  2. WladWlad

    Вот кстати Вам прекрасная возможность реализовать свои проеты: “Запущенный еще в марте этого года Фонд развития интернет-инициатив (ФРИИ) наконец начал свою работу – с сегодняшнего дня можно подавать заявки на получение финансирования. Об этом “Известиям” рассказал директор Фонда Кирилл Варламов”.

    Попробуйте доказать, что Ваши проекты “правильные”. Только не говорите, что там сидят одни бюрократы и Вам ничего не светит – КТО НЕ РИСКУЕТ ТОТ НЕ ПЬЕТ ШАМПАНСКОЕ.

    1. nevadmin Post author

      Огромное спасибо! Ещё не читал, но уже благодарю, потому что в общении с читателями я как раз и надеюсь, что общими усилиями нам удастся сдвинуть ситуацию в лучшую сторону.

  3. WladWlad

    Вот и перечень тем по которым можно найти общий язык:
    Вселенная движения
    Спин-торсионные поля

    То есть не один Вы в поле воин – достаточно много думающих людей которые не просто отрицают все подряд, а делают дело.

    1. nevadmin Post author

      Я отрицаю только принцип устройства науки – в её основу, в фундамент положен маразматический бред (в современном представлении) давно покойников, которые при любом раскладе, даже обладая ясновидением, никак не могли знать современные факты о Вселенной. Это надо срочно исправлять, убрать их бред из научного мировоззрения.
      Разве это не дело?
      А предлагаемый Вами перечень не является новым, современным бредом? Где гарантии?
      Поэтому я не мечтаю разместить свои представления о мироздании в аналы науки, а предлагаю создать энциклопедию мировоззренческих фактов. Пусть за несколько лет, но чтобы каждый желающий мог точно знать что действительно факт, а что выдумка (враньё!).