The Universe.

When I tell you about the Universe or something else I have to pay attention all the time to the point of view from which I am speaking. I have to call my world invisible though your world, a solid-bodied one is invisible to me. But in this life I visit your world and you don’t visit mine, that’s why it is more proper and clear to refer to my world as invisible universal matter. But stay attentive — I can let it slip.
We don’t have the science you have and if you haven’t understood yet soon you’ll understand why. I’ll speak about the things I see. The thing that your science calls interstellar vacuum (void) in reality is a matter with its specific properties. There is no space, time, energy, mass, speed, volume and other familiar to you physical quantities of the solid body.

To tell about the properties of the invisible universal matter in your words is impossible, for this one need to have in addition to yours five more organs of senses that we have.

At this stage it will be enough if a human will just believe in the existence of the invisible universal matter on the basis of the factual evidence.

People have found enough evidence of the invisible universal matter existence but general vicious approach to the world view through the explanation of phenomena and facts hinders people from seeing it.
Explanations lead to the appearance of theories, then to «universally acknowledged» theories that get into textbooks and become fundamental truth in the heads of people being in fact a fraud and insurmountable obstacle on the way to that desirable truth.

The appearance of natural phenomena and facts explanations, the appearance of theories, hypothesis in the textbooks, scientific works and mass media must be forbidden by law and punished more severely than murder or robbery because false world view is the intellectual basis of the atheism — the foundation of all crimes.
Only facts must compose the knowledge of a human about the world. Every claimant upon a fact must undergo a severest general and legal control before this fact gets into text books.

«You saw it or made up it?» – the first and main question that any scientist must answer before showing the results of the work.

Essays are not accepted in the worldview however beautiful or logical they seem to be!

This statement is the core of the intellect of all the intelligent creatures in the Universe.

Bochs forbid any essays to be «published» anywhere. They, for example, do not have literature.

In the regular course of business you can make up as much as you like: in offices, laboratories, at the meetings, while debates and in other such places; but not in the mass media and not in any official sources, not in the textbooks, for example. The more developed the society is the more expensive its life is in the world that does not exist, in the made up world. The human society becomes more complicated and thus, more souls of the man-eaters gets to us in the invisible universal matter.
Absurd official fables (included in the educational programs) about the world structure really deform your personal future in the invisible universal matter.
You must not be afraid of the big amount of work separating wheat from the chaff — there are not so many facts. At the moment your textbooks, scientific works, mass media are on 99% filled with fraud and empty word peelings.
They write to me that I speak about parallel worlds.

The worlds with such names can’t cross and I speak about one and indivisible world.

The Universe represents one matter in different conditions, kinds and manifestations. Druma, invisible universal matter, solid body, energy, gravity, intellect and many other things – this all is its types. Moreover, they are not placed on separate shelves but are all simultaneously in one «vessel» under the name universal single matter. Bochs call it the god.

Under the word «god» they mean something that in their opinion is in the core of the creation, in the beginning.

Ideas about the world can differ for everybody and civilization at the whole that’s why the word «god» does not have for bochs some strict connection to one material object. For example, now they assume that there is matter that includes all the world known to them. When it is confirmed and for them it is an absolute condition — bochs must be there, then the word «god» will mean that matter.

There is truth that is obvious but for humans it is difficult to understand it. One of such truths
is that the fullness of the world perception depends on the number of the organs of senses that a specimen has. For example, people understand that a blind one has a different world than the seeing one but they do not understand that a common healthy person with regard to nevi is five times «blind» because nevi have five more organs of senses and bochs — ten more if to compare with humans.

Here imagine it — how much richer is the world for nevi and bochs than for humans!

And people imagined themselves to be nearly gods and that their perception of the world is a limit, and taking into account their technical abilities then it is something even more than a limit. And your scientists just amaze! «I don’t perceive it — then it does not exist, for I’m the scientist»
Ostrich you are, not a scientist!
The organs of senses exist according to the level of vital necessity. For example, for a human it is much more important to see and hear solid bodied objects than that or those who can’t strike, murder, harm though they exist in reality and nearby. Why should one see and hear the things that do not influence or nearly do not influence one’s life? Does not push, does not occupy your place, does not eat your food.

Imagine that you began to hear all the sounds that your body and everything around create. You suddenly heard blood running inside your veins to the loud beating of your heart. You heard your neighbour scolding his son for a bad mark he got in school and another neighbour flirts with his wife. You heard TV and radio playing in all the surrounding houses. Heard…to cut it short, you heard everything you needed and did not need.

It’s horrible!
Many trillions of invisible creatures live on the Earth. With different level of intellect and unintelligent ones. Among them some very technologically developed with their cars and air planes.

Relatively near you the souls of all your ancestors and valses of all deceased animals, plants and other creatures live. All this lives its own incomprehensible for your life. They go freely through you leaving no feeling. They, in their turn, do not see you and do not notice.

And now imagine again that you began to see and hear all this!

When you start to tell others about what you have heard and seen people will decide you have gone mad. And in less than an hour you’ll start begging the god to exorcise «demons» out of you.
On this page I’ll tell you about the general image of the Universe the way nevi see it. Though if to be truthful we don’t give a damn about the Universe. The development of our civilization goes a bit different way than the perception of the world around. We are built in our own world, we are one with it. We do not strive to study and subdue the nature like humans do. We live according to the principle «All I need is with me!»

But at some moment I suddenly got a friend and I began to understand many things about the world surrounding me.

Bochs never have contacts with us — they don’t need this, they don’t trouble us and do not compete with us. That’s why when I asked what is the reason of his coming to us he answered that the time had come for the direct contact of the Universal Intellect with human civilization but they (you, I mean!) were not ready for that at all — too stupid and dangerous for themselves.
Some scorpions!
It’s necessary to tell you about the following fact:

When our Galaxy and Solar system cease to exist, galactic intelligent world living in invisible matter and druma will migrate to the newly arising galaxy. All souls of people by that time will be in the invisible matter.

What new galaxy we’ll get very much depends on our total intelligence at the moment of the beginning of the migration. Powerful intelligence provides a possibility to understand the situation better, to choose the best place for new life more quickly and to move there with fewer losses.

There are always a lot of migrants, that’s why there is no time to waste!
Nature is constantly busy with upgrading the intelligence level in every matter and total intelligence level. This is also done by the intelligence owners and superior intelligent creatures themselves for they are children of Nature.

That’s why I got a boch-friend — they keep an eye on the human civilization with more attention than people who shepherd sheep.

I’ll talk about it in more details on another page, and now let’s talk about the Universe.

The world arrangement is simple and clear.

I have one difficulty with explanation — people don’t have brains. Not in a culinary way, but they just don’t have anything to think with.

This is not the only problem of common people, but also of the leaders of all the countries of the planet.

Let’s imagine that they have gathered once again to discuss the problem of climate warming caused by growth of carbon dioxide quantity in the atmosphere because of the «civil» emissions.
If presidents could think they would have understood long ago that the growth of carbon dioxide quantity in the atmosphere of the Earth can’t happen because this gas is said to be food for plants.

It is written in the school biology textbooks of the planet.

Or presidents haven’t studied in schools?

Plants «produce» many times more biomass calculated as carbon, than the whole industry produces carbon dioxide.
Only a drop in the sea is the «civil» emissions of carbon dioxide in comparison with mythical requirements of the plants.

That’s why industrial carbon dioxide in the theory of photosynthesis can only enhance the plants nutrition and improve the state of planet’s greenery. If carbon dioxide is food it can’t be accumulated.

However, climate warming is really taking place. At the same time, vegetable kingdom of the planet is «fading» instead of «burning up».

Consequently, at the summits on the issues of the climate warming it’s necessary to dig far deeper and not just try to cut down emission of the greenhouse gases.
Developed countries have faced the problem of the population’s obesity while poorly developed countries fight the famine.

About the causes of such situation you don’t have two opinions: when there is not enough food then there is famine and if the food is in plenty there, obesity appears.

What considers their own feeding or feeding of the animals humans understand something more or less.
But if you step just a millimeter aside, try to talk with people about the feeding of the plants then every human turns immediately into a sheep that drags oneself stupidly in the flock of the alikes after the ram-author of some new idiocy in the textbook.

This is a sufficient sign of the absence of Earth civilization intellect. No need to be offended.

It is necessary to understand this misfortune
and proceed with creating and developing intellect in humans.
This digression about the intellect I made due to the following reason:

The first line of my narration about the Universe is the following:

There is no vacuum in nature. The Universe is «packed» with different kinds of matter like sardines in a tin. And it is not a dogma or a new assumption but a truth long ago discovered by people. The lack of intellect hinders people from understanding it.

The development of astronomy, practical cosmonautics, laws of motion and life experience of the earth civilization allow to make an only possible conclusion:

The planets of the Solar system can rotate around the Sun only like passive «flecks of dust» swept by the whirl of the invisible to people matter that constitutes the essence of the Solar system. Planets are «glued» into the rotating circle of its orbit.
In its turn «stardust» also rotates passively swept by a huge galaxy whirl of the invisible matter. For example, the Milky Way is, first of all, a current of invisible matter.

Now it can be easily seen by eyes equipped with modern devices.

Of course one can try to make planets rotate in the vacuum under the influence of the law of universal gravitation formulas but to achieve it everyone will have to repeat the spell «abracadabra hocus pocus» for a long time and pull out hairs from the beard and ask djinns to help.

When a scientist gets ready to go to the country he or she without twinge of conscience fills the tank of the car with petrol and start an engine. But planets in his or her textbooks rotate around the Sun affected by formulas!

The scientist, please, have the conscience! Make up a formula for us as well! If planets do so much work affected by formulas then a little car will surely move! What can be easier — made a formula on the keyboard and go!!!

Messieurs scholars, come down to earth!

For something to start moving, rotating or somersaulting one need a real material cause and not a formula!

The emergence of the solid body.
If to breathe on the glass there will appear drops of water. When someone wants to explain what happened here one says that «condensation of vapours water on the glass took place». For this to happen, glass must be colder than air.

On this principle the forming of dew is based.

Or old Ivan distills ‘tiger milk’ using the properties of alcoholic fumes of condensating on the cold surface of heating spiral.
When in the atmosphere of the Earth warm humid air meets, cold air water vapour condensation takes place and it rains or it snows depending on the season of the year.

At that a distinctive whirl — a cyclone is formed in the atmosphere. Strictly speaking, one can’t claim that there are really water vapours in the air, noone really saw it anyway. For example, there is no human being that could claim that he or she saw in the microscope molecules of water that hung in the air.

Ordinary pure air that is before our eyes is invisible matter in the direct sense of the word. And under certain conditions this invisible matter «gives birth» to something visible.

In the same way, the invisible to human universal matter «gives birth» to visible matter under certain conditions. Galaxy time flows much slower than our Sun time. The Galaxy is bigger than the Solar system as many times as galaxy time is slower than human time.

In the mode of galaxy time after the meeting in the space of the Universe «warm humid» mass of invisible matter with «cold» current of the invisible universal matter the «condensation» of the rock takes place and «cyclone»-galaxy is formed.

In other words, if in the earth atmosphere cyclone water condensation takes place then in the universal «cyclone» – galaxy a rock is formed.

To be more precise — under certain conditions in the Universe rock forms and starts to reproduce.

Because of the big incomprehensible insurmountable difference in the time speed people all their life see our Galaxy (the Milky Way) and all the sky in the state «stand still».

The exceptions are only the objects of the Solar system that change their position in the sky.

The map of the starry sky will not change significantly during the period from the appearance of the first apes and till the end of the human race existence.
If one looks at the Solar system or any other stellar system through the eyes of a hypothetical enormous creature from the galactic time, then these will be short-timed formations of invisible matter in the shape of confetti. For some time all «circles» will shine and then fade and everything will disappear.

If it tries to see planets then for a moment it’ll see circles at the place of planetary orbits — trace of the wildly rotating planets and…that’s all!

It is completely impossible to see human civilization from there. You’ll appear and disappear before it blinks.

In their turn, people can not see the life of that giant, it’ll be an eternal motionless sculpture for them.

From the other side, people together with the substance go through all the «details» of transformation of invisible matter into rock.
Imperceptible transitionary stages of substance on its way from invisible matter to rock, flying instantly in the mode of galactic time, these details stretch out for dozens and hundreds of years in the mode of human time.

Such a low speed plays a low-down trick with people regarding worldview issue — people don’t see reproduction of many substances on other substances. It seems to them that water, for example, has existed all the time and will forever be. It changes its aggregate state etc. of course, but in the end never gets anywhere. They even came up with a nice term – «water circulation in nature»!

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