Do you believe in God?

It is the most ridiculous that can be imagined!
With the appearance end evolution of the society especially the one with the development of industrial relationship people worried about the future. In particular they are interested what will happen to them after life.

It is clear that both near and far future depend directly on the way we live now.

But how to live now not to get problems afterwards is not really clear. Even not clear at all. To live in the right way we need to know what future awaits people. But to have a «walk» from the present into the future is impossible not understanding from where we come. In other words, we can’t understand where we go without knowing from where we go. We need to know what was at the beginning.

Thus people from the moment society appeared have three tightly bound together «eternal» questions:

1. What was in the beginning?

2. What kind of life is «right»?

3. Is there any life after death?
The answer to the first question is clearly stated by the science — in the beginning there was a Big Bang. Everything began with it. Before it there was only a supersmall and superdense piece of matter as big as a dot. When it exploded the Universe was created.
Let’s analyze this remarkable event a bit.

While there was nothing then there was no space in the first place. So words «supersmall», «piece», «dot» cannot be used because they signify sizes that do not exist when there is no space.

The word «superdense» also cannot be used because density is quantity of substance per unit volume and if there is no volume there is no density as well.
The word «big» can’t be used as well because it describes size.

And finally an explosion can take place only in a space that does not exist. Then it means there is no explosion as well?
So scientists could only claim that in the beginning there was a word (or logos, or denomination, indication, a sign, symbol).

And this word is «event». And that’s all! One can’t tell about this event using all the vocabulary people possess. There will be no logic!

Decoding of this event will require the appearance of a new unknown world with unknown matter, new organs of senses, new words.

So one can’t without rhyme or reason claim: «At first there was nothing but for… and then an explosion took place….». It is not a correct thing, not scientific!

Besides the idea of the Big Bang does not comply with other «scientific» tales. For example with «black holes».
While that dot was superdense it means (according to scientific logic) that there was super gravity, super black hole. In this case the possibility of an explosion is an assumption, condition contrary to the announced properties of the maternal «dot». So we need to axiomatically make a supposition about the possibility of an explosion of superdense dot with supergravity. And to give a scientific look and reliability to all this it is better to create a mathematical «justification» of such possibility — in case we will need to get money for some Napoleonic project.
When bochs decided to tell people what was in the beginning they faced even greater problems than your scientists.

Solid body constitutes just a pitiful part of universal matter. Practically all the matter is invisible to people and can’t be perceived by their organs of senses and technical means.

Besides all the kinds of universal matter constantly change, bleed from one into another and this process has no beginning and no end and not only substance, druma and nevima participate in it but also a lot of other matter that are inhabited or not inhabited by sensible beings.
Any sensible being visible or invisible willy-nilly will take for the beginning that «outermost» object, place or event that his exploratory activity or imagination could reach.

To position as the beginning the thing that people can’t perceive with their organs of senses is insensible.
The beginning of the world for a baby is his mother’s breast. For a drunkard it is vodka. For an atheist they are the things science say. For a Christian believer it is God that resembles a human.

In the process of personality and society evolvement the beginning constantly changes its «geography» and its «dimensions».
That’s why bochs called that thing that was in the beginning with one general for all people and times word – «god».
Every person, society, civilization has a god (the thing that was in the beginning). And first of all those that scream and shout that there is no god!
Atheism is the god!
God is the word with which people define that thing that in their opinion was in the beginning and that’s why everyone has a god regardless of anything else, objective or subjective.
In particular every person has a god regardless of the fact that there is afterlife or there is no afterlife regardless of the things people believe in or do not believe in.

The immortality of the soul is a totally independent question, the main information «from there» for people is the basis of all religions.
So what was in the beginning? The Bible answers distinctly — in the beginning there was word. So there is no beginning. Only human fantasies.
For example nowadays science placed in the beginning of the universe creation words «synthesis», «photosynthesis», «atom», «Big bang», «universal gravity», «electron» etc. There is nothing behind these words; they do not define natural realias. Purely virtual. So it’s true that for the science there is no god in the form of material object or natural phenomenon.
Why do people then believe in the existence of the god, in the immortality of souls? For this faith always existed and nowadays people who have never studied as well as those who graduated from the most prestigious educational institutions still believe in god. The basis of such faith despite the pains taken by atheists and science can be only material, the one that really exists!

World, nature, Universe (whatever name you got used to) is much more diverse and complicated than the way the science proposes to view it. For example «nearest» to people invisible inhabited matters nevima and druma live and exist as one whole with the substance that is just a sort of nevima.

The sensible inhabitants of invisible matter nevis and bochs unlike humans populate the whole Solar system without any «gaps», they also live on the Sun and inside the Sun. The number of them living on the Earth is much bigger than that of humans. Moreover the invisible population of the planet «increases» in quality and quantity at the expense of the material life on the Earth that’s why nevis and bochs «supervise» the solid body including first of all humans.
Is it possible that people don’t notice it? Of course not!

People have always seen it, notice it even now including cosmonauts, pilots and sailors.

Astronomers for example see a strange alien «fuss» on the Moon especially during lunar expeditions of people.

Ufologists hoarded thick volumes of their reports on their observations but for some reason they address them aliens from other planets.
The influence of the invisible inhabited matters on their life people have always taken into consideration and do it now through religion. So the religious approach to the learning of the world is scientific unlike other false methods of the official science.
To return religion into state (where they were separated) is the pressing task of the modern age. Naturally it must be done from a perspective of the newly created realistic worldview and on the really scientific basis.

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  1. Вано

    Ещё раз спасибо, за интересный сайт)) . Вопрос : вы читали “веды”? Это вы придумали неви и бохи? Если это не вы, то из какой это религии? Или это новая, никому ещё неведомая и закрытая религия. Из ваших слов видно, что вы читаете библию и ветхий завет. Спасибо за интересное просвещение в области науки. Но мне кажется, нужно быть осторожным с невами и бохами, дабы не материализовались и не стали камнем преткновения в поиске истины.