The myth that the plants allegedly breathe. (Or it is a deliberate misinformation).

People paid attention to the breathing of animals and humans long ago. To breathe means to inhale and exhale consistently and repeatedly. Many nationshave a proverb, which in Russian is: “Дутьивдыхать, сразу – небывать!” (You can’t breathe in and breathe out at the same time)
The animal organism is under constant blood pressure, created by the heart, which is 120 mm of mercury greater than the atmospheric pressure. To prevent the lungs from being crushed by this pressure there is a chest, “reinforced” with the ribs.
The chest is equipped with the respiratory muscles, which either increase the chest volume during inspiration, or reduce the chest volume during exhalation.
When you inhale, in the lungs there is created vacuum, when you exhale – pressure.
In nature there is no other way of getting of the sufficient for life amount of air into the lungs!

Scientists seem to forget about it and all textbooks and scientific books are trying to “convey” the air or carbon dioxide, or oxygen into the plant leaf by diffusion.

Gentlemen, try not to breathe! Your lungs are permanently connected to the atmosphere by the “reinforced” nose and throat, so nothing can prevent diffusion from doing its part and providing you with the air.
However, soon you’ll have to start breathing again, because you’ll begin to gasp.

Diffusion is a very low-capacity, disorganized, chaotic process and it does not play any part in breathing.
The herb and the leaves are under pressure produced by the roots, which is greater than the atmospheric.
In order that air could get inside the leaf, empty cavities are needed, such as the lungs of animals, embodied in the “reinforced” and muscle fitted cells to create vacuum during inspiration and pressure during exhalation. Only then can we talk about breathing of plants through the leaves.

There are no blind-pits in the living, healthy leaves. Blind-pits are pure fake!
There is nothing else to provide breathing. In short – plants do not have a respiratory system and it is a fact recorded in all textbooks.

How can they breathe without respiratory organs??
People, come to your senses!!!
Animals breathe so that oxygen entered into the blood and oxidized organics there. As a result, heat is generated.

Plants emit large amounts of carbon dioxide. If we explain its origin by oxidation, then where is the heat? Pseudo scientists invented even special oxidation reactions without producing heat. Then why do plants breathe? And where are the slags?

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2 thoughts on “The myth that the plants allegedly breathe. (Or it is a deliberate misinformation).

  1. кирил

    С автором не согласен! Межклетник есть везде хотя бы потому, что стенки клеток не квадратные, а значит нет прямых углов. У растений, особенно высших, существует огромное колличество микротрубочек и ситовидных капиляров и других специалицированных полостей. Хорошо об этом пишет Паутов в учебнике по морфологии и анотомии растений. Пусть автор почитает и не сравнивает дыхание людей и животных в прямом смысле. Более того, у растений есть органы чувств и регуляции движений – прообраз нервной системы.

    1. nevadmin Post author

      Мой сайт главным образом направлен на то, чтобы читатель попытался думать. Конкретно. Написано слово “дышат” это значит, что вдыхают и выдыхают, вдыхают и выдыхают. Животные. Пока живые. Про растения о дыхании никогда не было слов и нет. Только в учебниках надуманно прилепляют это слово к растениям. Не надо людей за дураков считать – не дышат растения! Никак!