The soil.

Everyone has seen the ground in section. It could be a gully wall or a hollowed-out river bank, a quarry or just a dug hole. Above there are plants that grow on a thin layer of the dark earth. This is the soil, which in its uppermost layer consists of organic remains – humus. Deeper appears stone that reproduces by eating organics. The earth grows up by means of water. The “conveyor”: water – plants – soil – stone works non-stop. The stone may be different depending on the conditions of existence in the given location. In the same way, animals and people are different depending on their geography. Somewhere sand lives and multiplies organically, elsewhere – clay or clay with sand, or both in layers. In the Belgorod region, except for sand and clay, chalk or iron clay multiply on the black soil forming the Kursk magnetic anomaly. Salt multiplies on the plant remnants and on water under certain conditions, then alkali soils are formed. In different conditions of existence all satisfied with these conditions can multiply. Nature makes no difference – whether it’s gold, base metals, uranium, shell or organic. It is important only for people. When people vacate their knowledge from all sorts of stupid and arcane ideas about the structure of matter and study the conditions in which the desired materials, metals, organics, etc. multiply, they will be able to grow all what they need. Just as now they grow rice, wheat, cows, chickens. First slowly and with difficulty, then faster and faster and then instantly, like a genie at the word of command “simselavim” or Christ, when he multiplied bread and fish to feed his listeners. On the surface of the Earth conditions for reproduction substances were constantly changing. As a result the soil changed. The stone that was fed by this soil changed too. To give you a rough idea of what could be the soil at different times of life of the Earth, I will remind you about amber. People are well aware of such type of organic matter as mummy. This is liquid living organic, which multiplies in the mountains. Once the conditions for its reproduction have been better and mummy could be seen in many places and in large amounts. Its color and consistency were different, sometimes it was the amber liquid. For many thousands of years this organic was eaten by the stone, it “petrified” and now we find the amber. All the existing in the world precious, semi-precious and just beautiful stones have the same origin.

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