Can Kings do everything?

In all textbooks of the world it is written that substance consists of molecules that in their turn consist of atoms.

But it not written anywhere that atoms and molecules are convention, a myth, a definition of the objects that do not exist in reality.

It is not written anywhere that no one has for example ever seen atoms or molecules of water.

No one has ever seen the inner structure of all other substances as well.
People waste so much strength, time and money to study chemical, physical reactions, formulas and synthesis equations.
And again it is written nowhere that no one has seen such reactions in reality. They are also convention, myth, fairy tale, deceit.
In the reality there are no synthesis reactions in nature. Matter exists according to one and only for sizes principle of vivacity, nourishment and reproduction.

Photosynthesis, synthesis are a deceit, gravity law is a deceit, laws of evolution are a deceit and so on down the list of existing nowadays in science worldview theories.
Thus all people including kings live in a mythical, fairy tale, false world because educational official worldview knowledge is of a global character and do not depend on the political order of the state.

Similar false worldview knowledge is placed in the textbooks of all comprehensive schools of the world that’s why everyone goes through this forge of lies, forge of brainless robots.
With the help of scientific worldview the Satan rules the world.

Real Universe is structured thus that solid-bodied organisms are created by invisible matter. Informational part, creation and life program of the organism is in the invisible matter and is attached to the human organism through the DNA.

All solid-bodied objects have an invisible part, from the galaxies, stars and planets, animals, bacteria and viruses to the tiniest objects, detected by scientific equipment.

People call human invisible informational essence a soul. Soul and body during the life are inter-connected. Condition for normal development of the soul is sanctity.
But the ugliness of soul is inevitable when people are addle-brained because of the false worldview imposed on the children in schools. As the result we face the global epidemic of atheism. And as a consequence — a mass fall from grace. Death of a body is the birth of an independent creature in the invisible matter. The soul that will be born will reflect the life a person led. If you killed, stole, were a bad guy in everything your ugly soul will settle in a bad way in the invisible matter.
The biggest crime that is being committed now is the concealment by the official «scientific» education of the fact that soul exists and it stays immortal after the death of a human being.
Such concealment is worse than all wars taken together. There are much more victims. If a soul has not social properties then it doesn’t get into the society of sensible ones after death and it can be changed.

It is ridiculous and tragic to have a state programme for example of increase in life expectancy when you don’t have the programme of achieving sanctity.

Why to live in sin further?

To suffer more after death?
People who have gone through the system of fooling that is called scientific education are not capable of understanding simple things.

It seems logical to them for example not to believe in god because no one has allegedly seen him.

At the same time it does not confuse them that no one has seen atoms and molecules as well, no one has seen in reality chemical and physical reactions that are used to torture students and pupils.

They are not confused by the fact that not a single worldview scientific theory has been proved. Moreover they all contradict facts.

It is time to ask: «Do you believe in atom?», «Do you trust Darwin?», «Do you believe in the air feeding and breathing?» etc.
Thus even though political regimes announce themselves to be people’s and democratic they act all without exception against the interests of every concrete person in their country.

The most anti people regimes are in so called democratic countries and first of all in the eight most developed industrial countries.
For the interests of people care mostly there where religion is recognized as the state policy but even there they can’t do much because satanic «scientific» worldview is global.
The influence of the kings (leaders) on the fate of people is illusive.
The Satan (extensive feeding) rules the Earth civilization!
And people know about it quite well, especially the leaders of all the countries.

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