Academic shame.

Photosynthesis is false knowledge!

Seaweeds don’t have leaves, though for example laminaria is externally structured thus that it seems at first that is has leaves.

In reality it is a colony of plant cells that are assembled this way for comfortable existence.

Seaweed «leaves» do not have skin, do not have «pipes»-nerves, stomas and other characteristics of land plants. That’s why laminaria (sea cabbage) is so tasty and nutritional almost without any treatment.

Such structure of the seaweed exists because they have no drying-out problem. Cells get water directly from the environment.
Leaves of land plants have one main problem — drying-out that leads to the death.
That’s why leaves are covered with a thin, transparent membrane-skin that saves them from the drying out.
Leaf skin exists to exclude any contact of plant cells with air.

Leaf is a mini-ocean, air is totally forbidden to enter!
When in the textbook or somewhere else some respected author writes that «through stomas air gets into the leaves», it means that this author is a complete blockhead in botany and knows nothing about plant world of the planet.

In particular, creators of the photosynthesis belong to such people and everyone else who is studying photosynthesis now. «Faces in the trough» in the sense of ignorance of plant world laws also have botany teachers and professors, blind people that have any relation to the plants by vocation.

Pupils and students need to think more and not just sit gaping at the botany and biology lessons.
Listen attentively and analyze what you’re told about! Don’t be just furniture at the lessons!
For example, check existence (or absence) of air nourishment and respiration of plants with the help of experiment:

Isolate plants from the atmosphere by a transparent wall so that light would fall on the leaves and so that it would be watered but fresh portions of air would not get to the leaves.

It can be isolated in a plastic bag or glass container. Airproof or in the flowing nitrogen.

If you suspect that these experiments have some flaws — make them right but do not forget about the purity of the experiments — no chemicals and other additions. Don’t forget that there must necessarily be a test plant that grows under normal conditions, not isolated one.

You won’t be able to make a plant starve or strangle it because there is no nourishment or breathing of plants through leaves in nature. Air nourishment and breathing of plants exist only in inflamed academic brains.
There is one more deceit that is especially often talked about in literature including scientific, popular scientific, educational and mass media. This is a deceit about the possibility of a solid body to move in the space with high speed, including the speed close or equal to the speed of light.

And as the consequence there are tales about space travels and rubbish about corporate aliens.
I’ll start with aliens.

People made up evolution, put themselves on the top of this mythical evolution and took care about finding «soul friends».

At the same time there is a scientific axiom about the eternity and infinity of the Universe.
Messieurs academics, you need to be careful with your words and actions!

The fact of the existence of the human civilization with its aiming for contacts applied to the statement about the eternity and infinity of the Universe can mean only one thing:

The humankind should since birth live in the conditions of real contacts with aliens as corporate as people.

And while it does not happen it means your ideas about the surrounding world are wrong!
The impossibility of purposeful movement of a solid body with high speed in the Universe was long ago proved by modern practical cosmonautics:
The reality of space flights in solar space lies in the fact that interplanetary flights are possible only at the speed close to the second cosmic speed and not higher. One can’t for example «rev up» and fly to Mars or Jupiter 10 or 100 times faster than it can be done now.

If the speed of the flight gets too high your space craft can be thrown outside the borders of the Solar system. At the slight overspeeding or lack of speed you will fly past the planet you need.

If you fly with much lower speed than the second cosmic speed your space craft will fall on the Sun. The truth of life in the rotating space consists in the fact that though technologies will improve with time during the transfers the speed of flights will stay unchanged.
Besides it is well known now that planets, comets, fire balls, meteorites and other solid body objects turn round the Sun strictly on one plane — in the middle plane-circle of the Solar system. There is no substance anywhere else in the solar space. From the space to the Earth come only objects from the middle plane of the Solar system, nothing comes from other places. There is no «stellar wind» as well.
«Solar wind» exists but there is no contrary «stellar wind»! And the concealment of this fact is one of many crimes of the modern system of education.

The absence of «stellar wind» directly points to the fact that a solid body can’t exist in interstellar space!
But even if interstellar and intergalactic flights of solid body space crafts were possible objective flights could take place their only at the speed close to the third cosmic speed.
Galaxy is a rotating inhomogeneous whirl of invisible matter, «filled» with moving passively with it «stellar dust» and that’s why at the high speed a space craft will be thrown outside the borders of the Galaxy and you won’t get to the destination.

Relatively to the Galaxy sizes third сosmic speed is zero, consequently inter-stellar flights of people are impossible, because if we divide galactic distances by zero, we’ll get results that show that we’ll have to fly infinitely long even to the nearest star.

Strictly speaking, when a spaceship leaves boundaries of the Solar system it gets into different time into galactic time and that’s impossible.
And it won’t happen in reality because the spaceship will «burn down» before — a solid body exists only inside the stellar whirl of invisible matter.
Outside the nevima whirl there is no body!
There exists also resistance of invisible matter. It depends of the sizes of space bodies and speed of the movement.

People haven’t yet faced significant resistance of nevima because their spaceships are small and fly in the direction of the Sun invisible matter whirl’s rotation.
The relative speed is low then.

When you walk around the room you do not feel wind, when you drive motorbike on a high speed, air resists your motion.

When the space apparatus will begin to fly at the more or less noticeable speeds in relation to the invisible matter, then people will face on practice the fact that solid body can’t achieve high speeds because of the growing resistance of nevima.

Moreover, like wet linen drying up in the wind, spaceships that fly at high speed in the invisible matter completely «dries up» together with the cosmonauts.
It is impossible to explain to people how it all happens because of the absence of necessary organs of senses and thus words but it happens this very way.

Researches on this issue are not difficult or expensive to carry out; one has just to have brains. It must be obvious already for many years that one should launch research robot-ships perpendicularly to the middle plane of the Solar system before planning flights to other planets.

People do not know but it’s high time to know (technically it has been possible long ago) that a solid body that flew out of the Solar invisible matter whirl’s boundaries burns with cold find and turns into invisible matter. This fire is known to people as Holy fire that is ignited by bochs in the Church of the Holy Sepulchre on the eve of orthodox Easter.

Ignorance of the direction where to «shoot» the spaceships is also an academic failure, shame. Is it so difficult to realize that not in vain does the Solar system have a plane structure and one should study why it is so and not otherwise.

For example, mythical atoms according to the pseudo-scientists have orbits of the mythical electrons that are situated in the space at different angles and «wrap» the nucleus of the atom with its orbits along the sphere though the atom model is initially called planetary, in other words plane one.

Natural analogue of the impossibility of solid body existence outside the (Solar) nevima whirl takes place in the atmosphere of the Earth when clouds, thunderclouds and rain — the characteristics of cyclone are never being observed in the anticyclone.
All scientists, writers, bosses, teachers, journalists, all people who choose as their profession necessity to think, teach and manage need to think and manage and not occupy themselves mostly with satisfaction of their own ambitions and basic needs. Otherwise the satisfaction of these needs will be under the threat of global failure. And for you together with others.
Constant fantasy in science, literature, mass media about the aliens, distant space flights, black holes, relativity theories, space crafts of the future, big bang, solar wind, structure if the Universe etc is not based on the real achievements of science, astronomy and cosmonautics, does not take into account facts and only harms people.
People write to me that we should let them fantasize, it stimulates the brains of people. Moreover many things that were considered to be a fantasy not so long ago became reality.

I answer: Nothing really essential from things made up was proved. Only some not important technical and technological suppositions too obvious at the moment of the writing of the «scientific» fiction were more or less proved in the reality in some time. There is much more fuss than needed. Moreover fantasies nearly always appear in time to be false.

And if to be more particular even all existing nowadays «generally acknowledged» worldview scientific theories are lies and not just some fantasies.

Scientists-fundamentalists, poets, writers are twins.
At the same time there are indisputable facts:

1. No signal from the «strange» space craft was detected either in the Solar system or outside it.

2. The connection with earth space crafts flying beyond the borders of the Solar system is inevitably being lost. Space centres announce every time: «We lost it…»

3. There are peculiarities of the flights in the rotating space that exclude the possibility of directed transfer flights of solid body space ships at the high speeds.

4. Solar wind exists but there is no stellar wind!

5. There are detected many cases of observing unknown flying objects in the atmosphere of the Earth.

6. A lot of contacts of people with «aliens» are described.

7. … and so on. You, dear reader, can easily continue the list of facts on this topic.
But first six points are enough to see the groundlessness of popular fantasies that have flooded the informational space of the Earth.
One of the many academic failures is that gravity law.
It’s amazing but the big «Bang!!!» that happened after the apple had fallen on the head of one famous man did not show the emptiness of his head but resonated in many as empty as that man’s academic heads.

The thing is that dynamic system of bodies can’t stay in balance under the influence of one force.

When there is one force or a lot of them the system of bodies is in equilibrium, it gathers speed or fades.
For example when a car moves two forces are used — engine traction and friction force of wheels against the road. If one of these forces is absent the controlled movement of a car is impossible.

Gravity law names only one force — gravity. Centrifugal force that pseudo scientists use while solving tasks on the rotatory movement of bodies is a mythical force, it does not exist in reality.

That’s why according to the gravity law studied in all the schools of the planet the Universe has to collapse into one dot!

If an apple falling from the branch would have flown over the surface of the Earth and in a month or so would have flown over the empty head of mister Newton from the other side then he would have had the right to compare the flight of the apple with the rotation of the Moon around the Earth or with the movement of the Earth around the Sun!

Come to senses, people! How the fall of an apple reminds you of the celestial bodies movements?

Maybe Armenian radio can answer this question?

People are lucky that the Universe does not know about the law of gravity or it would have split its sides with laughter!

Or the Big Bang took place after the mythical original Universe-dot had learnt about the future gravity law?
Shame! It all happens as if noone in the Academies of the whole world knows the laws of mechanics and just laws of material life!

Scholars, go outside at least and look around!! Work at summer houses more, breathe the fresh air!

With its existence the Solar system and your modern but distorted cosmonautics are proofs of the absence of the global gravity and prove existence of the invisible matter whirl, that makes the basis of the Solar system.
The simplest house experiment demonstrating absence of the centrifugal forces consists in following:

When you sharpen something on the grinding wheel, sand grains and sparks ricocheting from the emery fly at the angle of 90 degrees to the radius of the circle tangentially to the rotating grinding wheel. If centrifugal forces existed then it all would have flown along the radius of the circle into the eyes of the grinderman.

At the same time this experiment proves absence of circular motion by inertia in nature. Detached from the grinding wheel sand grains do not continue moving in circle even for a second, they begin to move along the straight tangent to the circle line.

Strictly speaking there is no circular motion by inertia in reality, but too often reasons of rotation of the celestial objects are explained by the scientists with the help of inertia processes that are claimed to have taken place during or just after the Big Bang. And such explanations of celestial rotations point at the scarce elementary knowledge of the scholars.

Messieurs scholars, if you believe that, for example, the Earth attracts the Moon, making it move around the Earth, then be so kind as to name the real force that balances the gravity force and does not let the Moon fall upon our heads.

Otherwise how does the night orb manage to keep its place on its orbit paying no attention to such huge energy cost as creation of high and low tides of the world ocean and mythical «Earth crust»?

Give it a couple of forces of opposite direction and address of the mission control centres that watches the Moon and constantly corrects the situation, accelerating or slowing down the natural satellite of the Earth if necessary, in other words keeps the balance between these forces.

But I remind you: centrifugal forces do not exist in nature! There are also no forces of attraction between celestial objects! It’s just that you, messieurs scholars were fooled in your times in school and now you deceive the young generation.

There certainly must be an engine in the tasks of the two bodies Earth-Moon in the case if the gravity force really exists between them! And it has been proved and re-proved by every second of existence of practical cosmonautics.
Scholars do not even understand that by not naming the reasons for the rotation of the celestial bodies around their own axes and each other, they claim that there exists a universal perpetual motion machine.
There is motion, but there is no engine — perpetual motion machine!
Thus now the fact of passive rotation of celestial objects together with the bound to one another invisible matter whirls is practically completely proved. The Earth and other planets move around the Sun passively, carried away by the invisible matter whirl. And it is obvious — for they don’t have any motors!
A car and a bird feather, carried away by the tornado whirl revolve in the air in different ways. The same happens to the planets of the Solar system, they revolve around the Sun according to theirs physical characteristics. In its time nature «glued» every planet of the Solar system to «its» ring.

Attraction between the Sun and planets and attraction between planets and their natural satellites do not exist. Gravitational fields are short-range ones. Scientists for not have any proofs of global (far-ranging) attraction. They don’t have proofs of the theories that the Earth attracts the Moon and the Sun attracts the Earth. There are no practical experimental proofs of possibility of rotation of a body with a mass point in a curving trajectory, in particular along the circular orbit but those including use of a motor or passive motion in the general mass.

Artificial satellite can also become natural or if it passes to the high «eternal» orbit. There it is not reached by attraction, it begins to revolve around its fixed axis with its rotation speed and turns into one of the gear wheel of the celestial mechanics. Such orbits are situated in the equatorial plane and in the plane of the Moon rotation.
The reality is following:

1. Gravitational fields of the celestial objects are short-ranged as well as magnetic fields and electric fields. That’s why there is no attraction between planets and the Sun, between planets and their satellites. There are no centrifugal forces as well.

2. Solar system is an invisible matter whirl. The Sun and planets are just a small and passive part of this whirl.

3. Planets revolve passively strictly in the middle plane of the Solar system, carried away by the invisible matter whirl.

4. If we «powder» the Solar system with great amount of the stones of different sizes that move on at the second cosmic speed, then it will look like Saturn with its famous rings.

Rings are inserted one into another and revolve at different speeds. Every planet is «glued» to its ring. There are «empty» rings and «coupling» ones where comets revolve.

All other planets will also look like Saturn.

5. Solar whirl of the invisible matter gets energy from the Galactic whirl.
Messieurs scholars, are you acquainted with the laws of motion of the material dot?

The question is of course a rhetorical one, moreover it is to recall them looking them up in the Wikipedia, for example.
Then why there still exists this extremely stupid «scientific» model of the Solar system?!!

Modern «bookish» Solar system in its naive foolishness exceeds even Middle-ages ideas of the Earth swimming on the whales!

No less funny failure the scholars had with the theories of evolution, in particular with Darwin’s evolution.
The essence of the theory consists in the fact that the changeability of species (mutation) leads to the appearance of different clones the part of which survives and reproduces.

Mutants in their turn again mutate and by accident.

Life again «chooses» the most adapted ones by the way of the fight for existence and so on until the appearance of a new species.

Pretty! And logical as it seems.
But biologists have forgotten to ask mathematicians how high is the possibility that bacterium can «turn» into a human being if in the distant past it mutated for the first time in the accidental direction?

All other links of the bacterium-human evolution chain has also been changing in the accidental direction.

When we have an aim and we see it and we have a weapon then there is a possibility of hitting the aim when shooting.

And when nothing is known?


It is not even known what is needed to be done not speaking about aims and arrows.

Any mathematician will say that under such conditions the possibility of bacterium «turning» into a human equals to zero.

And without any «buts»! Biologists like to say that the struggle for existence gives some direction for the evolution of flora and fauna of the planet. It smells like intervention of some intellect and crosses out the theory of Darwin but even if it so the possibility of bacterium «turning» into a human being still equals zero provided that there are accidental mutations.
Strictly speaking the term «occasional mutations» imply changes in the opposite direction. In other words there must be cases of many celled creatures turning into one cell creatures.

By the way, if we speak about directions allegedly set by the struggle for survival: if there was evolution the aim of which was existence the life span of the representative of any species would have been longer than that of the previous one. And while there are trees that live for thousands of years humans should have lived already for dozens and even hundreds of thousands of years.

But the aim of earth organic matter existence including humans is the conversion of the biggest amount of water into stone. That’s why nature has one «interest» – to produce as much organic matter as possible that will then easier «turn» into stone that is more preferable as food.
The second: the bacterium initiator of evolution according to Darwin that mutated for the first time in day or an hour has to change one more time, again according to the same theory. There are a lot of bacteria and each one of them is constantly changing. And thus for 4 billions of years creating more and more starting points of new evolutions! (???)
Every object of the chain bacterium-human also has to mutate constantly all these years and continue to do it now giving birth to unbelievable number of evolution branches. So there should have appeared not one evolutionary tree but totally impassable for comprehension evolutionary jungles.

Just horrible!
But the reality is totally different.

If we compress the time from the appearance of the first one celled creatures to the modern times to five days it will mean that for four days there were only one-celled creatures on the planet. It is a well-known fact.

It appears the one celled creatures have forgotten that they need to mutate to start evolution?

And why have they suddenly remembered about it?

Why haven’t they all started to mutate?

Why had one bacterium given life to a clone (Adam?), that gave a start to the Darwin’s theory of evolution and thus other bacteria lost their right to mutate?

Maybe someone phoned there from here and cancelled mutation of bacteria?
And at last the most important: A promise is a promise!
Messieurs scientists, you claim that you know the process of evolution.

Repeat it!

Nowadays we have genetic engineering. Сompress the time. A bacterium reproduces quickly. For example, make a multicellular creature out of a bacterium!

Don’t have the guts?
In other words there are no applicatory, experimental proofs of the Darwin’s theory, only some distorted fables.
But nature has indisputable proofs of absence of mutations and struggle for survival that are said to be able to lead to significant changes of the species and appearance of a new species on the basis of this one.

The thing is that even if there exists struggle for survival, then bacteria and other one-celled organisms won it, because their number on the planet exceeds all other organic matter in quantity and mass.

According to the Darwin’s theory such thing could have happened if every round of the struggle for survival was won by the one-celled organisms.

Thus Darwin’s evolution didn’t take place!
Messieurs scholars, why do you insult people by some foolish, unproved and totally bereft of logic theories, such ones as the Darwin’s theory of evolution?
Whyyyy? Why do you feel insulted instead of Darwin!

Let’s slow down a bit.

There is such a science as paleontology. It delves in the soil even deeper and tries to understand what has existed before in the history of organic world. Thus paleontologists have dug out fossils of bacteria that are 4 billion years old!

They are recognizable as if these are their yesterday’s pictures!

The question is: If there existed mutation, could people recognize bacteria after 4 billion years?

Of course not! Moreover: if the whole previous generation died out as those who lost in the struggle for survival, there would have been nothing to recognize.

From the other side — if there exist evolution mutations no species can become extinct, because next comes another evolution that started later with another bacterium. Then how did dinosaurs manage to die?

However — every next evolution will inevitably go its own way creating new species.
And there should really exist an unimaginable number of species that fall under no classification and formation of new species should take place even now according to this chain.
However from the other side, all bacteria in the end will evolve, pass to the highest shapes, thus will become extinct. The same will happen to the protozoons, worms, plants etc. It appears that any way you look at it there will remain only one species — human being. But that’s excellent! Noone stands in the way! Just perfect!

But what to eat?

But still bacteria can appear again because there is even a more simple form of life than one cellar creatures — viruses. And though pseudo-scientists consider them to be non-living they act quite swift and mutate as well.
According to Darwin viruses of pig flu have to give birth to piglike flu bacteria on the impulse in their struggle for survival!
Then according to theory there will appear piglike flu protozoons, plants, fungi, worms and so on down the evolutionary list.

But… and so on. Darwin’s theory of evolution is a wonderful joke! Zoshchenko is a child comparing to Darwin! In vain modern writers-humourists do not use the theory of Darwin, the theory of Einstein and other similar stores of humour in their work!
A special place in the science is taken by academic fallacies about energy.
At first a classic of the genre:

Since Lomonosov scientists have explained the temperature of the solid body through the movement of molecules and atoms that allegedly built it. According to their ideas the more actively particles move the higher is the temperature of a body.

The Germans tried to warm themselves up thus in 1941 near Moscow. They jumped and beat goose. And ended up in a bad way!

In the reality a solid body does not have the elementary structure. Molecules, atoms, elementary particles that built allegedly substance do not exist in real nature. That’s why there is nothing to move, vibrate inside the substance.

Energy is matter. Energy matter.
When you admire flame in the fireplace or sit near the fire in the open air and enjoy the pleasant warmth coming from it you don’t sense danger. Forest fire is a different thing. In that case you feel intense heat even at the distance and you sense danger.

The more powerful is the source of heat and the closer you are to it the higher is its «pressure». It is true for any environment and for space where there are no particles «shaking» in a heat trance.

Behavior of energy can be modeled in scale because it is one of the types of matter that is no way connected with mythical atoms and molecules.
On the basis of the elementary structure of substance scientists explain the work of engine this way: fuel burns in cylinder, compressed air expands because molecules start moving faster, it pushes piston and turns wheels.

In reality the following takes place in the engine cylinder: when a compression of composite fuel takes place and piston passes the apex, at this moment an electric spark that represents a microexplosion passes between electrodes of a plug. At this in the mode of microtime energymatter and nitrogen reproduce instantly. While at this time the conditions for the reproduction of energymatter on composite fuel are already created energy continues its instant reproduction. An explosion in the upper part of the cylinder takes place as well as accumulation of a big amount of energymatter.

People know very well that energy does not stand its own accumulation and strives to get dispersed in the space. Energymatter presses on the piston; it moves along a cylinder and turns wheels through transmitting devices.

Carbon dioxide and water reproduce simultaneously with energy matter in cylinder. They and things left from the composite fuel participate as well in all the processes after the explosion but only as a dead load even if a necessary one. The important thing is an instant explosion like reproduction of energy matter.
When scientists say that «when burning gases and petrol vapours are oxidated by oxygen and heat evolves at that» they do not even hear what they sat. First of all «heat» is the sense and it can’t be evolved. If something is evolved it is certainly something material.

Second the word «to evolve» means that heat was being stored somewhere and here came the moment and it left its stockroom. It sounds as if molecules that participate in the process of burning evolved the heat because there are noone else to do it. In other words they lost energy.

Why them scientists claim that molecules started moving faster and thus perform the work? Maybe heat is evolved in the form of a jet stream from an atom or a molecule?

Third there is nothing said about the further fate of the evolved heat. It is understandable because in their opinion heat is the motion of molecules.

But how was it «evolved» then? (!)
Now I’ll answer for my words:

1. Explosion take place in cylinders — there is no time for burning there. Remove the dash pot and listen to what happens there — burning or explosions?

2. «Energymatter» is a more precise word than «heat» that scientists actually use to define energymatter if they think heat is being evolved.

3. But to claim that energy matter is being evolved is incorrect because it is not known what happens there, noone has seen it and to place your compositions on this topic in textbooks as a truth is a crime after all.

And when I say that energy matter reproduces — it is a fact. With an electric spark little amount of energy gets inside the cylinder at the right moment and instantly the amount rises. There was little, not a lot. Multiplied? Multiplied! Fact? Fact!

No one has a right to say that fuel oxidation takes place in the engine as well as to write formulas of combustion, because no one has seen it and no one knows what happens there.

But one can say that reproduction of carbon dioxide and water takes place there because it is an absolute fact.

4. Method of accumulation of energy by substance is unknown to people. Explanation of energy with motion of molecules contradicts the reality. Moreover, people don’t have proofs that substance consists of atoms and molecules.

Yes, a substantial carrier is necessary to retain energy for some time and to use natural striving of the energy matter «to flee» for execution of work. But one should understand that a protagonist here is always energy matter and not its temporal carrier.

For example, gas and oil, strictly speaking are not energy carriers, they are food. «Devouring» them energy matter reproduces. One kind of matter merges into another…
Dear reader, I will gradually add examples of scholastic bloopers and you are kindly requested to thing ahead. Examples of scientific failures-bloopers are inexhaustible.

It is even not important what do you do — I do not overstep the borders of knowledge aсquired by people in the comprehensive schools.

No one is prohibited to think and it is even useful — in the result of regular mind exercises human life grows longer and more interesting.
It is a good practice for example for everyone to think why are school buildings, school canteens, teachers’ and professors’ diplomas checked to see if they correspond to requirements and contents of various theories and textbooks haven’t been checked not even once nowhere in the world and by no «laymen» (not scientists) to see if it corresponds to realities of the material world?

Why there are no requirements to validate every claim included into the textbooks?
Why do scientists themselves claim that «we have proved that» and they are being trusted without any doubts?
Why does not the society check intellectual products, «manufactured» by scientific world?

Scientific defect is mortally dangerous for every separate person and for civilization at the whole. And right now in the mode of real time it brings a lot of sorrow and sufferings to people.

Modern scientific worldview is false and being imposed by the state in the schools and universities, it brings almost all people on the planet to atheism and consequently to some kind of fall from grace and sufferings of the soul after death.

Lack of faith into the existence and immortality of the soul is the biggest human folly. Especially at our modern times of technical progress.

EVERYTHING has a soul! From an elementary particle to the Universe. Body can’t exist without soul like a compound machine can’t work without electrical wiring, battery, generator, without computer and other electronic gadgets as well as without driver or pilot, without constructor and staff, without factories and developed state.

And they can exist without it! Electronic filling of the plane or tanks can «live» separately from the rest iron stuff and then it will be for example some kind of training facility or simulator.

Human soul can live without body and it can’t live without soul. Only nature has a more complex structure than in the example with the iron, but the point is the same — everything is material, everything is highly technological.

Organism functions as a state, and factory, and driver, and constructor, and staff, and computer, and motor, and generator and…

It is necessary to collect and process all information from every cell of the organism and from every organ. To make conclusions, to make decisions and give orders about next actions to every cell and every organ. And it happens constantly during the whole life automatically.

Brain doesn’t take part in all this. Viruses, one-celled organisms, protozoons, plants, for example do not have brain at all but they have soul! Processing of external and internal information is one of the main functions of the soul of any organism.

«I» of a human being is just a pitiful part of the soul but this «I» is capable of blundering the whole soul, like one scabbed sheep is able of marring a whole flock.
People, be attentive! Your lives are a prenatal period of your soul’s development. Don’t distort it! Let your soul develop under normal conditions! Do not sin!

False knowledge in schools and universities of the planet is much more dangerous than bad, shabby and fire hazardous institutions, bad canteen food and non-normative diplomas of teachers because global stupidity born by false doctrines is the reason of all wicked ideas and crimes of people.

State is the most dangerous enemy of children! It acts only on a dead certainty — by the power of law children are being driven into schools and universities where they are being duped and are made to learn the laws of nature that do not exist in nature!

As the result a creature with a short life leaves an educational institution. Former pupil or student is assured of the exclusiveness of corporal existence of humans and builds his or her life according to these fallacies. Mostly they are in a hurry to get pleasures — life is so short!

This is the source of all the sins, dark intentions and crimes!
The monstrous volume of lies in textbooks is not just an oversight or a mistake or a laughing matter. It is a criminal offence under the title «mass misinformation»

I don’t insist that it is a deliberate crime. But even if scholars do not know what they are doing it does not make the situation in science and education better and does not give them fame and respect.
Modern academic science is a heresy!

Its victims may number in billions.

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      Я постоянно и много лет пытаюсь найти хотя бы мельчайшую щелочку или отверстие в этой стене – бесполезно! Абсолютная непроницаемость!
      И сейчас я вижу только один способ преодоления этой стены мракобесия и чванства – это максимальная информированность населения об академическом преступлении. Подключайтесь! Сообщайте людям, что их самих и их детей и внуков уродуют в школах и ВУЗах! Школьный учитель для ребёнка – значительно более опасное существо, чем все чикотилы, педофилы и наркоторговцы вместе взятые, потому что в школах сворачивает набекрень главное достояние будущего гражданина – мозг, сознание, голову. Учитель не знает, что творит, но это не снимает с него ответственность перед Богом. Прыгать ему вечно на горячей сковороде! Я уж не говорю об академиках и о чиновниках от образования – тем душонкам гореть.
      Думать надо и всё очень быстро исправлять!

  2. Евгений

    Винер Н. Я – математик, гл.9:
    “Меня пригласили принять участие в работе Государственной Академии наук. Это учреждение было основано с целью помочь правительству использовать знания ученых. Но с течением времени Академия из важного правительственного органа превратилась во второстепенную канцелярию, где интересовались главным образом выбором новых членов. Бесконечные интриги, которыми здесь все с увлечением занимались, вызывали у меня чувство глубокого отвращения; само здание Государственной академии казалось мне символом напыщенной претенциозности в науке и невольно ассоциировалось с учеными, носящими безупречные сюртуки и полосатые брюки. Познакомившись с привилегированной кастой научных деятелей и отдав дань своей природной любознательности, я расстался с Академией и больше к ней не обращался.”
    Это написал крупнейший ученый в 1955г. Сейчас положение еще хуже, т.к. Академия разрослась и сама себя защищает.

    1. nevadmin Post author

      Любое научное сообщество обособлено и обнесено двумя, тремя высоченными заборами с колючей проволокой, к которой подключено высокое напряжение. Между заборами гуляют дрессированные овчарки. Поэтому физик никогда не суётся, например, в биологию (существование биофизики не в счёт – это отдельная наука и там свои заборы!). Я уж не говорю о простом человеке – низя ни в чём сомневаться! Только запоминай и не вякай! Наука нежится вне мирового правового поля и может буровить всё, что на ум взбредёт, только надо научиться пробивать свой бред. Общество не возмутится, а будет тупо заставлять своих детей заучивать любой маразм, написанный в учебниках! Нет никакой защиты от научных лжеучений ни в одной стране мира!
      Зачем же Академии по всему миру будут устроены по-другому, чем сейчас?! Они же умные люди и любят хлеб не только с маслом, но и с икорочкой! “Разделяй и властвуй!” Академия никогда не будет стремиться объединить науки, это для неё смерть, потому что тогда очень хорошо виден иаразм научного мировоззрения!
      А для людей последствия деятельности современной науки значительно тяжелее ужасов всех прошлых, настоящих и будущих войн, в том числе, возможно, и атомной, к которой идёт усиленная подготовка, потому что наука воспитывает атеизм, который отрицает наличие у человека души и её воскрешение после телесной смерти. Это, в свою очередь, приводит к грехопадению людей и мучениям их душ после смерти.