The rich and famous, I beg your attention!

You’re lucky!
The thing is that money, like people, tends to heap up.
It is objective reality. So it is easier for it to work. It is the equivalent of labor. But one man cannot build, for example, a factory!

The bigger the money pile is the more serious deal you can start.
Money doesn’t like abandonment, so if not You, then someone else will become the owner of each money saving.
Your wealth does not depend on God. It’s a lottery, only sometimes a little backed up by Your efforts. Righteous or unrighteous.

At the same time, in any deal, even in the most unsuccessful and disastrous, there is someone who makes it successfully, scrupulously and better than others. This person becomes a leader and, of course, a man of distinction.
So the appearance of such a prominent man is objective and the fact that today you are a man of name is the same lottery. Apparently, at this point there was not a person in this sphere better than You.
Often the rich are also famous and inversely, the famous are rich, so these two words are almost synonyms in reality.
But you are lucky not because you are rich and famous, but because being rich and (or) famous you’ve got the opportunity to do many good things to people, and thus to succeed in Your own holiness.

But almost all the rich and famous have not taken advantage of this opportunity and try to do as much harm to themselves as possible.

Of course, your pile of money does good automatically at least because it gives job to people, but it takes no effort from You, as “your” money is the equivalent of a collective, global labor, and Your original stake in it is miserable.

What is happening with your money allows declaring:
The rich and famous, You are very unlucky!

Your life is turned upside down after you start to consider “your” money not the result of collective labor, but the result of Your own efforts. Such a revolution of Your worldview is strongly backed up by the social consciousness, which is the deception of man by society.
Inculcating the cult of money, society does a disservice to the rich and famous.

After You in Your mind turned the entrusted to You by the society pile of money in Your undivided patrimony, Your theft begins. It results in Your assignment of the produced by people surplus value, and this entails Your personal unrestrained consumption.

The luxurious life of the rich and famous makes many people envy, desire to take away, redistribute, and it is not only their sin, but also Yours. In response You try to defend Yourself. It comes to the international level. As a result, the whole world is armed and grinned.

Continuous wars, murders, robberies, theft and other horrors occur both on the domestic and on the state level.

As a result too many souls of the dead do not enter the society of intelligent beings in the invisible matter. Speaking the biblical language, they go to Hell.

And first of all, the rich and famous get poor afterlife. All of them, almost without exception, have to suffer after their corporal death.

He, who used to be everything under the Sun, as a rule, becomes nothing in the invisible universal matter.
The reason lays in the ugliness of the soul of a thief, a murderer, an envier – in short, a sinner. Sinfulness is generated by atheism, which, in turn, is a result of almost complete ignorance of the population of your planet, especially in industrialized countries, because the modern world education is absurd in its ideological content.

Scientific worldview is essentially pure lies, and in form – the most massive and brutal crime against humanity and, above all, against the rich and the famous, against politicians, chiefs, scientists, professors and teachers, in short, against intellectual global elite.

The struggle against this trouble consists in the identification of the undisputed facts in human knowledge about the world and teaching only these facts in schools and universities of the planet.
It is necessary to outlaw the study of scientific theories, hypotheses, assumptions, models, scientific interpretations and explanations, and other fakes in educational institutions.
Science should be separated from education, because scientists use education solely to give the status of popularity to their unscientific subjective writings.

The soul exists and it is material. Without the soul the body of any living being cannot exist. The body is only a surface part of the “iceberg”-the organism. The soul is a supercomputer of the organism and the ego of a person is only a very small part of it. In the soul there is the full information about the organism, all the “drawings”, all the “plans” of action and all technologies of development.
The soul develops depending on how a person lives.
When a man dies the soul is born in infancy – a long development lies ahead of it. What this baby is means the start for the afterlife.

The most right darling is born after the death of a man who lived his life in holiness according to the commandments of Christ.
The soul is eternal, because in the invisible matter there is no time.
Money behaves as a notebook. In the invisible universal matter there is all the information about the movement of all material and virtual money from its “birth” and up to its “death”.
The difference between money and all outdoor is that it is an equivalent. Therefore, everything can become currency temporarily or permanently. Including power. And about this, and about how and by whom they were spent, there is full information in the invisible universal matter.
Money is an exclusively social phenomenon, so it can never be somebody’s absolute property. Even if it is a very modest reward for the honestly accomplished hard labour.

One shouldn’t spend money to the detriment of oneself and others. For example, for smoking and other drugs, bribe, murder, war, and so on.
Society will not approve for such expenses. So it is a sin!
And how to deal with the expensive cars, yachts, palaces and other oligarchic stuff? This all is yet produced!
As in human minds there will begin to appear the real knowledge about the world, the demand for expensive things will fade away. Consumption will be equalized and will be minimally necessary.
People will have much more important needs and aspirations regardless of the wealth.

For example, now the rich are concerned about the duration of their life. But this is obvious nonsense. It is necessary to take care of one’s own holiness! Because all outdoor on Earth is eternal! One should think about the life after physical death. Life rod should be while alive, then it will be too late. Where will you go – to heaven or to hell? Who will you be there – a “chief” or an “untouchable”? Do not care? Christ deliberately went to be crucified 33 years old to show us all that the resurrection is a reality and now lives as happily as the rich never dreamed of. Man shall not live by bread alone! And for him who doubts the existence of natural transformations it is very useful to see, for example, how the cycle of egg – larva – butterfly of an insect goes on. Impressive!

And it’s moronity – to purchase holiness with great opportunities, almost all rich and famous are inveterate sinners! I am not saying to give away all the money. You can have as much as you want, it’s not a sin. It just cannot be spent on yourself. It should work effectively for all. And the rich should consume as much as a simple human being or less. Isn’t it enough that for the rich that there is no threat of famine?

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