Jupiter takes great pains to become a star.

The existence of the “gas” planets of the solar system is a science goof.

Just like the Sun is not a gas-plasma formation, so Jupiter is an ordinary solid planet only with a great atmosphere.

The invisible universal matter vortex constituting the Solar system arose at the meeting of “warm” and “cold” flows of the invisible universal matter in the Universe. So, for example, are formed cyclones, hurricanes, typhoons, tornadoes in the atmosphere of the Earth.

When the atmospheric air flows with different temperatures and humidity meet on our planet, the water goes from the gas state to a liquid or solid state and we observe rain or snow. At that the energy is released in the form of wind, lightning.

When different flows of the invisible universal matter meet, there is the transformation of a part of the invisible universal matter into a solid body and is energy matter is released.

The main source of the energy emitted from the invisible universal matter is the Sun and other stars. Herewith in the Solar atmosphere there is a continuous explosion, as in a jet engine. That is, energy matter multiplies in the micro time mode, instantly.

In order for this “burner” to begin to work, certain conditions are necessary. When they are almost created, large eddy formations appear in the atmosphere, then there is a period of a powerful storm with the release of an increasing number of electromatter. This peculiar foreshocks (underground microbursts), which happen before an earthquake (the main explosion or a series of underground explosions) on the Earth. Only in this case it occurs in the atmosphere.

And finally lights up a star. First, it is a red dwarf and even less. It may not even be visible from the neighboring galaxy.

At that the reproduction of a solid body continues, and even considerably accelerates. The star quickly enhances the glow. But it happens that all the stars in the galaxy flash simultaneously and immediately bright, it happens when the galactic invisible universal matter vortex is very powerful. Then we observe a supernova explosion.
To understand the events that occur during the generation of the galaxy better, think about its earthly counterparts-vortices. Think of the cyclones, typhoons, tornadoes and many other disturbances in the atmosphere of the Earth.

A solid-state atmospheric vortex generates the reproduction of water – precipitation, naturally falling down to the ground. And the invisible universal matter vortex generates the reproduction of the energy-matter, flying up, because the energy matter is not attracted, but pops up in the gravimatter, repels from the star.

Depending on the humidity of the warm air and the magnitude of the temperature difference between cold and warm air, and the magnitude of the masses of the colliding air flows, diverse in strength atmospheric vortices are formed, a variety of precipitation, different winds and thunderstorms .

You can imagine, though rather approximately, the emergence of galaxies in the same way. The law of assimilation is well known in science. The universe always prefers “to repeat”, and not to reinvent the wheel again and again.
Our Galaxy lit up modestly, quietly, as a lamp.

The Sun flamed up little by little, but Jupiter has failed – not enough physical conditions. There are vortices in the atmosphere of Jupiter, sometimes continuous heavy storms occur, at this time the spots are especially red, but there is not enough excess energy in Jupiter’s invisible universal matter vortex to light up the second star in the Solar system.

Saturn, like Jupiter radiates more energy matter than it absorbs and also strives to become a star. And it will fail for the same reason.

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3 thoughts on “Jupiter takes great pains to become a star.

  1. Владимир

    Уважаемый Игорь Николаевич, а почему образуются вихри при столкновении встречных потоков?

    1. nevadmin Post author

      В своём ответе Вам я, прежде всего, отмечу, что моё мнение ни при каких условиях не имеет права появиться в учебниках даже если оно будет рекомендовано к этому всеми академиями наук мира, а у меня уже давно 8 или 9 общепризнанных пядей во лбу. Главная тема моего сайта это срочная необходимость поместить науку в правовое поле, чтобы никакой уважаемый Игорь Николаевич или Николай Игоревич не имел бы возможность тиснуть своё мнение в учебник. В учебниках должны быть только факты. А факт это или нет решает только юриспруденция, это чисто их поле деятельности. Не важно о чём речь.
      В Вашем вопросе много “подводных камней”. Например, в природе не бывает просто встречных потоков. Они все обязательно разные, например, по температуре, влажности и т. д. В природе не бывает того, что мы сочиняем о ней.