Fallacy called Mendeleev’s periodic table.

There are so many things built around this virtual creation in Russia….Even political ones.

That’s why I decided to outline this fallacy as a separate page.
About the rest of fallacies it is written mostly on the first page of the site.

Gradually, in the result of their development and with the help of readers of this site, they will move to detached «flats».

In any case, it is planned this way.
There is much spoken about Mendeleev’s periodic table all over the shop.

That’s why I’ll begin from the end, assuming that all «literate» people know the contents of this table (though it is far from the truth).
Main information about substances in Mendeleev’s periodic table is information about their atomic weights.
Substances in nature have different weights because they absorb gravity matter in different ways and not because of different quantity of mythical balls-electrons, balls-protons and balls- neutrons inside the same mythical balls-atoms according to the doctrines of Mendeleev’s periodic table and close to it scientific materials.

In other words, all substances have different graviscopic property as well as they have different hygroscopic property or, for example, thermal capacity (it is better to say energyscopic property because «thermal» is more of a feeling), calorific capacity etc. Again, it is better to say energetic capacity, because in thermal processes always reproduce several kinds of energy matter and as a rule it becomes not only warmer but also, for example lighter.
In all chemical and physical processes gravity matter takes place as well.

Mendeleev’s periodic system of chemical elements can be shaped in different ways according to what properties are considered to be most important.
Deceit of Mendeleev’s periodic system of chemical elements lies in the attempt to explain differences of chemical and physical properties with the difference of inner so called atomic structure of the «elements».

In nature noone and nothing have atomic structure!
There exist no elements, elementary particles and other made up «trifles» in nature!!! All these are virtual fantasies of the first «natural scientists» that were stealthily turned into laws for obligatory study.

One can’t derive from substance one independent single object that has properties of this substance. It is not structured this way! And it is not polemics I see it! Everything is clear there and then suddenly -hey — there is nothing there!

How substance is structured in your way of understanding the word «structure» I don’t know. Bochs know and I put down their words.
Strug says that an attempt to understand thoroughly the structure of natural «product» is destined for a mistake. That’s why it is enough to know some general and obvious information.

But to study behavior and properties of natural object or phenomenon is always useful and its effect is 100% positive.

That’s why the word «structure» is considered to be artificial not natural.
Strug is a strange friend, thus I called an acquaintance of mine, a humanoid that suddenly appeared on my horizon. I was perplexed and slightly frightened by his interest for me. It seemed strange to me.

They never communicate with us without special need from their side.

It appeared that they want to establish a «human» and confidential contact with people but it is difficult because of the colossal difference of intellects.

They decided to act through us. Between nevi and people difference is smaller but still it is difficult to communicate. Mainly because of your conviction of your universal chosenness and greatness.

Your superiority («people are supreme creations of nature») makes you as deaf as great grouses on the lekking ground.

Meanwhile you have no real intellect. You surrounded yourselves by ridiculous «scientific» fantasies and prod with your nose as blind kittens.

Usually children make up such fantasies and are happy about it. You have an intellect of children, in its embryonic form.

It is not abasement but a compliment from me because bochs think you have nothing sensible in your heads. They do not see anything they can cling to before the communication begins and that’s why they turned to nevis.

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