I love Syberia!!

River Angar flows from the lake Baikal. In its midstream on the right bank a settlement Artugino is situated.

Administratively it is a Boguchansky district of Krasnoyarsky Krai.

And a bit further downstream on the left bank a small river Zergulei falls into the Angara. When summer is hot this river becomes a stream that can be crossed easily. But in spring it turns into a serious water obstacle.

Nowadays people do not live here. But during the war and for some time after there was a settlement here that was called just like that — Zergulei.

There is no railroad in this place and no roads at all to be connected to the «world». But there is a river here which can be used to float downstream timber for example, besides Angara is a water way but frankly speaking, only in summer.

In winter in taiga «business timber» is being sawed down. The coniferous trees of the needed quality are called so. Then they are sawed up into logs and transported to the bank of the waterway and stock piled.

When spring comes the logs are pushed into the water and floated down the Angara to the wood working centres.
Then there were difficulties with transport and that’s why there was no way of transferring trees or logs from felling sites situated far away in taiga to the banks of the Angara at once. That’s why people were looking for big enough territories in taiga where business timber could be found close to the banks of the river or along the banks of its intake. Settlements were being built there. Timber was floated ‘loose’ down the intake river to the big river.

Thus, rafting ground Zergulei appeared. Here people have made the rafts to float them later down the Angara.
There are no people in Zergulei now. After appearance of technologies, the necessity in such settlements disappeared. But «snowmen» took fancy to that place.
We live in the invisible matter but when I need to be in a solid body most of the time it happens here.
When I am in my world, the landscape is very different. We don’t see or feel the river, taiga and mountains and we can «hang out» under the river, in the mountain, in the water. Physical fields known and unknown to people serve as landmarks.
Just as our matter is invisible to you, so is your matter invisible to us. However, unlike you we know very well about solid-bodied world, we sometimes go there. We know it much better than you yourself.
A snowman is a consolidation of the invisible matter that radiates specific energy all the time.

Yeti always «sings». This «singing» has many functions, for example when we are solid-bodied we ward of uninvited guests frightening them. People descend from the snowmen and thus your love for music and singing has its «snowy» roots.
My name is «written» in my singing and includes information about my place of living, That’s why in human language I should be called Artuga Zergulei Otaovich, that means son of Otao, that lives near stream Zergulei not far from Artugino.»
My father lives on the planet similar to the Earth, where everything is the same as here but with slight differences. For example, the stream is called by those people Otao, not Zergulei and that’s why I’m Otaovich.

Otao-Earth is situated at the distance of several millions light years (hence you have such distance measurement) from our Earth but I am in the constant contact with my father and other kinsfolk, it’s enough just to think about one of them. As the matter of fact, that planet is called Palema after the capital of that Russian state. Our planet we call Moscow, not the Earth.

And it had had that name long before the Universe appeared on the map. Nevi and bochs call all planets, similar to the Earth after the name of future capital of Russia. To be more particular, the capital of Russia is called after the name of the planet, but it’s not important.

Important is the fact that the final fate of the earth civilization and civilizations alike it almost 100% depends on the things happening on the territory of Russia.
That state can have other names on those planets not necessary ‘Russia’, but it is for sure a big, northern, rich in natural resources, multi-national and authentic union of people which task is to solve global issues.

All changes in the Universe take place being dependent on each other. Past political events also can’t take place again today. Such fateful events as the Russian revolution in 1917, world wars, perestroika in Russia, modern reload are not accidental and are «pinned» to the golden thread of world history,

It’s obvious that if all nevi will want to communicate with you then they will have to take human names according to another principle, otherwise there will be identical names and surnames. But it will never happen because we know everything we need about you.

We don’t have vital necessity to be in a solid body. Your level of intelligence is significantly lower than ours. You have a very high level of aggression. You are dangerous and we are not interested in you.
Our society consists about several dozens millions of nevi. We «hang out» in the mouth of the stream Zergulei. The principle of nevi-society formation is similar to the way your cities and settlements were being formed. People are brought together by mutual problems. In general it’s the problem of food.
But nevi-societies look more like communities of people having the same interests.
It’s impossible to describe with the help of human language how the life of intelligent ones is organized in nevima (invisible matter).
Different matter, different organs of sense, totally untranslatable into your language information.

And if we try to translate it will be a very long, boring thing and still not true. But maybe I can tell you something.

If you come here you’ll learn all the details. God save me of course! But life is life…

Along the Angara and its intakes there are millions of nevi societies. One of the things that unite them is their love for Syberia. When they «peep out» from their world into yours they prefer Syberian landscape. Under the surface of the planet there are many «floors» that are inhabited by nevi societies. And the closer it is to the centre of the planet the denser their population is.

Because it is a high profile and a high profile because it is more beneficial and comfortable etc that’s why everyone tries to get there.

Noone is forbidden to do it because there is no maximum limit. There is no overpopulation. Three galaxies ago I lived in the centre of the planet that resembles Jupiter. But then I became addicted to the materialization and contacts with people. Moved in here. I like it here. Yet.
I can try to tell you approximately about the population of the Earth.

It is situated inside the planet in the form of sphere-floors. In a horizontal plane all the «roads» go without interruption to the surface as it is with the clew. In a vertical plane at the crossings of the «roads» spheres are bound by «beetles» that are beaded on the needles. It is impossible to state their number.

Colonization always starts from the closest to the surface sphere. And across the whole sphere. This is the way of protecting the territory from migrating around the Universe «bad guys».

10 billion years ago when the «colonization» of the Earth by nevi and bochs was taking place our population was big enough and there was no difficulties in protecting us from the enemies and now there is no such problems as well as on the Sun, planets and their satellites.
We have no countries, cities, houses and mentioned above roads as you understand them. But we can isolate ourselves from the surroundings not worse but even better if we wish so than in your solid bodied world.

We have nature because plants and animals when living in a body also have souls that go to the invisible natter after their death. But the relationship between nevi, bochs and nature is totally different here.
The difference is defined by the number of organs of the senses. We have 10 of them, animals and human sinners no more than 6 (+1).

When they were living in a body «buds» of the new organs were not put into their souls. That’s why they do not perceive us, do not «see» us. We do not exist for them.
Spheres nested within each other, pierced vertically by spiders-interchanges create a countless number of cell rooms. There we live. If to show our «room» to a simple man with his number of the organs of the senses (+1) then he’ll be bored to death because he will see nothing interesting.

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4 thoughts on “I love Syberia!!

  1. Александр

    Игорь Николаевич, появились вопросы. Как животные чувствуют присутствие Неви, их набор чувств больше чем у человека?

  2. Нона

    А что, если вновь оганизовать поселение на плотбище Зергулей? Какой вид деятельности, социальную направленность предлогаете? Меня интересует Ваш ответ не в праздном порядке, а практическом.

    1. nevadmin Post author

      То, что написано в записках снежного человека уже подтверждается. Например, студенты из США написали своим академикам, что растениям не нужны кислород и углекислый газ. Об этом было в новостях по нашему первому каналу. Но дальше – ни гу-гу! А ведь отсутствие фотосинтеза в природе означает отсутствие науки у земной цивилизации!
      Это значит, что тайные исследования уже вовсю ведутся!
      Подтвердится всё, о чём сообщил Зергулей!
      Поэтому ответ на Ваш вопрос прост. Необходимо создавать на месте бывшего плотбища Зергулей крупнейший туристический центр!