The phenomenon of Indigo children.

Of course there is no mystery or moreover mysticism in the «phenomenon» of children with «special» behavior.

They appear as the rule in «advanced» countries where the system of education is well developed and where children begin to use computer and other means of information early.
People are born with clear heads where only several unconditioned instincts are «written down» unlike animals that are born with nearly full set of necessary instincts, knowledge and skills.

All necessary for their life information children «place» in their heads during the first years of life.
Moreover, they «store» information not just in a pig-pile like a careless owner of a garage but in a logical order.

Because there exists such phenomenon as children- «Whyers». Kids strive to find the right «shelf» for every new piece of information.

But still there is disorder in the informational «stocks» of common people and it is rather significant.
At home in the wardrobes and other places people have more or less acceptable for users order. But there are prominent hosts that have an absolute order in their storages. With a paper list of all stored objects, things, products on every shelf. With a special card-index of everything that is being stored.
It is natural that there were always children born for example in Neanderthal families with inborn striving for absolute order and not only in the house but in their own heads as well.

All information they receive is placed in their heads in logical order on the right «shelf» and there are no other variants. It’s obvious they differed from others.

Such people were in the front ranks of their society.
But then global technological revolution took place and global science and education arrived.

False scientific worldview that rules now in the global sphere of information is one of the first factors that children have to face during the first years of life. Mind is empty and one needs to fill it with knowledge — people are structured this way!

To their constant «why» growing people always gets contradictory or false explanations at home, at school, at university. One thing does not correspond to the other one. In the result significant part of information does not find its place on the «shelves» in minds and exists in suspended state. There
Mental dissonance takes place.

Moreover, people themselves and their company do not understand why this dissonance takes place at all.
Soul of a human is even more material than body.

Physical state of soul depends not only on the body health and consequently on the wholesome food and training but on the «healthy» information as well.

Constantly delivered by the society disinformation leads to a «viral» impurity of the soul of a person sensitive to informational disorder (if we use computer terms).

So a soul is simply distorted in the same way as with time liver of hopeless drunkards’ begins to ache.
First victims of the scientific-technical world revolution with sore souls have long ago born children and grandchildren.

Among their descendants appear children with indigo symptoms. And then don’t necessarily have only mental and communicative peculiarities. It happens that they also have physical deviations because their souls are stores of all «documents and drawings» according to which a new organism is being built and ailment of a soul leads to inborn deviations in physical development.
Indigo-children are not the future of earth civilization but people with big positive intellectual potential.
Might-have-been outstanding personalities.
Organization of informational cleanup in science and education and the elimination of false doctrines from educational programmes of schools and universities gradually leads to the disappearance of indigo-children.

As it must be said all other «coloured» children will disappear as well.

By the way nevi see no coloured auras. But we see very well illnesses and ugliness of your souls the way they are. Some souls «cough», other «lie with high temperature», the third ones «limp», the fourth ones have «amputated hands» etc.
The basis of informational chaos consists of two opposite common points of view on the structure of the world.

The first one is based on the modern scientific worldview that is false in its contents. The consequence of the scientific worldview is atheism.

The second common point of view is connected with religious worldview the basis of which is the doctrine about the immortality of soul and as the result the faith in the resurrection after death.

Billions of people believe fanatically in the first and the second points of view.
As the result it is very easy for some «third one» to «saddle the brains» of all these people having its own sordid motives, critiсizing in turns religion and science.

Thus a third column of people who «don’t believe in god or devil» was formed. Mostly they are adherents of pseudo-scientific or pseudo-religious doctrines and also those who «walk by themselves». There are billions of such people as well.

Moreover, neither of these worldviews is homogeneous. Inside any of these «columns» there is enough of contradictions, principle ones as well.
Creator, inspirator and tirelessly working generator of this monstrous break in people’s worldview is global bloody tandem science+education.

Existence of many views on the structure of nature, people and Universe is the guilt of politicians and is professional shame for them.

Absence of one and only worldview distinctly shows impotence of global politics.
Without creation of global worldview, the only one for the whole civilization no political problem of humanity will be solved!

Worldview of People coinciding more and more with Universal reality can be based only on facts and not theories or suppositions, however generally acknowledged they are!

Such state of the art in the worldview is especially intolerable taking into account the fact that if one wishes everything can be turned upside down just by taking away false knowledge from education programs of institutions.

Such measures won’t require much money and moral expenses.

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    Как ни странно, всю жизнь твержу всем, что признаю только факты, теорию ненавижу, но зомболюди мне твердят, что надо верить или предполагать. Был случай кражи давно, и все подозревали как всегда самого наглого из коллектива. Конечно я не подозревал, учитывая мою страстную любовь к фактам, через год все узнали что этот наглый был не причем к краже. Я тоже за трезвый подход к мировоззрению.