Fallacy called Molecule.

Deceit of usage of the word «molecule» lies in the fact that this way scientists call unions of mythical atoms in biology as well as in organic and inorganic chemistry.

And they have intentionally «forgotten» that no one has even seen molecules of inorganic chemistry.
In other words, these are also mythical «formations» as well as atoms.

And big organic chemistry molecules and especially biology molecules are seen through the powerful microscopes as separate elements.

But no one has seen through the microscope their inner structure and it is fantasy of pseudo-scientists!
And it has been proved long ago that tiny biological «molecules» are living objects of nature. For example, such are viruses that represent one molecule.
This way scientists carried out a very cunning and very successful psychological attack at the people’s minds when they named the non-existing thing and the one that can really be seen, with one word.
In the result, any «dummy», teacher and professor are sure that biology molecules and inorganic and organic chemistry molecules are one and the same thing at the core, and they differ only in sizes and can be equally seen and soon will be studied through the microscopes, as well as atoms and elementary particles that are said to make them.

Thus «brilliant» in its cynicism the problem of proofs of existence of atomic and molecular structure of substance was solved

It’s totally unacceptable to name completely different objects of nature with one and the same word!

Especially, when existence of these objects in nature isn’t proved!

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