Modern schoolboy gets information about different spheres of human activities and different natural phenomena.

But this knowledge is segmental, its elements are not connected with each other with the fact of nature’s unity and consequently with the fact of unity of everything that takes place on the Earth.

Let’s for example virtually watch as the furnace charge is loaded into the blast-furnace hearth:

To do it operator must personally monitor loading of all components of the furnace charge into a skip wider, in time and depending on the situation and switching off and on all necessary aggregates.
He should also monitor furnace charge being spilled into the furnace and scoop returning back down.

Then he repeats this operation until the furnace is filled up to the necessary level.

This way loading process is performed in the mechanical mode. And people do not load components with a spade, do not carry everything on their back to the furnace, this all is done by mechanisms that are controlled directly by operator.

If loading is automatic (as it is in almost every modern production), then electric operator control chart is connected to the computer with the help of furnace charge department.

Aggregates taking part in loading of furnace charge are provided with electronic sensors «yes-no» (1-0), a programme is created and operator exerts only general control over the whole working process of the furnace, including furnace charge department.

Significant quantity of operations carried out in the strictly defined order requires presence of detached control centre with electronic program of actions.

In other words memory is required.
It is production.

And now let’s return to nature and see what researchers saw through microscope when they were studying life of biological cell:

Biology 9: Topic: Cell division. Mitosis
«… Process of division begins from prophase. Nucleus slightly grows in volume, chromosomes begin to curl up and now they are visible through microscope. Centrioles go to the cellular poles. Cleavage spindle begins to form. Nucleolus disappears, nuclear membrane disintegrates and nucleus ceases to exist (words are put in bold by me).

Here comes the next stage of mitosis — metaphase. Chromosomes are curled up to the uttermost. It is clear that each of them has different from others shape and represents an elongate body, consisting of two similar parts — chromatids. They are united into one chromosome in the area of centromere. During metaphase chromosomes each of which consists of two daughter chromatid are placed in equatorial plane of the cell. Cleavage spindle fibers going from centrioles are attached to every chromosome in the area of centromere.

After that anaphase takes place. Daughter chromatids are divided and go to cellular poles. The movement of chromatids takes place because cleavage spindle fibers become shorter and pull chromatids to cellular poles.

The last phase of metaphase is telophase. Chromatids reach cellular poles and uncurl. Now they become invisible in the microscope. Nuclear membranes are formed and two nuclei take shape. Simultaneously the division of cytoplasm takes place, organoids are divided between cells. And finally two similar cells separate from each other.

In average the process of cell division goes on for 1-2 hours and every phase for 15-20 minutes. The time space between divisions (interphase) in many multicellular organisms goes on much longer. At that time takes place preparation for division. The duplication of DNA takes place after that every chromosome consists of two similar halves — chromatids».
Close quote.

You won’t even get the drift at once! I’ll try to make it more simple:
Biological cell is called so because its cut reminds externally of a math squared notebook (in Russian a word for a cell and a square in a notebook is the same – «клетка»). A bit stretched out. In the middle there is an oval nucleus that occupies 1/3 – 1/4 of volume. Inside the nucleus there is a nucleolus.

Division of a cell starts with chromosomes becoming suddenly more distinct in nucleus.

Then someone «takes to pieces» the nucleus and it disappears from the view. Instead of the nucleus there stay only chromosomes in the centre of the cell.(!)

They look like letter Х.

Then to the left and to the right from a «pile» of chromosomes someone attaches cable hoists — centrioles at the edge of the cell.

And after that the same or another someone cuts chromosomes in the middle.

He attaches ropes-cables of cable hoists-centrioles to the halves of chromatids and pulls chromatids to the edges of the cell in equal portions to every side.

After that the cell is constricted in the middle.

Chromosomes (chromatids) again disappear from the view. But in the centre of every daughter cell nuclei, nucleoluses and other little things again appear instead of chromatids. (!)
The time comes when daughter cells grow and DNA, centrioles and other inner contents divide in them. The preparation for new cells division takes place and it includes a lot of high technology operations carried out without a mistake and in strict order. It can’t be seen in the microscope but cells grow in size.

Moreover a cell divides in reconciliation with other cells of organism and it takes into account environment conditions.
Can a division of a cell take place without a programme? Of course not!!

If modern blast furnaces, lime kilns and melting furnaces can’t be loaded with furnace charge without computers then a most difficult process that humans can’t repeat — the process of cell division that goes on with elements of «mysticism» (mysterious disappearance and appearance of the participants) requires even more powerful memory and advanced technologies.
To do it every cell has its vals-soul (supercomputer) in the invisible matter – nevima where all programme of its life is being written down.

In an organism vals of a cell is delegated into vals-soul of an organism.

DNA serves as biological «clamps-connectors», «reading units» and «wires» between solid bodied and invisible parts of a cell.

After the death of a cell its souls leaves the body and stays in nevima.
A question to the readers of this article: Why is it obvious that DNA is not the keeper of all the programme of organism’s life?

Think for the moment! Later I’ll give the right answer.
In the times of technological revolution and general computerization the question about the existence or absence of a soul is in reality one of the most idiotic. The existence of souls in living objects is absolutely obvious nowadays!
In the morning you go in the yard and see cars near houses. Dead tins.

You start an engine. Computer, light bulbs and indicator panel switch on. On the radio you hear information about traffic jams.

A car comes to life. The soul of a car, plane, plant, city is a human being.

When you cut off the ignition and leave the car it turns again into a dead tin.
When for example an animal dies its corpse isn’t anatomically different from any other living animal. Everything is on its place — head, body, paws, heart, lungs etc.

But something material has left the body, something that has put in motion all this anatomy!
It’s necessary to admit obvious things!
If you don’t want to call it «soul» then let’s call it playfully (it sounds younger) shudik. Let’s give it masculine gender instead of feminine one for its business is hard, and more substantial.

There is precise mathematical definition of this material object:

Living body minus dead body is a set makes shudik.

«Dead body as a set» means that for example that if blood was spilled then it must be present as well.
It not just some difference in weights and not difference in volumes because we don’t know how we can weigh or measure invisible matter.

A living body minus the same but dead body with all kinds of matters will make shudik.

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