22 July 1941 at 4 o’clock by Moscow time German people invited Red Army to Berlin.

It came having involuntarily visited several countries on its way

Tens of billions of people perished.
Now people of the USA prepare invitation for Russian rockets to their territory.

If they (rockets) get such an invitation, they’ll have to visit territories of friends of America that have placed weapon for attack on their territory.

When you read for example chronicles of road accidents with lethal cases it appears that many drivers guilty in such accidents were drunk or too tired. Moreover, they as a rule are people with low level of general education (low IQ) or with bad driving education (they got their license for money) or with little driving experience.

It is natural that in the head of a simple layman like myself arise such questions:

So how much should one drink or how much one should get tired to invite foreign army or foreign rockets to visit?

And what education, intelligence quotient and working experience have people that invite such «friends» to visit them?

Consequences of our actions can be pre-planned in other words desired but sometimes they can be not pre-planned — unexpected ones.

It is hard to count all actions and affairs of people during their life.

If he or she will live alone.

Life in the society dramatically in dozens of times changes number of problems. Flocking instinct and division of labour are the greatest inventions.

But the word «division» is a surprisingly capacious in the sense of actualization, accomplishment.

When work is being divided everyone strives to get easier work — whatever you have to do, better to do nothing!
Society has several most important but non-paid according to the wage scale activities. They change but they always exist.

One of them nowadays is giving birth to children and bringing them up.

It is clear that majority of people do not want to do this «work»!

Then «bad people» come and use this problem in their interests making the subdued ethnos reproduce for example to conquer territories.

There is no problem, no fact or action that wouldn’t lead to consequences, including those unexpected for participants ones!

But for profit, life in the society has an obvious risk of mass death for people because of wrong action of several people or even only one man.

For example, the mechanism of technical revolution driven by civilization gains speed. The route for it is being laid by steersman represented by fundamental science on the basis of wrong maps and that’s why desperate racing drivers will inevitably get into car accident with lethal outcome for both «cool guys».
Foolish worldview will inevitably lead to ridiculous death of civilization.
Or vice versa ridiculous worldview will lead to foolish death.

There is no third variant! It is impossible to evade consequences!

The words «foolish» and «ridiculous» I use in this case because solid bodied human civilization is condemned together with the Galaxy but it happened earlier. But civilizations not bereft of reason in this inevitable civilization manage only to pass into a new form of existence. Those who can’t do this in time, don’t do this for that foolish and ridiculous reason — love for making up stories in science.

Theories, hypotheses, models are not truth nowadays, have never been and will never be in future but they lay the direction. Actually for this purpose the theories are being created by pseudo scientists.

That’s why while theories and hypotheses are being studied in schools and universities; earth solid bodied civilization will continue its development in the wrong direction. And when it becomes obvious to everyone it will be too late to do anything. Nature does not use circulation in its evolution. Nature of the Earth will inevitably turn to stone. But «to flee» from this trouble is possible if we start to do it yesterday and no the day after tomorrow.

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