The Earth.

Literacy project for the scientists of Silicon Valley, European Nuclear Research Center (CERN), Skolkovo innovation centre, Oxford, Harvard, Novosibirsk university and other nurseries of false doctrines.

At the whole this site is an attempt to get across to people elementary information about the way things are, in other words, to eliminate ignorance in the world view. But there are bookish «scientific» answers to serious questions that are, to my mind, simply touching by its childish naivete. This childish humour I examine under the title «literacy project ». And they are designated mostly for the modern official scientific «geniuses».

The modern scientific model of the Earth looks like this:
1. Average temperature on the surface of the Earth is about 14-15oC (a fact)
2.Volcanic lava from the depth of about 100 km has the temperature 12000-1250oC (a fact)

3. The temperature on the depth of 400 km is supposedly 1600oC .(It is a supposition. If a tractor driver named it everybody would have laughed. But as it was announced by scientists, it is called «a scientific supposition»)
4. The temperature in the mythical core of the Earth is supposedly about 4000-6000 oC .(It is also a supposition. No man has ever been to the centre of the Earth and never will. That’s why one must understand that everything that is written about the insides of the Earth is clearly groundless and mostly stupid fables).

So the Earth inside, according to the scientists, is a melted and overheated «drop» of dense matter. But at the same time, it is cold outside, moreover, it is «coated» in oil, saturated by gas and covered by water and ice.(!)

Besides the temperature in the inner liquid melt supposedly varies and, according to the scientists, with the depth it grows to 5000-6000 oC .

Such virtual mythical temperature profile of the Earth appeared due to only one thing — while borehole drilling, the temperature of the soil grows at about 30 degrees after every kilometer of drilling.

According to the scientists, the Earth cools down. I mean they suppose that every planet was once upon a time the drops of liquid melt. And let it cool down! But it does it very «ignorantly». Let’s see it all in details:

So, «we have» liquid melt.
Question: Why some substances, for example, stanum melt when being heated, and others, for example, paper, at once catch fire without melting.
Or the question can be following; Why newspaper doesn’t melt before catching fire?
Answer: Paper has bad thermal conductivity and it doesn’t manage to melt before catching fire. Let’s say, thermal conductivity of polyethylene is much better and it melts before catching fire.
That means that only substances with good thermal conductivity melt!
The Earth in the heads of the scientists has almost entirely melted then it means that the planet has good thermal conductivity.

Besides, it is known that on the average all core-samples (drilling soil samples) consist of easy-melting silicates with domination of aluminosilicates.
Let’s see in what way substances with good thermal conductivity behave when being heated or cooled:

Experiment: One takes stanum or lead and melts them in the pot. The liquid melt is being heated as strong as possible. Three special thermal resistant thermometers are put into the liquid melt. One is put as closer as possible to the surface, but it doesn’t «peep out», the second one in the centre of the liquid melt and the third one as closer to the pot’s bottom as possible, but not touching the body frame.
When temperature in the cup ceases to rise, one stops heating it and watches the changes of the thermometers readings
when cooling the liquid melt.
While it is cooling down until the cup is completely cold, temperature in the centre is a bit (for bits of degree ) lower than at the periphery. Moreover, the better is thermal conductivity the lower is the temperature in the centre in contrast to the temperature at the periphery. The difference is greater if thermal conductivity is better. Air cooling at room temperature, not forced, passive. When the cooling is watery or forced then the results are different, they differ significantly but not basically. In what way? Try it, it’s interesting! But in any case, it does not work out like this — metal is solid on the surface but still liquid inside.

Then the heating is switched back on and the melting scene is being observed.
And once again the temperature in the centre is a bit lower than at the periphery all along until the cessation of the temperature rise in the pot.
All this is more understandable — heating goes from the periphery inward.
In other words, the temperature gradient of real fusion is reverse and is crucially lower than that of the scientific model of the Earth. In the pot the temperature of the middle part is always a bit lower than at the periphery. In the core of the Earth the temperature is supposedly always extremely higher than that on the surface.
Considering the results of the experiments on electrodynamics, try to forget about paranoid thermal molecular-kinetic theory (when mythical atoms and molecules tremble because of the temperature and infect their neighbours). Otherwise, your eyes will widen too often because of surprise. In reality, the heat is energomatter and it behaves as a decent matter.
Go, please, to the site of any iron and steel enterprise or better go to such plant and see how steel is teemed and rolled.

If liquid metal cooled on the outside then it would have been impossible to teem it because of the hard «foam» on the outside.

And «bar» at the rolling would have cracked all the time and sprayed liquid metal. Strictly speaking, noone heats bars to the liquid state that’s why if they cooled on the outside bars would have been like pies with jam — the crust bursts and the filling falls out.
Metal manufacture is possible only because the substances with high thermal conductivity are heated evenly simultaneously throughout with little temperature advance from the periphery inward and cool down also throughout but starting from the centre.
The heat while the cooling of «right» metals goes away from the inside first. In this case no cracking takes place.
Energy is squeezed out by acceptable pressure. Heat behaves as an independent matter and heating is not a mythical tremor of mythical metal atoms but absorption of energomatter by the object.

They ask me why do I take as an example iron, metal industry and write about the Earth as if about an iron ball?
It is the science that thinks the Earth is an iron melted ball not me. In scientific fairy tales and stories or in theories whatever you like, more earth continents float in molten magma. Rock floats. It means there is something heavier under it in liquid phase.

One science-fiction writer decided that there was gold there, but I’m not that greedy and that’s why I write that there is iron there.
While the average temperature of the solid «ball» surface with good thermal conductivity called the Earth is +15С, then temperature of its centre is certainly lower than +15oС according to all laws of practice and theory!

Moreover, diameter of the ball-body with good thermal conductivity isn’t important, it can be 2 cm or 20 000km — as long as its core doesn’t cool, the periphery will be of the same temperature with it. The faster is cooling above the greater the speed of the thermal current (energy matter) from the core.
One of these practical (available from experiments) laws is the second law of thermodynamics (energy dynamics).
For an engineer or a common citizen it’s better to put it this way:
Energy doesn’t like its own accumulation!

In any quantity. And the more accumulation is, the more it «doesn’t like it», the more is the pressure of the energy matter.
The Sun «operates» and the whole Universe rotates according to this law of nature.
The work of internal combustion engines, rocket and jet engines, all heat engines, explosives, gas and wood-burning stoves in your house etc is based on this property of energy.

Due to the high temperature, great pressure is formed in the cylinder or in the working chamber or of any machine for converting heat into motion.
Energy matter strives to “escape” and pushes the piston, turbine and creates output. It performs work

Scientists have «depicted» «out of the blue» (noone was, either directly or indirectly!) these very physical data inside the Earth- great pressure and high temperature. In this case, the energy “wind” will arise because of the high pressure of energy matter.

«Solar wind» is well known and though its source is situated very far and we get only tiny part of it, Earth civilization exists due to it.

Constant explosions take place on the Sun nearly like in the brazing lamp or jet engine, though significantly more powerful.

In the case of «scientific» melted Earth, big part of the energy is said to be literally under our feet.
And why would it obediently sit there?
Because there was such order?
There will be an explosion!
Because out of high pressure of the energy matter the powerful energetic wind will materialize that it will destroy and drag behind it everything on its way!
Why do scientists still admit the existence of such an obviously unreal model of the Earth? The main mistake is that in science heat and energy are not considered to be separate or independent matter, but represent a mythical oscillation of mythical atoms and molecules of the substance.
That’s why some pseudo-researcher takes a substance sample with good thermal conductivity, let’s say a steel or copper wire, and heats it. He registers the speed of thermal extension along the wire. He publishes the results in the reference book. Then other scientists use these data to build up various ridiculous models of heated objects.
On the one hand, it seems that it works — one end of the wire is already melting but another one is still cold! It is the same if you set up a dropping bottle on blotting paper, measure the speed with which blotting paper gets wet and write down these numbers into the reference book and then use it, for example, in the construction of hydroelectric power station. And if you do not let water drip but splash it from the pail? Where the paper will happen to be? The same situation with the wire — if big amount of energy is instantly organized, for example, an explosion of pail of tolite, full of nails, then they will fly in different directions still not heated. Energy is independent matter!
The second very significant mistake in construction of the models of inner structure of planets and stars consists in Einstein’s mistake. He proclaimed that gravity attracts energy, light in particular. In reality gravity matter expels energy matter!

The fact that a very powerful charge has just begun to explode in the centre of the Earth, is «proved», for example, on the page 49 of textbook «Geology» by N.V.Koronovski and N.A. Yasamanova ( reviewers — professor A.K. Sokolovki – Moscow geology-research academy and professor A.M. Nikishin — MSU) Publishing house «Академия». 2003 .

On the one hand, they show that free-fall acceleration in the centre of the Earth equals zero and therefore there is zero gravity.
The pressure of the top layers on the centre of the planet does not exist in such case. That’s why the pressure in the core of the Earth must also equal zero.

On the other hand, the authors name the pressure in the centre as really high — 361 hPa! At a temperature of 5000-6000oC. This is possible if the core of the Earth is in a firm leak-proof membrane and is being heated. The isochoric process. But in reality, there is no membrane and the temperature as it is written in textbooks at ascent is falling down to 15 degrees on the surface. Only one thing is left — in the centre of the Earth detonation of trotyl took place and it (detonation) «runs» to the surface.

Now there will be a bang!!
The same physical properties of the centre of the Earth are stated in other sources including the Internet. Discourses about the pressure and free-fall acceleration in the centres of the planets and stars are based on the pure logic deriving from the gravitational attraction of the objects on their surface. What really takes place there inside noone knows and noone ever will. The existing at the moment heat current coming from the depth of the Earth with average geothermic degree at 30oC for one kilometer of drilling is really possible only because of weak active online source-orbit that is situated not far from the surface. It all can be easily calculated! We should start with stationary temperature band.

According to the laws of the nature, the model of the Earth proposed by the scientists is practically impossible! In particular, it contradicts the second law of thermodynamics.

It happens that there appears in the lives of some people for some short period of time a flying object that is very hot inside but outside is cold. For example, a cold membrane and high temperature possesses a ball grenade a moment before the explosion. When trotyl has detonated and the membrane still does not «let it out». If one drills a hole of needed diameter in the membrane beforehand and puts instead of trotyl powder, then one can «let off steam» without destroying of the object. Thus, we’ll get a jet-engine. In other words, from experience on one know well enough the behavior of objects with a big inner store of the heat energy. So, creating a model of the Earth, scientists just once again «reinvented the wheel». In this very case we got a bombshell. A Great bomb-shell! We don’t need such objects and the Earth with such internal design! And abovementioned fact about the rising of the temperature of the soil with the depth, volcanoes, earthquakes etc — these are things from a completely different sphere and they do not determine or, moreover, cancel the real laws of the nature.

The Earth can cool only from the centre to the surface! And the main propelling force of such cooling is gravity matter that forces out energy matter.
And though even cafe in the cup of a pseudo-scientist cools from the bottom and not from the top still he can’t overcome the spells of being «widely recognized».
While drilling the temperature will rise only until 100 km depth is reached, then it will be constant and from 300 km it will get lower till minus something in the centre of the planet.

It is average data that takes into account polar temperatures and under ocean temperatures.
Average temperature of the «hot» Earth belt makes about 100o C. Volcanos and earthquakes happen in the result of underground natural explosions. From this point of knowledge starts the road to modern technologies of heat generation, to an undrainable source of cheap energy. For more details on this issue and structure of the Earth, please, refer to other pages of this site.
On this page I speak about well-known facts. Scientists, naturally also don’t see invalidity of a sizzling hot without any reason planet.
Even a pimple won’t appear without any cause.
But the science is still sure that it has «everything under control». What can heat the planet? Uranium, naturally! Not thermonuclear reaction after all!? For there is nothing else, as they say, in nature! Thus, another fallacy called «Natural nuclear reactor» appeared.
Dear readers, try to sort out on your own why it is a fallacy.

I’ll come back to this topic later.
Modern scientific model of the inner structure of the Earth is complete dotage and ignorance.
This model clearly shows the incapability of global science.
When temperature just evenly «grows» inside the planet regardless of the laws of nature, it vividly characterizes methods of scientific worldview creation.

Dear scientists and other story-tellers!
Dear politicians and other bosses!
Teachers, professors and parents!
It’s necessary to stop distort children’s minds immediately!
A rusty nail of disinformation is being put into a head of a child by a merciless global hammer of education and this is now the main crime against the future of the whole earth civilization!
But I understand very well that it really hard to stop all these criminal abuses against children in schools and universities.
Firstly, of all we are sure that science is right —we all walk with a rusty nail of false doctrines in our heads. That’s why we obediently endure
ignominy of «scientific» abuses against ourselves and our children.
Secondly, when there is no control of the society over the content of so-called fundamental science, it managed to create a very intricate pseudo-scientific virtual construction of false knowledge and with the help of the state educational system managed to put a system of paranoid «fundamental» clichés in every human head. These are «photosynthesis», «synthesis», «atomic structure of the matter», «Earth’s crust», «law of universal gravitation» and etc. in all natural sciences.
Besides, the most important thing is that science and education are blown to unthinkable sizes with the help of false doctrines and this is an easy way of finding bread for hundreds of millions people on the planet.

They naturally will stubbornly resist the coming «weight loss» of the science and education.
P.S. Scientists think too much about the fact that energy is attracted be celestial bodies with the help of gravitation. (Once again breaking the second rule of thermodynamics!)
For example, they think that stars attract light!?

People simpletons like me think for some reason that the Sun radiates light but they… So this is how it is! It is science! That’s why it is not difficult for them to announce that heat is kept inside the Earth by gravitation.
Experiment with promenade and fire outside: One starry summer night we walk outside into the garden. There is no wind, no ascending air currents but by morning it gets a bit chilly.

The Heat presented by the Sun goes into the space.
It is not kept by the gravitation, the other way round it pushes it away — it is the law of nature!
To keep warm and stimulate philosophical frame of mind we make a fire.

Energy doesn’t like accumulation, it disperses from the fire and we all feel warmer.
The heat from the fire also ascends and does not go into the ground.
Celestial bodies do not attract energy and, in particular, light!
Our Albert Einstein was wrong because he didn’t know the second (applicative!) thermodynamic law too and it seems he never looked at the flame!
That is why we all supposedly float on the mythical liquid melt of the Earth mantle on the mythical slabs of Earth crust.
We can’t help recollecting here the Middle age whales on whose backs the Earth floated then!

But those backs were warm unlike suggested by scientists sizzling hot vast ocean of magma.

You’re talking nonsense, dear scientists, criminal nonsense!
Mythical Earth crust, according to your strange calculations, makes 0,5-0,8% of the sizzling hot volume of the Earth. This is a mere trifle for such quantity of energy!
Even a second won’t pass.
Experiment. Water in a kettle is heated and brought to boil. Then it is turned off. While it is cooling down the water temperature at different horizons is measured. During all this time the highest temperature will be at the top of the kettle under the water surface.
Keep calm! It goes without saying that I know that thermal dynamics of water and iron is different, but start with it — mantle after all is liquid and carbonated (!).
Gradually you’ll pass to more difficult things.
Dear scientists, have the conscience, watch the «decent» solid bodies cooling down and examine their behaviour with a thermometer in the hand.

For example, pour melted lead onto oil-treated (oil and gas) and wet (world ocean) cloth. You’ll have the «oil-treated» and wet mythical Earth crust floating in the liquid melt!

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  1. 7266717

    “Разве может быть на дне океана температура ниже 0, тогда бы весь океан замёрз до дна, не верите, давайте проведём эксперимент: поставим плошку с водой в морозильник, смотрите , вода замерзла, ой-ля-ля” Таких умников как ты, сравнивающих температурные показатели в чушке расплавленного свинца с планетой, очень много, тем бесполезней их мнение, единственное правильное это название ” Записки снежного человека” его самой ТУПиковОЙ ветви.

    1. nevadmin Post author

      «Разве может быть на дне океана температура ниже 0, тогда бы весь океан замёрз до дна, не верите, давайте проведём эксперимент: поставим плошку с водой в морозильник, смотрите , вода замерзла, ой-ля-ля» – Это откуда и о чём?
      Господин, не забывайте, что написанное в учебниках внутреннее устройство Земли ВЫДУМАНО ОТ ПЕРВОГО ДО ПОСЛЕДНЕГО СЛОВА!!!

  2. tMax

    Если бы кора планеты плавала по расплавленному океану магмы, то земля не была бы геоидом( ведь именно так утверждают ученые и модель предоставляют – без океанов получается корявый кусок твердого вещества), похожий чуть ли не на скомканную сосиску, а была бы шаром. Притяжение, ценробежная сила всё это хозяйство выровняло бы кору на расплаве в относительно ровную поверхность, а океаны равномерно ее покрыли бы , ну или сместлись бы к полюсам, образовав два гигантских океана. Однако мы живем на геоиде, и поправку на это ни кто не делает, как бы бредово не выглядела теория с жидкой начинкой земли.

    И еще.. В отчетах геофизических служб регулярно указывается глубина эпицентра землетрясений. То есть место, где, по их мнению, напряжение в породе достигается критических значений и происходит “срыв”, с последующей сейсмической волной, которую мы и ощущаем. Как же тогда объяснить то, что регулярно указывается глубина эпицентра многократно превышающая толщину твердой мантии? То есть эпицентр в расплаве? Как это? И ведь эта информация ни кем не скрывается, все на виду.

    1. nevadmin Post author

      Действительно, у берегов Японии и в других местах эпицентры землетрясений всегда находятся на глубинах от 10 км. и больше. До 600 километров. А объявленная учёными толщина земной коры под океаном 7 км. И ничего. Дурацкая теория движения мифических плит мифической земной коры как была, так и есть живее всех живых. Куда там Ленину!
      Трясёт, например, упомянутую Японию, смывает, а правительству и императору до лампочки! Господа ПЕРВЫЕ, вы там что делаете на своих рабочих местах?
      Вот простой человек tMax увидел прозрачное несоответствие научной писанины с реальностью, а вы – нет! Как это понимать? Мозгов нет? Или вы все неучи?
      Люди! Не оставляйте без внимания этот и подобные факты научного маразма! Реагируйте! Теребите горе-учёных, горе-правительства, горе-президентов, горе-королей и шейхов.
      Пишите об этом в блогах, на сайтах. Интернет это трибуна!

  3. andrew koshak

    Уважаемый Снежный (не сочтите за фамильярность), Вы абсолютно точно и прозрачно подмечаете всю дурость официальной науки! В этом я с Вами абсолютно согласен, сам еще когда-то давно …в сосунковом возрасте :), бывши увлечён науками, задавал товарисчам “неудобные” вопросцы, на что те либо чесали репы, либо начинали вскипать изнутри… Так что в этом я на Вашей стороне всецело.
    Есть по проблеме изучения строения Земли одна теория, на мой взгляд, наиболее реалистичная (хотя понятно не полная пока) – это т.наз. “Земля Ларина”, замечательного, истинного учёного-умницы. Вкратце, суть в образовании “прото-земли” из довольно холодного, но чрезвычайно сильно сжатого внутренним давлением гидридного “сгустка”, который и поставляет энергию непрерывно (пока еще поставляет), притом “газя” водородом из недр, большую часть времени существования земли. Энергию, сочащуюся по по пористым структурам земной “мантии” и прогревающую СРЕДНИЕ слои земного “тела” (примерно как у Вас). Равно и в том совпадение, – однажды где-то у Вас проскочившая фраза, дескать, когда на земле еще было много водорода – говорит о сущностном (не в деталях) согласии гипотезы Ларина с Вашими представлениями. Равно у него история Земли это история потери водорода, образования на некой стадии водного покрова как реакции гидрогенизации, и — это главное – расширения (толчками, сопровождавшимися мощными геокатастрофами!) Земли этак раза в три. Понятно, самого Ларина и его гипотезу на дух не переносят господа-товарисчи “тектонисты” из академистов геологии и прочее-прочее…
    В Интернете всё это понятно есть. На его сайте есть и его книга “Гидридная Земля” и много чего интересного еще.

  4. CbI4

    Как только дошел до сравнения Земли с тиглем свинца, стало всё ясно..но собрав волю в кулак, я дочитал до предложения сходить на мет.завод и убедится лично, всё про автора стало окончательно ясно. Работаю на мет.заводе, с расплав вижу каждый день и таки он остывает с периферии, и образовывается корка из так называемого шлака.

    1. nevadmin Post author

      Бедный завод! Работник не знает даже, что шлак и металл это очень разные вещи! Дай Бог, чтобы ты был не главный инженер!

  5. CbI4

    Да нет, завод богатый. А работник в полне знает, что такое шлак и металл, и работник в полне знает, что когда этот расплав застывает в слитки, при их дробление центр всегда горячея. Так что бедный ваш сайт, вы редкостный невежда.

    1. nevadmin Post author

      С поведением горячего металла люди встречаются редко. С мокрой землёй – чаще. Так вот, когда высыхают верхние слои земли, то они вынуждены растрескиваться, потому что нижние слои высыхают медленнее и поэтому сжимаются меньше. Когда сушим кирпич, то глина с добавлением песка уплотнена до образования капиляров и раскладываются не на Солнце, а в тени и на решетке. То есть добиваются, чтобы все слои высыхали одновременно. Опыт.
      Так и металл. При охлаждении он сжимается. Если глубже металл будет охлаждаться медленнее и поэтому меньше сжиматься, то чушка неизбежно растрескается. Наука утверждает, что Земля охлаждается. При этом снизу “нарисовали” лаву, по которой пустили плавать холодную мифическую так называемую земную кору, холодную до постоянных минусов на шапках. Такого охлаждения в природе не бывает! Это полный дебилизм!