The Sun.

Literacy project for the scientists of Silicon Valley, European Nuclear Research Center (CERN), Skolkovo innovation centre, Novosibirsk university and other nurseries of false doctrines.
Modern scientific Solar model looks like this:
(You can open a book or Wikipedia and find confirmation)
1.Inner structure of the Sun
It is entirely made up because no rigid-bodied human being will ever «look» inside the Sun!
It can be compared to a blind from the birth person who decided to paint a countryside landscape in multi-coloured water-colours.
Methodology of «studying» the inner structure of the star is following:
Scientists «caught» some strange emissions, that are claimed to come from within the Sun and «took into the account» concocted out of thin air «data» of so-called helioseismology — and these facts are fed to people.
But whether the Star structured in reality as they have made it up or not, naturally noone knows but they support each other to seem «widely recognized» and concoct all these things racing each other — make their living.
Solar Core
It is said that thermonuclear reactions take place in it. And thermonuclear reactions began there when some important in the science simpleton found out about thermonuclear explosion and naturally all this dawned on him.
I presume that this dotage of this claim about existence of this object (core) is obvious to everyone. As well as the same case with radiation transfer zone and convective zone inside the Sun — sheer criminal fable that demands close attention of the prosecutor’s office and not discussions. Of course there is no evidence of the existence of thermonuclear reaction inside the Sun but for probably an exclamation : «But why? From where comes all this energy then?!». Nuclear radius=150000km., the density is 150 times higher than water density, temperature is more than 14 million degrees Kelvin. Before all these «data» one must also put a word «supposedly» while scientists do not know the reality because of the total inaccessibility of the mythical Solar core.

Radiation transfer zone
Little is written about it and so «obscurely» that an adequate person won’t understand anything anyway. That’s why I skip it.
Convective zone
Here supposedly takes place the energy transfer by interfusion in contrast to the radiation transfer zone where there is supposedly no mass motion (the density set there is high as if they really know that it matters). By the way, inside the Earth no convective zone is appointed. That’s a shame — there is liquid state but no interfusion!
Pseudoscientists couldn’t allocate the presence of convective processes inside the Earth for a strong reason — the mythical Earth crust will burn away. They had to annul the convection.

2. Solar atmosphere
It is a visible surface of the Sun. Its thickness is about 320 km and the average temperature 5800oК.
Its thickness is about 10000km., temperature ranges from 4000oК at the bottom to 15000oК at the top of the chromosphere.
Temperature ranges from 600000oК closer to the Sun to 5000000oК at the top.
Thus, as well as in the case with the Earth pseudoscientists «created» a bomb out of the Sun, but now a thermonuclear one. Creators of such energetic model of the Sun are complete boneheads in physics especially in thermodynamics. Moreover, scientists are at odds with common sense- they draw a long road of photons from their mythical motherland -nucleus to the Solar atmosphere during millions of years — they claim the density there is so high that poor photon has to go «through» the particles many times. (!) At the same time scientists don’t pay attention to the transparent fact that gravitation does not attract the energy, but fends it off. If it is Solar gravitation then it will be powerful expulsive force!
From life experience, that is in this case the second law of thermodynamics, it follows that accumulation of such enormous amount of energy, that scientists forced into a rigid-bodied piece of matter — Sun + titanic expulsive for energomatter gravity force in total will lead to immediate explosion of enormous power. We are very lucky that the Sun still doesn’t know about its «structure», otherwise it would burst with laughter and we are doomed! At the same time it’s clearly seen that all processes with the release of energy take place largely in chromosphere of the Sun.
Deeper the temperature is lower. Under photosphere there is rigid body boiling surface.
It cools to the solid state the deeper it is. At a depth up to 20 000 km take place natural subsolar explosions with the release of great amount of the stones and dust into the photosphere. In the result spots appear on the Sun. In its depth the Sun cools to minus 150-160 oС in the centre. There is great amount of oil, gas and other organics inside the Sun as well as water that appeared during the past history of the system without light yet with the help of invisible universal matter.
Biological cellular objects and plants weren’t present in the system at those times.
Energomatter reproduction on the Sun occurs because of spare energy and «spare» invisible matter in the «warm» torrent of invisible universal matter when it is mixed with «cold» invisible universal matter. As well as with the meeting of warm and cold air in the Earth atmosphere there is precipitation and great amount of energy is released in the form of wind and storm.
It is clear that when you know real structure of the Sun, Solar system and planets, all this «scientific» nonsense on this subject seems ridiculous. But there are extremely obvious things. For example, how can it be inapprehensible that Solar system is one organism and everything that happens inside the Sun happens with other planets as well? Or does nature make up specific laws for every space object?
That’s why it is necessary to «turn on» thermonuclear reactions in all other planets if you «turn it on» in the Sun and not blurt out everything that comes to one’s mind.

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3 thoughts on “The Sun.

  1. andrew koshak

    “Это нам ещё очень повезло, что Солнце пока не знает об этом своём «устройстве», а то оно лопнет от смеха и нам — капец!”
    Дык скоро узнает – вон учёные космический интернет тянуть… скоро и Солнышко в Сети окажется, прочитает материалы и… 😉
    Ну а теперь чуть серьезнее. Вы пишите: “Размножение энергоматерии на Солнце происходит за счет излишней энергии и «лишней» невидимой материи в «тёплом» потоке невимы при его перемешивании с «холодной» невимой”.
    Ладушки! Вы вроде бы не отрицаете, что в “короне” градиент т-ур “обратный” – сверху (снаружи) т-ра аж 5 млн град., к видимой “фотосфере” (как бы поверхности Солнца) всего 5 тыс.
    Ну и как это объясняете?
    Право слово, очень интересно узнать об этом из высших сфер Знаний.

    1. nevadmin Post author

      Все размножения вещества и энергоматерии происходят в микропространстве и времени.
      В режиме звёздного времени это мгновенно.
      Если условия плохие, то всё происходит не заметно для человека. Когда же размножится заметное количество, то в нашем времени это воспринимается как взрывы разной мощности.
      Сейчас Солнце, Земля и другие планеты растут. В них и вокруг происходит размножение вещества и различных материй.
      Земля растёт – материки разъезжаются. Наиболее активное размножение вещества и энергоматерии происходит во внутренней сфере Земли, обозначенной эпицентрами землетрясений. Это места взрывов-размножений.
      На Солнце тоже есть такая сфера и тоже взрывы. Только неизмеримо мощнее. Наиболее мощные “обозначаются” солнечными пятнами.
      Но наибольшее количество энергоматерии размножается в атмосфере Солнца. Идёт непрерывная “гроза” чудовищной мощности.
      Чтобы в таких условиях было возможно существование звёзд, чтобы они не перегревались, существует гравитационная материя. Она собирает в кучу вещество, а энергоматерию, наоборот удаляет. Вещество тонет, энергоматерия -всплывает в гравиматерии. В результате внутри Солнца почти космический холод минус 160 градусов, внутри Земли – 0 +15 градусов.