Whirl of invisible matter.

Literacy project for the scientists of Silicon Valley, European Nuclear Research Center (CERN), Skolkovo innovation centre, MSU, Novosibirsk university and other nurseries of false doctrines.

The movement of the body along a continous curve or circlewise is possible only in two cases:
1. Dot body has its own engine +turning device. For example, a plane can perform aerobatic maneuvers .

2. Dot body participates passively in the common material flow. For example, it is a detail or a passenger of a merry-go-round or dust swirls taken by air whirl.
That’s all, there are no other variants!

For celestial bodies these conditions of non-linear motion existence are also necessary to the full extent.

If natural or artificial celestial body does not have its own propeller + turning device but at the same time moves along continuous curve or circlewise then it is «glued» into the common material flow!

The fact that people haven’t learnt to fond this matter yet does not cancel the laws of mechanics!
Saturn is «cool» because of its circles.

One can see very well that around this planet there exists non-uniform flow of invisible to people matter, «coloured» by many rocks and dust.
If we put Saturn mentally between two saucers then we’ll get «a flying saucer».

Our Galaxy and Solar system have the same view.
It is not just a coincidence but a way of transferring and getting energy in the invisible matter that forms the Universe.

Shape of birds’ wings, gliders, hang-gliders, that use energy of ascending air currents has its own peculiarities.

Solar system structure is something like this. Page The Invisible matter.

Circular motion of planets, that are «not glued» to rotating around its axis body and that don’t have their own engines is impossible! Such thing can’t be, no matter if science exists or not.

And it doesn’t matter if there exist long-range forces of attraction or centrifugal forces in nature or not.
Ignorance of this simple fact is enormous disgrace for every scientist without any exception and regardless specialization profile (we all studied at school once)!

As long as there exists modern model of Solar system with planets that are flying circle-wise on their own, all long as in the textbooks there exists Universe created in the result of explosion, we can’t speak about existence of science.

For example, mister Newton’s law of gravitation according to which planets perform a lot of work under the forces of mutual attraction is a description of space perpetual
engine of some unknown construction – attraction forces are bound to instantly attract celestial stones to each other, but they suddenly against laws of motion make them move circle wise (!!!). Everything can be checked in a very simple way — an egg is pushed off the table and it falls down on the floor. However, according to Newton, it should have moved along the floor and bump into the wall.

If academic hordes do not understand it, then it is necessary to immediately re-educate those of them who are young and to pension off some of them, depriving them of the right to pursue science for the life term.

If they understand it but continue to deceive people, then it is criminal offence and society is obliged to respond to it accordingly.
Let’s recall the way cyclone looks like.

At the base of this atmospheric phenomenon lies an air whirl that was formed when warm and cold air met.
It’s incompetent to say that cyclone is a weird concentration of clouds.
Clouds are formed in the result of water vapor condensation and make air whirl visible.
And that’s how galaxy looks like.

One doesn’t have to possess rich imagination to «see» what lies at the base of galactic «cyclone».

Galaxy is formed when «warm» and «cold» masses of invisible to human being universal matter meet. In the result, «condensation» of matter takes place.
Stars that make galactic whirl visible are formed.
On this page and also on pages «The Earth», «The Sun», «Tidal bringdown», «Elements» I’m not just polemizing, but I’m openly trying to liquidate elementary worldview illiteracy of the leading scientists of the planet, because I really see invisible matter and celestial mechanics — we have more sense organs than people.

For example, the Earth is a part of a ring- «binder» of invisible matter that is rotating around the Sun like a hula hoop.
But it isn’t rigid and it changes a bit its configuration in the process of rotation.
Thus, transmission of rotation energy from galactic whirl of invisible matter to solar system whirl takes place.

The Earth orbit rotates, so to say.
Dear messieurs scientists and politicians!

Level of Earth civilization development is already sufficient for you to see without a great deal of difficulty, if you really want, its
worldview bloopers and help society to get rid of them at last.
I ask you, please, do not disgrace Humanity before nevi and bochs with your absurd theories!
Cast away your pride, indignation and other feelings (positive ones as well) that my site probably awakens in you and approach to understanding of the natural facts in calm and impartial way (Dzerzhinsky style!).
To make sense of what is written in the textbooks and scientific works isn’t more difficult than decipher account books.
Streams of «scientific» disinformation are entangled in more cunning way than financial streams.

Global unintelligible «scientific» language which basis is made up by artificial farfetched mathematization isn’t more difficult than Chinese puzzle.

Words «proved» and «not proved» aren’t scientific terms, but more likely legal concepts.
It’s necessary to find out immediately the validity of the set by science stamp «Proved» in every single case!
Moreover, the investigators even can be unaware of what it is all about.
Politicians and just common people, not scientists by profession do not have to be afraid of «bringing shame on themselves» while solving the issues of worldview — researchers and good leaders are always required for society. And modern worldview that is far from being scientific and worldview at all is complete dotage. Here we have totally so-called uncharted territory for clever people.

The one who will be the first to wash away all the school and university lies out of his/her head, open his eyes and base his/her worldview on the solid groundwork of real knowledge, will be in the end among the most useful for society thinkers. He/she will be much in demand.

Worldview is war and peace. To be more exact it is either war or peace.

If the facts accumulated by the civilization are analyzed in proper way, contents of natural science and official worldview will become absolutely crystal clear to every citizen.
Gradually the mess in the heads will disappear.
Realistic worldview is the basis and guaranty of interstate, religious, interethnic and social peace.

The content of scientific worldview is prerogative of the society, in other words — of politicians.

Dear bosses, methodology of professional formation of people is well known.

Method of achieving your today’s position in the society is the only one — each of you managed in due season «to be in the right place at the right time», to choose the right track.

It is neither bad, nor good; it’s just that there is no other possible way.
People are pack animals, that’s why they can lead a creative life and move forward only in the society.

And there is only one way to get at the head of intellectual stream — to move much faster than all others in the stream.

You managed to do it.
Now you are a «shepherd» and are at the head of the stream.
So choose the right direction!
If you are a young reader of this site then my appeal is addressed to you to even greater extent, though you are far from being a «shepherd» yet.

Time flies fast!
As long as Earth human civilization doesn’t know that void doesn’t exist in nature, that Universe is 99% made of invisible for people many different matters, it stands NOWHERE in its development! Even not in the beginning of the road, but rather in a…
People are pack animals and all vip-persons of the planet play the role of «sheep» whether they want it or not. That’s why there is constant attention to them; also they are followed by the rest of a silly human biomass.
All prominent people must remember about it and are obliged to understand the issues of worldview.

Don’t Obama or Queen of Great Britain, or Alferov or Pugacheva and all her «birldlings» and all other singers, musicians, football players, trainers, hockey players and wives of oligarchs know what will happen if their car suddenly on turn shoots out onto the road covered in something slippery and loses control?

Or they don’t know what will happen if an object is pulled only in one direction?
So why do they let themselves be fooled?

People, I don’t demand you to reject pleasures, but it’s necessary to do something really useful for people in this life so that they would remember you with gratitude and would be sad, not happy, hearing about your death.

Please, have the conscience, tell the young the truth. For a start, see to the increase in the attendance of my site, it is much more useful than their attending some modern schools and universities. Or tell them about school and university fallacies in some other way that is more appropriate for you.

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    Наверно, невидимую материю можно почувствовать представив себя погруженным
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    Делать только самое необходимое и всегда возвращаться в это состояние спокойствия.
    Мысль будет возникать как вспышка.
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