Solar system.

All star systems, including our Solar system constitute rotating vortices of invisible matter. The Solar system vortex looks like a “flying saucer,” but very small and flat one.

Do you remember how Saturn with its famous rings looks?
If not, take a look in a book on astronomy or Wikipedia, please. Now trace a smooth line around the planet and the rings imaginatively or with a pen. You’ll get a classic “flying saucer”!

If people could see non-equilibrium vortices of invisible matter, all celestial bodies would be brought before him in the form of “saucers” of different “depth”.
This design is not a tribute to celestial fashion.

Disk-shaped vortices of invisible matter transfer energy (rotational motion in particular) from invisible matter to the solid.

Atmospheric and inner-planetary vortices evolve on the same principle.
Therefore aircrafts of Bochs also have such a form – there is no need to refuel, the energy comes directly from the environment. It reminds of sailing-ships.

It is time for people to change to such aircrafts too. There is nothing particularly complex in their design. The only difficulty in the creating process results from engineers and scientists’ heavy minds.
When two flows of invisible matter with different “information” meet in the Universe, then a vortex of invisible matter evolves. As well as at the meeting of warm and cold air in the atmosphere there appears an atmospheric vortex – cyclone, which people see from space due to the clouds of water vapor, and at the meeting of arrays of “warm” and “cold” of invisible universal matter, first a kmar invisible vortex cloud appears in the Universe, then it turns into a hydrogen cloud, also invisible, and finally – into a cross-stony visible cloud. In telescopes it reveals itself because it does not permit the light of distant galaxies through. This inherent nature of a cross-stony cloud your so-called scientists account for the fact that light, supposedly, can not overcome the superpowerful gravity of an ultra-dense luminous object located there. They called this celestial body a black hole.
Firstly, light has no mass, and all other factors that are inherent in the solid body. Therefore, gravitational fields do not influence it.

According to the definition of your scientists, matter is a substance or field. So I let myself use the concepts of “gravitational field” and “gravitational matter” equally.

Secondly, gravitational fields are short range, feeble fields. They are prominent in the construction of the Solar system, but not as it is written in your scientific and educational literature.

In particular, the rise and fall of the tides of the world ocean on the Earth is not the attraction of the Moon, but the interaction between invisible universal matter vortices of the Earth and the Moon.
I see it well.

By the way, the fact that the Moon “keeps an eye open for the Earth”, is also caused by the specificity of this interaction.
Let’s assume that what is written in the textbooks about celestial mechanics is true. Assume that a universal gravitation really exists and the Moon 24 hours a day “bear-leads” a tidal wave of the Earth. A huge amount of energy is needed for that. Considerably more than the entire human civilization produces. The Moon will experience significant inhibition, and there is nothing to compensate for it.

The law of gravitation indicates only one force – the force of attraction, which is always directed perpendicular to the velocity vector of the Moon and therefore does not affect the velocity of this speed.
Gravitation can not change the speed of orbiting of celestial bodies.

An untwisting force is not specified. Your science does not mention the reason for rotating of galaxies and star systems.

What force causes natural satellites revolve around the planets, and the planets themselves, their satellites and other celestial bodies – around their axes?

Satellites exist due to fuel energy expended in their acceleration. If they are not accelerated anymore, the satellites fall on the Earth.

But there are orbits in which relatively small solid bodies transform into natural satellites. Thereby, they are supplied with energy from the vortex of invisible matter and may exist in orbits forever (while the planet exists).

So it is possible to create artificial “rings of Saturn” around any planet, for example, around the Earth.
The Solar system is a system of solids in dynamic equilibrium. According to the laws of mechanics, dynamic equilibrium is possible only if there is an even number of balanced forces. That is, in dynamic equilibrium, every action force necessarily has a similar reaction force. Otherwise, dynamics either increases or decays.

The law of gravitation has only one force – the force of attraction; that is why it is not a law, but a deception about universal gravitation. Under the influence of the force of attraction only the Universe will collapse immediately.

It is good that the Universe is apparently not aware of the existence of the law of universal gravitation.
As a result of the labor to produce the tidal wave, the speed of the Moon around the Earth will be reduced, it will approach the Earth and the attraction will be increased. Tide will be higher, slowdown of the Moon will increase and it will come closer to the Earth. As a result, again … In short, you do not have time to finish reading this page to the end, the Moon will fall on the Earth.

I wish it were a new moon and just a small crescent fell from the sky, and it would be better it fell somewhere in the end of the garden or on the wasteland near the village.
While reading sorts of scientific writings you acquire a feeling that the famous “Evenings on a Farm near Dikanka” (a collection of short stories by Nikolai Gogol – editor’s note), the law of universal gravitation and almost all other laws, theories and hypotheses were written by one and the same person.
There is another philosophical application of your scientists’ law of universal gravitation. They believe that the Universe appeared as a result of an over-fabulous Big Bang. (!) Allegedly, a super-dense lump of matter exploded, compressed by gravitational field. However scientists modestly dissemble why an opaque massif of dust, stones and other scraps suddenly turned into a transparent and luminous cluster of rotating objects.

All objects in the Universe do rotate!

In addition, as a result of the explosion in space there should have appeared a strict sphere with no substance in it!

If you detonate a grenade in space inside a feather pillow, the shatters, feathers and smoke will fly in different directions at the same speed. Feathers and smoke will not leave off the steel shatters, because there is no air resistance in space. There is no air and no other substances at all. A growing in size ball will appear, inside which there will be no smoke, feathers and shatters.
Therefore, if the Big Bang really was, we must look at the sky from a thin spherical shell, formed as a result of the explosion, and the view of the sky should be totally different. The authors of the Big Bang theory haven’t gone to school or have gone to a very bad school.

Your scientists represent the evolution of the Galaxy as follows:

The largest stones attract the smaller ones under the influence of gravitational forces. Thus future stars and planets appear.

We will not go into details, but consider the possibility of such development with specific reference.
In our solar system there is the planet Saturn, surrounded by the famous rings of small objects.

Once the largest and the most forward-minded stone of Saturn’s rings read somewhere that there is the law of universal gravitation, rejoiced, considered himself a future planet and began to attract smaller neighbors.

As a result, the mass of the stone and its attraction to Saturn increased. The stone began to fall and burned in the atmosphere of Saturn.

They say he managed to shout that there is no need to attract anything.

I do not know whether they heard him and what happened after that, but no one else ever since tried to turn into a planet.
In reality, the following happens:
Before there appeared gravity, the galaxy had seen many changes.

When the mass of the matter reached critical value, the galaxy configured for a mode of micro-time and all rock dust inside the galactic vortex instantly split into a great number of stellar vortices with their time. Then, as a result of the rotation of invisible matter and according to the laws of this rotation, the matter started to screw up to the center and to the middle plane inside the vortex. After reaching a critical mass the Solar system vortex configured for a mode of micro-time and instantly split into a central ball vortex, the Solar vortex itself and planetary disc-shaped vortices.

The Solar ball vortex didn’t split anymore, and planetary vortices at some point instantly split into actual planetary ball vortices and ball vortices of their satellites.

Ball vortices don’t split anymore. According to the laws of rotation of the vortices of invisible matter, the matter screw up to the vortex center. After reaching a certain density of the matter, there appears gravitational matter and it begins to multiply. The substance falls, sinking in the gravitational matter to the center of the vortex on all sides. Gradually the Earth and the Moon appear.

The vortex of Saturn is not completely a ball one, but it is not disc-shaped, so it did not split into the planetary vortex and the vortices of its satellites. The substance screwed up to the middle plane of Saturn, remained in its original form and in the rings there can be found original stone crosses.
Khmar is a formless micro-vortex of invisible universal matter. Khmars can amalgamate, expand and acquire a particular shape depending on their size. Thus appear micro-vortices of invisible universal matter underlying particular substances – hydrogen, oxygen, iron, and others.

From the beginning clots of free information of invisible universal matter “cling” to the khmars. They determine the “after-life” of the khmar. At some point, if there is a favorable situation, a copy of a Sun vals, defunct with its galaxy in the distant past, clings to some stone crosslet. So the Sun multiplies in the Universe. The new star develops after a ready template, but changes can occur. Like a river flowing through a corridor, can change it.

After the khmar in the galactic vortex of invisible universal matter appears and multiplies hydrogen on khmars. After hydrogen appears and multiplies fore-cobble on hydrogen and khmars. It is carbonate composition. In form it is a flat stone in the shape of a cross, because fore-cobble has axis of the most active multiplication located crosswise in one (median) plane. The cross can “ramify”. Some specimens grow in the “snowflakes” the size of a mountain, but they are flat. Thus appears a cross-stone rotor cloud referred to above.

Gradually galactic vortex becomes non-homogeneous. There appear clusters and flows of fore-cobbles. Finally, after the formation of a critical mass of a solid body, the entire mass instantly splits into star vortices.

In order to imagine a star vortex, take a two-page opening of a newspaper and scissor the biggest circle out of it. Then imaginatively sharpen the sheet on both sides from the center to the edges gradually “to zero.” In section you’ll get a flat disk. Take a poppy seed, cut it in half and glue the halves on both sides to the center of the newspaper disk. The poppy seed will shine – the Sun will be inside of it. The edges of the disc also shine faintly – the substance ejected beyond the rotating disk disappears, burning with cold fire.

Inside the disc there is inner space, outside the disc – outside space.
This form is typical of the solar vortex of invisible universal matter. The Sun itself and planets are thousand times smaller and they will be located inside the vortex. The Sun will be in the center, planets and comets – in the centre circle 10 centimeters in diameter inside the newspaper disc.

Inside the solar vortex there continue to appear new stone “snowflakes” and grow old ones. Simultaneously cobblestones, khmars and hydrogen gradually pinch together to the middle plane and the center of the vortex in accordance with the laws of the vortex matter.

At some point, when the mass of the solid body becomes critical, it immediately splits into vortices of the Sun and the Solar system planets’ vortices. The invisible universal matter vortex of the Sun has a spherical shape and no longer splits, and planetary vortices are disc-shaped but not so flat and split again producing actual planetary vortices and satellite vortices, and they no longer split.

Before continuing, I’ll digress and tell you about the structure of the Sun and planets and human legends about their construction.

People do not have a single fact about the internal structure of celestial bodies, because they are far away. They do not know either how the Earth is organized, because they “picked” very little, and will never drill deep enough. Observation of the blast wave reflected from deep horizons of the Earth – is guess-work, so deciphering of echo-waves does not reflect the reality. How can you decipher when the code is unknown? You can’t ever check the coincidence with the reality!

Lacking facts, but guided by the children’s desire to explain everything, your pseudo scientists have drawn a very funny picture of the internal structure of the Earth and the Sun:
During hole making people discovered that the ground temperature increased to the deep by a mean of 30 degrees in 1 kilometer. Without hesitation they multiplied meters to degrees and found that continents and oceans (the Earth’s crust) float on the melting (the same three pillars!!!) And in the center of the Earth they appointed the temperature of 5000 degrees.
Thus, the scientific picture of the internal structure of the Earth is this: a cold shell on the top, the melting underneath, the deeper, the hotter, with very high temperature and pressure at the center of the “ball.”
This picture I see many thousands of times every day in the earthly reality. But not inside the Earth.

It looks like a bomb, a shell, a grenade, a cartridge a moment before the explosion or shot.

At the time, when trinitrotoluene has detonated in the bomb or gunpowder has burnt in the cartridge, but there are no external changes yet.

The pressure and temperature inside are very high, but the cold shell prevents the explosion for a moment.

That is exactly the moment your valiant scientists present as the internal structure of the Earth.

In other words the Earth would have exploded long ago, if what they invented were reality.

Energy totally objects its own accumulation and this fact is well known to scientists and engineers.

People intentionally create accumulation of energy and then use the ambition of energy “for unrestraint” to do the work. It is used, for example, in internal-combustion engines or turbines.

Who, then, draws such ridiculous pictures of the internal structure of stars and planets?

I want to draw the attention of the readers to the fact that people do not and can’t have any facts of the internal structure of celestial bodies!
Inside the Sun, scientists appointed the temperature millions of degrees more than on its surface. This thermodynamic model must instantly explode.

Your scientists had better go to blast furnaces or a forge! They should study how heated matter behaves; how it runs hot and gets cold. They should study thermodynamics.

I see the following picture with my own eyes: The Earth has a belt zone of patchy multiplication of nitrogen and energy matter on hydrogen and its derivatives. To put it shortly, I will not repeat every time “multiplication of nitrogen and energy matter”, I shall refer to nitrogen only.

In the necessary conditions arise nitrogen multiplies instantly, an underground burst occurs, people feel an earthquake.

Since the conditions for the multiplication of nitrogen do not form at one point, but in a certain volume, first occur micro-explosions (and animals feel them), then follow one or several large bursts and at the end – micro-explosions again.

Similarly nitrogen multiplies in the atmosphere during a thunderstorm. First, a “beard” of micro-explosions-lightnings appears, and then comes the big burst-lightning.

If during a thunderstorm there occurs sluggish multiplication of nitrogen, then a fireball evolves that can end in an explosion or quietly disappear when the multiplication of nitrogen in it stops.
As a result of underground bursts there appears a molten rock lens. When nitrogen multiplies quite close to the surface, or when a series of explosions goes vertically up (underground “lightning”), a volcano is formed. Then sluggish multiplication of nitrogen runs in the lens, which can again go to explosions or quietly stop for a while or forever.

Average maximum temperature of the active zone of the Earth is 100 degrees. It lies mainly at depth of 10 – 150 km from the surface.

On the Sun such explosions occur at depth of 10,000 km and deeper. In TNT equivalent, an explosion equal to the total mass of all the planets in the Solar system emits so many stones, dust and smoke in the atmosphere of the Sun that astronomers see a stain on the face of the Sun.
Energy is one of the forms of matter. Brownian motion proves it.

Brownian particles move in the flows of energy, and not because of the impulses of atoms or molecules that do not exist. But even if atoms really existed, their size is announced tens or hundreds of thousands of times smaller than the smallest of the Brownian particle, which by definition consists of atoms and molecules similar to the jolting ones. Is it possible to budge a tank, throwing eggs at it? Especially if the impact is be the same on all sides.

The reason for the discomfiture with Brownian motion is that it was discovered long ago and the size of the fabulous atoms was declared recently.

No one bothered to verify compliance of the new with the old theories and explanations. However, this situation is part of a system in your science.
Energy emerges in gravitational fields, therefore the temperature in the center of the Earth is around zero degrees Celsius. The temperature in the center of Saturn and Jupiter is -30 and -40 degrees, because there are more dense gravitational fields there.

The highest density of the gravitational field is in the Sun; therefore the temperature in the center of the Sun is -150 degrees Celsius. It is more properly to say “gravitational matter” and not “gravitational field” because gravity is one of the forms of matter, gravitating toward the solid.

The Earth does not have the crust floating on the melt. There are no tectonic plates, crust fractures and other ridiculous inventions.

Take a ball, draw a “tectonic plate” on it and budge it imaginatively.

Better yet budge a domino knuckle in an array of tightly packed knuckles. And look what you should have at the front, at the rear and on each side of a hypothetical moving plate.

And at the same time!

For example, earthquakes should occur around the perimeter of the tectonic plate at the same time, if earthquakes occur as a result of shifts in crustal plates (as scientists say).

There is nothing like this in reality.
People love to play with scale.

Let us imaginatively reduce the Earth to the size of a billiard ball.

Then the thickness of the hypothetical Earth’s crust at the thickest point is equal to the thickness of an egg shell, and in its thinnest point – thinner than tissue paper.

These thicknesses are not measured but hypothetical. It is impossible to measure something what does not exist, and people can’t drill so deep, as announced, but not measured crustal thickness is 20 – 70 kilometers.

Let us heat our ball almost to the melting point of iron, wrap it with something non-burning, thick as eggshell, and put a cockroach on it.

Am I a monster?! And are your scientists not monsters? They have “put” you on such a heated “burner”, but not me.

Real terrestrial rocks do not possess exceptional thermal insulation properties, moreover, they conduct heat well enough.

You’ll be fried, if the Earth had so much heating energy in it as scientists say.

This is nothing less than pornography!
However, let us continue to observe the Solar system construction.
The most important formation in the Solar System, except for the Sun, is the middle plane.
To be continued.

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  1. Владислав

    Всё это жутко интересно, откуда и как была почерпнута информация, возможны ли ошибки в трактовке состава вселенной и солнечной системы? Как донести информацию для тех кто не хочет её получать притом находиться в здравом смысле и твёрдой памяти. Люди равнодушны по своей сути, по этому им удаётся втереть любую херню за правду. Нельзя изменить общество не поменяв качество информации и знаний внутри самого общества. Что вы думаете по этим вопросам. Прошу прощения за сумбурность высказываний. Вголове и так каша. От потока дурной информации.

  2. Сергей

    Во-первых: на частицы, скорость которых около или равна скорости света, механика Ньютона не действует, для этого есть ОТО. А Ньютоновская – это частный случай ОТО. Во-вторых: на тела действует не только сила тяготения. Не надо забывать что тела движется в пространстве-времени.
    И несколько вопросов к вашей гипотезе: 1. С чего вы взяли что вихри именно такой формы, а не в форме кукурузы например?
    2. Чем ваша гипотеза лучше уже имеющейся теории, которая подтверждена практически (GPS- навигация использует поправки на ОТО), и можно ли предсказать какие-либо события хотя бы для нашей солнечной системы?

  3. andrew koshak

    Замечу вскользь: “косоголовость инженеров и учёных” – для первых всё это “подневольный” в ментальном рабстве труд; а вот для вторых, – “ведущих” эту цивилизацию прямиком в пропасть! – это следствие их всецелой “квадратноголовости” (по форме академ головного убора ;))…
    А уж если философически серьёзно, так это всё следствие действия на умы того воистину дьявольского конгломерата: (а) догматизма, лежащего в основе кланового сговора современной “фундаментальной” науки; (б) конформизма, как ставшего “ведущим и направляющим” морально-этическим качеством типичного “учёного” эпохи “торжества научно-технического прогресса” (еще одна составляющая материалистической идеологии: вера в пресловутый “прогресс”); и (в) природного свойства ума, но таки преодолимого “постом и молитвою” (;)) склонного к стереотипипности, – ума типичного “заученного учёного”, и академиста – в особенности…
    Как то так. А в остальном Вы здесь копитальненько этак “приложили” господ-товарисчей учёных корешей! (в восторге катаюсь по дисплею!)
    Кстати, насчёт Ньтона и законов его имени… Вы же знаете, что он постулировал ВЗАИМОдействие – взаимопритяжение ПАРНЫХ “тел”. Он же затем “бился головой” о математику 🙂 в желании вычислять задачу “трёх тел”, да так и признал, что она неразрешима… Он только не сумел прозреть, – как Вам это “посчастливилось” силою ума – свести всё воедино.
    Так что Ньютона я бы не относил к догматикам! Ну а его неразумные догматики-последователи, возведшие в догму “закон Ньютона” – о них уже много чего было сказано…
    А вот Ваши выражения типа: “Энергия это один из видов материи” говорят о Вашем так и не преодолённом врутреннем, мировоззренческ4и обусловленном стремлении к ДОГМАМ материализма!.. 🙁 Увы Вам тут!

    1. Сергей

      Во всех пяти известных на данный момент точных решениях отношения расстояний между телами остаются неизменными.

      Первые три решения были найдены Эйлером. Они имеют место, когда все три тела находятся на одной прямой. В этом случае имеют место 3 возможных последовательности расположения (третье тело находится между двумя другими, либо слева или справа от обоих). Такое движение называется коллинеарным.

      Ещё два решения нашел в 1772 году Лагранж. В них треугольник, образованный телами, сохраняется равносторонним, вращаясь в пространстве либо по часовой стрелке, либо против часовой стрелки.
      В 2013 году сербские учёные Милован Шуваков (Milovan Šuvakov) и Велько Дмитрашинович (Veljko Dmitrašinović) из Института Физики в Белграде нашли 13 новых частных решений для задачи трёх тел, при которых движение системы из трёх одинаковых по массе объектов будет происходить в повторяющемся цикле.