The discovery of electron.

One evening on April 29th 1897 in the Royal Society J.J. Tomson reported about his experiments with cathode rays. There he presented his hypothesis that there exists matter disintegrated into parts even smaller than atoms.

Before and after it there were a lot of experiments and publications on this topic, but «birthday» of an electron as a particle is to be considered 29.04.1897.
Even in the «ancient» science it was decided and decreed that minimal quantity of the substance will be called «atom».
For example, atom of iron should possess all the properties of that metal – hardness, plasticity, thermal conduction etc.

If it does not have those properties — then it’s not iron, but something else. By definition.

Elements of the Mendeleev’s table are bereft of all physical properties. In other words, it’s not substance. In reality physics was left without elements and elementary particles.

What is it then?

It is a virtual, totally imaginary made-in-office construction! It has nothing to do with the real life!

They are called «elements». Elements if what if it’s not substance? Of a field?

The same puzzlement is aroused by elementary particles — of what matter they are particles?

If one tries to disintegrate the tiniest piece of iron (atom of iron) to make it even smaller, of the size of a mythical electron, then it should possess the properties of the iron.

In other words «iron: electron must differ from the «copper» or «aluminum» electron.
Understanding these things, Thompson carried out corresponding experiments and found out that properties of cathode rays do not depend on the metal the filament is made of. In other words if even there exist electrons, then they were identical, irrespective of their origin.
The similarity of mythical electrons in the future led to the fairy «transformation» of shapeless, «indivisible» mythical piece of atom-substance into the mythical ball that consists of various (depending on the number of the chemical element) quantity of mythical elementary particles-balls.

At the moment mythical atom «consists» of positively charged nucleus around which rotate negatively charged electrons no one knows why, for unknown purpose and under the force of some unknown force.

And the fact that the force under which electrons (-) rotate around the nucleus (+) is not named has significant meaning. Model of an atom was called planetary because of similarity to the Solar System structure. And played cunning because planets rotate by the will of mister Newton around the Sun under the force of mutual attraction of the planets and the Sun. It’s just that the planets are very shy and that’s why if even there is mutual attraction, they are shy and revolve and revolve…

So electrons also have to revolve around the nucleus under the force of electrical attraction of opposite charges! Electrons are also shy!

Messieurs, you could have made up a calmer model of atom! For example, cubical. It is more compact and there is no need to unwind electrons.

The existing model is just an anecdotic tall tale. There are a lot of electrons in all atoms of the substance. To revolve they require significant amount of energy. Where does it come from? Moreover it is necessary to indicate the means of the electron accelerating to well defined speed and automatic hold of this speed.Кроме того, необходимо указать способ разгона электронов до строго определённой скорости и автоматического удержания этой скорости.

The existing «scientific» model of mythical atom consists totally of inner contradictions. Some part of them was abolished by Bohr’s rule of thumb(!). Another part was «abolished» by Igor Galkin on this site but there are some more.
For example electrons according to science leave their orbits incredibly easily to form electric current at the appearance of differences between opportunities or when heated up.
But they never fall on the nucleus though it is positively charged and naturally it desires to «devour» a negative electron but for some reason it fails to do so. Why? Or will I again have to make up a new postulate?

Every of the hundreds of contradictions with classical science does not let mythical atom exist even for a second! And still…Science! If to be more particular — quantum mechanics created especially for the explanation of the existence of such ridiculous constructions as planetary model of atom that of course at once turned into quantum-mechanical model. Like atom, like sciences!

Hey, pseudo-theorists! It isn’t written in any natural science book of all times and people why and for what purpose and because of what material necessities and at the expense of what electrons rotate around the nucleus! Can’t sit on one place? Have a burr under their saddle? Or little wit in the head makes much work for the heel?

All modern views on the inner structure of the substance are not the consequences of the real discoveries but were born in the result of theoretical hypothetical suppositions and suggestions of different office pseudo scientists. For example no one has ever «held in hands» a separate atom and no one has tried to break it with a hammer it like a nut. All this happened and is happening in all «scientific» experiments hypothetically.

And the «photos» of atoms and even elementary particles shown to public are a deceit as well air nourishment and breathing of plants, universal gravity, earth crust etc made according to Goebbels principle — the more obvious the lie is the more crowd believe in it.
But let’s return to Thomson.

The researcher in the results of his experiments came to the conclusions that the speed of mythical electrons must be no less than the third part of the speed of light.

Substance can’t move inside the substance with such speed. Of course, Thomson understood it.

That’s why in his report he claims that there is possibility of existence of some matter (but not substance!), disintegrated into parts even smaller than atoms.

He didn’t have heart to announce the existence of the matter that is different from substance and field — energy matter because the cliché «pseudo scientist» is quite unpleasant because of its material consequences. He decided to «break» «indivisible» before him atom on the ground that «particles can come from nowhere else».
Here is the main deceit in the «discovery» of electrons!

If as the source of metal particles that by definition are electrons really served mythical atoms of filament then less than in a minute there would be only nuclei without electrons in its atoms and the experiment would end thus. In other words electrons would be just «ripped off» the atoms that form a filament.

If the current of mythical electrons comes from outside from a battery for example or net then what have atoms of filament? Why Thomson artificially introduced a mythical intermediary for the energy current — an atom?

The sense of deception consists on the development of false theory of synthetic structure of substance. According to science substance consists of simple (elementary) «details» and can be taken (synthesized) from them like a taken down car.

And synthetic continues till this day, for example «breakage» of mythical electron goes at the full speed. More than 20 of its «splinters» are already known.
The next deceit in the experiments of Thomson consists in the fact that filament emits not just mythical electrons but energy matter of complex composition. It is heat, light and other emissions including those that are diverted by magnetic and electric fields. In everyday life such devices are well known — filament lamps, light pipes, radio tubes, different electric ovens and heating apparatus.

And the fact that magnetic and electric fields can divert only charged particles is also just a scientific glitch.
They just decided that if it is diverted by fields then it is a charged particle. And noone saw what there is in reality.
Thus scientists fool our democrat — brother! They hide as many experiment details as possible, carry them out incorrectly, «dress» them in beautiful dresses of their own fantastical explanations and serve to the Nobel table. And after being given a prize it’s a classic, and keep your hands away from it!
The day of electron «birth» is simultaneously the day of birth of electronic era of lost opportunities.
All that is built up by science around the mythical electron after that remarkable report of Thompson is a pure fable and only harmed the earth civilization.

The main glitches after 29.04.1897 are the theory of atomic structure of matter, elementary particles theory and virtual quantum sciences.
The essence of «scientific» electronic tragedy consists in active development of old idea of the indivisibility of substance inner structure. «Indivisibility» of atom smoothly migrated into «indivisibility» of elementary particles.
This mythical indivisibility is the basis of main worldview fallacy about the eternal circulation of elements in the Universe in particular about the circulation of elements in nature.

And though circulation of elements contradicts your own materialistic philosophy and still.. Science!
The universal reality consists in the fact that there are no indivisible objects at the bottom of substance.

There is a minimal amount of substance and when it is being divided or even slightly diminished the substance disappears.
And vice versa when achieving the technology of minimal amount of substance acquisition people get the possibility to produce everything they want, from anything and anywhere.

These technologies in application are described in Bible for example, when Christ multiplied fish and bread and fed thus many people with little original quantity of food. The same technologies help genii from fairy-tales to perform their «feats». By the way according to the Muslims genii are real inhabitants of the planet. It is written this way in Koran.
But these mostly pig values (enough of chow-down and other things) can’t become the achieved limit of somebody’s dreams even if it is much wished for because substance is a temporary state of invisible matter and that’s why the aim of people on their only planet can be only the preservation of human civilization in a new form after the disappearance and transformation of solid bodied Galaxy into invisible matter.
The modern scientific worldview in particular electronic rubbish is an insurmountable obstacle on the way to master a new form of life and should be absolutely eliminated and the faster the better.
They write to me – «and what about modern achievements?»

First of all these are not even achievements because they are directed in the wrong direction.
What are these achievements if they have no future?

Second, those who have something to do with applied science and engineering know very well that theory is all by itself and practice has nothing to do with it.

Moreover theorists are for a long (more exactly — from the very beginning) not ahead of the science but have to «planish» their «fundamental» theories after some totally unexpected for them discoveries made by practical scientists and engineers

On this topic let’s take a famous experiment of Rutherford.
He discovered by chance a new effect and at once made up a new model of mythical atom. In this case the scientist did not give away laurels to the theorists (they did not exist at that moment) but he presented himself as a practical researcher and theorist. Later a partial division took place. But there is always at first practical surprise and only then talks.

No need to make up stories in science! It’s not literature!

«Scientific» fantasy work led to the loss of orientation in the development of human being and to the huge, irreplaceable material, moral and human losses.

But the most important thing is that we lose our souls. In packs.
Opponents often write to me something like «Discovery of electron led to the appearance of this and that… and you here…!»

I pay their attention to the fact that Thomson used in his experiments an already known filaments in the vacuum and bobbins, and capacitors placed inside the vacuum tube. In other words he used widely used by experimentalists at those time electron-ray tube, although at those times it didn’t have this name.

TV set and computer were invented without Thomson’s fantasies. But they would have been better and would have appeared earlier if there was less wool pulled over practicians’ eyes!
Look once more at the experiment of Thomson and experiment of Rutherford with a phosphor screen (such installations with a smaller screen were used before Rutherfords as well) and unite them.

Instead of a radioactive source put there a tube, and put the phosphor screen into the vacuum tube, one side of it should be widened to do that.

And that’s all! And here is the cathode ray tube directly in front of you!

In other words Zworykin required a bit of fantasy and not ravings of Thomson and Rutherford. By the way, the answer to the question «What is the electric charge? » is not so simple, as it may seem at first. What is the nature of this electric charge?

It is all clear to the layman about the ebonite stick — electrons have accumulated there, so there is the charge as well. And what about the electron itself? Has anything accumulated on it as well? Something like electro fleas?

Scientists have to throw the cap over the mill and invent something like this:

«… What is an electric charge? We know that electron is formed by two kinds of energy, electromagnetic energy and potential energy of the physical vacuum field when the stationary wave is formed…» Wikipedia quote.

The boy went haywire! It must have spring then…
In other words we started with a particle and still came up to energy. If Thomson hadn’t shown the white feather then and hadn’t called cathode rays energy matter as it is…Alas! He was too young.

And mythical electron will still become history. There are enough contradictions with the reality in its behavior even now and there will be more.

To see an example you can read this material.
But it is better of course to check existence of the electron or anything else with the help of which energy is transferred via wires from the producer to the consumer.

One takes a copper wire, through which electric current is running, and looks at it through the electron microscope. Nothing, naturally they don’t find any stream there. No particles, no whirls. Nothing!

If you can’t present anything — do not jabber! Do not muddy the waters! Do not hinder the researches! If you have gotten in dirt yourself — do not smear science with it as well!

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