Literacy project for the scientists of Silicon Valley, European Nuclear Research Center(CERN), Skolkovo, MSU and other nurseries of false doctrines.

Element or environment in translation means an ingredient of a compound, simple undegradable substance.

Everything could have been good and pretty but there are no undegradable substances in nature! If it is a substance it is decomposable! It is a life productive scientific and whatever else experience.

I wonder if science will start taking facts into account? (at last!)
In reality there exists a minimal volume of substance in nature. When it is divided substance disappears. Always and everywhere.

For example, let’s take a minimal amount of substance under the title «one car». When divided no matter how many times the substance with such name disappears.

After we take it to pieces we will have anything but a moving substance. The elements we get (nuts, bolts, hard components etc) do not possess the same properties the original substance had (the car).
Everything is in accordance with the natural philosophical truth of transition from quantity to quality.
The final product of substance division is kmars (microwhirls of invisible matter). It is a microspace that lives in the microtime mode.

If people could see that microcosm in the wonder microscope they would see nearly the same image they see in telescopes. With its own solid body world, the same traffic jams in local Moscow. To be more particular their capital is called Laskma and they call traffic jams plugs. Morons.

The Universe people see in their telescopes is a microcosm for a macrocosm that people can’t see as well.

And so on in both directions probably for ever and ever. I don’t know and bochs don’t tell me.
Those enormous ones inside which we live with our Universe move 10зо slower than we do. And those things that live in Laskma move 10зо faster than we do..

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