Tracer method.

Among the convincing methods for their theories scientists have a universal weapon that shoots without a miss.

It is a so called tracer method.

It’s better to mark atoms with green paint but noone has seen them not speaking about catching them to mark so they are «marked» by radiation. And after that they are called radioactive isotopes.
The tracer method helps to prove everything even something that can’t be proved.

And here is why it is so:
Radiation is one of types of energy matter. Under certain conditions it reproduces with different activity, it depends on these very conditions and it «eats» edible environment.

Modern science naturally does not know what radiation is. «Naturally» because noone has seen what it is. All scientific explanations on the topic of radiation are speculative and quite lame. But the scientific theory of radiation helps scientists very much to «prove» many things including plants’ using carbon dioxide in their vital functions.
Pseudo scientists wrap the leaf part of a plant into a pack and let carbon dioxide flow inside it. In some time they discover radioactivity in all parts of the plant.

While scientists consider radioactivity to be an inseparable part of carbon isotope in this case they say «Traced carbon dioxide got into chloroplasts of a plant leaf cells where a synthesis of sugar with the participation of a carbon radioactive isotope took place».

And this is what we needed to prove! Plants need carbon!
But in reality radioactive matter can be separated from carbon dioxide as from any other radioactive substance and spread independently like a fire or infectious disease or poison. It does not need stomas, it easily gets through the skin of leaves and spreads in the plant and around it. Radioactive «traced» carbon dioxide did not even penetrate in the leaves, there is no necessity for radioactive contamination of the whole plant.

That’s why in the books about plants we can meet the following information:
«It is very important that plants can devour the excretions of other plants. In the experiments with traced atoms it was observed that carbon assimilated by corn in the process of photosynthesis was discovered in the neighbouring bean plants».
By the form, method of «traced atoms» or «isotope indicators» is a pure fraud and in its essence a crime.

The ugliest and most tragic thing in the history with traced atoms consists in the fact that many scientists understand that one can’t «prove» that way. It’s a deceit.

Messieurs «scholars», repent! It is much more profitable to disappear under the caterpillar tracks defending Motherland then to be buried with more honour as a mountebank near the Kremlin wall or on Arlington cemetery.

More «profitable» because there is life after death! And moreover it is eternal.
Being in the state of euphoria because of their own cleverness concerning traced atoms pseudo-scholars don’t see anything around them.
For example they don’t know that atmospheric air is always painted, traced by dust and there is no need in some doubtful «marks» to define if air gets inside the leaves or it does not.

They collect leaves of plants that grow in particularly dusty places for example on the margins of the dusty road, they dissect plants and examine their entrails in the microscope — there is no dust there!

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