Strongly sparkling planet.

Scientists have come up with an idea that volcanos are so to say an emission of the interior of the Earth of a strongly carbonated substance -magma. Having found a hole in the mythical crust of the Earth it allegedly goes up and boils up because of the decrease in the pressure. And a volcano appears over this «hole»!

In my life I have never met such rubbish!

Just great!

Dear reader, try to compare yourself a bottle of a sparkling wine and a strongly carbonated model of the Earth.

For example according to the science mythical crust is crushed by fractures dividing it into mythical slabs that move relative to each other. Something like bicycle inner tube sewn with white threads from the rubber pieces.

But why these mythical gases do not leave the interior of the planet?

Why a person from the science and educational system of the planet let’s say a Nobel Prize winner can serenely read about or listen to without indignation the statements that earthquake takes place because one slab of the earth crust suddenly «dives» under another that in its turn «crawls» upon it?!

In this case pressurization if it existed is violated along the length the fracture that is hundreds of kilometers long! At least all the way along the perimeter of the «diving» and «crawling» slabs!

So according to the geology textbook during an earthquake volcanos should appear in a line along the whole length of the fracture!

While earthquakes of different magnitudes happen on the Earth all the time and everywhere according to science a happy possibility of the appearance of a volcano or a small volcano at someone’s summer house is quite high. And it can happen at the moment you smoke or when you are in the middle of the road, distracted by something and looked in the rear-view mirror of your car.
Not for the first time I pay the reader’s attention to the fact that no one knows the real state of the planet at the depths greater than were found out with the help of superdeep well-bores. Moreover there are only a few of such well-bores and that’s why we can’t draw as a true one the whole sphere of the planet down to the depth of well-bores. For example no one bored deep under the oceans and it is the biggest part of the Earth surface.

Moreover the picture «drawn» according to the results of echoranging naturally does not correspond to the reality up to 99,999…%. There is a lot of data but there is no cipher. And it became obvious after the deep boring of the planet.

That’s why when some mountebank scientists elucidates from the pages of a textbook (!) about high pressure of the mythical magma, that erupts suddenly into the surface and boils because of the fall of this mythical pressure thus forming a volcano, he commits a crime called «manipulative deception».
And if it is a crime then relevant organizations must study these textbooks and not students or pupils.

But here politicians must join the process of finding solution for false doctrines in education, because science is a special part of informational field of the planet.

The problem is that states are in the state of constant war with each other. More often this war isn’t «hot». And science is on the frontier of the battle actions.

There is a «rod» in the modern science. It is synthesis and atomic structure of the substance. Everything else is just attached to it, strongly sparkling insides of the Earth as well.

But as well as everywhere here there is Achilles’ heel. It consists in the fact there are no proofs of existence of synthesis and atomic structure of the substance! Everything is just fables, hypotheses and theories; the only «proof» is a so called general acknowledgement.

The Japanese have seized many things, they are on the frontier and it is especially clear to them that with all that rush because of new electronics and cars, there is almost no motion forward. We need a breakthrough. They have already understood that one doesn’t need made up, generally acknowledged «truth» at the basis of which lie childish claims of the long ago gone bohrs, rutherfords, darwins and einsteins, but not facts.

That’s why now they are working on creation of a wonder-microscope that probably will help to see chemistry and physics the way it is in the reality and not in the mythical general acknowledgement.

In other words they want to see chemical and physical reactions, if they of course exist.

And we don’t want for we have homebred Einsteins that see from the offices what is inside the Earth and the substance better than others.
It’s not science, but some Comedy Club…or at least some reality show!

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