Accidents at Japanese NPP.

Japanese NPP are built with due consideration of high seismic activity of the region.

That’s why reactor cooling systems and reactors themselves couldn’t fail because of ground vibration under the station.

The reason is deeper.
Seismic dangerous regions exist not because in those places mythical slabs of the mythical Earth crust overlap each other.

This hypothesis is not serious, openly sexual and bereft of any common sense and it doesn’t correspond to the facts.

A simplest experiment:

In front of you lies on the table a model of developed view of mythical Earth crust. It is a keyboard of your computer.

Keys represent slabs and gaps between them are cracks of the mythical Earth crust.

In your imagination take one of the keys and push it over the next one (or push it under its neighbor). The whole slab begins to move! That’s why «earthquake», and if to be more particular — a slide is bound to take place along the perimeter and square of the slab simultaneously!

How in this case and at what cost, can great amount of energy break free from one place?

Even very rich imagination can’t paint us an EPICENTRUM (point) at such a slide!

In real nature great energy in one place is formed only after an explosion and that’s why epicentrum can appear only after an explosion!

And «in the rear» there will open Earth’s interior and a lake of fire magma at the depth of 35 km will please us with a magnificent show!

And what if water gets into this pit? (God save us!)

Moreover, we need powerful propelling force only for this one slab. Neighbor slabs for some reason and at some cost must struggle fiercely not to let themselves be moved!

Do such things happen in the reality?


The theory of moving slabs of the mythical Earth’s crust totally consists of contradictions to the reality.

When you will have time, read scientific compositions on the topic of nature of earthquakes and try to analyze what there pseudo-scientists try to hammer into you head. It’s funny!

Here, let’s say, one scientists writes that a slab has caught on. It holds and holds, and then — crack! And it moved!

But we know very well that in such case everything must slant or fall onto one side, and simultaneously and in the same way all across the slab. Everyone has at least once gone through it in a bus or metro.

However, everyone can watch on computer or TV what motions earth carries out during the earthquake — nothing alike acceleration to one side!

And how can one explain with the help of moving slabs theory facts when the earth is shaking for months and even more?
Where would the slab move during this time?
And what is it holding on to there all the time? According to their theories slabs float one the liquid melt, it’s a very good lubricant!

So called cracks of the Earth crust are not cracks of something hypothetical but are the favorite inhabitations of underground «cyclones» of the invisible matter. They «idle around» there.

We can compare them to the roaring forties and other constantly «bad weather» regions in the atmosphere of the Earth.

To notice a firm bound between climate, weather and region one does not have to be a very attentive person. Underground weather has the same property of being bound to certain regions. That’s why there is need to make up cracks to explain frequent earthquakes in some region.

When an underground «storm» starts in appearance it reminds a storm in the atmosphere but it rages under the ground and is usually much heavier.

By the way, lightning is not the only thing that happens during the storm but only the phenomenon that people are able to see.

Lightning is an explosion that takes place as the result of the instant reproduction of light, energy matter and some substances. Externally it looks dimensional and sounds like an explosion. But because of the inferiority of human eyesight, their photo and video cameras, measurement units people see only a flickering of streaks of light.

It is the source of the legend about electric discharge. Though during it accumulated in advance «electric» energy matter is being «eaten». But it is only a part of the process.

During a storm «strange» energy matter reproduces for example fire balls and also the one people do not see, do not feel and can’t «catch» with the help of equipment, but equipment itself, hardware and technical equipment can fail.
By intuition by cut and try method, in hit and miss fashion people invented a nuclear bomb, in other words learnt how to create conditions for the instant reproduction of the big amount of energy matter on uranium.

They created a nuclear explosion.

They also learnt not to bring the reproduction of energy matter to explosion and began to use energy of so called controlled chain reaction.

All could be all right but the tragic element of the situation is in the euphoria that seized nuclear experts.

Scientists their heads heavy with success believed that their theories were confirmed and everything happens in reactors just as they made up it.

But totally different processes take place in reactors. The theory of chain reaction is a pure nonsense!
Yes, it is true that the bigger a piece of uranium is the hotter it is.

Yes, it is true that if we divide a big piece of uranium into small pieces and mix them with enough amount of black chalk the pile won’t get heated up.

But it is not the whole truth!

In a functioning nuclear reactor there are much more possibilities for the heating or explosion than because of the simple growth of the uranium mass!
For example at Chernobyl NPP engineers put the reactor on the uncontrolled mode because of the lack of knowledge of the real things that take place in the reactor. After that the addition of even nonradioactive mass in the form of emergency graphite rods led to the explosion.
And at the Japanese NPP nature itself led the reactors to such mode.
Further on just like in Chernobyl it was all followed by regulation fall into the reactors of the graphite rods (the system of security against earthquakes worked), uncontrolled heating, explosions.
The catastrophe at NPPFukushima -1 happened because when a really powerful natural nitrogen bomb exploded underground near the shores of Japan and it was followed by the explosions of nuclear «grapeshot» a lot of «flying» energy matter reproduced there that is both visible and invisible for animals, humans and their measuring instruments. The correlation between reproducing visible and invisible energy matter while explosions (any explosions) differs depending on the location and conditions.

In ocean over the underground explosion a giant water «bubble» that expands in waves across the surface of the water and causes tsunami and then on the place of the «bubble» a whirl-vortex (video) is formed..

Into it got a vessel which electronics «failed» because of the underground emanation. The explosion wave most probably killed or contused passengers.

When underground explosions take place the main direction of the explosion wave is upward but not always and under different angles. That’s why even during a heavy earthquake a wave may not be high and there will be no tsunami.

Pay attention to the fact that water over the epicentrum is not just twisted into a whirl but is covered in foam, it «boils». It is the influence of the energy matter.

Even totally «invisible» explosions can take place underground; it means they happen without ground vibrations. It happens when invisible matter reproduces.

If a massive explosion takes place under the bottom of the ocean water over it «boils» filled with bubbles of gases. Water density decreases significantly and a ship that happened to be in this place sinks.

When explosive invisible matter passes through the water oxygen, carbon dioxide and sugar reproduces in it. In other words, the same process takes place that we can notice in leaves of plants but only for an instant and in a big volume.

The temperature of water nearly does not change.

Invisible explosive wave can «knock down» birds and planes affecting equipment and «electronics» of the living beings.
Upon reaching the functioning reactors of NPP Fukushima -1 energy-emanation of the underground explosion ruined the balance of their operating areas and as the result mythical controlled chain reaction «did not want» to stop even after the fall of the emergency graphite rods into the nuclear reactor core.

The flying energy of the underground storm deactivated the reactor control system as well and cooling system in particular.

Reactors began to heat up uncontrollably.

The amount of underground «cyclone» energy matter appeared to be so big and invisible energetic wind blew for so long that it led to the heating of even non-operating nuclear fuel elements stacked in the storage room cooled by water.

The accident at NPP Fukushima can be eliminated only when underground hurricane of invisible matter calms down more or less.
The functioning nuclear reactors just like dogs before a powerful earthquake «feel» its approach because the underground cyclone current of energy matter mixes with so called neutron current and in the result the heating of the reaction zone increases.
Do not believe in the fables of scientists that in the design it was impossible to predict the imposition of a powerful earthquake on the incapacitation of the cooling systems of reactors!

These two events are not independent!

The inevitable simultaneity of these two events was certainly taken into account in the design because there is an emergency chain: earthquake — shutdown of reactors — their cooling.

I’ll repeat more time: plants were built in the earthquake endangered zone; those who built them took into consideration all possible dangers that were coming from the existing at that moment world view and in particular moronic theory of chain reaction!

In other words, the construction of NPP in which the necessity of forced cooling of the nuclear fuel elements after the reactor shutdown was put is inadmissible at all and especially in the earthquake endangered zones.
The cause of the catastrophe at the Japanese NPP «Fukushima -1» is the false scientific knowledge!

Any operating reactor can explode wherever it was because engineers and scientists don’t know what really takes place inside it and around it and that’s why they honestly can’t know all the possible places where they should take precautions against accidents.

That’s why the installation of atomic energy units in the railway locomotives should be forbidden because they can by accident appear over the epicentrum of the massive underground natural explosion that in its turn can lead to the destruction of the installation and contamination of a large territory.

Itineraries of the nuclear-powered submarines ans ships should also be laid avoiding the earthquake endangered zones.

But the most reasonable thing is to open your eyes and create energetics based on the natural principles. Underground explosions through their power are equal to the scale from the explosion of a feeblish grenade to the thermonuclear bomb explosion or something even more powerful.

And volcanos are natural equivalents of nuclear reactor but without radiation.

History of mastering of nuclear energy showed that it not obligatory to know what is happening in reality.

One needs with the help of hit-and-miss method and mathematical analysis, something like «it’s warner», «colder and colder» come up to the remake working energetic configuration.

Naturally, hypotheses and theories will appear but it’s necessary to remember that even the last according to them successful theory isn’t true, until an online documentary is filmed about the things that take place in reality.

And yet first of all to achieve nuclear power safety improvement we need to get rid of modern false «scientific» worldview and create truly realistic material scientific worldview!

The title of this page is formulated in the plural form because Japanese NPP are built in the earthquake-prone zone and that’s why everything is initially endangered and accidents can happen.

Is it possible to protect them from that danger?

Possible! and it would not cost too much. But first of all we need to put everything on order in the worldview.

Then protection from many other possible hand-made and natural dangers will appear as well. One should answer for his words, in this case for word-mongering.

Liquidators of the Chernobyl accident still suffer and die before the due time. Now there appeared new ones.

It happens because pseudo-scientists in favour of their own ambitions and corporate interests do not want to see natural reality though they stumble across them every day and every hour.

Accidents at the nuclear power plants should be liquidated by scholars of fundamental science — grey thieves of civilization and not innocent people.
On the one hand science acknowledges the infinite depth of knowledge; on the other hand it treats possibility of existence of invisible matter very skeptically.
It happens because of inhomogeneity of fundamental science that is a «group» of narrowly focused specialists, each of which, naturally, knows completely everything. Why not? Try to tell the President that you don’t know this thing and that as well…
People have only recently seen many of the things that now are considered to be obvious. Only yesterday those things were invisible for them.

Substance is a tiniest visible part of invisible to people universal matter. Messieurs politicians! Your scientists don’t know the nature of underground explosions. But it doesn’t mean that there is nothing exploding inside the Earth.

Stop guiding the Earth civilization across the intellectual desert! Put everything in order in the sphere of knowledge as soon as possible!

Otherwise everything will kick the buckets! And you won’t even know why!

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