If we let current run through the water, hydrogen and oxygen are evolved in specific proportions.

And when hydrogen burns in oxygen, water appears again.

For pseudo-scientists everything is clear here — water molecule consists of two hydrogen atoms and one oxygen atom!

But in the light in the leaves water turns into sugar, oxygen and carbon dioxide.
Sugar is reprocessed and oxygen and carbon dioxide evolves into the atmosphere through the stomas.
But no one claims that water consists of sugar, carbon dioxide and oxygen!

Stone, including amber and gold grows feeding on water and organic matter. And again no one claims that gold consists of water and organic matter.

Hydrogen, oxygen, carbon dioxide, water, sugar, stone — they all are independent substances. Before claiming that they consists of each other, they were not neither dissected, nor looked at through the wonder-microscope, and that’s why such a claim is unfounded, hot-headed and illiterate.

But they reproduce, «eating» each other — this is a fact and that’s why we can say so.
At the basis of chemistry science are lies about elementary particles, atoms, molecules and, having free from all these things, it will acquire powerful impulse for its development and renovation.

Dear readers, try to look at chemistry this way.

Is it that necessary to write formulas of substances and equations of reactions to understand, for example, lime hydration or «eating» of organic matter by sulphuric acid?
Chemistry science is just a simple fairy-tale and that’s why it is such:

As an example let’s write simplest equation of chemical reaction of acid quenching of soda:

Na2CO3 + 2HCl = 2NaCl + H2CO3
Then carbonic acid H2CO3 disintegrates into carbon dioxide and water. Reaction proceeds «happily» and sizzles.
For this to happen it is necessary that soda and acid want to exchange some parts intentionally and accurately.

In the age of automatization and computerization everyone understands well enough that for this we need at least the simplest programme and the one who would perform this programme. So we need an intellect and the bearer of this intellect. The explanation of the charge difference exchange is very dim, not clear and unreal. If everything stays in the solution in the form of ions and cations then there are no molecules! No old ones, no new ones. What can we talk about?
Without addition of reason all chemistry represents a fairy tale where everything happens as if by magic, with a wave of a wand or by a command of a genie.

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