Discovery of unbreathing plants.

It is clear that I’m not just going all out here about what’s written wrong in textbooks and scientific papers, and what’s right.

I act! For example, I carry out easily repeatable experiments of growing plants in flowing nitrogen and try to formalize their results:

To the International Academy

of Authors of Scientific Discoveries and Inventions.

117105, Moscow,

Varshavskoe highway, 8.

From Galkin Igor Nikolayevich,

residing at: (deleted)
Application for a discovery.

The ability of plants to live, grow and bear fruit in a nitrogen atmosphere with a nitrogen content of 99.999%

My Discovery refers to the section of photosynthesis in biology.

According to the theory of photosynthesis, sugar from water hydrogen entering the leaves of the plants from the soil and carbon from atmospheric carbon dioxide entering the leaves through the stomata is synthesized in the leaves of plants under the light. In addition, plants allegedly breathe atmospheric oxygen.

All this is called in biology, nutrition and respiration of plants.

So, according to the modern scientific ideas, plants require the presence of carbon dioxide and oxygen in their living environment.

The photosynthesis, air nutrition and respiration of plants are studied in schools and universities.

I empirically studied the dependence of the rate of growth and fruiting of plants on the composition of the gaseous environment in which the plants were.

Particularly, I carried out experiments on the cultivation of plants under the light in nitrogen gas at room temperature.

In the artificial nitric atmosphere with nitrogen content of not less than 99.999%, plants vegetated better than the control plants in air. This was manifested in the formation of a greater biomass of test plants in nitrogen and in obtaining high yields from them for one and the same time, in comparison with the control plants growing under normal conditions in air.

So my experiments did not confirm the existence of the air nutrition and respiration of plants, which requires a revision of the existing theory of photosynthesis.

I have been carrying out experiments on the vegetation in different gas atmospheres since 2001. 2002 I created a website and, which moved to a new location. My experiments are posted on the websites. Now there is my website, where the topic of the photosynthesis falsity is the main.

The essence of the discovery:

the modern scientific worldview is based on the idea of natural synthesis (assembly) of complex substances from simple (basic) substances. On this basis, in its turn, arose the theory of photosynthesis when a complex organic material is reportedly synthesized in the leaves of the plants (assembles like a constructor) – of simple sugars from simple carbon and hydrogen. The scientists “took” hydrogen out of the water, and carbon – from atmospheric carbon dioxide.

My experiments on growing plants in nitrogen do not confirm that the plants use atmospheric carbon dioxide and oxygen for their living. At the same time my experiments deny the need of atmospheric carbon dioxide and atmospheric oxygen for the plants.

The evidence of the confidence of the discovery:

To do this, take the sealed cylinder (sleeve), made of a thin, transparent polyethylene film. The cylinder diameter is 100 millimeters (10 inches), the height is 1200 mm (1 meter 20 centimeters).

It’s placed inside a sustainable wireframe so that the nitrogen inflated plastic cylinder was kept in a vertical position.

Directly to the lower part of the cylinder or a vessel put there we put the artificial soil and pour the required amount of nutrient solution. The artificial soil and nutrient solution should be bought or prepared yourself. Recipes are in print and in the Internet.

A plant or a seed is to be planted into the prepared soil. Then the cylinder is placed under light in a warm place. Avoid overheating.

On the top and at the bottom inside the cylinder should be placed thermometers. Experiments should be carried out so that the temperature in the lower part of the cylinder was always slightly less than in the upper part of the cylinder, it prevents convection.

Nitrogen from a balloon is fed to the lower part of the cylinder. You can water the plant through the same tube if necessary.

On the top nitrogen goes into the atmosphere through the tube. The nitrogen flow is adjusted so that the pressure within the cylinder is 10 mm water column higher than outside. The pressure difference is measured by U-shaped glass tube, into which tinted water is poured.

Because of the constant pressure of nitrogen in the plastic sleeve, the air can not get inside to the plant.

The amount of the nitrogen supplied into the cylinder to the plant is adjusted so that the concentration of oxygen and carbon dioxide at the outlet of the cylinder would be no more than 0, 001%.

That is the nitrogen supply is regulated so that the oxygen and carbon dioxide, evolved by the plant at the outlet of the cylinder would be virtually not collected by gas detection analyzer. In all the experiments in all dimensions, the gas detection analyzer showed 0% of oxygen and 0% of carbon dioxide at the output of nitrogen from the film with the plant.

Subject to this proviso, the nitrogen flow obtained was sufficiently small. One cylinder of the nitrogen was enough for 4 months for all installations.

So, carbon dioxide and oxygen emitted by the leaves, were immediately diluted with nitrogen, removed to the atmosphere and could not be used by the plant.

For the experiments I used nitrogen for the food industry in the cylinders, with a nitrogen content of 99,999 %.

For measuring the concentration of oxygen and carbon dioxide at the output I used a portable gas detection analyzer Testo 350 XL with the module for measuring the oxygen content in the range 0 … 25% and the module for direct measurement of the carbon dioxide content in the range 0 … 50%.

Scheme of an installation for growing plants in nitrogen:

In the experiments we used vegetable plants for protected ground, and dwarf varieties of tomatoes, peppers. We also used tropical plants.

Each experiment lasted 4 months. We carried out 20 experiments on five plastic sleeves.

Each time we grew the same plant without the film in air near the guinea plant in nitrogen.

In all experiments plants under the film in nitrogen evolved and fruited no worse or better than the control plants without the film in air. It was expressed in the fact that during the weighting at the end of the experiment the plants in nitrogen over the same period of time built up more biomass and gave more yield than the control plants.

The experiments with growing plants in nitrogen are simple and can be repeated by any person.

Thus I empirically found out that plants grow well and produce fruit in nitrogen, in an environment free of oxygen and carbon dioxide.

Conclusion: There is no air nutrition and plant respiration.
The area of scientific and practical importance:

The discovery of the ability of plants to vegetate in the absence of carbon dioxide and oxygen in the surrounding atmosphere is the basis for the development of new areas of biology and science in general, because the idea of synthesis in nature now needs to be clarified or perhaps revised.
The discovery formula:

The ability of plants to live, grow and bear fruit in an atmosphere of pure nitrogen containing no impurities oxygen and carbon dioxide was established experimentally, what proves the absence of air nutrition and plant respiration in the nature.


It is written in all textbooks that plants feed on atmospheric carbon dioxide and breathe in oxygen. It is called air nutrition and breathing of plants. At the same time in all the science and education there is no experiment, when a real, healthy plant died due to the lack of carbon dioxide or oxygen.

Again the real existence and fruiting of plants in closed tanks, containers and vessels under glass and under a transparent film under light are greenhouses, apartments, Ward’s boxes, bottled gardens and so on. . It allows drawing the conclusion about the absence of the air nutrition and breathing of plants in nature.

Special experiments on isolating plants from the atmosphere clearly show the absence of air nutrition and breathing of plants.

The theory of photosynthesis is the only “proof” of the existence of the synthesis in nature and even it is a fake.

My experiments on growing plants in nitrogen show that the synthesis does not exist in nature!

The application has been submitted with the replication, all in duplicate and with the acknowledgment of receipt:

Dear Reader, I have no doubt that You are a patriot! So you must join the people that make concrete contribution to raise the prestige of your favorite Motherland.

If you agree that the problem of false teaching in schools of the world really exists, send my “application for a discovery” to the greatest number of people. Beforehand make a reference to http: // in the application.

Discovery of the ability of plants to vegetate in nitrogen negates almost all of the basic science, so the pseudo scientists would resist violently or just keep quiet. It is necessary to overcome this by combined efforts.

You can add no accompanying text – the content of the discovery speaks volumes, or come up with a slogan for it.

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  1. Сергей

    Очень интересно. У меня есть генератор азота с 99,99 %
    Надо будет поэкспериментировать.
    У вас есть эскиз рукава для прокачки азотом ?

    1. nevadmin Post author

      Подойдёт какой угодно. По обстановке. Трудностей и без этого много. Главное чтобы было небольшое избыточное давление в рукаве и на выходе был 0% всего, кроме азота.

  2. andrew koshak

    Уважаемый Игорь Николаевич,
    что на этом сайте и на народе у Вас с фотографиями? не видно их, как будто удалены… 🙁
    Было бы интересно и данный опыт увидеть воочию, как заснят опыт в пластиковой бутылке.
    Кстати, “растения, якобы, дышат атмосферным кислородом” – это неверно, насколько помню биологию… (увы тут я профан ибо физик). Помнится, растения ВЫДЕЛЯЮТ кислород при фотосинтезе! 🙂