The Origin of spieces by means of Natural Selection.

Sounds familiar? Right, here on this page we’ll speak about the origins of humanity.

Always, when someone starts a general abstract chat about evolution, what picture every babbler known for his/her wits and intelligence has in the head is as plain as the nose on your face –
he\she thinks about beloved himself\herself.
Whom did he descend from? Not from a monkey after all!?
Running a few steps forward, I’ll answer at once.

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One thought on “The Origin of spieces by means of Natural Selection.

  1. andrew koshak

    Хм… думаю, что именно эволюционисты-дарвинисты как раз от поганых бандерлогов и произошли! 😉 в отличие от нормальных божьих человеков…