World domination is technically possible.

While everything that was achieved by civilization due to industrial revolution you consider to be achievements, a progress, nationwide religious awe before the modern scientific worldview and unbending faith in its truth are obvious.
In its turn thus, comes the conviction that your science knows everything about the structure of substance, field, nature, Universe. Scientists themselves are sure of it and common people as well, and the most dangerous thing is that people who represent branches of power are sure of it as well. But in reality your scientific worldview is false and does not correspond to the facts in any way.
In fact, almost nothing has been discovered yet. And in vital positions, the correct direction of development of civilization is not even found. “Movement” takes place in the opposite direction. Therefore, the scientists of some country may by accident get to the extraordinarily efficient technologies, that in the modern political world order will no doubt be immediately used to create superiority over other countries. The probability that this will happen in the “developed” country is great. But not necessarily. In the first place the discovery can be made of yet invisible to humans matters such as nevima and druma that form the basis of the human universe.
As once a scientist put by accident a piece of uranium on a pack of unexposed paper and discovered the radiation, the same way unknown matter can be discovered by accident. Only this will be followed by much greater technological breakthrough than in the case of radiation. First of all it is the possibility of existing in an invisible form. “Bad guys” will get the opportunity to dictate their will to corporal people.
The second possibility is the swelling of the negative based on the fact that earthquakes do not happen because of the shifts of mythical plates of the mythical earth crust, but because of the common underground natural explosions. Accidental ‘hit and miss’ repetition of this explosion in laboratory environment will allow “bad guys” to have a perfect weapon for defense, assault and blackmail. Moreover, it is an opportunity to have an inexhaustible energy source.

A third possibility to become unattainable is the following:
Now civilization came to the frontier of food production, and there is nothing principally new, no breakthrough in this matter visible on the horizon.
Accidental discovery of the possibility of getting organic matter directly from water, avoiding plants will give an enormous advantage to the country over others.
Another breakthrough technology: A solid body is formed as the condensed water in the result of contact of the universal invisible matter flows with different properties in the same way as water drops condense in the atmosphere, and clouds are being formed in the result of warm and cold air contact.
People don’t know how to condense all they needs from nevima only because different modern generally accepted «genius» «scientific» crap things do a number on people’s heads.

For example, Blavatsky was able to get things “out of nothing”, not even knowing how it happens. Djinns can also do it very well. About them it is written in the Koran as about the inhabitants of the Earth.
And here is one more direct way to war: every year in anticipation of orthodox Easter on the lid of Holy Sepulcher a Holy fire lights up. It is cold. A part of the stone of the lid «evaporates» and again turns into invisible matter. Thus, water can «burn» (it happened once when lamps were charged with water) and anything you want. Then ordinary inflammable material is set on fire with its help.

It’s clear that having mastered this technology, bad guys will be able to play at «war» as much as they like.
And the same will happen in many other things.
There will be breakthroughs because there is place for that. Nothing is yet known, nothing essential has been discovered yet.
And the problem is not how to break into the unknown. The problem lies in dangers when using scientific discoveries. Human world is now structured in such a way that any discovery, technological breakthrough will be by all means used by one country to dominate over other countries and if possible to achieve world domination. And in its turn it will strengthen the hegemon’s opinion about the rightfulness of his way and in the end won’t let the whole Earth civilization to escape death in the result of petrification of the environment. In other words. the repeatition of the situation of «discovery» of America when «civilized» people came and ransacked and conquered local «savage» civilizations is possible. In the modern conditions it won’t be necessarily «hot» war and blood. There are other means of getting into slavery or dependence and they are well known now.

That’s why friendship between people and countries, union of Earth civilization into one unity is the most important, global political goal nowadays. It’s necessary to go to live in invisible matter all together. It is the most beneficial. Though when any human dies he or she becomes an inhabitant of nevima or druma it is important in what quality and with whom. It’s better when a civilization does it in an organized way. Naturally not with the help of nuclear third world war. People themselves will not be able to understand how it is being done and that’s why they are not able to organize and accomplish such «migration». It can be done «from there». Later I’ll tell you how it will happen. The important element of the «business» contact with bochs is a prayer. Later I will tell you about it as well in a different article.

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