In the invisible matter there are no resources of light as powerful as the Sun, and that’s’ why there is no reflected light. To indicate themselves nevima inhabitants (nevi — «e» is stressed) are constantly emanating special signals — some kind of singing. In this singing there are form and contents as well the name and «registration».
That’s why I called recurring contents of my diary «refrain» meaning that to expand any topic one will have to return not once to the main topic — synthesis (assembly) of compound substances out of simple elements doesn’t exist in nature. We’ll also have to return to some other topics.
Refrain is also a list of possible topics to discuss on the forums.
– Air nourishment and respiration of plants does not exist. Isolate plants from the atmosphere in the light and they won’t die, but will live and bear fruit as long as it can.
Plants do not need carbon as a necessary element for reproduction organic matter in the leaves.
Organic matter reproduces in the leaves on the water in the daytime. Consequently there is no synthesis in nature, and in particular there is no photosynthesis.

– Water is a totally independent living substance. If hydrogen and oxygen reproduce on it as well as on the food under specific conditions (electric current), then it all does not mean that water consists of hydrogen and oxygen. Organic matter, stone, and in particular salt and many other things reproduce on the water but it doesn’t mean that water consists of these substances.
– The Solar system is a whirl of invisible matter (nevima). Planets rotate around the Sun in a passive way, dragged by this whirl. There is a proof of that: absence of engines of the Earth or other planets. Circular movement of the planets by inertia just can’t possibly be. (Read the meaning of inertia).
– It is necessary to ban teaching theories, hypotheses, models, versions from the schools and universities by law. Children memorize these things as truth and then it becomes an insurmountable obstacle for people and society on its way to the truth.
– It’s necessary to prohibit explanation of facts. This eagerness to explain facts no matter what is a childish mental disease. Facts should be procures and respected and not explained.
Worldview must be built on the facts and not on the explanations of them. This obligatory condition for a normal development of the civilization often leads to great indignation of laymen and scientists. That’s why I’ll give you an example to see what do questions in the problems of worldview lead to:

When red shift of light spectrum of distant galaxies was discovered, traditionally an explanation of it was required. And though the only variant is on the surface, for some reason Doppler’s effect was recalled. It lies in growth of vibration frequency of the sound produced by an approaching object and in the reduce in the sound frequency produced by a withdrawing object.

On the basis of these things they decided that stars withdraw from each other in the result of the explosion of primary superdense matter.

Astronomers see red shift identical to all directions from the Earth. Consequently the explosion took place at the spot where the Earth is situated now. Such a worldview is called geocentric Universe.

People have already gone through the times when it was considered that the Earth was in the centre of the world and stars and the Sun rotate around it.

There is nothing new under the Sun?!

The Big Bang Theory represents a crime for it pulls the wool over people’s eyes. It is of global character and comes at a price for global society.

The further a star is from us, the greater is the red shift of the light spectrum. It is an indirect proof that there exists invisible matter between stars and the Earth. The thicker is the nevima layer between the star and the Earth — the greater is the red shift. That’s a real reason for the light spectrum red shift of distant galaxies!
– Any information, aspiring to be called a worldview fact must undergo strict layman public and legislative control. According to the principle «proved» or «not proved». Now scientists themselves announce it: «We have proved it!» and it is accepted in good faith and that’s unacceptable. It hasn’t dawned on anybody to cancel food products control at the basis of the constant swears of the producers and salesmen that their products are fine.

False knowledge is stronger than any food poison for they cause the most horrible illness — atheism that leads to the fall from grace and in the result of it to the underdevelopment and ugliness of the invisible material essence of people — their soul, and after their death to its objective derogations, restrictions and sufferings in the nevima.
Just like a child born cripple because of its parents’ life of drunkards won’t be able to live fully however much it or its relatives wanted it.
The formation of worldview must become the main task of the president of any country. Only the leaders of the state must take part in it as well as independent investigative judicial organs. Moreover the courts should be maximally opened, members of the jury should be chosen from the common people that underwent mental health medical examination.

Scientists can’t take part in it like an interested party. Because in the problem of the world structure understanding the main thing is to prove to the employer (state) that you, like a scientist, have really «dug» out something. This happens very rarely but you need to eat every day and that’s why scientists assumed expert rights and cling to them.

Academies announce: «We discovered this and that, proved this. We are good! Give us money!»
– To understand how the world is structured you will be able only then when your scientists would have no right to evaluate the results of their own work themselves.

The task of the scientists is to get a fact. If the thing they «dug out» belongs to fundamental knowledge a scientist should prove to the jury the existence of a new fact on the way to understanding of the world structure or prove through production if this is applied knowledge.
– The central figure of the science should be a researcher. Nowadays the central figure of the science is authority — more often a long ago dead person who had strange according to the modern opinion worldview. If you have such ugly-tender attitude towards mould knowledge it seems surprising that you refused for some reason from the theory according to which the Earth floats on three whales!
-The Universe consists of the invisible matter and the light of distant galaxies passing through it, acquires red shift of spectrum. The longer is the distance (the thickness of the invisible matter), the bigger is the red shift of the distant planets spectrum.

There was no big or small bang in the result of which the Universe was created!
– Light instantly spreads there where there is no substance. It doesn’t have such characteristics of the solid body as mass, volume, time, speed. «Photon» is a very unsuccessful invention. Light is not divided into elements-photons.
– Solid body is created as the result of the meeting of nevima streams that have different characteristics. The same way clouds are created as the result of water vapours condensation when warm and cold air meet in the atmosphere. If we pass nevima through hypothetical hootch still then galaxies, stars and planets will fall into the bottle for condensate.
– Вall the matter is organized according to the principle of vivacity. Originally there is no non-living matter in nature. Organisms die only for others to be born.
– Solid body is one of the forms of nevima existence. Any solid object has its whirl of nevima — vals field, vals. Humans’ invisible material part is called a soul.
-Vals of any substantial object does not die after the death of the object as an organism. It becomes the part of nevima. Then together with nevima it may get into druma. Human’s soul is also immortal.
-Solid body is not divided into elementary micro particles that have mass, size, electric charge and other characteristics of the solid body. Microworld consists of microwhirls of the nevima of different configurations. These are disks of different thickness; figures in the form of spindle, sphere, cylinder and other rotation bodies pierced by threads of another invisible matter that mother to the nevima. It is called another matter — druma and has a threadlike structure. The number of forms of nevima microwaves and their connections with the threads of druma is limited and equals the number of elements in Mendeleev’s table.
– In any volume of the solid body there are separate microwhirls of all configurations. At this stage there is no substance yet. It appears when there is a necessary number of blended microwhirls connected by the threads of druma, each with every of them.

If you will look at the substance through a very powerful microscope in a hope that you will see what it consists of then you’ll see that very «vacuum», that is situated between stars and that is invisible for people. It’s possible that there will appear some spots and flecks that will be announced to be photos of atoms and the same mythical electrons, but it will not get people closer but only further from the truth.
– When druma-matter is in unbalanced state then there appears nevima-matter. When nevima-matter is in the unbalanced state then there appears a solid body. When nevima gets into a balanced state, a solid body burns with a cold fire and turns into druma and an invisible component of the solid body passes into nevima. Matters constantly flaw one into another, that’s why different components of one solid body inevitably meet and become a one whole thing.
– Solid-body state is relative and isn’t an exclusive quality of the human world, that is invisible to the creatures from nevima and druma. The nevima inhabitants view as their world as a solid-bodied one and can’t go through each other in the way they go through people or bochs — druma inhabitants. Bochs see themselves and their world as solid-bodied ones; they have solid surfaces that do not coincide with the surface of the Earth.
– There is no principle matter in the trinity of druma, nevima, and solid body, they all are equal, that’s why I put them according to the level of intelligence of the inhabitants.
Bochs significantly exceed us in everything, for us they are something like your gods. That’s why I called them so, And people are nothing, you do not have features of realistic intelligence. Some inexplicable, far from reality fantasies in the worldview.
– Bochs say that they know two more «embedded» matters, but they are uninhabited. Most likely there are hundreds of material enclosures. Inhabited and uninhabited ones, Bochs claim that our world is a microworld of unknown huge giant world. Let’s say, a bear stood up in that gigantic world like your little bears in the picture «Morning in a pine forest» – and our world is just a tiny part of the huge paw of the bear at the microlevel. Bochs also say that microworld of our world is a microworld of a supertiny inhabited world.

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