Circulations of elements in the nature.

The idea of circulations is the biggest Pfff! in the modern science.
At the same time it is the most effective means of stupidity vaccination for children from the very tender age — already in kindergarten children are told about the circulation of water in the nature.

Later beginning from the junior school the vaccinated stupidity is intensified and secured — telling children, teenagers and young men again and again about supposed circulation of water, carbon and nitro and other substances in the nature.
Imagine that you are a scientist. Trustworthy. Respectable. And none has ever heard about the circulations. You haven’t discovered them yet.

And then one day the President calls you:

-Hi! It is necessary to find out immediately what is happening to water on the planet. I’m asking because there are so many things being written in blogs! Ones say that we will be flooded soon, others say the opposite — we are running out of the water , first clear, after that of any.
Look into the matter and report!
The most important thing here is not to lose courage and scratch one’s head.
After all you have to weigh all the water of the planet and control and observe this parameter constantly for at least several hundred years. One can’t find out if water disappears or its quantity increases on the planet in any other way!
It is necessary to weigh separately and observe all the ice on the planet.

It is desirable also to observe the quantity of the vaporizing water and the quantity of the water that gets back to the World ocean to find out if it returns in full or maybe it disappears on the way or grows in quantity?

Naturally it is impossible to do!

But the President has the ears just in order to be told tall tales!
Why is the rain beating against the roof? Because the water has evaporated and clouds have formed in the sky! Then rains run into the rivers and return again to the ocean.

Thus it will be reported! Circulation! And what there is in reality — his term will have been 100 times over and I will have kicked the buckets by the time everything will be out.

To be more convincing let me add here also circulations of other elements, as if it is a law common for all of them.
Ugh! He has believed it! But that was close!

Now it is necessary to make everyone immediately accept my genial as always idea of water and other elements circulation in the nature through the system of education!
That is how «circulations» appeared in the school textbooks of every level.

Damn it.

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3 thoughts on “Circulations of elements in the nature.

    1. nevadmin Post author

      Разумеется! Причём это было так. Теперь же это уже преступление, потому что недоказанная бодяга о круговоротах это введение в заблуждение миллиардов людей на планете!

      1. Alex

        Сам недано задался таким вопросом, потому что всплыло воспоминание из школьных лет. А когда начал думать, наткнулся на множество нестыковок с этим круговоротом. Так, а что же на самом деле происходит? Автор не объяснил.