The most criminal crime.

From the variety of the real world surrounding us we always choose «the best». The tastiest and the bitterest, the most beautiful women and men, the most beautiful garment and car.

Let’s not forget about the actions of people. Keep a close watch on the most important to our mind actions of the VIPs.

And many other things. Such «elections» take place all the time and in all spheres of life.

We keep ourselves informed about the «feats» of criminals as well.

To thrash a person in a drunkard’s fight one does not need much brain, very often one does not need even a help-mate. But to steal a million one needs more of criminal brain and assistants would be useful.

It is obvious that the greatest crimes are committed by peoples and the name of this crime is war.
It seems logical to call the second world war the most criminal crime. But political situation in the worlds nowadays is such that the third world war is possible. Someone does prepare it! At least, all more or less «developed» countries for a long time have been having arsenal for it.

It is obvious that the “results” of the latest world war will be such that only the preparation for it is already a crime much worse than the crimes of the previous war.

So maybe it is the most criminal crime? I mean the preparation for the third world war?!

But one must admit that all arm themselves free-willingly! There are no demonstrations and strikes against the militarization of the countries!

There must be a reason of such careless general love for weapon!
Unlike animals people are born with clean memory. All that will be «written» into an empty head of a child by school or by life itself will define the child’s further existence and destiny. All the deeds of an adult in his or her life will be defined by a «programme» in the form of a set of knowledge about the world that is written into his or her young head.

And while in the natural sciences disciplines all the schools of the world children are told the same things, the similar programme put into all without exception human heads will inevitably define the fate of every state and the world at the whole.

So it is obvious that human civilization is arming itself. It is preparing for the universal war of everyone against everyone. In other words, it is preparing for self-destruction. And it means it is the contents of the programme that the world system of education put and is putting into the minds of people.

It is clear that in families, in schools and universities no one encourages enmity and does not raise the hatred against their own people. It is being done surreptitiously, secretly with the help of lies about the structure of nature and the Universe.

The false scientific world view is the most criminal crime in the history of the humankind.
People have been dreaming for a long time about rapprochement of races, peoples and nationalities. Even about speaking the same language — esperanto. But it really happened only in natural sciences. In physics, chemistry, biology, astronomy and in such smart books, published in different languages, one and the same thing is written. In all the textbooks as well. One and the same for everyone language is used in the science.

So what important things does the science know that it must be by all means known to every child on the planet? Atomic structure of the substance? Breathing with the help of their leaves plants? Synthesis? Accidental evolution? Swimming in the liquid melt on the plates of the Earth crust?

All these things are myths! Analysis and experimental data show that these and all other «truths» of modern scientific worldview don’t have any practical confirmations, they are not proved. And in the textbooks they are put just to give them the status of global recognition.

All main regulations of the modern natural science are lies! The most vivid and simplest example of all these lies is law of gravity, made up by a completely unscrupulous man named Newton. Let’s begin with the experiment.

Let’s practically determine how far from the Earth does the force of gravity «reach». To do it we will throw a crystal ball from different heights.

First of all, we’ll come to the sea beach, lay straw (for we know where it will fall!) and will let the ball fall at the distance of an outstretched hand. The ball will fall on the straw. Gravity exists!

Then we go to the viewing platform of the highest building and throw the ball down from there. It will fall on the beforehand prepared place. Gravity exists!
When I asked guys who were going to fly on the balloon to the upper atmosphere to carry out this experiment they told me that «experiments» with throwing things overboard (pouring out, spilling in the uninhabited areas to evade problems underneath to be more particular) are done constantly during the flights when in order to gain height they have to throw away ballast. So the gravity is even in upper atmosphere!

Next stage of our experiment is connected with cosmonautics. To do it we lay straw on that place of the planet over which synchronistic satellite is hanging, buy a place on the satellite for a hollow-centred ball with 1 mm diameter, and at the right moment we open the air lock and let our crystal ball fall.
But it does not fall, it flies over the planet near the satellite! There is no gravitation! It ended!

But now something else will start! I’ll be shown formulae that «explain» everything! For example, I’ll be told about the centrifugal force that allegedly balances the gravity.

These very indignant critics demonstrate their deep ignorance in the questions of the physical bodies movements. Including the laws of so much loved by public Newton.

If no forces are applied to a body or they are in equilibrium then the body is in the state of rest and fulfills steady and straight movement.

In other words, if gravity still affects a satellite but it is put in equilibrium by some centrifugal force then in the result nothing works and this satellite will move steadily and along the straight line!

And confusion takes place in the heads of people because pseudo scientists do the sums on the curvilinear motion of bodies and in particular on the rotation using only the method of generating equilibrium equations. Dynamics is made into statics, absurd systems of coordinates are made up, mythical centrifugal force is introduced and balanced with mythical gravity. But «it looked well on the paper»! After you have put into equilibrium all the forces that affect the satellite it is bound to fly tangently because curvilinear motion of bodies does not exist in nature!

Because of these elementary considerations the force of gravity (if it exists) can’t be put into equilibrium — it «turns» the Moon round the Earth! But on the other hand, if there is gravity between the Earth and the Moon the night star will inevitably fall on us.

There is no gravity on the height of «eternal» orbits!
In other words, modern cosmonautics knows exactly where the gravity of the Earth ends — there where «eternal» orbits begin. All that rotates below is attracted by the Earth and will surely fall down. Although those objects also have rotating individual orbits they can’t be fastened there because of the gravity. Satellites that fly on the lower orbits have to be regularly dispersed.
The Moon with its «eternal» orbit rotates around the Earth and demands no adjustment. I did not make a slip saying that the Moon rotates together with its orbit. It just does not happen in any other way! Really to rotate round the Earth the Moon has only two possibilities:

1. It is a part of some general material flow, «glued» into it. As clouds blown by wind. The Moon in this case is a passive physical body subjected to external exposure. In other words, some forces «blow» the Moon along the curving trajectory.

2. The Moon has its own engines that are controlled by someone from intellectual flight control center. In other words, in this case the night star is an independent active object. For example, a flying machine.

I have to discard the second variant and that’s why only participation of the Moon in the general motion is left.

The Moon rotates around the Earth together with its orbit. What is this orbit, what does it consist of- it is another topic. Telling what I know or think about this issue hasn’t been a goal of this article. Accumulated by practical cosmonautics proofs are enough.
And now in particular: if you consider the Solar System to be one unity then the law of conservation of torsional moment can be applied to it:

A body rotating about its axis, if there are no retarding forces, will rotate in any way.

It can be applied as well to a body-dumbbell Earth-Moon, the Earth-Artificial Earth satellite. The only addition is that all rotations of the celestial bodies takes place not in the empty space, but are connected with each other by the one Universal matter and get energy from the Galactic whirl. But let’s stop — for a start one should understand that stones can’t rotate in the empty space on their own!

The law of conservation of torsional moment plus Newton’s laws plus gravity law allow us to perform accurate computation of artificial Earth satellites launching, flights towards other planets, calculations of the planets coordinates. By the way, the gravity law is just transformed Kepler’s laws.

In other words, Solar System is a whirl of invisible matter, one natural formation.

Before the action itself the motivation of this action is formed in the person’s head. Main motivation exists from the very birth and is defined by the way of existence of all animals, including a human being. It’s hunger.

When transformed into an insatiable consummation of everything that eyes see, it becomes the one and only motivation in the life. People become animals.

Only rich people have the opportunity to suffer from consummation illness. They are «masters of life», bosses, leaders at all levels of the power.

Motivation that is alternative to hunger can be formed only when people know the truth about natural structure, about structure of the Universe. When they know truth about the immortality of their souls.

Not only from religious books, but in the modern world also from the scientific data.

To consume is business of pigs. Soul also becomes piggish; such one will go to the afterlife world and will have the same life there.

For a long time humanity already has theoretical and practical proofs of existence of one universal matter. Communication of this information to people will significantly enlarge number of believers.
Everyone will understand that universal matter must be inhabited by intelligent creatures. Moreover, there are many fragmentary facts of their observations.

But anyway, the fact that basic universal matter is invisible for human’s organs of senses and for scientific instruments, can’t be a reason to hide this obvious fact of its existence.

Add here the lies about plants that breathe with their leaves, about mythical synthesis, lies about mythical atoms and molecules etc.

It’s clear that people live in the world that doesn’t exist in reality! And that’s why most of them have only one motivation — to devour, to consume. And it’s not enough — to take smth from your neighbour! And if he doesn’t give it — them kill him! That’s why we live on the powder barrel, that’s why those who are rich and powerful fiddle while Rome is burning.
The basis of all these crimes, the most criminal of all crimes wasn’t created by mafia, fascists or communists, but by scientists in the silence of their offices, Governments and peoples surely are accomplices of the scientists in this black deed, because science is not controlled anyway by the governments or society.

Everything is built as if God itself created all the scientific theories. But meanwhile it’s time to see that all these Newtons, Darwins, Lomonosovs. Einsteins etc are not gods at all, but ordinary people, most often not very smart, but who had impudence to claim that «I know» where they could know not more than ordinary normal people.

Even now — science is nothing more but a pure kindergarden. They sit, draw fantastical pictures of the things they haven’t seen and will never see. For example, how do these mythical plates of mythical Earth crust float on the magma?! And there such things in every branch on natural science. Let’s say, now they play around Large Hadron Collider. It would have been funny if it hadn’t been so sad! Money is wasted, and smart people don’t deal with the matter, they play in the sandpit!

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