A question to the bosses about life.

Science has given the definition to the term «life» long time ago. For example, biology gives the following definition:
Life begins with a cell. There is no life outside a cell!

To be more particular — with a plant cell. So the question is about this cell.

Why not to the biologists?

On the topic that I’m interested in biologists have a strong cliche:

Plants in the process of life-sustaining activities evolve into atmosphere oxygen and carbon dioxide. At the same time plants consume atmospheric oxygen to breathe and carbon dioxide for photosynthesis.

In other words, biologists claim that plants evolve the same substances they consume!

What can we talk about with such «scientists»? For example, we can try to get explanation. I made and I am still making efforts to get from them a comprehensible explanation of such a strange behavior of plants but without results. In the hot heart and cold mind of every respectable biologist one thing is burnt out by red-hot iron: «Plants breathe oxygen while evolving carbon dioxide. And for photosynthesis they consume carbon dioxide while evolving oxygen. What can be not clear about it?»
People are constantly dazzled by the wisdom of nature! So many inventions and discoveries of nature people oversaw! And here comes such a blooper! And in the vital for humans sphere — people depend on the plants in everything!

I didn’t manage to get explanations from the scientists of such a strange behavior of plants so I have to address to bosses — because they are the highest instance nowadays!?

1. If a living organism throws something away it is considered to be waste or no? (a bad or a good thing?)
2. Can an organism use their own excrements to feed and breathe?
3. If an organism needs something to eat and breathe why would it throw it all away?
4. How to explain to children why plants use allegedly their own waste to feed and breathe?

How is it better to tell your children and grandchildren that plants consume the same things they evolve or vice versa, they evolve the same things they consume? Something like intestinum rectum.
5. Can presidents, kings, Prime Ministers, ministers, senators, deputies etc. comply with their posts and be considered intelligent people while in every textbook of the Earth civilization it is written that plants breathe and feed on their own waste?

Or post is one thing, and education is another?
Messieurs bosses, will there ever be order in everything elementary and obvious on the Earth? So that at least rogues didn’t have the opportunity to write textbooks.

And it’s not even necessary to know anything about nourishment and secreting of the plant cell. If it is written that a living object secretes the same thing that it eats then scribblers are unscrupulous liars. There doesn’t such a thing in nature that for example, a tiger defecated an eaten by him man alive though humorists consider that the poor thing has a way out in this case.

One just needs to make these undisguised mountebanks shut up. These are TEXTBOOKS after all!
Do it, please!
Each of us apart from everything else is a boss of his or her own children. Let’s comply with this honourable and important title! Let’s take all this nonsense away from the textbooks and will invent methods of protecting education from dotage in future!

It’s absolutely relevant task for the people! It’s necessary to defend yourself, your children and grandchildren from disinformation!
P.S. By the way, botanists didn’t even try to study the structure of the plant leaf.
If they knew its structure then all questions about air nourishment and breathing of plants and about photosynthesis would have disappeared at once.
Cells in the plant leaf are arranged into groups according to the number of stomatos. There is a thin oxygen gas-pipe stretched from every cell to its stomato, Oxygen and carbon dioxide are taken away to the atmosphere through these pipes. Cells don’t discard these gases into the inter-cellar space of the leaf, as it’s written in the textbooks. It’s mortally dangerous for the leaves. If botanists don’t know why then let them ask engineers or chemists.

Gases are constantly pumped into on direction through the pipes, from cells to atmosphere, that’s why nothing can go back from the atmosphere into cells! Oxygen concentration in the pipes during the day is about 90%, concentration of the carbon oxygen at nights is also about 90%. However idiotic (according to the biologists) mother mature throws all these highly concentrated pure oxygen and carbon dioxide into the atmosphere just to heroically extract the same gases from the air where besides them there is also 80% of nitrogen, dust and there is practically no carbon dioxide (0,03%)?!

It is clear that nature isn’t that stupid as it is showed by pseudo-scientists.

Amazing is also how they write about air, oxygen or carbon dioxide getting into the leaves in order to please mythical synthesis, although they do not have any direct proofs.

Complete absence of principles!

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