Imbecile nature.

If we compare flora and fauna of our planet the plants will undoubtedly win. By the piece or by weight «greenery» in tens of times exceeds fauna.

That’s why nature first of all is flora.

Let’s see how intelligent it is. Everywhere we hear exalted screams just how brilliant nature is!
It is said in the Scripture about plants (Botanics) that plants feed on atmospheric carbon dioxide.

It is also written that plants breathe atmospheric oxygen.

At the same time in the same scripture it’s claimed that it is determined experimentally that plants do not release oxygen and carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. In other words, they throw out their own food and breathing!
It is so ridiculous that even pseudo-scientists understand it.

And can you imagine what they made up?

They introduced the notion of isolation of photosynthesis and breathing processes!

In other words, photosynthesis is one thing and breathing — another.

That’s why one can’t use carbon dioxide produced in the process of mythical photosynthesis as food! Tsch! It must be discarded into the atmosphere and some other carbon dioxide for example, discarded from a car must be obtained from the atmosphere.

And oxygen is said to appear in the process of mythical photosynthesis also can’t be used for this mythical breathing! It also must be discarded and another one used.

Nature is completely and absolutely imbecile!
Fir if the nature wasn’t imbecile then plants naturally wouldn’t have discarded purest oxygen already located in the cell but would have breathed with it!

They wouldn’t have discarded carbon dioxide as well — it’s food after all! Ready, pure, concentrated food! But no, they should somehow obtain carbon from the polluted atmosphere. And there is only 0.01 % of carbon there! There is no carbon in the atmosphere!

But as they say if there are no brains, noone can put it there…
That’s why plants managed to play fools even with nitrogen.

It’s known that nitrogen is necessary for plants. There is almost 80% of nitrogen in the air, so it seem there can be no problems. According to photosynthesis theory air gets inside the leaves anyway and there assimilation of the atmospheric oxygen during the mythical breathing takes place as well as assimilation of atmospheric carbon dioxide during the mythical photosynthesis process.

The funniest thing is that after this leaves do not return nitrogen into the atmosphere — there is no nitrogen in the evolved from the stomatos gas!

At the same time it is known that plants do not assimilate nitrogen with their leaves — it has to be brought it through the soil to the roots of the plant. In other words plants have hidden for no reason atmospheric nitrogen in enormous quantities! I can’t understand it!
Even if to agree with the fact that oxygen and carbon dioxide get into leaves due to diffusion then why nitrogen does not get there due to the same diffusion?
Plants play fools with breathing as well.

Why do plants need it?

For plants are absolutely «cold-blooded» and live at the expense of external heat.

Animals and humans breathe to get heat. But why do plants «breathe»?

Pseudo scientists made up a lot of theories about the breathing of plants. Made up oxidation without heat evolution. (!!??). But the important thing — what for — they have forgotten to say.

Let’s say some child prodigy draws a Krebs cycle with bated breath but to say WHAT FOR plants need it he or she can’t.

Why (what the hell!) plants oxidize ready-made sugar?

To evolve carbon dioxide? Like some smoker that throws out smoke without interruption. It is not needed for vital signs and is even harmful, and? A rush?
I have mentioned only 3 plants funny ways (throw away their food and breathing, hide nitrogen, senseless breathing). Every reader can without particular difficulty recall the same number of plants funny ways or even more.

Well, obviously imbecile!

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2 thoughts on “Imbecile nature.

  1. Аноним

    В данном тексте все претензии были к биологам, которые открыли СПИД и придумали теорию Дарвина, так почему же дебильная природа, а не дебильные учёные?

    Извините, но вопрос напрашивается сам собой. Прошу прощения за оскорбления.

    1. nevadmin Post author

      Природа не может быть дебильной! Вот потому-то так и названа статья, чтобы ну оскорблять учёных открытым текстом.