When we say on some occasion the word “intelligence”, we mean, first of all, logical thinking. In scientific understanding, it requires memory and ability to self-education.

So we endow with mind exclusively the so-called second signal system.

However, it is possible to divide the first and the second signal systems only in books.

When the first signal system switches on an unconditioned reflex, for example, hunger, the quiet couch arguments about oeuvre, such as Turgenev’s work, immediately give way to motivating memories of New Year’s salad with mushrooms.

How good and small honey fungus were!
Among unconditioned reflexes outstands a set under the title instinct of reproduction, especially attractive in its initial phase. As a result, we go and do it, even though the atom pours from the sky. And intelligence seems to be unnecessary here.

So let’s check whether it is necessary or not.
Nature confers the ability to multiply to all organisms, including humans. Moreover, no one asks the opinion and desire on this occasion of the organism itself! A sort of symbiosis of complete freedom and absolute dictatorship. Multiply yourself, ask nobody, no plants are needed, but to multiply or not – is none of your business!

People also know how to produce and reproduce simple and complex products needed for them. For example, my friend commands a shop that produces, among other things, packages for “Magnit” stores.

Let us complicate his task.

It is necessary to give the ability to self-multiply to one of the simplest human products. Of course, we choose the most common plastic bag, in which we just brought the products from the shop.

There are many ways of multiplication, choose the easiest. Let our package multiply by simple division into two, as biological cells do. And at intervals we will begin to pull one by one completely new package from the old package.

Material for its multiplication, for food is always there – it’s crumbs and scraps of polyethylene, cellophane, who knows what else has been forgotten or intentionally put into the package.
Polyethylene is organic matter, and here the scientists are pundits from top to bottom! According to their opinion it is enough to create the necessary nutrient medium and the required physical conditions for self-multiplication of individual organic molecules. For example, viruses, consisting of a single molecule, multiply within biocells. Is it difficult to create the same conditions for the package? They do not consider viruses as living beings. For scientists life begins with a cell. Outside the cell there is no life!

As a result, the molecules of polyethylene will multiply, the walls of the package will thicken, then they will split into two.

Dry up a little and straight to the shop!
Dear reader of the site! When Academician Pavlov lived, there were no computers and many other things. Therefore, he led his experiments on dogs, as on soulless chumps, though loved and pitied them. He could not understand that for every reaction of an organism at least an implicit in it program and a reader are necessary. An analytical center to distinguish odors, and so on is required. . That is, intelligence is needed! Unconditioned intelligence, not the unconditioned reflex. Conditioned intelligence, and not conditional reflex.

Pavlov could not call these phenomena this way because it smells of the soul and the divine power, and he, having gone from religion to natural science, adopted the university views of the nature.
When the virus is close to a biological cell, it is screwed into it and starts to multiply.

That is, as Academician Pavlov would have said, unconditional reflexes of the virus actuate.

And a modern engineer will tell you that the virus has the analytical center of the environment, which is always on, and when the “sensors” work out after they detect cells next to each other, it activates the program of implementation into a cell, feeding, multiplication “pupation” and going out of the cell, to reiterate the dirty deed with the next cell.

So, a hungry dog (or a hungry student) smelled barbecue.

It is well known what will happen to the organism of the stu … I mean dog, as a result. He will feel a vacuum in the lower region, mouth-watering, joyful expectation …

All this is happening apart from consciousness and without pre-taming. The organism itself knows what to do, so Pavlov called this behavior of the organism an unconditioned reflex.

But when in a dark alley a careless passerby is hailed and asked to give a light, then the person will be frightened because he is aware of the possible negative outcome of his own or someone else’s experience.

This is already a conditioned reflex, acquired as a result of life experiences.
Pavlov cut the gastrointestinal tract of a dog, bringing out the tube and watched for release secretions when exposed to different smells and tastes.

Later scientists began to introduce electrodes into the brain and see the reaction to the appearance of external stimuli on the different senses of the experimental animal. The notion of the excitation of a part of cerebral cortex appeared.

All this primitive rot was the basis of the relevant science and it still is, as if there was no development of other sciences, industry, and society.
You, dear reader, use a computer at work and at home. So let’s describe the operation of this device, which is now necessary, with the words that have come to us from deep scientific antiquity.

So a just bought computer is hooked up. The device responds accordingly – it is excited, he instinctively turns on the lights, the fan, it comes to life and begins to warm up, the screen lights up instinctively. These are unconditioned reflexes of a computer.

Then discs or flash memory sticks are inserted into the appropriate slots, the desired icon is clicked or a key is pressed and the computer acquires the necessary skills and habits. That is, it acquires conditioned reflexes.

But this description does not give us knowledge about the principles of computer operation.

The same story with living organisms. Now the development of society and industry is such that people are already able to use the knowledge and experience from one field of knowledge to another field of activity. For example, most people know that biological objects that do not live at the expense of some sort of abstract instincts, reflexes, excitation, but due to very specific programs recorded on a quite tangible media. So now you can not use primitive knowledge gained by the reputable stumps at past (looking from the height of current knowledge).

It is also obvious that DNA alone is not enough to ensure the functioning of the whole organism. A “general management” is necessary.

For example,>herethe intelligence, external to the cell, is well “visible”. Without it, these highly organized intracellular actions would have been impossible.

A man would never be able to create such a microbiomachine (not enough intelligence!), which would suddenly and at the right moment appear from nowhere inside the cell itself (and at the same time the cell nucleus disappears), found there chromosomes, fastened to them correctly, creating two spindles, pilfering chromosomes to the poles of the cell in equal parts and everything done, would quietly disappear. And where there are now two piles of chromosomes, there appear two separate new cell nucleus. Then there is the constriction and the parent cell divides into two daughter cells.

The question of usefulness of intelligence for all these operations (and not all of them are listed!) is purely rhetorical – of course, intelligence is simply necessary, exterior and with a huge memory, because nature accurately makes a huge amount of such operations for the smallest unit of time.

The human organism also has an absolute intelligence, which is much more powerful than its conditional intelligence or our “anchoring of ego”. Absolute intelligence is fundamentally different from the conditional intelligence because it is directly connected to the absolute intelligence of other people and other creatures, as well as with the information field of the Earth, the Solar system, and through them with the Universal intelligence. BR and conditional intelligence are carefully divided.

When the intelligence separation system is having problems, then such people are partially view their absolute intelligence through their conditional intelligence and they begin to show a variety of superpowers, both informational and physical. Psychics, witches, people moving objects with willpower and so on. . – are thereof. Such abilities are harmful to the organism, because it leads to malfunction of the absolute intelligence, which should work better than the clock. For example, cells can stop dividing, and this is a direct route to cancer, or extra chromosomes appear and so on.
Later, I will continue this page, and you think, please, about the necessity of existence of absolute intelligence in biological beings, beginning with molecules if they suddenly decide to multiply.

Is intelligence needed for the molecules of polyethylene so that “Magnit” packages began to multiply?

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