In an attempt to explain the nature, people invented a lot of funny and even “genius” things. In this sense, Darwin’s theory deserves a special notice.

Darwinian nature, concerned about evolution, exercises in endless sifting of paltry mutant freaks which heaven knows why are riveted by HM Occurrence, without asking what the Nature herself thinks about it.

When Darwin, Mechnikov, Pavlov, Einstein, Newton, and other pioneers of science composed their theories, it was not known about DNA and other information records within biological cells. There were no computers with the concepts of “program”, “data container”, “reader”, and so on. . Therefore, they could not come up with anything other than the fact that all processes in nature are guided by occurrence. That is, from the height of today’s practical knowledge – they are snags (low felled trees).

And those pseudo-scientists who put their nonsense in the foundation of science are absolute idiots.

That is why in science there is still a very unprepossessing situation – the nature is allegedly suspended from single and error-free production of normal subjects and is busy with the production of freaks with their subsequent culling and search of the “right” one, which will leave offspring.
The “production” of the offspring, in which the program of survival, fully consistent with all the changes in the immediate environment and the Universe, is already recorded, is one of the main activities of nature. This is done precisely in order not to produce useless subjects, which will then have to be culled. It is energetically unprofitable. And all the well-known events, such as sheep gored less powerful sheep and therefore left offspring, on the contrary, are aimed at preservation of the species and not at its changing. A sheep tends to remain a sheep forever and does not strive to become an elephant, or something smart.

Nature conducts continuous, relentless and uncompromising war against errors in its own record so that single books of life existed, excluding double interpretation.

So the offspring production essentially excludes the mythical Darwinian evolution and all the other factitious evolutions through trial and error.
Object transition into a more complex constructive state will not happen without the transition of its intelligence into a more complex state. For example, children of the Inca civilization played with toys like carts with wheels, but in the “adult” life of the Incas carts harnessed by animals never appeared.

And no matter how long the samples of animal-drawn transport competed, it never lead to the emergence of “self-propelled trolleys” with steam engines or internal combustion engines. To do this, the emergence of social need is necessary, which appears as a result of industrial development and the subsequent series of inventions.

Exactly the same are the things with the development of natural objects – initially natural changes emerge, then in accordance with them changes the intelligence of the object, changes are made in the intelligence of the offspring as a result of which simultaneous changes in all occur.

The Galaxy appeared as a result of meeting at large Universe of “warm, wet” array of universal invisible matter with “cold” array of invisible universal matter. As a result a galactic mixing vortex was formed like the terrestrial atmospheric cyclone. Since then everything that happens inside the cyclone galaxy is subject to a single task – the mixing of these arrays and achieving of equilibrium state.

Including data records within each offspring that change strictly in accordance with the common “red line” of changes within the Galaxy. All mythical evolutions are this and that, and as it should be with mixing of two different arrays of invisible universal matter in the Universe. Such a program.

The offspring is a living entity, within which, under certain conditions, liquid living organics begins to multiply. Liquid living organics constantly monitors the environment and at the coincidence of the complex information coming from the outside with the sample in its program, the mechanism of molecule reproduction turns on.

Each biomolecule has the fruit, from which a subsidiary molecule grows along the parent molecule in full compliance with the program, which is in its soul. Then with the “winch” mechanism of the cell goes on the division of its inner part in two halves and hauling them to the poles of the cell. And finally, the last stage – the division of the cell.

Moreover, modern scholars should understand that such unmistakable “flourishes” with an infinite number of cells on the Earth can not occur without complex programs and without intelligence.

DNA is just a reader. The information itself, the absolute intelligence is in the material formation of invisible matter, although it is associated with DNA in a single unit. In the case of a man this invisible material formation is called the soul. It is in all living things and all that man mistakenly takes for inanimate nature. That is, the soul is everywhere! Let us say, the whole chemistry is primarily the work of the soul of this or that multiplying matter. For example, water also has the soul, the offspring and multiplying of water goes on according to the same rules as that of biological objects, but, naturally, with its bells and whistles. H2O formula reflects not the mythical composition of the water molecule, but denotes the set of some (not all) substances that multiply on water.

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3 thoughts on “Offspring.

  1. Любовь Черника

    Огромное спасибо!!! Уже смотрю другими глазами и понимаю почему на уроках в школе так было неинтересно. Хочу еще!!!!!!

  2. Любовь Черника

    Если человеком не полностью выполнена программа в данной жизни, то он получает другое тело с той же душой-программой? Для чего человеку дан мозг? Это тоже считывающее устройство соединенное с ДНК?

    1. nevadmin Post author

      Нет, душа сразу же включается в новую жизнь бесповоротно. Так же как нельзя запихать новорожденного назад, если он недоношенный или “бракованный”.
      Мозг даётся для обеспечения мотивированной и осмысленной подвижности в целях добывания пищи и создания условий для жизни.