This word gained popularity. So now, more often, it is used to give solidity to the usual scientific or engineering research, searches and developments.

Common cheap politics.

And on the background of the scientific mistaken worldview, any exploration of nature only occasionally can lead to a new, hitherto unknown result. And it will not be fundamentally important, breakthrough discoveries.

People are losing the war for time to nature.

In fact, they do not even know that such a war is going on.

Thanks to the “existence” of the composed by them mythical circulation of water and other substances in nature, people are in blissful ignorance of a smiling fool.

Water is not eternal. And, although the reproduction of water on the Earth has not stopped completely, its transformation into stone has more rapid and accelerating pace. In addition, a fictional geological time scale, based on misconceptions about radiation, does not correspond with reality.

Time is “running” much faster. A man needs to have time to develop new forms of his existence before as a result of the fossilization of the noosphere, life would be impossible on a large area and there will be wars over water and territory. Then there will be no time for research and searches.
I write on the site about religion and soul not because I want to “revive the priests’ stories”, as some readers write to me.

The matter is that here is the high road to real innovations.

Industrial terrestrial civilization development is now such that even for the Hedgehog in the Fog it is time to understand the lack of casualties in nature. After all, any modern manufacturing, modern technical means requires the presence not only of the human intellect, but its own computerization as well.

And what to say, for example, of the division of biological cells!

Fruiting, reproduction, growth and development of biological objects is not possible without the presence of their own heavy-duty, self-developing, self-learning, living “computers”!

They also have software content. The future of human civilization is in influencing the software embedded in the soul.
In the Universe there are no initially inanimate objects. There are only the living and the dead. All living objects in nature have the programs of growth, development, fruiting. These programs are in valses. A human vals is called the soul. Dead objects have no souls and serve as food, that is they don’t exist long.

Valses consist of yet invisible for a man and his technical devices matter.

As everything in nature is animate, then mastering the “writing” of programs for valses, a person can call anything from nothingness. As well as speed up, slow down or stop the growth, development and fruition of all the objects of nature and our own products, from the smallest to the biggest. Including those that are now considered as inanimate nature – water, stone, metal, food and so on.

For example, gold, iron, copper, nickel, and so on. . nuggets are living drawing stones. People adapted them to their needs, composed much nonsense about the internal structure of stones and called them minerals. For the nature, they are all rocks and differ from each other as a birch from a pine or a rose from a lily of the valley. They are not fundamentally different. Plants.

Being able to “get” into the soul of a nugget, people will be able to grow as much, for example, gold, as they want and finally make a cottage industry out of production of gold toilets, as bequeathed by Lenin. Vladimir Ilyich.
Such techniques are described in action, for example, in the Bible.

When Christ fed a large number of his listeners with a small amount of food, he used these possibilities.

Mythical “tricks” of djinns, mentioned in the Koran as the inhabitants of the Earth, too, are done with the help of these techniques.

So there in the Universe, the Solar system, the world live intelligent beings possessing technologies of reification of invisible matter. And there are so many of them, infinitely more than people. It could not go unnoticed, as people used to trust their eyes more than they do now. Especially as the “otherworldly” representatives used to appear in your solid state world regularly. Oral traditions and records of it remained. A book.

Tragic “humor” of modernity is that stupid fantasy is the synthesis, photosynthesis, atom, electron, proton, Newton’s laws, Darwin’s theory, Einstein’s theory, and so on throughout the list of the scientific worldview, and not the Bible, the Koran, the Talmud, the mantra and other religious books.
Water evaporation, i.e. water in the gaseous state is always present in the air. And we do not see it, as, indeed, the air itself, if it is not “touched up” with dust. That is, literally, it is invisible matter for us.

However we all know the method, technology of detection and “squeezing” of water from the air. For this purpose, it must be cooled to a desired temperature. As a result, water droplets are formed and we see the steam, fog or rain. Or on a cold surface there appear condensational droplets.

The process is also called – condensation. Not necessarily water.
Reification of invisible universal matter goes as condensation, 1: 1.

When in space “warm” and “wet” array of invisible universal matter meets “cold” array of invisible universal matter, then a (condensed) matter appears. And to know how to “squeeze” substance from invisible universal matter, it is also not necessary to be a Solomon. It’s just as “difficult” as, for example, to get distilled water.

Most residents of invisible matter, able to reify it, do not even know the “theoretical” part of the question, as your bootleggers know only that it is necessary to have a coil and to connect it correctly.
The real difficulty lies in the immediate cessation of imagination in science and a complete rejection of the already fantasized by your “great” scientists stuff in what concerns ideology.

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