Brownian motion.

In nature there exist clouded (not totally transparent) liquids and gases.
Very little organic and non-organic particles contribute to it. They are often called the suspended matter because they sort of have no weight, and it doesn’t take much time for them to settle, they “hang”. Clarification of turbid media is a serious technical task and “techies” have long been occupied with it. The reason, I believe, is known to all – suspended matter displaces as much liquid or gas by weight, as it weighs itself. Archimedes was the first to write about it. Suspended matter can be either nuclear-powered submarine or an invisible to the eye speck of dust.
It is very small slime that conducts itself in a strange way. If big suspended matters sooner or later either sink or rise to the surface then very small particle never sinks and never resurfaces. Environment «seizes» it and it becomes a part of this environment.
In particular, if you look at this slime through a microscope with high power lenses you can see that particles are in constant random motion though nothing and none can be seen around and the environment is rather calm.

Brown was the first to write about it. Since that moment the term «Brownian motion» exists. Science mountebanks present this natural event as an evidence of molecular structure of the matter.
They claim that molecules of liquid or gas hit a particle and in the result it moves.

But chaotic differently directed impacts of little object with much bigger one cannot make it move. On the other hand, they will quickly crush a big object.

False «evidence» of the existence of the atomic structure of the matter proved with the help of the Brownian motion occupies an honourable second place after photosynthesis among all false doctrines.
While writing all this I assume that readers know what will be said here. Moreover, it is not difficult to refresh memory with the help of the Internet, for example.

As for me, I will speak about something more interesting — something textbooks and Wikipedia keep silent about. When you read about Brownian motion in the very first lines of their scribbling you will face lies. They write that Brownian particles move chaotically because molecules of liquid and gas hit them. And then they usually confirm their statement by a picture that shows a big particle (Brownian) surrounded by a mass of small particles (molecules). The picture shows them only 10-15 times smaller than the particle. And they allegedly jostle because of their thermal motion.

It is clear that the big particle has no resource but to move as well. Moreover, granddad Einstein himself wrote the formula.

What can be still unclear here? It is plain as a nose on your face…
But no!

Einsteins lie! But, as usual, they lie very transparently and this lie can be understandable even to a fool that is drunk. If of course he sobers up one day and will try to think a bit at least. Probably the main false thing in the Brownian motion theory is the fact that even at the best amplification that can provide modern devices never was a molecule particle seen around a Brownian particle!

And this fact is meticulously concealed by these pseudo-scientists!

Well it’s true that «goebbels» of science claim that that they are somewhere there, once upon a time molecules and even atoms were seen through the electron microscope. But here near
suspended matters for some reason they can’t manage to see anything!
It’s another story with atoms and molecules that are said to be photographed with the help of an electron microscope.
It can be described as follows: In their own fantasies about inner structure of matter the scientists invented the way the mythical atoms and molecules look like long before powerful microscopes even appeared.

That’s why when electron microscope appeared, the photos with some circular image were named pictures of atoms and photos showing hexagons were called pictures of a big organic molecule.

All this is a deception and can only elicit a smile.
For example, what do the sides of a hexagon represent? Ties? And what do they consist of then if the ties are visible and atoms at the tops are not?
Naturally, I don’t doubt the authenticity of the photos but it is unknown what they depict.
Anyway, if one reads all this scientific scribbling about mythical atoms and molecules then their pictures should be at least collective.
Though in all likelihood it is impossible to take pictures of them because they constantly move according to the molecular kinetic theory.
So, ex post, there are no (aren’t observed) mythical or real molecules around Brownian particles!

That’s why none has the right to draw fabricated pictures in the textbooks representing a Brownian particle surrounded by visible (!) particles! Such pictures and corresponding texts are nothing more than mere delusion of children and just interested citizens.
Criminal offence.
And authors of the textbooks are simple criminals as well as their «great» predecessors, authors of various theories and pseudo-discoveries.
Gentlemen, you can invent them to please yourself or as working assumptions, but in the TEXTBOOKS such explanation can appear only after it is possible to see and make sure that ambient molecules really «hammer» the particle and displace it!

Give the proofs! And if you have none then hold your tongue! Go fly a kite!
The babbler may have great influence or it may even be written in the Bible itself about shoving molecules — all the same it’s forbidden! For this is SCIENCE! Only
indisputable, obvious and many times repeatable proofs can be good!
To be on the safe side let’s consider a hypothetical variant of tiny molecules existence.
Let’s say molecules that are ten thousand times, hundred thousand times, million or billion times (it’s not known!) and not 10-15 times smaller than the tiniest Brownian particles.
In this case they won’t be visible in the microscope and there will be something like a coincidence with reality — particles move though there is nothing around them.

But in this case impulses of mythical molecules will also be very weak and «unbalanced of differently odds of directed impulses» can be even smaller.

And these mythical molecules in order to move «rock»-Brownian particle will need a huge amount of simultaneous blows at one side of the particle, and upon condition that there will be no such blows at this moment from the opposite side. Though it will look more like an explosion with sad outcome for the particle.

Is it possible? Surely NOT!
But suspended particles nevertheless move in quiet environment! They can’t do it themselves, can they?!
I have to remind one more time that no fact itself including the fact of Brownian motion does not confirm any idea, hypothesis, theory that «explains» this fact!

This very thing happened to the theory of suspended matter — at first they speak about molecular structure of matter, molecular-kinetic theory of heat and then they say: «Here, look!» and show in a microscope Brownian motion as a piece of evidence.

Facts don’t need to be explained but they require to be respected!
According to the law of «marked rogues», «great» Einstein unites the explanation of Brownian motion, Avogadro’s law and molecular- kinetic theory in one loop. Looped them.

These three paranoiac theories spring out from one another and are the «evidence» of each other!

Given that each of these theories is a crystal clear lie and has none independent evidence, such trick is a really brilliant solution!

After all there are no fools, only great people. But some were lucky to push through and others…

But let’s not talk about sad things! Especially since the Internet gives everyone an opportunity to push through and shoulder one’s way!

So let’s give Brownian motion a more logical explanation. For it let’s recollect the fact that Brown was a biologist and observing in a microscope a chaotic motion of the suspended in water farina, he concluded at first that living farina moves by itself. Later it was proved.

But we’ll choose another way and make a supposition that any matter is inhabited by living organisms. They mess around by themselves and move Brownian particles when they due to some reasons interfere with their lives. And as long as their time flows much faster, we observe the constant motion of suspended matter.

This theory, unlike the existing one, explains the Brownian motion better, more logically and that is why it has a primary right to be in the textbooks.
And if you wrinkle up your forehead, scratch your head and sit still for some time with your head reclined upon your hand. (ref. sculpture «Thinker») then surely you will come around a more logical explanation of the Brownian motion.
That is why I suggest giving a priority and submit an offer to the Ministry of Education and Science to print in textbooks every year or several times a year different explanations of the Brownian motion. And put a voting on the site of the Ministry. As the result, in several years every citizen will choose a favourite explanation and it is already a triumph of democracy.
The creators of Brownian motion theory were clearly funny guys and to keep the tradition the funniest explanations of Brownian motion must be first published in the textbooks. It facilitates the memorizing of the information during the lessons.

All jokes aside, what is this Brownian motion? It is practically obvious that the movement of suspended particles in the calm environment is caused by microtorrents and microwhirls. But not those of liquid and gas or matter but of some invisible (as a fact!), not recognized by people matter. When a Brownian particle is caught in the whirl of the invisible universal matter it begins to rotate.

But as far as it’s impossible to show or prove it yet, it’s necessary to describe only facts about Brownian motion uncensored in the textbooks, but one should not talk nonsense in the form of doubtful or false explanations of this natural phenomenon.

It’s necessary to write in the textbooks thus: «Nature of this phenomenon is still unknown».
It will open the youth’s eyes and will uncover for them new horizons to explore.

False explanation of Brownian motion is the main «proof» of the mythical molecular structure of the matter.
This Einstein’s rusty nail of disinformation that is driven by countries into the young heads of their citizens is more dangerous that any negative emotions at the whole that young men face in their life.

Here for example what the Internet says about Brownian motion:
«Consistent explanation of the Brownian motion was given by A. Einstein and M. Smoluhovski in 1905-06 on the basis of molecular kinetic theory.
According to this theory molecules of liquid or gas are always in constant thermal motion, and moreover impulses of different molecules are different in size and direction.
If surface of the particle, out in such environment is small as it is with the Brownian particle,
then blows that the particle experiences on the part of other surrounding it molecules will not be compensated.
That’s why in the result of ‘bombardment’ with molecules, Brownian particle comes into chaotic motion, changing range and direction of its speed nearly 1014 (ten raised to 14th power) times per second.»

Twisted deception in this case is contained in the words «If surface of the particle, out in such environment is small…»
It depends in comparison to what!
If we unite everything written by the science about main objects of the Einstein’s scribbling, then it’ll appear that the real suspended particle in comparison to mythical atoms and molecules of environment has great dimensions and mass (10000 times and more) and naturally
can feel absolutely no impact from any of it.

Anyway none has yet seen fussy atoms and molecules of liquid and gas around suspended particle. Here is the difference in the dimensions!

And none will ever see them— they just don’t exist in nature! All this is just a conglomeration of theories that serves to create at least one virtual «truth».
There is another deception in this text: In reality molecules of liquids and gas can interact only with atoms or molecules of the particle but not with the particle itself.
Molecule cannot ‘bombard’ the particle. It can interact only with the particle of molecule.
For everything takes place at the molecular level!
Environment molecule «doesn’t see» particle, the surface of the particle that is claimed to be «small» doesn’t exist for it. Great mountebanks
deliberately do not use one system of coordinates in their speculations. According to them particle lies at the material level and environment lies at the molecular level. Pure deception of the honourable audience!
Moreover, it’s almost impossible to create a more or less noticeable unbalanced impulse — the particle is constantly in the thermal balance with the environment.
Mountebanks wrote that «environment molecules are in constant thermal motion», but «forgot» to say that according to the Kinetic theory, molecules of suspended particles are in the same motion. Molecules of suspended matter will just answer with blow to a blow. Eye for an eye so to say.
Thermal balance!
The third deception: Ok, let’s presume that molecules exist, shove and constantly drag suspended particles around the solution.
Where have I read about it?
Ah! It is Sisyphean labour! But there Sisyphus worked hard. And here what is the fuel? What stimulates the molecules? By means of what does it work? Or it isn’t work?
The mountebanks have concocted it all up very cunningly — the molecules shift stones! And who shifts molecules?
Smoluchowski and Einstein? Or are there those little Sisyphuses? Maybe the energy came from the outside? Well, then according to the thermal molecular-kinetic theory molecules will „tap” on the molecules of the particle. But with the advance of the thermal balance between environmwnt and particle this „tap” will stop and „silence” will come.
If temperature is falling then everything is vice versa – molecules of the particle will „batter” the molecules of the environment. And continuous motion won’t take place neither in this nor in that case.
The fourth deception: What means the expression „the particle is constantly being bombed by molecules of the environment”? According to stupid thermal molecular-kinetic theory it means that the molecules of the environment pass their energy to the molecules of the particle. As the result, the temperature of the particle must grow and the temperature of the environment decrease. Steadily and constantly! And no motion!
But there is no such thing!
The fifth deception: All these adventures happen to suspended matter. And it is a determining factor. Liquid or gas for the particles so little in size become at once „sticky”. Brownian particles are the part of the environment. When you look it seems that these particles are as if „suspended” and the thing that moves a particle has to overcome considerable environmental resistance and resistance of all fields that influence the particle. It is impossible without the destruction of the particle.
In reality, the particle carries out the same motions that the environment carries out in this place. It can also spin around if it gets into a micro whirl. Micro torrents and micro whirls in the liquids and gases are caused by micro motions of the invisible universal matter.
Refusal of paranoid explanation of the Brownian motion with the help of molecular kinetic theory will let us to reveal many unknown properties of the matter and, in particular, get materials with amazing properties.
But the most important thing is that it will let us approach the main (for humanity) problem of exploitation of the invisible universal matter.

The sixth deception: The phrase ”particle changes range and direction of its speed nearly ten raised to 14th power times per second» is a binding one!
It means that there exist great acceleration. And if the particle really undergoes localized strikes with a spike into one atom or molecule, especially when this strike is so hard that particle comes into motion despite the environmental resistance and its own inertia, then it means that there will occur instantaneous fragmentation of the particle. In a second there will be nothing left of the particle!

Is there at least one engineer on our planet?
Let’s assume we have found one engineer that believes everything that is written in the textbooks and he appeared to be the master of a big sea port.
When big ships come into the port their manoeuvres inside the bay are carried out with the help of tug boats. Moreover, if it’s necessary to push into the liner’s body then the tug boat presses on special secured part in order not to bend the body.
Now let’s assume that the port master read a lot of Einstein and Smoluhovski and also studied attentively their explanation of the reasons of the Brownian motion and decided to save some money and cope without tug boats.
He placed cannons across the bay that fire dummy shots. The cannons fire, the dummy shots give impulse to the ship body and the ship moves into the opposite direction.
Now it has no problems with mooring of vessels.

And there are no problems at all – food and walk will be offered in time.
This list can be continued and you can easily do it!
Russo-Japanese war was on. Blokes were day-dreamed of bombardments. But what’s up with us? Are we going repeat the nonsense of two simpletons invented in 1905-06s?
The explanation of the chaotic motion of suspended particles with the claims that they are being pushed by liquid or gas molecules is opiate of the masses. And it is very dangerous for science mountebanks who try to prove existence of atomic structure of matter this way.

And who will protect our children from the lies in the textbooks? Again Vladimir?
Homebred academicians are afraid of American ones. Ombudsmen are afraid of everyone.
Let’s sum it all up:
There exist natural phenomenon of chaotic motion or rotation of tiny suspended particles in liquids and gases.
The particle is constantly and permanently many times changes the direction of its motion.
But still it does not deteriorate and keeps its original form.

And that’s all! Surely we can state the details, show the pictures or videos of this phenomenon but in no case one can print any assumptions about shoving molecules, micro torrents of unknown matter or tiny living creatures etc in THE TEXTBOOKS.
Unknown? Haven’t seen? Then it should be written in this way: yet it’s still unknown why it happens.
So to say go ahead, children, you hold all the cards!

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  1. andrew koshak

    Снежный Человек, Вы абсолютно правы! наткнулся на этот сайт, пока прочитал пару последних статьей и вижу — Вы смотрите по-прутковски, в корень.
    Могу лишь виртуально пожать Вашу не виртуальную руку! 🙂
    Что касается “сведения” рук в фиге в кармане, так лично у меня еще с конца 70х, начала-середины 80х гг прошлого века ЯЗЫК свело от омерзения к косоголовости человейника! Бесполезное наверно дело, во всяком случае смахивающее на сизифов труд, пробить броню сциентистской веры, насаждаемой уж более столетия и стереотипности мышления 99.99% прочих долбло….. насельников этой “цивилизации”! :devil:
    Да ведь и до сих пор не вижу, чтобы что-то кардинально изменилось в лучшую сторону несмотря на даже уже 20-летие Сети! 🙁
    Желаю ангельского терпения и успехов на ниве просвещения!

  2. andrew koshak

    P.S. А под вихрями “невимы” Вы должно быть подозреваете тот самый релятивистами похороненный “эфир”? Ну, коли так, то более чем похоже на правду и дело! 🙂

    1. nevadmin Post author

      Вакуум это такой тупизм, что пока он существует в науке и особенно в образовании, то о разумности человека говорить просто стыдно перед основным населением Земли и Солнечной системы. Эфир это тоже что-то виртуальное и непонятное. Реально материй во Вселенной бесконечно много. Невима наиболее близка к веществу тем, что из неё вещество и образуется при определённых условиях. Точно так же, как конденсируется вода из воздуха при охлаждении.

      1. andrew koshak

        Если говорить философски, да и научно точно, то некая субстанция, образующая вещественный мир, веществом не является, являясь РОДОНАЧАЛЬНИКОМ вещества. Процессы этого образования – это иной вопрос, думаю, здесь неуместный. Вакуум (даже пресловутый “кипящий”, этот нынешний “физический вакуум” – этакий фиговый лиисток теорфизики) – содержательно пустое понятие! – тут и двух мнений разумных людей быть не может…

  3. andrew koshak

    Кстати, на Ваше: “Эфир это тоже что-то виртуальное и непонятное” – есть конкретный альт-ответ: таки уже как бы и нет! 🙂 Современные альт-теории эфира боле-менее проработаны и вполне-таки рациональны в хорошем смысле слова. Например, см. работы Пруссова: в частности: ЭФИРОГИДРОДИНАМИКА как преемница электро и гидродинамики.
    Не без интереса работы по пересмотру догм релятивизма, что ведёт “Исследовательская группа «Анализ»”:
    Работают помаленьку люди! На собственном голом энтузязизме…

  4. WladWlad

    Все вроде бы так. Но …
    Вот не так давно я столкнулся на сайте “Наша планета” с роликов в котором автор через компютерную графику нарисовал движение Солнца и планет в пространстве. У него получились довольно замысловатые кривые. И он с возбуждением написал о том, что нас обманывают – Земля дескать не вращается вокруг Солнца.
    Он просто не понял, что существует БОЛЕЕ ЧЕМ ОДНА точек отсчета. И с каждой новой точки эти движения будут выглядеть по разному.
    Вот примерно такая же ситуация и с Вашими объяснениями – как там раньше говорили – миль пардон.
    Вот Вы апеллируете к инженерам. Давайте посмотрим с точки зрения инженера – мне надо провести, ну допустим на даче, электричество.
    Что такое електричество никто не знает – об этом уже все знают. Забавный получается каламбур – не находите? Ну да ладно идем дальше.
    Ученые говорят, что электричество В МЕТАЛЛЕ – это поток электронов так называемый электронный газ. Ложь по-вашему. А по-моему некоторая МОДЕЛЬ.
    Но на даче я поступаю еще проще – я считаю, что по мои проводам ТЕЧЕТ ВОДА то есть создаю еще одну модель. В соответствии с этой моделью я считаю провода трубами, электрический ток – водой и теперь не взирая на то, что НИКТО НЕ ЗНАЕТ ЧТО ТАКОЕ ЭЛЕКТРИЧЕСКИЙ ТОК у меня все работает.

    Итак все что Вы говорите действительно имеет место. Но делается это не с целью обмана, а в силу того, что наши знания ограничены. И нам приходится вместо истинных знания (которые невозможны в принципе) пользоваться различными моделями. С накопление знаний эти модели уточнятся и таким образом мы БЕКОНЕЧНО ПРИБЛИЖАЕМСЯ к истине.

    1. nevadmin Post author

      Вот в учебниках и не должно быть ничего про мифические электроны до тех пор, пока на ютубе не появится ролик, где эти самые электроны в реале, а не в мульте будут бегать по проводам.
      А пока в учебниках необходимо писать про передачу энергии по проводам. Об этом тоже все знают.

      1. WladWlad

        Тогда в учебниках ничего не должно быть. Да и самих учебников тоже не должно быть, поскольку АБСОЛЮТНОЙ ИСТИНЫ НЕ СУЩЕСТВУЕТ.

        Есть некоторая модель, которая исправляется, дополняется, уточняется. И, в конце концов, меняется на другую более “правильную”.

        Вы же предлагаете для лечения ангины ГИЛЬОТИНУ.

      2. nevadmin Post author

        Учебники должны быть очень тонкие, но звонкие! Вы не знаете положение дел в образовании, если думаете, что дети знают, что написано в учебниках.

  5. WladWlad

    Кстати, не могли бы Вы наладить какую-нибудь обратную связь – ну типа того, что “Я Вам ответил”?

    И еще одно кстати, все знают что двоичная или Аристотелева логика – это ущербная логика. Ну нельзя ее использовать ни в коем разе.

    Однако то что мы с Вами общаемся – и есть достижение этой самой логики. Все компютеры знают только ее. Если придерживаться Вашей точки зрения, то мы должны запретить все компютеры и вернуться в каменный век.

    1. nevadmin Post author

      Лучше всего для меня общаться здесь, но если есть необходимость в интимном, то пишите на почту

      1. WladWlad

        Да я не про общение. Я про то что я хочу знать ответили Вы или еще нет . Сейчас выходной и я могу допустим раз в час зайти и посмотреть. Да и то – я тут написал Вам в нескольких разделах и приходится проверять все.

  6. Антон

    А микро-вихри невимы из чего состоят? Сейчас уже некоторые учёные признают существование вихрей невидимой материи, но они считают, что невима в свою очередь составлена из более мелких атомов и так далее до бесконечности.

    1. nevadmin Post author

      Атомы это мифические, выдуманные объекты. Поэтому-то и необходима энциклопедия мировоззренческих фактов!