Population of the Solar system.

Vacuum or emptiness does not exist in the Universe. Everything people use to look through at the stars is a «broth» of different kinds of matter. Matter fills universal space without cavities. People can not see or feel it.

Some invisible matters can be located with the help of equipment or devices, for example magnetic and electric fields, but most part of the matter people can «see» only indirectly.

For example, rotation of planets around the Sun is possible only as a passive motion in the stream of invisible for humans matter, because all the planets don’t have engines and the motion of the mass point along in a circular orbit by inertia doesn’t exist. A body can move by inertia only along a straight line and with constant speed or stay motionless because in that case no force is applied to it.

Rotation of celestial bodies around other celestial bodies is an indisputable proof of existence of invisible matter whirls in the Universe.
Druma, invisible matter and solid body modify and flow from one into another.
When somewhere in the Universe part of the invisible universal matter is «condensed» into solid body when «warm» and «cold» masses of invisible matter meet, invisible intelligent and unintelligent creatures that were at that place are turned into solid bodies as well, get inside the protostone and undergo all the transformations together with it.
To evade such a misfortune, bochs and nevi live in the inner space of the stellar systems, where solid body formation is completed and reverse process of turning solid body into invisible matter and druma takes place.

To be more precise — where the formation of kmars is completed.

When our Galaxy and Solar System cease to exist, all inhabitants of the stellar systems of our Galaxy will migrate to another unpopulated young galaxy.

The most high-profile place of living in the Solar system is the Sun.
It’s especially prestigious to live in the centre of the Sun and in the centre of planets.

Proper conditions of life also exist in the middle plane of the Solar system.

Middle plane represents «blini» of the invisible matter, situated in the middle of the disco-shaped whirl of invisible matter of the Solar system and rotating a bit faster than the disc periphery.

That’s why the Sun, planets, comets and other solid -bodied objects «drown» in this plane and rotate passively only together with their orbits.

This effect is well-known. Experiment: two sheets of paper are taken and someone blows between them. The sheets will be getting closer instead of parting. This happens because the pressure in the air current is lower than outside.

The fact that the pressure in a faster current is lower than in the slower one is used, for example, in the aeronautics to create the carrying power of a wing. Nature uses this effect in the wing of a bird. Besides, middle plane has gravity matter in its composition but of the opposite polarity (minus). The Sun, planets and other objects of the Solar system are well saturated with gravity matter (plus) — gravity matter gravitates towards a solid body and is its indispensable part. That’s why all the stellar bodies are so-called «glued» by the gravity matter plus-minus each to its ring of the middle plane.

It’s applied to all solid objects of the Universe. There are no body objects in the Universe «independent» from the invisible universal matter! Where an astronomer saw something, there is certainly a whirl of the invisible universal matter for its instruments of matter. Its indispensable part is gravity matter and a set of other matters that are known and unknown to humans. Energy is one of the forms of matter existence and it flows in the gravity fields. That is why in the centre of the star the temperature is 150-160 degrees C below zero.

The Sun is hotter only at the top but inside it is a cold stone. The inhabitants of the invisible matter don’t really care what the temperature of the solid body is at the place of their habitation, but the «landscape» can be favourite or not, but again in our imagination.

But it’s not very comfortable for the nevi to live on the Sun, mostly the bochs live there. The nevi live on the planet, satellites and in the middle plane of the Solar system. The bochs live everywhere. But this community is very
inhomogeneous, diverse, many-sided.
In the druma matter of the Solar system the bochs live. They have a developed man-caused society. They fly on the «saucers» in all matters, for this they don’t need to materialize just as we do. They significantly exceed us, nevi, in intellect and capabilities. To travel far in the space they move to the balanced druma first of all, where there is no space and time and then immediately get to the place they need, to any part of the Universe.
The best word that can identify quantity of inhabitants of the Solar system is «lots».
The same number of inhabitants lives in other stellar systems of our Galaxy, no matter if there are solid-bodied civilizations there or not.
But it is more prestigious and more profitable to live on the planets inhabited with solid-bodied civilizations.
The intellect is the means of existence of the one universal matter.

No particular event in any matter happens without taking into account absolutely all previous, present and future ones in the Universe (through the balanced universal matter — there is no time there!).
Everything is connected to each other, everyone with everybody, through druma matter that has thread-like structure. No other issue is solved by itself, everything happens reasonably. The Intellect solves everything. I’ll catch a break and speak about following things:

People have recently liked the word «relative», but haven’t understood its meaning profoundly yet.

If the way from Moscow to St. Petersburg on foot or by bicycle is far and long then it doesn’t mean that it’s even longer to the far galaxies. Everything’s relative!
The Universe that people see through their telescopes is very small if one looks at it from druma! From the druma’s point of view the Universe is a point! While there is no time, no space and consequently no speed there, everything is immediate (according to solid-bodied ideas).

People have to understand that there exist other matters with their own physical features and laws which almost completely differ from the solid bodies laws.

Or you are not able to believe in it because you were not told about by your «great ones»?

There exists only one intelligent creature in every matter.

In the solid-bodied world it is a human, in the invisible matter it is nevi (snowman, Yeti, Bigfoot) and in the other matter it is bochs (saucerers, humanoids, green people).

Nevi and bochs at their home look in a very different way, even here they see each other in a different way, not like you. People can’t see them in nevima and druma even when their souls get there after the death. At first, souls (not only human ones) undergo several transformations.
Intelligent creatures are the «products» of the Universal Intellect, that is an integral part of the universal matter, and are created not just for fun. They are children of the Nature and appear if there is a natural necessity.

For example, there is organic life on some planet and even mammals appeared. But if there is no necessity in more powerful structure to mix «warm» and «cold» invisible matter, then human won’t appear there, no matter what wild mythical «evolution» takes place there.

Natural destination of a human being is an intensification of the mixture process of «warm» and «cold» invisible matter on the Earth and thus, acceleration of the fossilization of earth nature process.

Everything that takes place in the solid-bodied world of the Solar system is subject to this task. All animals and plants also appear for this purpose.

That’s why intensive feeding or Satana are the only means of solid-bodied nature and people’s existence.

Young, growing species realize intensive feeding the best. For that effect the constant growth of the number of the species takes place. That’s why the intensive feeding defined the existence of such inevitable phenomena in the life of nature and man as reproduction and death. Reproduction gives the maximum number of the growing, young and the most active «mixers» to achieve the balanced state of the invisible matter. Death takes the dead matter away.

In the invisible matter nature does not have such tasks. Noone needs to mix anything and one can do it only in the state of solid body there. That’s why in the invisible universal matter and druma intensive feeding is much lower and relates mostly to the intelligent creatures that are the result of the development of the sinless souls.

Life of intelligent and unintelligent ones is based on other principles there. To explain those laws of the nature using the words from your matter is impossible that’s why I’d better stop on the problems that nevi and bochs solve in reality. For example, people can’t summarize the intellects of the solid bodied civilizations because space and time are discrete for them. And there is no sense in the contacts between solid bodied civilizations because all of them in the specific galaxy are on the one level of development. Moreover, any solid bodied civilization in the Universe starts its existence from the very beginning and ends it relatively quite quickly from the moment of its creation because of the want of water and food. So there is nowhere to summarize it all — there is no universal solid bodied «library».

You can’t live with each other normally — you are ready to tear at each other’s throat. And there aliens will appear and like in a well-known anecdote they will be saying «bear» instead of «beer». Death!!!

Naturally there is only one way out — war!

By the way, some readers do not agree that Universal Intellect considers your civilization to be unintelligent. They say I make up stories.

Then I have some questions: can we consider a society to be intelligent where men live on the hill of weapon and look for any cause to use it against themselves?

Can the creatures that live in constant enmity between them be intelligent?
The answer is obvious — no! Meanwhile humans do not differ in anything from animals and plants.
But let’s continue:
When the souls of the sinners get into the invisible matter they can’t evolve further because of their inferiority.

But there are not «food» like the souls of plants and animals.
The sinners constantly repeat their sins. For example, the Germans bomb sleeping cities again and again, squeeze people with tanks, shoot, massacre, rape, pillage, commit their crimes with pleasure.

We call sinners the disguised. They do not fuss around all the time but live, «perform» in a separate room. Sinners have some kind of their own «theatre». Devilish theatre. Why such a name? I’ll speak about it a bit later.

While a human lives in a body, the «record» about him and his life is supplied constantly in the waltz of the planet Earth, in its soul. That’s why when a human being or any other object dies, he or she gets into the invisible universal matter in two guises — in the form of the most detailed information about him and in the reality of his or her soul. The disguised put up their own sinful plays in the reality and their victims take part in it being in the «record» and this activity has nothing with their reality. In other words, sinners constantly fight here against «windmills» in their own way and «armed» with their values, fight until they turn into the stone in the Universe.
The Universe is structured on the intelligent foundation that’s why any creature if it is not organized by intelligent ones is bound to organize itself.

«Theatre» of the sinners is created by intellect according to the principle of isolation. The base of this isolation is the blindness of sinners. They don’t see anything in the invisible matter but for their like, because they didn’t get proper embryos of new organs of senses and they appeared less developed in sinners.

«Devilish theatre» can be visited and one can see what is going on there (but in truth, noone really does it), but it’s forbidden to meddle in it. Well, noone has ever wanted to do it yet.

Because of absence of outer organization
a self-organization takes place inside the communities of sinners.

«Leaders» appear spontaneously. They are prominent because of their behavior and «appearance». We call them devils. Here comes the name «devilish theatre».

Devils gradually involve the most aggressive part of the sinner population into a new life with new values and those begin to sin in the invisible matter against the likes of them.

Gradually there appear new-sufferers from this devilish anarchy and positive changes sometimes take place among them —metamorphosis of sinful souls.

Such ones are «taken away» from the «devilish theatre» – from the hell. It happens automatically. They see the light and leave the hell.
That’s why there is one more name for this «institution» – purgatory. But almost noone goes through it unharmed. However, if you look at the «statistics» of the whole Universe, then it seems that in infinite time or its absence, there’ll be an infinite number of such lucky men.

Beautiful and desirable
Unlike sinners, sinless ones have completely different fate after death of the body.

When parents anticipate the birth of their child, naturally it is a desirable one, because certain expectations are placed on it in the future.
In most cases, realization of these expectations depends on the upbringing of this child.
It’s the parents’ future work.

The child is certainly expected to be beautiful and smart. And at large it depends on parents’ past efforts and behavior.

If future parents from their very childhood have led a healthy life and had no bad habits and if their genetic relationship is as distant as possible then most probably their expectations will come true — the child will be healthy, smart and pretty.

Sinless souls are desirable in the invisible matter and they are expected to be beautiful and smart. And here is why:
When our galaxy ceases to exist, we (intelligent ones — nevi and bochs) will have to move to a kmar cloud, that has just been formed in the wide open spaces of the Universe — future new galaxy.

Little galaxies of «custom fabrication» do not exist, that’s why our population must be numerous so that we wouldn’t have to share this galaxy with neighbours that as you well know can be different.

It is also dangerous to «ramble» around the Universe searching for a new residence for a long time — one can get into the sphere where a universal cyclone is being generated and turn into a stone. That’s why population must be smart and mobile.
To cut it short, it’s profitable when the population of the Galaxy is big, healthy, beautiful and smart.

Does it sound familiar? If you add the word «rich» then it will be totally familiar to you. It coincides with your values.

And our wealth basically depends upon you, because we can be rich when solid-bodied civilization provides invisible matter with as many holy souls as possible.

So why are sinless souls valuable for us?

They are valuable because nevi and bochs grow out of them, or first nevi do and then bochs.

In other words, almost all bochs and nevi are former souls of the «right» sinless people who lived in their bodies mostly for people, for the society and not only for themselves.

There appear new intelligent ones and then there is a strong solar (stellar) community of intelligent ones and then it’s easier to solve global tasks such as, for example, migration and getting a big galaxy.

In the Universe there are such numerous communities of nevi and bochs that one intelligent community inhabits a whole cluster of galaxies!
Securing new territories for themselves is a constant process that lasts the whole period of newly occupied galaxy existence.
Nevi and bochs are constantly revising their space. Meetings of nevi-Yeti and bochs-green people with people take place exactly during these revising campaigns.
There are no other necessary reasons for nevi and bochs to stay on the solid-bodied world.

For example, there is no sense in the topic beloved by your science fiction writers about «saucers’» satisfaction of their needs with the help of the Earth’s energy. In the reality, they «get fuel» in their own matter-druma, though if to speak about the place, sometimes it happens in the Solar system and even on the Earth (but not at the cost of its energy).

The necessity of revision is aroused because of the fact that all the galaxies are constantly being checked as for their occupancy by various «homeless» ones. To explain to a human who they are and where come from is almost impossible. But maybe I’ll try one day to tell you about them. Though at the whole it will still be untruth — people don’t have necessary set of sense organs.
Revising campaigns of nevi and fly-arounds of bochs into the solid-bodied world are carried out with the help of biological robots. These are «Yetis» or «humanoids».

Creation of such a robot is called embodiment. It has a biological body and a soul, but does not have its own «self».

Bochs are also able to create absolutely metallic, stone or mixed biometallic or organosilicon robots.

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