Isolation of the plants from the atmosphere.

Man has always known that the isolation of the plants from the atmosphere does not bring harm to them.

Even 2000 years ago the art of growing plants in closed transparent flat containers succeeded. It was a kind of ancient Ikebana. Then came the science with their dogmas and people began to think that a plant will certainly die in a closed container – it will suffocate or die from hunger.

However 200 years ago Ward found a tropical plant occasionally grown from a seed in a forgotten, sealed, transparent box which he used for transportation of tropical butterflies. There was a jar filled with wet filler, and there fell the seed.

Since then the art of growing plants in transparent containers is known as “Ward’s box” or “bottled gardens”.

However the nonsense called “air nutrition and respiration of plants” is still very much alive!!
Plants do not have the organs of motion and respiration. The only way to get a new portion of carbon dioxide and oxygen is wind. We’ll calculate the required wind speed.

A plant accumulates 1 – 2 grams of dry substance which is 45% carbon per hour per square meter of leaf area.

That is a plant accumulates 0.45 – 0.9 grams of carbon per hour per square meter of leaf surface.

A cubic meter of the air near the Earth’s surface weighs 1290 g.

The air contains 0,03 – 0,04% of carbon dioxide, it is 0.01% of carbon.

Consequently, one cubic meter of air contains 0.129 grams of carbon and a plant for its normal development should take carbon from not less than 4 – 7 cubic meters of air every hour per square meter of the leaf surface.

A plant can not breathe the air.

Maybe a plant is able to absorb carbon dioxide during external contact by the way yet unknown to us?

Mentally we’ll cut 4 – 7 cubic meters of air into plates thickness of one molecule of carbon dioxide. We’ll get 4 – 7 billion of 1 meter nanoplates.

Let us “chop” them in an hour on the surface of one square meter of leaves. That is 4 – 7 billion meters in per hour.

So the necessary wind speed is more than 4 million miles per hour!

Unreal wind and it is assuming 100% uptake of carbon dioxide, which is not possible.

All studied in schools and know what the efficiency coefficient (CAP) is. At a concentration of the “useful substance” of 0.03%, the efficiency of its removal from a mixture of substances with a similar molecular weight is also very small and requires enormous energy and new technologies, yet unknown.

Not 4 – 7 cubic meter of air will be required, but 400 – 700 cubic meters or more per square meter of the surface of the leaves.
Isolated from the atmospheric carbon are all the plants on the planet, because there is no carbon in the atmosphere. Poor submicrograms within the allowable error of measuring instruments!
But there is also diffusion in the nature. This is when something is distributed in calm environment. For example, smells.

Sometimes even scientists write to me about the diffusion of carbon dioxide in the direction of the leaves, which, allegedly, consume carbon dioxide. As a result, the partial pressure of the carbon dioxide around the leaves allegedly decreases and the carbon dioxide continuously moves towards the leaves. Even the speed is calculated! Of course, it turns out to be quite sufficient!

So I have to remind the “scientists” that plants continuously evolve carbon dioxide and therefore its partial pressure around the leaves is always larger than its average pressure in the atmosphere.

Actually, oxygen and carbon dioxide extract from the leaves just because their partial pressure in the leaves is higher than in the atmosphere – the law of nature!

Diffusion of carbon dioxide towards the plants is impossible!

Damn it! Is there on this planet at least one physicist or chemist?! Air separation and isolation of carbon dioxide by diffusion do not happen! Plant leaves are not able to recognize and let only carbon dioxide and batched oxygen get inwards through the stomata! Either nothing or the air without exceptions and with all its dust and other negative can get there. Therefore, the absence of nitrogen gas in the plant leaves is 100% proof of the fact that nothing gets inside them from the atmosphere through the stomata! The same 100% proof of the lack of nutrition and respiration of plants through the stomata is the fact that dust, pollen, spores, bacteria and other ugliness don’t get inside the leaves.

If stomata were open holes in the leaves, as it is claimed by the pseudo-biologists, the nature would have originally invented micro-zingers who would crawl into the flesh of the leaf, live and bred there nicely – plenty of drinking and grub! Plants simply can not exist subject to the existence of holes in the leaves! In reality, things are as follows: Behind the one-way stoma-valve inside the leaf there is a collector with elastic walls, in which the gas from the nearest group of cells comes through the tubes. The gas consists of oxygen diluted with carbon dioxide in a ratio such that the oxygen does not corroded tubes and the collector, but also would be dangerous for bacteria and other living creatures. The gas in the collector, as well as the whole plant, is under pressure greater than the atmospheric. The plant produces carbon dioxide only for this purpose. During the “production” of sugar of water it is not a necessary product of production. Once I’ll write separately and detailed about it.

The leaves evolve carbon dioxide at night with the concentration of 90%, and 10% during the day. While concentration of carbon dioxide in the air is 0.03%. What the hell for diffusion into the leaves?! Carbon dioxide concentration in stomata should be significantly less than 0.03% in order that the publicized by the scientists diffusion of carbon dioxide into the leaves could occur!

In reality, carbon dioxide is continuously moving in the direction from plants to the smaller partial pressure!

Also, diffusion has meager “productivity”, whatever pseudo-scientists compose of it. Just as animals can not exist due to the diffusion of the body and have to breathe, driving air through a special respiratory system with thinner walls and a greater difference of partial pressures, so diffusion would not have saved the plant, had they a need for oxygen and carbon – special organs of nutrition and respiration are required.

The fact that the plants continuously evolve carbon dioxide is also a fact that the plants do not use carbon dioxide during vegetation. Plants emit oxygen and carbon dioxide as they are unnecessary for them. These are waste products, excrement!

Also, it is impossible for a plant to continuously and simultaneously evolve and consume the same substance in the same ways (by the leaves through the stomata). No such things in nature! For food and waste, there are always different “holes”! Or there is priority, for example, in out in breathing of animals, but this requires special respiratory organs, which plants don’t have.

The results of my experiments are confirmed by the practice of crop growing – scientists, agronomists, ordinary people easily isolate plants from the atmosphere, knowing that it will do even better.
Hereinabove, I gave a lot of facts, each of which proves that the air nutrition and breathing of plants is impossible and unnecessary. And there would have been nothing more to say on this subject, if people were not so stupid. Therefore I have to continue:

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