Botanical experiments.

Experiment 0.

It is called “zero”, because I sort of repeated it. It is known that during the vegetation plants produce oxygen and carbon dioxide; it is written in textbooks and other literature.

In order to place on record oxygen and carbon dioxide precipitation, it is necessary to isolate the leaf of the plant from the atmosphere in an airproof transparent bag for a long time. To collect the evolved gases and analyze their composition.

I have never found the description of such an experiment, but it is mentioned that such studies have been allegedly carried out. The published information on the oxygen and carbon dioxide precipitation by the leaves of the plants is based on them.

That is why I “sort of repeated” this experiment and by analyzing assured that plant leaves do evolve oxygen and carbon dioxide.

I tightly wrapped the crown of a house plant or a separate branch of it with the continuous light or in complete darkness at different times and each time I tapped the air from the bag. Then I brought the samples to the laboratory for analysis.

In fact, the experiment with the hermetically sealed crown of plants in a transparent bag or container for a day, for a night only or for a long time, followed by analysis of the composition and quantity of the accumulated gases therein, gives a definite answer – there is no air nutrition and respiration of plants!

That is why pseudo biologists do not especially advertise this experiment. After all, they write in the books that plants consume carbon dioxide in greater numbers than they emit it. (although no one checked it!). Just not to get that plants generate carbon, yet it is impossible according to their theory of photosynthesis. That is, according to their own scripture, carbon dioxide can not be accumulated in the bag! But here’s the thing – carbon dioxide accumulates in a transparent, isolated from the atmosphere package with the plant!

If not to turn over the experimental package and eliminate convection inside of it, for example, not to heat the package from the bottom or from the side, that is, to eliminate mixing of the gases inside, the carbon dioxide will gradually replace other gases.
If only people had more wisdom or better knowledge! But …

So I have to continue.

And Experiment 0 results – are the basis of my further studies – during the vegetation plants continuously produce oxygen and carbon dioxide. Within 24 hours in different proportions. (If days are followed by nights.) If the light is continuous 24 hours a day, the ratio of oxygen and carbon dioxide is constant. That is the argument of the light- and dark-dependent reactions is the same verbiage as the photosynthesis itself.

For better understanding of plant life, I’ve carried out my exclusive experiments, which no one has yet accomplished posing the question this way. Do the plants need carbon and oxygen? Typically, scientists do not doubt it or are afraid to raise this question, fearing for their academic career. They are afraid of being considered pseudoscientists. Photosynthesis is the sacred cow of modern science, because there is no other evidence of synthesis in nature!

Mr. Ward made his famous “box” by accident, but it turned out very simply and convincing.

But all who will be carried away by enthusiasm and will repeat my experiences, the “Ward’s box” or “gardens in bottles”, or will do experiments on their own program, should not deceive themselves – they’ll have to tinker and use their brains much more than with normal houseplants.

Plants should be chosen according to the microclimate in the bottle, especially considering the inside acidulation due to the accumulation of carbon dioxide and oxygen.

Acid can be successfully fought with, techniques are known.
What to begin with?

Analyze your experience in plant growing, if you have any. And you are sure to remember your growing plants under coverage.

For example, here is an excerpt from Wikipedia on propagation by herbaceous cuttings:

“… prepared cuttings can be planted in a pot or cut bottles. A layer of fertile mellow earth mixed with sand should be put to the bottom (10-15 cm), and a layer of coarse, washed sand (3-5 cm) should be put at the top. Mixtures of peat and sand 1:1 or 2:1, peat with vermiculite or peat with perlite in equal parts have been given good accounts. For better rooting a mini hot-house can be constructed in the pot using plastic bottles or polyethylene film. …

After shoots rooting buds start to grow. When shoots are formed, hotbeds should be opened a little to harden the young plants.” (Emphasized by me!)

Please note that the experts do not agonize over carbon dioxide or oxygen for the vegetation – there is no such problem!

People are much wiser than the science. People know nothing about air nutrition and respiration of plants, because there is no such problem in life. A normal human consciousness is arranged simply – “if there is no problem – there is no event!”

Those scientists, yet they are simple gardeners, are not running around in search of oxygen and carbon dioxide fertilizers. And the fans are not set up for strawberries or tomatoes, so that they get more carbon dioxide.

But once they get into lab coats or elbow pads and slobber chemical pencils… Well, they just grow stupid! Dead right!

By the way, the plastic bottles of drinks are great for rooting cuttings at any time of the year. You pour a bit of soil into the bottle, put there the cuttings, possibly with the leaves, shake so that the lower part of the cuttings was in the ground, pour a little water, twist the plug not quite tight and put it at the light. After rooting cut the bottle. Cuttings can be treated with a solution for better rooting, for example, heteroauxin. Composition of the soil should be chosen by experience. Number of cuttings in a bottle should be not big and chosen by experience too.

Experiment 1.
The plant isolated from the atmosphere must die according to the photosynthesis theory, because it supposedly eats and breathes the air.

Before isolating (not airtight! The pressure in the container should not rise appreciably above atmospheric!) the leaves of the plants or the whole plant from the atmosphere with transparent film or in pots, in test tubes, flasks, in dry aquariums, I blew the containers with the plants with nitrogen or argon for the complete removal of atmospheric oxygen and carbon gas. Packed experimental plants under these conditions began to grow and bear fruit better than the check ones. Sometimes they did not respond to changing conditions. Although according to the theory of photosynthesis they must have died.

There were no cases of death due to lack of outside fresh portions of oxygen and carbon dioxide.

It should be noted that there are plants that do not like to be in an atmosphere of their own “faeces” (of oxygen and carbon gas produced by themselves), even in small quantities. They are oppressed, grow worse, fruit bad, but still not die.

I’ll mention again, that the experiments to isolate the plants from the atmosphere should be carried out with different plants, because these conditions are artificial, extreme for the plants. It may happen so that due to the death of one or two plants or for other unexpected reasons, the general conclusion will be made, although the third and subsequent plants will normally vegetate in isolation.

The duration of each experiment was at least three months. In experiments on plants isolation I used ordinary houseplants of tropical origin. To study the effect of isolation from the atmosphere on plants fruiting, I used dwarf varieties of tomatoes “malyutka” and bitter peppers “ogonyok”. In this case, I constructed bigger transparent “insulators”, because when you reach a certain concentration of carbon dioxide there happens alive “conservation” of the plant. It almost ceases to grow.

The experiments involved necessarily healthy, full-bodied plants with good root systems. I located experimental plants on the window sills, on the balcony, in the country in a hot-house and on the field. Next to the isolated plant I necessarily put the same, but not isolated control plant. For the experiment I used whole, clear cellophane or plastic bags, in which the pot with the plant or the leaf part of the plant was placed. Clear plastic bottles from drinks are very convenient for the experiments.

But you should remember that the pressure of the oxygen in the bottle should not be raised higher than a certain extent – the plant will die! That is you shouldn’t fully tighten the plug, it is necessary to leave little holes to release gases. Those who doubt the purity of experiment, can release the gas from the bottle through the water trap. (See. Note to the experiment №4)

Sometimes people try to “open my eyes”, arguing that isolated from the atmosphere plants use carbon dioxide, which they themselves have produced for photosynthesis. But in this case, it still turns out that plants themselves produce carbon – a closed system, and carbon dioxide is continuously accumulating! Plants do not need carbon from the outside!
For the experiments on the cultivation of plants from meristem cells I used conventional tubes and cones. Tissue culture is grown in carefully sealed with cotton wool, transparent bowl of small volume, otherwise there’ll come drying and dying.

Educated people – breeders, scientists and business people across the world every day place meristem cells into the tubes to obtain new varieties or breeding of rare and valuable plants.

In this case plants grow from the cells in a sealed tube, being isolated from atmospheric carbon and oxygen “since childhood”.

Millions of people every day look at the evidence of absence of air nutrition and respiration of plants, including TV and see nothing! Here’s a grimace of science and education! And we say that school teaches bad! All have been brainwashed!

Experiment 2.
It is known that nutrition increases the growth and fruiting of plants and animals.

I put a transparent plastic bag on the leaf part of the plant, tied it to the trunk and gave carbon dioxide from a cylinder into the bag. The plant did not improve the growth and fruiting, but deteriorated.

Then I filed a package of oxygen from an oxygen cylinder without interrupting the supply of carbon dioxide.

So there were ideal conditions – plenty of food and respiration. The plant did not improve the growth and fruiting, but deteriorated, apparently due to the formation of acid environment.

The duration of each experiment was at least three months.

Experiment 3.
It is known that plants produce oxygen and carbon dioxide.

So that there was no doubt in the use or non-use of the plants own exhaust gases, I carried out the experiment blowing the plants with a stream of nitrogen or argonom.

Into the package dressed on the leaf part of the plant, from the bottom I gave nitrogen, which got out into the atmosphere through the opening at the top. The same experiment has been carried out using argon. In both cases, the plants didn’t die, and either did not respond to changes in the conditions of existence or grew better.
In all experiments I used control plants.

The flow volume of neutral gas was adjusted by means of a gas analyzer and was such that oxygen and carbon dioxide were not discovered at the exit to the atmosphere. The nitrogen flow rate turned out to be very small. In any case, one cylinder was enough to complete the normal experiment.

Experiment 4.
To measure the pressure in the leaves of plants there has been carried out an experiment with airproof isolation of plants from the atmosphere.

I took a glass three-liter jar with a tight lid, poured mineral soil into it, put a bottle with a nutrient solution and a device for watering into it, planted a plant in the jar (in a separate experiment I planted seeds).

I also placed a barometer and a thermometer inside. I carried out a few disinfectant activities so that there was no rotting inside the jar, blew the inside of the jar with nitrogen and tightly sealed the lid. Next to it I put exactly the same closed jar with the same ground, but without a plant.

The pressure inside the jar with the plant gradually rose to a value significantly greater than atmospheric (1000 mm. Hg.), the proportions of the plant started to change, the growth accelerated, the fruiting increased.

So it was proved that the air can not get inside the leaves, as the pressure in the leaves is greater than the atmospheric. Plants do not take anything from the air.

Note to the experiment №4.
In one of his stories a well known science fiction writer described the method which, in his opinion, can provoke a discovery.

“Respectable people” revealed to a young, intelligent scientist a “secret” video of a device, which got up and maneuvered due to an anti-gravity engine. It was supposedly owned by the strangers, and there was no access to it.

The video, of course, was a high-quality fake.

The man was deceived, but “for the business”.

After such an “adaptation”, the young man was offered to create such a device up to a certain date. He was given access to all information and unlimited funds for his work.

As conceived by the creators of the show, this catchy information should have affect the ambitious guy – “they managed to do it, and I will not?” It was expected that as a result the scientist will set his sights on the idea of creating such a vehicle and, ultimately, he will manage to do it.

In the end of the story, naturally, it happened so – the device was created. Not so perfect and not at the appointed time, with a delay, but still it was created.
In describing the experiments on hermetical isolation of plants we decided to use the idea of the fiction writer.

Part of information has been removed in order that those, who try to repeat the experiment №4, boggled their first attempt. For example, the pressure in the bottle does not increase much.

It was supposed to stimulate the brain, as a result a person has to make a discovery, and “exposes” us.

We believe that one such persistent seeker is more valuable for the society than a million of ordinary, not “kindled” readers.
Today is 07.16 2011 The “truncated” description of experiments on hermetically isolated plants is on my sites for 3 years already and the result is this:

Another experimenter-volunteer during the experiment soon discovers that the plant tightly clogged in a transparent wall – in a bottle or a jar, grows normally for some time, but then it dies, becoming a discolored “jelly”. Even if the seeds sprout, the crown does the same.

Meanwhile some experimenters had already made sure that the plants which are not closed tightly, but completely devoid of the access to atmospheric carbon dioxide and oxygen, feel common or great.

That is the atmosphere in the jar is the same, the only difference consists in pressure.

Is it really so hard to figure out what’s going on there?

However, rather than to begin to pit wits, he gushes charges at me, saying such words the most “gentle” of which is the word “troll”.

And the mystery is easily solved:

Higher plants are living beings, their “mouth opening” is the roots. Their food is water. Plants do not breathe. Their dejection bodies are the stomata located on their leaves.

So the “head” of the plants is in the ground, these are the roots, and the “ass” is outside, this is the crown of the plant.
If we isolate the plant from the atmosphere wholly but not hermetically, it will vegetate as long as you want, and, with proper concern of certain conditions resulting from isolation, even more successfully than on the field. It is a well known fact.

That is why the bottle or the jar should be closed not completely, but with a microscopic hole so that the gases evolved by the plants could get into the atmosphere.

Nothing can get from the outside through this hole, because constantly released from the leaves oxygen and carbon dioxide don’t allow it.

When you completely close all the holes, the pressure in the jar begins to grow to a critical level. This is the pressure at which the partial pressure of carbon dioxide and oxygen within the cell become equal to the partial pressures of gases in the bottle, and they cease to be released from the cells. Obstruction.

Oxygen is a very strong oxidant and it begins to show its “character” immediately after accumulation in the cells. As a result, there comes a strong and fast chemical intoxication-oxidation of cells with oxygen. The plant dies and turns into a “jelly”.

In order to make a plant live in a sealed jar you must reduce the partial pressure of oxygen.

For example, if you put an animal into a sealed container with a plant or a fish into a sealed “aquarium” with algae, the animals in the process of breathing will lower the partial pressure of oxygen in the container. As a result, it will not accumulate in the cells and the plants will not die. We’ll get a mini-symbiosis.

But plants do not recycle carbon dioxide into oxygen, contrary to popular belief, so it accumulates in the jar, although some of it reacts with alkalis as they become available, and precipitates.

Under the influence of carbon dioxide we get something like an alive conservation and life in the sealed container becomes very slow, plants and other inhabitants of it almost do not grow.

To measure the critical pressure, the gases from the sealed container with the plant are removed via the water trap, as, for example, during the fermentation of wine. Only the immersion of the tube into the water is to be measured. That is the pressure in millimeters of water column. It will be small and approximate, because it is difficult to guess the beginning of the death of the plant.
And can plants live under pressure? To achieve a pressure of 1000 mm. Hg or more, it is necessary to place the plant in pure nitrogen flow atmosphere under pressure.

In this case, the partial pressure of carbon dioxide and oxygen in the container will always be equal to zero and plants can vegetate at any barometric pressure of nitrogen.

For that plants are then placed in a transparent container able to withstand the given pressure, which is created by using a cylinder with nitrogen.

Growing plants in nitrogen flow under pressure will allow to simulate the composition and the size of the Earth’s atmosphere of the time of riot vegetation and the formation of the deposits of hard coal and other solid organic matter. You will be able to learn more about the atmosphere in which, for example, dinosaurs lived.

And this, in turn, allows the development of powerful new ways to grow food for people.
That’s how it should have been with hermetical isolation of plants.

No way! Although it is possible that we have not all the information and there are people who guessed it and work in this direction.

You shouldn’t worry about the fact that I have “disclosed” part of the information. Especially because a lot of my story remains encoded. For example, to understand the physiology of plants at least a little, you will need to repeat regularly the study of the processes that occur during the vegetation, each time using newly emerging methods and instruments. And you should completely forget that science knows something about what is happening in the leaves of the plants! And the use of such “forgetfulness” is enormous, because it will pave the way to new discoveries.

Actually science not only does not know what’s going on in the plant leaves, it does not even know how the leaves are constructed! For example, scientists do not know that the stomata were not openings, and one-way valves, that leaves have no intercellular spaces and the gases released from the cells do not travel between cells, but follow up the stomata on the tubules and so on.

Pseudo biologists know nothing about plants!
A huge amount of the unknown is still waiting for you! Moreover, it is constantly increasing due to the endless stream of “scientific” lies as well.

That is why those will go great guns who as soon as possible give up the idea of synthesis of nature and of the theory of atomic structure of matter.
Nature does not live by human “scientific” notions, but by its universal laws, which, in particular, are described in the Bible, the Koran and other religious books.

In the nature EVERYTHING goes forth and multiplies!
By the way, the method to stimulate the discovery proposed by science fiction writer, in its organizational part there is such in reality – the new appears as a result of the development of the well-known plus a social need. Therefore, the discoveries had to appear with ever greater speed. However, science no longer produces anything new.

Its last “breakthrough” was a thermonuclear bomb. Since then, there are only needs and dreams.

About thermonuclear reaction, about magic table-cloth, about…

you name it. The number of problems and needs is growing like a snowball. But the cart of philosophical breakthrough discoveries remains there still.

What is now with drumming called scientific breakthroughs or almost miracles, is not worth a sixpence. IPhones, tablets, e-books, e-mobiles, and so on. . and the life itself in the tile packed cities along the route: kitchen – toilet – TV-sofa or computer-armchair – kitchen – bathroom – … sometimes with an annoying way out of this circle to study or to work, it is not a miracle and not a breakthrough!.

It is enough for the temperature on the planet to rise to another degree or run out of oil, or clean water, or … and the price of all these “achievements” of the earth civilization instantly turns into zero.

Inexhaustible sources of energy and food, new, cheap miracle materials, fundamentally new ways of movement, and finally, new forms of human existence, are obliged for their nonappearance to false information in the “scientific” view of the world structure.

When that kid from the story above sat down to “any information”, which he was granted, the philosophical part of it to 99, 99% consisted (and still is) of hypotheses and theories that have nothing to do with reality.

That is why he could not create anything, the fantast lied. And life always confirms it – pseudo scientists do not “give birth” to anything new, vital, though, if you believe the media, they are constantly in the creative throes. You always hear, “scientists have discovered …”, “scientists have proved…”. But it all refers to the problem of acne on his nose or anything like that.

When the fantast penned his story, he had a few options for the qualification of the protagonist. It could have been a young technologist scientist, or a humanist scientist, or not a scientist at all, but a man “of the street”.

Who became the hero of the story, you can read for yourself, and we will try to open an inexhaustible source of food by the method of the story.

The readers of this site have very different qualifications in biology, so they hold all the cards:

So, we know that fossil coals formed as a result of rapid development of vegetation. Oil and gas, too, according to scientists, are the result of the activities of flora and fauna. That is, the fact that in the past there was a very efficient and effective biological activity on the Earth is proved.

It is necessary to repeat this activity and thus invent an inexhaustible source of food for mankind. There is no access to those days for obvious reasons, but there is a huge amount of scientific information about the life of plants and animals from the micro-nano to macro-representatives. I generously allow everyone to get acquainted with this information, for example through the Internet.

Means? A huge amount of money is spent on this subject (food) in the world. And 90% to no avail, because the cards are false! The information in textbooks, scientific papers and on the Internet about the physiology of plants and animals is false!

Although, if you are not sorry for your time, try. Invent a small corner device of rapid biological past of the planet (it would seem that it may be easy – everything is known!?), register the discovery so that no one sniped it and you will be happy! Including money.
Scientists, politicians, the media do not know that modern science is not able to ensure the future of Earth’s civilization?

They do! But this is one of the trendy fakes of today’s reality – to put a brave face on a sorry business.

You need to turn the world standing on its head and put it on the feet!

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2 thoughts on “Botanical experiments.

  1. Андрей

    Забавная статейка, однако! Но автор, похоже, пока не в состоянии выбраться за первые “вуали” (согласно классификации из коротенькой, но весьма емкой по смыслу видеозарисовки “рабство и 8 вуалей”). Если оглянуть все нынешнее существование ” человечества” более широким во всех отношениях взглядом, то можно постепенно заметить, что это “человечество” в обычном понимании не является на этой планете “хозяином”, а занимает лишь строго ограниченную и, соответственно, строго контролируемую нишу, выполняя всего лишь роль определенной питательной среды (как растительность для людей) для более развитой цивилизации в бесконечной иерархической пирамиде природы. Кто эта цивилизация, это отдельный большой вопрос. Но отчетливые признаки искусственного ограничения развития ” человечества” на нынешнем этапе “лезут со всех щелей”, хотя большинству остаются не доступными в силу массы разнообразных причин. В рамках такого взгляда вполне понятна роль нынешней игрушечной ” официальной”, оплачиваемой науки, как средства поддержания иллюзии “самостоятельного” и естественного развития “человечества”. По существу, эта “наука” является продолжением “свободных средств массовой информации”, выполняющих роль введения в заблуждение человеческого стада в нужном ” хозяевам” направлении. Да, какое-то довольно долгое время у человечества была возможность развиваться “естественно”, пока оно не представляло опасности выхода за отведенные ему рамки. Этот период и вызвал иллюзию, что так будет всегда и Человек на Земле хозяин. Но этот период по отчетливым признакам закончился примерно лет сто назад. И связвно это было с реальной возможностью овладения ” человечеством” одной из главных основ стремительного саморазвития любой цивилизации, а именно, овладением “бесплатной и безграничной энергией” (имеется в виду “тесловские эфирные технологии”). А вот это уже выходило за рамки отведенной современному человечеству ниши! И поэтому, с этого момента контроль “хозяев” над наукой резко возрос, как над сферой, являющей серьезную опасность их планам, образно говоря, как контроль над ядерной цепной реакцией. И с тех пор пошла довольно жесткая фильтрация любых научных разработок на предмет, что можно, а чего нельзя нынешнему человеческому стаду. “Опасные” (прорывные) открытия патентовались, но “капсулировались”, став недоступными для широкого внедрения. ” Технология капсулирования открытий” это отдельная интересная тема. Да вот и сама идея и система патентного права, на мой взгляд, возникла вовсе не из добрых побуждений о “правах автора”, который ведь не с другой планеты прилетел, а впитал в себя весь предыдущий опыт человечества, являясь частицей общества, всем ему обязанной, по существу, не может иметь индивидуального исключительного права на свои открытия, права, препятствующего быстрому, повсеместному внедрению во благо естественного максимально быстроого эволюционного развития человечества, природного ” организма”, его породившего. Т.е., в этом ракурсе, “патентное право”, по существу является замаскированным под благие намерения искусственным ограничителем развития цивилизации, скрытым и мощным инструментом захватнической стратегии ” разделяй и властвуй”!
    Разумеется, настоящих, от природы, исследователей такая ситуация не могла устроить. Поэтому, в противовес “официальной”, финансируемой науки, давно родилась ” подпольная”, не официальная наука, которую только и можно считать настоящей, естественной наукой. Но, разумеется, в условиях такой скрытой войны, она вынуждена быть гоубоко законспирированной, всячески подавляется и шельмуется властями через “передовые отряды””официальной науки” в виде “комитетов по лженауке” и прочих структур, лишена официального финансировпния и работает на чистом энтузиазме, “общечеловеческом патриотизме” и сугубо на неопределенное будущее в надежде, что когда-то человечество освободится из под оккупации и воспользуется этими плодами.
    Поэтому не вполне корректно хаять всю науку, как таковую! Надо подчеркивать, что речь идет об “официальной” науке. Ну и судить обо всей науке по официальным СМИ, разумеется, тоже крайне наивно, поскольку ясно, кто их кормит и чьи интересы они отрабатывают.
    Ну, а что касается описанных автором “научных изысканий”, конечно, кое что вызывает заметный интерес у людей с обостренным, природным ” исследовательским инстинктом”. Но, все же, многое и отталкивает и наигранным, амбициозным “интригованным” стилем и откровенно голословными, не очевидными выводами и терминами, типа “если полностью, но не герметично изолировать растение от атмосферы”, “Поэтому бутылку или банку необходимо закрывать не полностью, а оставлять микроскопическое отверстие для выхода в атмосферу газов, которые выделяют растения”. По крайней мере, для физика(по образованию) это полный абсурд!, как будто молекулы газа это кирпичи с плотно подогнанными сторонами, которые можно через ” микроскопическое отверстие” транспортировпть в одном направлении, полностью перекрыаая проход для любых других молекул в обратном направлении! И в этом смысле понятия “полностью перекрыть” и “не герметично” явно противоположны по смыслу… При такой “вольной” трактовке свойств газов очень трудно доверять любым другим выводам автора, как ни крути…
    Но, повторюсь, сама идея исследования влияния давления различных газов на свойства и особенности развития растений, вне всяких сомнений, очень интересна и перспективна, но, к сожалению, не в рамках нынешней порабощенной “официальной” науки.
    О том, что до последнего крупного “апокалипсиса”, случившегося примерно полторы тысячи лет назад, атмосферное давление было выше нынешнего примерно в 8-9 раз, а масса биосферы превышала нынешнюю примерно в 20 тысяч раз при наличии ” гигантизма и растений и животных”, можно прочитать у Владимира Шемшука (“В поисках сокровенного. Как нам вернуть рай”), а также в других источниках.

    1. nevadmin Post author

      Моя ошибка при написании статьи в том, что я развёл антимонию. Хотел, как лучше, а вышло по-черномырдину.Суть того, что я пытаюсь донести до людей состоит в том, что ВСЕ родители и все предки в целом – уголовные преступники. Потому что введение в заблуждение это есть уголовное преступление. Самое трагическое и умопомрачительное по своей тупости мировое введение детей в заблуждение это утверждение, что устьица в кожице листьев растений являются простыми отверстиями и через них газы могут проходить в обе стороны. По-простому – устьице это дырка. Но это не возможно! Все части живого растения, в том числе и листья, находятся под давлением выше атмосферного. Через дырку всё вытечет! Устьице – клапан! И работает он точно так же, как, например, предохранительный клапан авто с воздушной тормозной системой. Неужели, чтобы это понять, нужно иметь какое-то образование или мозги? Все предки (в том числе академики, министры, учителя, вся власть во главе со своим главарём родителем-паханом Трампом) есть изуверы куда страшнее Чикотилы. Трамп назван потому, что нашим “мыслителям” писать о вопиющем идиотизме в учебниках совершенно бесполезно. Пока не дойдёт до американцев… Писал я и Путину, и Медведеву. Считал их умными.